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FREE Remote Energy Healing with Karen Borga and Linda Maglionico Live or recorded, you will receive this healing. Simply comment below to accept the energy we offer. Join us each Wednesday at 1:30PM EST for this special event on the SignsofAngels Facebook page. If you would like to schedule a “Remote” or “In Person” Healing […]

Karen shares her morning ritual with the Angels. She starts with lighting a candle with a short prayer. She holds stones while she meditates to increase her energy and the connection with the Angels. The meditation is the important part of the ritual because it is in that space you can hear the answers to […]

KAREN BORGA – THE ANGEL LADY You dear Earth Angel, feel so much. You can feel the changes that are happening on the Earth during this present time. You are being asked to call on the Energy of Archangel Michael to help shield you and also to help you send healing to the world. It […]