By Karen Borga

Angels leave signs to reassure, comfort and guide us. Signs can be simply to let us know they are present. They can also be answers to questions we may have asked and guidance to help us through difficult times. Often, these signs appear in unexpected places and times. Pay attention to see them.

How do you know if it’s really a sign?

Angels give you compelling directives to notice their signs. The sign will completely draw your attention. Sometimes they are big and obvious, other times they will be located in a little corner and you just happen to glance there. When you see it, you know it was meant for you. You will feel it in your heart.

10 Most Common Signs from Angels

1. Feather Blessing Signs
Feathers appear when Angels are near. Often referred to as the “calling card” of the Angels, feathers are reminders that your Angels are always near. Feather blessings can come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The most common are little fluffy white ones.

2. Coin Signs
“Pennies from Heaven” as they have been coined, appear to us to brighten our spirits. Receiving this bit of abundance from the Angels means they want you to know they are helping to support you; financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pennies are not the only denomination Angels use, they leave dimes, quarters and other currency, too. (Angels bring coins to people all over the world, of course.)

3. Butterfly Signs
These winged beauties are a special sign from the Angels. They can just flitter by or even spend longs periods of time with us. You can feel the gentle message of love they bring. Butterflies symbolize amazing change and transformation coming for you.

4. Cloud Signs
Angels create the most amazing messages in the clouds. You can see Angel shapes, wings, feathers and more. Receiving these signs is your Angels’ way of showing their physical presence in your life.

5. Dream Signs
Angels are able to easily reach us in our sleep, because we have finally slowed down enough to be receptive. You will know if your dream is a message because it will be compelling enough to remember. Create a dream journal when you find your Angels sending you dream messages.

6. Sparkles of Light
Many people can see Angels with their eyes open. They appear as sparkles of light often in their peripheral vision. If you turn to look, they disappear. They are most often golden white. When you see colored lights, they are often Archangels who are there to help you with special situations. An example would be, Archangel Michael will come as a blue light bringing protection and courage.

7. Number Signs
Angels will try to reach you using repeating numbers. You will begin to see the same numbers and patterns everywhere. 11:11 is the symbol of spiritual awakening, 4:44 means your Angels are sending you blessings. Angels will use birthdates and other numbers that have meaning to you. You will see them on clocks, license plates, signs and your computer.

8. Sensing Signs
Your Angels can come to you as a very subtle brush on your arm or cheek. You can feel goose bumps up and down your back (or entire body). You may also sense a temperature change when Angels are making their presence known.

9. Sound Signs
Angel will use a song or lyric on the radio to bring the answer you have been ask for. The person in front of you in the supermarket may say just the thing you needed to hear. As you flip through channels on the TV, the Angels can be sending you a message. You may hear your name called out loud, or a soft voice that sounds like your own giving you guidance. Chimes and bells bring messages too.

10. Printed Signs
Books can fall of shelves open to the page you are meant to read. Billboards, street signs and magazines will bring messages to you. It can be the words or the images that will attract your attention. You may ask a question while driving and be compelled to notice the stop sign. You will have your answer. Angels are always present in your life. Ask your Angel to bring you signs for guidance, and then stay in the present moment so you can see the signs.

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About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


    • There are special people who came into this world with divine purpose. If you have been selected by the Angels, that is you. Why, because you agreed to be a healer before you came here. ~ Karen

  1. When reading I often hear the word I am looking at on the radio or TV, for instance, I was playing a game on my kindle and got a score of 60%, at the same time newsreader said “60% of people………”


  3. I have been seeing the number 11:11 everyday for at least two or more years. I walk into a room and the clock is 11:11, it happens in the day time and also evening. I read it means “have positive thoughts”. I try but some days are too hard to be positive. Am I right about this meaning?

  4. Few nights ago I had a dream at night – I found a book with very beautifully written words on it “Archangel Michael”. There was name of one more archangel, but I can’t remember it. It belonged to one person I was not familiar with – but it was book he was writing

  5. Hello. The other day i was bit upset after going to see my brother as he is not well. the traffic was bad and it was raining but i was hot so i opened the window just a little bit, i couldnt believe it a little fluffy white feather came in through the window…

  6. I lost part of my life 5/20/2010 (my husband) was with him since I was
    16 got Married at 17 but anyway wishing could get my life back together ,may never happen because part of me gone I think good lord every day for my blessed family grandkids and greatgrandkids and

  7. Hi! I asked questions from Angels before I slept the other night. On the following day, white feathers and numbers 888 and 8888 appeared to me yesterday. Is this a “yes” answer or approval? Thanks

  8. I think I have been visited by an angel. I have been going through a tough time recently, and I have been going to church trying to reach to the Lord for help. Well, Sunday evening after church my son and I were watching a movie and I felt something on my back. Then after that I heard a noise that got my attention.. to me it sounded like wings flapping. I thought it was someone outside, but it was late at night and the window was shut. Only my son and I heard it my bf didn’t. Ever since then, I have seen white butterflies almost every time I look out the window or go out doors. Then tonight when I was cleaning I found a white feather around the area I heard the wings flapping. I know all of these signs are a message from my angel! It is awesome to have theses signs knowing that my angel is taking care of me and that everything is going to be okay.

  9. I have been praying hard to my Angels. Last night I prayed to Archangel Michael to come to me in my dreams. I needed assurance that I’m not alone in my earthly challenges.I was all set with pen and paper to record any messages when I awoke. The only thing I could remember was the colour blue . I was surrounded by this brilliant blue colour. I have to say I was confused by this and wondered what it’s significance was. when I switched on my PC I found a post that said 10 common signs of angel visits. Then I read that Archangel Michael is surrounded by a Blue Light. I’m very grateful to god and the angels for this reassurance.

  10. I have been finding single feathers in my path for the past year. Today I found 3 small feathers together. I have been going through a very difficult time and when I find the feathers I feel like something is trying to send me message.

  11. I love my Angels I talk to them some times but I haven’t seeing a sign from them for some time just wondering why is this x

  12. I asked who my guardian angel is and I heard Raphael. I can’t decide if it was because I wanted it to be or if it was real.

  13. I have always felt the presence of angels around me. It’s nice knowing that these signs point straight to them. I have always admired butterflies and their beauty. When I see one, I know that I’m in good company. What a beautiful blessing.

  14. I see the number 123 all the time or i look at clock always at 1:23

  15. I was begging for an answer when my daughter passed away. I was up in the middle of night at my laptop and my heart was shouting ….I just want the truth. I had an e-mmail opened and decided to go to facebook and it froze and blinked and went to email but there was a word changed. which would of gave me the answer. But can I trust that as a sign or just mental at that moment.

  16. For me it’s always been dimes. I’ve never known about coins and angels before this article so when I read #8 I felt very overwhelmed (in a good way) and heavy tears. I have a desperate jar I put them in when found. 🙂 also, I’ve always heard my name called aloud and just the other night I was sitting in a chair at the table, I put my head down into my hands with eyes closed, and felt a quite obvious ‘shove’ or brush against my right leg and then the basket behind me made a thud into the wall (both behind my chair)Upper thigh as if oops they bumped into me. I brought my head up and my husband asked if u was ok. I knew it wasn’t him but he knows how strong my intuition is and in tuned I am. I still felt like I was going crazy for a min. It’s been bothering me since it happened and I need to tell someone. I’m glad I ran across this. All signs I suppose. 🙂 but so thankful!!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Marsha. You are truly an Earth Angel – The Angel are calling to you. I have a video about it, you have been chosen – there is something very special about you. Here is the link for my video. Many blessings to you ~ Karen Borga

      • Can u explain if a button out of nowhere is a sign from angels?

        • Hi Sharran,
          Yes, a button can absolutely be a sign. Your Angels try to talk to you through everything you see. When you begin to fully comprehend signs, you will come to understand that everything is a sign for you.

          That being said – Angels & Guides send messages through people’s life experiences. Consider your button, and what buttons may mean to you. Do you have a deceased loved one who sewed, and maybe had a button collection? Or, it was something they know would get your attention easier than a feather.

          You can always ask to make the message clearer. Then, wait for more signs.

          Blessings to you and all you do ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  17. After I had my daughter, My anxiety was so bad. I can’t even call it post partum. It was all very internalized. No one knew what I was going thru on the inside. One night I remember praying so hard to just take it away. I was laying in my bed and someone was holding my hand and stroked my hair. I remember laying there so nervous, because I knew what it was. I was almost in a trance until I felt the hands leave me. I opened my eyes, I knew I wasn’t asleep and after that I felt so much better. I felt the healing touch. It was the most spiritual experience! God is good!

  18. I find dimes and butterflies and feathers on a daily basis ive been goin through alot latley, a lot of losses in my life son, mom, brother. And best friends thank you laura

  19. I just closed on a coop and I was walking through the empty rooms and discovered a few small white feathers. Hopefully they were a sign from Angels.

  20. I know this is a long shot but I’m not really sure we’re to start with angels I do see sometimes little white feathers so I do believe but I’m in need of guidance in most aspects of my life love and career and not sure how to spot signs really hope you can reply Karen x

  21. Hi, I’ve been praying for help with my job and marriage situation. I asked for a confirmation and while watching a show it mentioned and showed feathers. Could this be my confirmation my prayers have been heard and are being worked on?

  22. I received a feather from my angel a year ago after asking for guidance. I was so overjoyed but I haven’t been sent a sign since then. How do I get my angel to tell me his/her name, I’m very curious and just want to be closer to my angel. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out . Thanks 🙂

  23. Hi Karen, I have just recently discovered the reality of angels ever since my Mum told me about her experiences. Now I’m beginning to notice many feathers (especially white ones) when I’m out on a walk, they are usually on the sides of paths or sometimes directly infront of me. But how can I know for sure they aren’t bird feathers?
    I also remembered an experience I had a couple of years ago when I’d often see heart shapes in other objects wherever I went, such as in a puddle or a patch of grass or marks in a table. I thought it very odd but it’d make me feel happy when I saw them. Was this a message from my angels and why do you think I’ve stopped seeing them?
    Also, the other day when I was reading about angels online I felt a tingly cool feeling on my arm which immediately gave me a happy feeling, do you think my angels were sending me a sign?
    Thank you if you take the time to read and answer my questions, I’m very knew to understanding this.


  24. I have been seeing 11.11 alot last year (esp whenever I am going to hear from him) and then the feathers came into picture…recently I have been seeing both 11.10 and 11.11 and also black and white (Mixed) feather quite often…I understand change is coming…just wonder what is that. Sometimes I think I must be crazy because what if all of it is nothing and just my mind…Lets wait and see :)…….

  25. Thank you for this web page. I’ve been receiving the most incredible signs and I knew they were signs but I wasn’t sure of the message. Was it “wake-up” you’re not fulfilling your life’s purpose or was it to let me know I was on the right track? Or what? Since I am a healer your explanation “There are special people who came into this world with divine purpose. If you have been selected by the Angels, that is you. Why, because you agreed to be a healer before you came here”

  26. We live out in the country, which means I see feathers and butterflies all the time! I just thought it was part of the landscape! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July, and since then, 2 of my 3 cats have been watching my stairs (no one lives up there) all the time! When they stop and stare towards the stairs, I just say “hello my angel”!

  27. Hi I was just sitting on my deck outside and a lot of grey and white feathers where falling around me from the sky there are no birds above so could this be an angel getting my attention

  28. Hi! I have been seeing 11:11 and 1:11 for about a year and a half. Ivhad never even heard of making a wish on 11:11 before. It has happened too much just to be a coincidence. I found this website and I saw what you wote about pennies and feathers and butterflies and I got goosebumps several times. I had also been seeing pennies all ovr the place… on the bus floor, the ground, laying on a counter in different public establishments–usually in threes, and after I just finished reading this article, I went to check out an apartment that I’m going to clean and in the window sill was a penny! So now I am commenting!!! I have also seen feathers in front of my apartment where I used to live (many times), and where I just moved to…. and in other places–SO much that I thought perhaps someone was messing with me. Wow.
    AND I just saw a couple bright specks in my peripheral vision just last night!!!

  29. Hi I lost a baby last year, I kept finding tiny white feathers so I placed one in my memory box and week later I went back into my box and it has gone no one had been near my box, the other day my bathroom door was locked and no one had been near the bathroom yet, for a while I had white butterflies around me every where I went, but just don’t understand where the tiny white feather has gone, I do hope it’s my baby as this gives me strength that someday I will get to hold him or her

  30. I just found a white feather a bit tattered and was wondering is it from the angels?

  31. The monarch butterfly always makes me feel happy. I had one land on my shoulder and it peacefully sat there for a few minutes. When I come across feathers on the ground I say ‘wot are u doing there’ and pik it up
    Someone gave me a feather wen he returned a note book I had been looking for.

  32. I have been going through some things and have been praying to God for guidance. I was taking a walk and a feather blew right under my foot. What does that mean?

  33. My grandmother died of suicide and she was my best friend. 6 months before she died we had an argument and I’m blamed myself for the longest time. After we buried her I e been able to go to the grave and visit family but it’s been super hard to go to my grandparents house and see my paw. She took her life in their house. Lately I see strange clouds and dragonflies and everytime I see a dragonfly I feel her near me. Months ago I was having nightmares about her and last month I was able to walk into their home and sit inside and visit with my paw for the first time in 11years. He gave me 1 of her porcelain dolls and told me he is working on his will and that he wants to leave me her collection of dolls and asked me if I wanted their house and my heart and mouth immediately said yes. It feels so good to finally have my paw back….

  34. Angels are creations of God! I believe that the many blessings offered to all of us who believe in Him are specially delivered by His divine & holy & heavenly Angels.
    Praise be to God!

  35. I have had encounters with angels since the age of 10…I am 55 YRS old…when I was 10 I wanted to be baptized but was very shy as I had to walk down the aisle to my Pastor who waited at the end for those to come to be saved. One particular Sunday I was at the end of the pew standing with my legs crossed …singing like everyone else…when I heard a male’s voice say “Go!” word….that was it!! But at the same time I heard the command Go…I was shoved forward …I thought it was some person behind me but when I turned to look…there was no one there!!!!!! I knew it was an angel of God and so I went and was saved!! Then that same year I was visiting a friend who was deathly allergic to everything almost…including bees. On this particular day we were playing outside when she got stung on the finger.Her Father was on the tractor way out in back 40 acrss somewhere.So it was only she and I. I was only 10!!! She was crying and so we go into the old farmhouse… When I heard a voice..plain as day ..tell me to get the meat tenderizer!!! I ran to the cabinet and lo and behold there it was!!! I poured itin a cup with water and told her to stick her finger in it!! After a few minutes she stopped crying and said it felt better!! It was perfectly fine!!! Even at such a young age I knew something supernatural had occurred… I knew it was an angel!!! And imagine my surprise when I was in my 30’s hearing on TV all those years later that meat tenderizer is excellent for bee stings because of the papaya that breaks down the poison!!!! How could a little girl in 1970 know this??? And there were other incidents involving angels but the most recent happened a few years back when I had a botched biopsy. It was extremely painful. After that first one I scheduled an appointment with a different Dr …for another ..on the day of said biopsy. .I prayed to God on my way to the appt for the Lord to send angels bc I was very scared….So as I lay back on the table with both arms side I felt.immediately the sensation of feathers going up and down my arms …tickling sensations …over and over…I KNEW it was the tips of angels wings and that God had heard my prayer!!! I never felt the biopsy!!!Because I was so focused on the feathers on my arms!!it was over in a few minutes and the sensation stopped!!!!!! I thanked God for sending them and was so amazed!!!Still am!!!! But I know what I experienced and I will never forget it!!!! God is SOooo good!!!

  36. I see feathers everywhere , also hummingbirds , and dragon flies … My father past away 4 months ago … But I still feel him near me , I can even smell him when I hug my son ..

  37. I have a very reason as taught by my elders, for my purpose here. After my mom went in with the eagle I was extremely upset. Crying heart sobbing to the point of not being able to catch my breath. Theses words I share, came and I quickly ran to find something to write them on.
    An angle came along today, and began to sing a song. She sang, “dear child don’t despair, for the one that moved along”.

    They may not be in front of you, but know they are with me. For you I will leave angel wings so you will come to see.

    Know each time your heart crus out, and tears begin to flow. These angel wings will again appear, and happiness you’ll know.

    So take this song into your soul, and let it start to live. And know I only sing this song, of love for you I give.

    Theses very words I wrote has truly helped me, and I now pray they will help another.
    Many Blessings,

  38. Carol, the same thing happens to me. Every time the clock hits 11:11 morning and night, I just happen to look at the clock. No reason. I just do. I thought it was strange that it keeps happening over and over again.

  39. I found the exact same feather o nly a couple of weeks ago

  40. Yes! I receive Hearts, hearts and more hearts after my Fathers passing. Clouds appeared, even at the scene of his glider plane crash site. Amazing I wish I could share it. I have found 100’s if hearts rocks. I’ve seen hearts when I looked up in the forest in the trees. I have captured these in photographs and the rocks are throughout my garden. I also see the number 11, 1111. Clocks, receipts, buses, Blood pressure monitors at work, you name it. When I’m not even looking. I didn’t even know what the heck I was seeing and why. I looked it up one day before work. When entering an elderly woman’s room I asked her how she was, discovering she was clearly confused she looked at me and says, “well there’s the numbers 111 but then there’s 222.” My heart just dropped. So who’s to say where our mind is when we are supposedly confused. Just opens up a whole other world for me as a nurse. I see 111 all the time at work and I know that pt has an angel by their side. Yes I tell them. Lol

  41. Hello, I find your site very insightful. Reading some of the questions and answers you gave helped me to understand this calling I have. I have just started walking in this. I’m excited and learning. In meditation, I have felt the energy of 3 Archangels. My desire is to channel all of them. I’ve asked to be tuned by them during meditation and while I sleep. I did see that eye and wondered what the meaning was. Can you explain. It did not startle me but it seem to look in my eye?!?
    Enjoy your videos also. Thank you so much.

  42. How do I know when a feather is from an angel and not just a bird?

  43. After my father in law passed away, I started to find dimes every where. I saved them all in a special piggy bank. It started to peter out after about 2 years gradually and than my father passed away. I found even more dimes every where. I was very comforted by my found riches, I thanked the Universe and my fathers every time I got a dime. I guess I need to thank my Angel too. That will be for sure from now on. I see a lot of feathers all over too. But now my cat brings in a couple of feathers a week. They are always long white ones. I see hearts all over too.All the time.

  44. I have been seeing signs for over eight years. They started the evening that my husband was tragically killed.

    While I was sleeping, I felt a ‘hand’ firmly on my back and when I looked at the clock, it was 4:44. From that point on, I woke up every night at 4:44 and have been seeing 4’s like crazy. Ironically enough, he was killed on the 4th. I was 44 years old, I am the 4th child of 5, born on the 4th, and have 4 children. The license plate on the hearse even had a 44. I could go on and on!

    When I started dating again and had a gentleman at my home, my television mysteriously changed to channel 44!! Thank goodness, he was open and receptive to all of the strange happenings in my life!

    Another distinct sign is music. We were both musicians and sang together for years. The first time I got in his vehicle, the radio turned on and the song was ‘Dust in the Wind’. After that, it was although every store I walked into was playing that song. While driving my car, I would always hear it as well.

    The other sign was dragonflies. Unfortunately, I had to sell the home we had owned for 22+ years. I was very distraught about this but while cleaning up the outside of the house, I was surrounded by thousands of dragonflies. It was crazy how the swarmed me. All at once, they flew off and there was a butterfly at my feet!! I took this as a sign that it was going to be ok. I did sell my home very quickly and the last time to mow my yard, I was feeling very sad. Once again, I was surrounded by dragonflies so I knew that selling was the right thing. Ironically enough, my new home has the address of 44!

    Yes, my angel husband is still with me and watching over and taking care of me to this day.

  45. I constantly see butterfly’s, my month and day of my birthday on my car radio, always see 11:11. Saw them and talked with them during my transplant!

  46. I love the thought of signs from Heaven and after losing a parent exactly 8 months ago today, I keep looking for signs they are still around. But I don’t see them. Am I looking too hard? A sign would be so comforting right now.

  47. I have experienced all of these signs from above…but in some cases I believe I was visited by my deceased son himself letting me know he was okay. But about the angels: After the death of Trevor, my granddaughter was followed everywhere with white fluffy feathers the last one (that I know of) was witnessed by all of my aunt’s family in Kamloops as it just drifted down in a circular motion ever so slowly and landed on Kaitlyn’s head. Another one of these points with angels is about dreams: I experienced a dream like no other and can still remember every detail, I don’t need a journal for these types of dreams. The dream told me everything about my journey. The problem is I have yet to be able to interpret it. About the clouds in this list of angel signs, I have a picture of waving clouds as I was driving out of Florida after a grieving parents retreat that I have never ever seen live or in a photo since…just amazing combination of clouds. Numbers, 1111 was and continues to be flashing in my face, whereby before Trevor died I never thought about numbers even once. For an entire week I would see 11:11 am 11:11 pm and 1:11 pm and 1:11 am day in and day out. It actually got scary for a bit. I have my own blog about the coin signs. The plentiful of dimes I have found since his death (and again, never before had I found such a large amount of dimes come out of no where). My last dime story was about the day I got a fistful of dimes. I am quite short of family bonding and basically 100% responsible for myself so this explanation was very comforting. My best story is when an angel got my attention once having me suddenly lose my cigarette lighter while I was stationary on a sofa in front of the t.v. Anyway, long story short I was looking for a new lighter in my coat pockets and my hand reached in and pulled out something hard and metal…it was a small ornament of an angel and it said on it, “I am your guardian angel” — Just when my jaw dropped I literally felt a kiss on my cheek. When I shared my stories my Christian friends said I was playing with the devil and they refused to listen to me. The only ones who did were my fellow grieving parent friends and they usually love my stories of blessings and hope for everyone. Now I work helping grieving parents and widows as a Clinical Hypnotherapist…putting folks in touch with their own intuition…the most powerful thing about them. Anyway, all of the above are absolutely common to me now and I fear none of this, rather I am grateful for being so blessed when before I was so sick.

  48. During the wake of my first wife Karen a white feather fell from the sky and it landed in my hands, I knew it was her it was years later after getting married to Laraine I had a dream from Karen she told me to gift the feather to Laraines mother which was sick with terminal cancer, Karen told me the feather was the key to heavens gate and tell her …… it felt real to me and the smile and at peace look in Laraines moms eyes told me she was ready and she was

  49. As my mother was taking her last breaths in the hospital room, a feather came out of no where. My sister was trying to catch it but it disappeared. 3 months later, at Christmas time, I was looking at cards at Walmart, like For Mom at Christmas, etc., I opened a card and a feather fell out of it.

  50. My ex David which is also my children’s father committed suicide two months ago…we were together for 17 years..and I have recently remarried. A week after his death it was silent in my home and I had gotten up to turn on the tv for noise..before I reached the tv..I heard him speak my name clear and loud..since then I have felt a coldness that also feels like it’s backed by warmth..if that makes sense…I also want to mention that when I feel this it’s accompanied by what I call the sparkly spider web feeling… I see 11:11 everyday and often find dimes out of nowhere… I know my Angel is trying to tell me something I just wish I knew what it was…

  51. I found a red feather with white spots. This was in a dream I had. I was outside at night and found it laying on top of a bale of pine straw. It was so vivid and real. It was quite large about a foot long. I’ve not had much luck with finding anything on this color combination. Thank you for any help have a blessed day.

  52. I have been seeing number 22 a lot for about two or three years now. Recently I started seeing number 44 and 66. I still see number 22 also. I was just wondering why am I seeing so many numbers? I also hear the name Henry!

  53. Ok so i am only 11 and i would like to connect with my guardian angel because i have been noticing lately that angels or a divine presence is trying to speak to me what do I do? I have always felt the presents of god or an angel just by the little things. So now i think that they are finally trying to communicate with me. I have always noticed these odd things happen around me like when I think of something (like a song) it will happen later that day, or I have these images put into my head every once in a while. Yesterday I was in my room and I KNOW that I felt a presents of something. – Samantha

  54. I have on several occasions felt a physical touch on my shoulder or arm when no one was present. It is very soft and tender almost like a gentle stroke or wisp. It is an undeniable feeling of awe and love.

  55. I experienced the feathers I was watching tv and I heard noises outside my door I live in an apt I thought someone was putting flyers on my door went to take them off my door and there was a real live rooster at my door my husband just passed away September 9th

  56. About a month ago I was awakened by a voice in my ear. It was a voice I knew only I could hear but it was clear as day. The voice said ” wake up.” The voice was so commanding that I woke right up knowing there was more to come. Then it said “God has something important for you to do today”. The voice was neither male or female. That is a very hard concept to grasp, I know. Immediately my alarm went off. I am a nurse at a cancer hospital, so I thought there was somewhere God needed me to be a a certain time to help someone. I hurried and was awaiting that important moment all day but it never came. I couldn’t understand why it was so important that my angel wake me up when I would have gotten up in a minute anyways. I spoke with a friend who said ” you’ll never know until you meet Jesus what you did that day that was so important. Maybe my kind word or smile changed someone’s outlook on life. Who knows? Sorry this is so long but I had to let you all know that if you’re open, you may hear (REALLY hear) your angel speak when you least expect it. God bless all of you!

  57. I have actually had an encounter with an angel in July 2012.

  58. Karen, just wanted you to know I have been following your site since 2011, that is the year of my husband passing. You and your site has been such a comfort to me in many ways. A while back I wrote to you because taking your advice I made a vision board…asking my Angels for help in getting a car. Few months after making my board and sitting on my bed post…I got a new car and truly believe it was the work of my Angels. And since then I have thank my Angels in prayer every night before going to bed. Now the reason I am writing you is because of a feather that showed up in my dinning room after I vacuum. This happened a few days ago but the feather still sits on top of my mind…wondering. Sending you 2 link to 2 blogs I wrote and hoping you have the time to read them and please tell me your thoughts. Understand most Angel Feathers are white but this was so strange how I found it and needing some answers. Please read my posts and please let me know your thoughts. The blogs are about angels and yes I’ve added a link to your site for others to enjoy.

  59. I have received numerous feathers during difficult times in my life. Thank you for your article and comments, it brought tears to my eyes. I’m not alone it seems.

  60. I see the number 611 all the time and have for several years. It is the date of birth of a friend of mine that I am close to and have feelings for. What are the angels telling me?

  61. So wierd. Today I was started to doubt is Angels real, and are they from Light. Because this January I started to see not so good things – like Satan head before going to sleep, some even eyes etc. And for some reason, I can’t use my Angel cards, just feeling like they are bad one, like Angels are bad. But I some how feel that Darkness in me 🙁 Something I have never felt before. And then – today I opened my email and, guess there has been some error on your server, but I’ve got about 45 emails from this page 🙂 All comments that has been put under this post was sent me as new ones 🙂 What a hello… But still, somehow they haven’t helped me with that Dark energy or even just understanding why I am experiencing this. Is it a part of myself or what? This energy is getting me scared and I am starting to doubt what is wrong and what is right. Like – I loved Angels so much, but now I doubt that they are from Light :/ Hard to explain. Could there be some not good energies in a form of Angels? Sorry about my comment, but I really want to understand. Of course I am not ideal, but are not holding such a strong bad feelings in me, at least I think so, if this Dark energy comes from within…

  62. yesterday I was driving home and some beautiful white car was driving against me. I looked at it, thinking that it looks beautiful and nothing more. Then some other white, beautiful car was driving against me. Now my attention was little bit more cached. And then one more white, beautiful car – and now I was smiling. Because I just felt that this was a hello. And later in the evening I was watching TV about some guy and some other guy named him as white unicorn 🙂 So… hello from angels can be in different forms

  63. I don’t believe in all this as a norm but this weekend my daughter has a vital hospital scan ,and the build up has put me in a very low place feeling down very stressed ect I am a long distance Lorry driver by trade but tonight I helped my wife with her cleaning job in an office block. . I know when we walked in through the office door it was not there but as I was hovering up I turned around and there it was it was right in front of me this pure white feather. and it led me here I knew what it was when I saw it I just cried I hope it was a sign everything will be ok for her

  64. Do you think it is a sign from an Angel that I keep seeing my x’s name in the last couple of days (not a common name)? Does it mean anything? I’m having a hard time not seeing him and I pray everynight for the last 2 weeks sense we stopped seeing each other that things can work out but we haven’t spoke during the 2 weeks. Thank you, Kim

  65. Friday evening I let my dog outside and I felt a light brush against my left shoulder like urging me to go outside too. I looked up in the sky and there was a circular opening in the clouds. Darting white flashes, about 6 were darting about the opening and then one in particular coming down by me and then going back up. I knew they were angels and yet it was somewhat scary and yet also fascinating. I went back inside to ‘sort’ out my emotions. I told a trusted friend and my son about my encounter. In researching the internet it confirmed that angels can appear as flashes of light. I am not sure yet exactly what this means but I believe I am gaining some insight. I have had many feathers lately appear around my home. Not the white fluffy type that others have described but just regular bird feathers. They began appearing about 10 days before this event. Is there anything I can do to uncover more about why or should I just accept it as a special gift?

  66. Good morning Karen, I have recently started smelling petrol. It appears in strange places, where I shouldn’t be smelling this! I have been attending a spiritual church to help me with losing my mum. It’s helping me to connect with my Angels and guides. However, I can’t explain this smell, any guidance would be much appreciated! Every time I smell it, I think of an Aunt that I lost when I was a teenager. However, I’m not sure if she is trying to give me a message?

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