Dear Karen,

I have always been very in tune with people that have passed and continually see them from time to time. This past weekend my daughter was performing in the play Steel Magnolias. I am in stage 4 renal failure, and you may/maynot know that the play centers around a girl who goes thru dialysis and eventually dies.

During one of my daughters monologues about the character that has passed, I was having trouble containing my it hit wayyy too close to home, and I was so very proud of my daughter being able to deliver such a heartfelt line without succombing to her own emotions…. a feather, a white feather fell from the ceiling of the theatre right above my daughter.

Such a sense of calm came over me after that, and my sobs stopped. I asked my husband if he saw the feather and he did. I asked my daughter if she saw the feather and she said yes. She also told me that it was not part of the play.

I’d love to know what this meant, as I feel it was a message from a loved one.

~ MissBlondi66

Dear MissBlondi66,

This is exactly the way Angel Feathers appear! Angels leave feathers to let you know they are present. They want you to know you aren’t alone, and that there is so much more than what we can see. The love you, your husband and also your daughter were feeling was shared with even the Angelic Realm. This was truly a magical moment.

In my years of working with the Angels, there are not many experiences where the whole family was able to see the blessing bestowed. You are truly blessed. You have experienced a miracle, believe that more miracles can come true.

Many blessings to you and all you do,

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. I found a black feather and right after something told me to continue to look downward and right after that I found a white feather… little while later found a nickel while I was walking the dog. Thinking about my loved ones that had recently passed…What does this all mean… All this happen made me feel so loved and realize I am not alone… Would love to hear what you have to say about all this…


  2. my husband and i find feathers all the time. mostly white ones. and i knw that we are being taking care of by our guardian angels ( his mom and grandpa n some of my family members ) cause our two year old talks to his mom and she past on a few years ago. way before we met and had children. so im glad that my children are being guarded and safe.

  3. I had a thing with a girl, lets call her luce, she had a thing with a boy for a few years and it came to me asking her out. I said I would give her as much time as needed. I however acted stupidly by telling another girl I still like her and did another stupid mistakes. As luce hates me and every single moment around her is painful I have been asking the angels for help. as I walked home from school today I found a white feather on the floor. Reluctantly, I picked it up knowing the angels would be helping me

  4. My Mother passed away on Christmas morning 2012. I was very close to my Mom. She was 95 years old and in a nursing home.On Jan. 19, 2013 not even a month after she passed I was in my basement, near the back door. There on the floor was a white feather. I have heard these are signs that our loved ones are reaching out to us. I was so overwhelmed by the fact that she came to visit me. What do I do with the feather? Keep it or let it go on it’s way?

    • Dear Terri,
      How wonderful to receive your feather blessing. That one I would keep … I still have most of my first ones. Since I receive them all the time for years now, I had to stop saving all of them. I still save the significant ones. This is one is very special.
      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  5. Hi, I found white small feather in my car? What does this mean?

  6. my dog had to be euthinised 3 weeks ago. the night before he died he was very unwell and went out into the garden, in the mud and hid under a bush. I had to go and bring him in and he was filthy. on the day he died my sons dog started jumping about the carpet as if something was annoying him. I was afraid in case it was maybe a wasp so I went to investigate aand it was a white feather……but it was filthy. I have put it in a snow globe and kept it as I like to think of it as a sign from my beloved dog that I did the right thing by him and he is happy. x roberta

  7. After my sister died at the hospital;I cried all the way home from the hospital. I could hardly breath I was crying so hard. I prayed for a sign that she was okay and not in anymore pain. My sister was a huge believer in angels. I could not believe my eyes when I arrived at my front door and there was a huge white feather in front of the door. I never saw a white feather on my third floor condo ending before. I took it as a sign. I received some more feathers shortly thereafter and saved them.

  8. i found a white feather in the plantpot outside my front door this morning it was a little small white feather my cousins anniversary of her death was today and I was wondering is this a sign that she was near

  9. Hi Karen,
    My name is Jim Milligan. I’m 44 years old live in philly. I work at the post office(usps). In February 2014 i returned home to help my dad pass. He did so June 19 2014. Two weeks before he passed my mom found a feather on the steps of the house and took inside. She told me that she felt in her heart it was special but mom is old school in her views. A few days later i was on the pone talking to a friend who is an intuitive, empath like myself but she gives spiritual readings. When i was telling Sherise on the phone my mom finding a feather and her reaction, i looked down and between my feet was another feather. Sherise said softly, Oh Jim they’re preparing you for his passing. I’m a messanger with a powerful connection to the star families. My mom will find out July 1st if she has stomach cancer and if she does, has informed me and my oldest brother she will not receive chemo or treatment. She misses my dad very much and i feel she is preparing to leave. Sitting outside just now thinking about feathers i just saw a very small white feather gently come down and land on the grass. My question is, the other feathers were gray and white and larger. This was like a baby feather and brighter white, with no gray, I guess they are preparing me for mom’s passing?

    Thank you for your work
    Jim Milligan

    • Hi Jim, I love the tiny white feathers … they are so little, if you weren’t paying attention you would miss them. I have them get sucked into my laptop often. White feathers come when your Angels want you to know you are not alone, they are with you … comforting and guiding. When you are able to see the tiny ones, you are in the space when you can receive more signs and messages. Spend more quiet time, breathing, enjoying the outside and ask your Angels to be present. Ask them to bring you more signs and to build a greater bond between you. The world with Angels is a magic place, and can enhance your journey. Many blessings to you and all that you do ~ Karen

  10. These stories are so comforting. I found 2 light blue feathers next to me on the floor .i had surgery , and had been callinf my guardian angels to be with me. This universe is lovely. Pat

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