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 Excerpted from Signs From Angels

How to Receive Messages from Heaven, Communicate With an Angel
By © Alice Landry

Feathers are a common form of communication from your angels. If you have prayed to the angels for guidance or for a sign that everything’s going to be okay, be sure to notice feathers, especially white ones. They can appear as tangible objects on the ground or floating from the air. Moreover, you may notice a random image of a feather, such as on television or on the side of a moving truck. The angels use various means to get your attention and let you know they’re here to help. Read more: http://newage.suite101.com/article.cfm/signs_from_the_angels#ixzz0LByOeDOc&C

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Just lately I have been finding white feathers in my car, and to be honest I dont why.

    I wish someone could tell me if any what it means

    • Feathers are signs Angels often use to let us know they are there. When you begin to see them it marks a significant time in your life. You are becoming aware of more than just the day to day.

      Once I understood Angels were with me, my life changed… I began to look at things so differently… through “Rose Colored Glasses”. I have a new perspective on my life and everything around me.

      Your feathers are a gift to you. Some people may tell you there was a bird sitting on car… but really the specialness of the feather will be unique to you. You will understand the significance… it is not meant for anyone else.

      You are blessed. May you enjoy the journey you have just begun!


      • Hi my mum passed away 6 months ago and came across my first white feather today xx

        • What a lovely gift. ~ Karen

        • Hi My Mum too passed away 8 yrs ago, I was always too scared to pray for a sign that she was near when times are tough or hard but the sight of feathers warm my heart and soul knowing that she is never far away, as is your Mum. Today my garden covered in feathers as was my car, having a tough time right now and I know she is around me… take comfort xx

        • michele171165@hotmail.co.uk - Reply

          My beloved dad passed away just over 3 weeks ago and 4 members of my family have recieved feathers on different occasions in different places. The feathers are all the same type. I’ve always believed in God and angels and this is wonderful. My eldest brother, who recieved a feather too was agnostic before this and now he is a believer. I know my wonderful dad has sent a sign through the angels that he is ok and still with us. How very comforting and wonderful is that. tHANK YOU LORD. XX

      • Hi ,Today i called into church to light a candle and to pray for my family and my cousin who has a terminal illness…i asked god to ease her pain,as i stood to leave i noticed a white feather at my feet,i also had this feeling of extreme happiness…what does this mean…

        • Dee, You have been touched by an Angel. I also believe you are an Earth Angel. Ask your Angel to have a more active part in your life, and you can see miracles. ~ Karen

  2. Hi,

    I had a similiar incident, this happened in the mid night when my boyfriend gave bunch of red roses to me for this Valentines 2010 a small white feather floated and fell on my roses the same minute he placed the flowers in my hand, I was delighted and told him this is a blessing and I am going to make a wish and I made a wish about my relationship and I wished I would get married to him soon. My boyfriend said he saw this father in the morning and he dropped it from the window, and he didn’t know how it came and fell on my roses at that minute. But after 3 weeks a tragic incident took place and we broke up, even police was involved in this case and I lost my love and now he hates me…… but still I love him so much and thinking about him….

    • Your Angels are there. Ask for guidance, comfort and remember to pray. It is the way to navigate through what seems to be hard situations. Things happen for a reason. There is a divine plan for everything. Your Angels are waiting for permission to become a larger part of your life. Ask them to help and they will.


  3. Hello all,
    I had a friend come by on the night of the April 12th. She was talking about reading your article in , I believe A NEW HEART magazine or article. Not really sure which. I lost my dad on September 6, 2004 from a massive heart attack. My mom greived herself to death, and it’s on her death certificate, 2 months and 12 days later on November 18th, 2004. 6 months after her I lost my 95 year old grandmother. 1 year later I lost my oldest brother from a recalled stint of 6 months prior, that a Dr, put in him from aneuroism surgeory.
    They had a large family of 9 children, 9 to whom they were married to and a few more because of divorces, and 27 grandchildren and 32 at the time great grandchildren, with only 1 still birth. We were a very lucky family to not have any deaths for all those years until my father passed.
    Then it was a chain reaction. my parents were all 9’s parents and they were married almost 60 years. VERY LUCKY!!
    On July 26th of 2008, I lost my firstborn child. He was 26 at the time. He had a seizure disorder. He just fell over instantly, no seizure, and I believe a aneuroism. Almost exactly a year later my nephew lost his firstborn on August 25th, 2009. He passed the same way my son did. He had seizures also and he was 13. He also did not have a seizure. His autopsy reason was unknown. The family has really had a bad few years lately with death.
    Anyway my friend that came over was telling me about people receiving these ANGEL FEATHERS! After she told me I looked toward Heaven and said, “I want a fether Chance please!”. (My son)
    on the 13th, the very next day me and my spouse went fishing behind our house. I was tired and ready to go home when I looked down and right beside my foot was my beautiful white feather. i was so excited and was yelling Chance sent me my feather. There are no words to express my excitement!!!! My feather looks exactly like the feather at the very top of this page with the lavendar flowers. It is absolutely identical!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this article!!!! Melonie

    • Melonie,

      Thank you for sharing your story. Chance’s feather blessing is a wonderful gift to you. He is giving you love and comfort.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  4. tomorrow the 7th of may is my fiance’s dads birthday who passed away 3 years ago. this morning i found a white feather where we was sat last night i dont have anythink with feathers in and this was left on my leather suit is this his dad commuicating with his son?

    • Absolutely! What an incredible story! And he was communicating with you too. You were the one who found it. Loved ones leave us signs all the time.

      They have left us physically, but their spirit remains. You both are truly blessed to have received the feather. Watch for more signs!

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  5. I have been finding feathers alot lately and have been going through a bad time, with losing my baby when 32 weeks pregnant, Isabelle! It comforts me to think my guardian angel is watching over me! I feel its presence and think its a man could this be true! I dreamt someone was soothing me when I wasn’t sleeping properly and I woke up feeling relaxed and ready for the day! Could this have been my guardian angel or some other angel watching over me?

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! How wonderful to know you are Divinely Loved and cared for.

      Sometimes it takes difficult circumstances for us to become aware that there is so much more than what we can see. This is certainly a gift Isabelle brought to you. Once you become aware of Angels, life changes… for the better.

      Pay attention … stay in the now so you can see what guidance is being sent to you.

      I am sending you so much love energy. Please keep in touch. I would love to hear more about your feather experiences.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  6. Found all your stories very interesting. Lately there have been alot of feathers in my path and also coins, know my angel is guiding me and letting me know he is close, but am a bit unsure as to what message he is trying to give me, or should i even be looking for a message. Any suggestions.

    • Congratulations on making your connection. Often feathers are a sign Angels are with you. Simply confirmation for you. That is how it started with me.

      You know when the feathers are more than just stumbling across a random feather. You know it as you know your name, when the message is for you. And the feathers and coins you are receiving are for you. YOU KNOW IT.

      What they mean? At first I just smiled and said thank you. Then I would start to request them, and they would come. It was a communication. It was the beginning. Since then I have developed a relationship with the Angels. I know they are here to help me. I must ask for their guidance, because we have free-will and they can not interfere with out our permission. I ask… and they make things so much easier. It is a trust relationship. Once you have the understanding … amazing things happen.

      Meditation can help you connect easier. Put an intention on your meditation to know what the feathers mean… and you will receive your answer. The answer may come as a thought in your meditation, or later as a song lyric… or even a simple street sign. You will know when it happens.

      i would love to hear more about your feathers. Please keep in touch.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  7. My angels leave feathers just to say hello.

  8. My mum passed away 3 weeks ago tomorrow, and three days ago a White feater fell from the sky and followed my path for a little bit, it was really windy, but it settled on the ground beside where I was walking and let me pick it up, I keep it with me now, is it my mum?

    • Absolutely… our loved ones are able to contact us through signs just like the Angels. Often they can play with electric (because both are energy based)… or a message can come through music… a bell is common… there are so many ways … and definitely feathers too.

      How do we know its a sign? You just know. You are asking me because you want me to confirm what you already know in your heart.

      Continue to watch for more signs and see what happens. It is wonderful to know our loved ones are still with us. I just have to get the hugs in my dreams.

      May the Angels watch over you and bring you peace.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  9. Thank you so much for your reply, I’m from Ireland and when I wrote to you last night it was 9.45pm here, I didn’t get your reply till this morning, it nearly 8am here, but I had a lovely dream of mum for the first time last night. She was only 78 and I miss her so. Thank you again.

    • How wonderful! Both my parents are gone now. They both left early. I remember having a dream of my Dad holding me in his arms all night long right after he died. I was such a gift. I can still feel his arms around me and it was many years ago.

      Talk to your Mum… she is with you. She is right with you when you think of her. That is how it works. She will find a way to communicate back. Just be still… and use your senses… feeling, smell, touch, sound and sight. You will begin to know when she is there. But of course, she is always there.


  10. Hi, Today at lunchtime I found my second black feather in two months, compared to the first one it was long and had a white stem. It is just in the last 3-4 months Ive disovered the angels and I’ve statred to communixate with them too for guidance to bring happiness into my life. Is there anything negative about finding black feathers instead of white ones, is there a different message in them.
    Love and Blessings Andrea

    • Andrea,

      Welcome to the World of Angels. It is truly an incredible place, and I am happy you were sent to my site.

      Great question. I find feathers of all shapes and sizes… it’s been going on years now. Colors… I did a little research and the answer that resonates with me is:

      “Black feathers relate more the to soul than other colors of feathers. When you find black feathers, it means that the guardian of your soul is near. The feathers are there to remind you that you don’t fight your battles of darkness in life alone. When you find a black feather, give thanks to your guardian for being there to protect you always.”

      I also want you to know, there is nothing negative about Angels. They are pure love. They are your guardians. Remember to talk to them regularly asking for protection and information.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  11. Hi – I found your stories really lovely. I have one to share – a very sad one – my little cat, Hannah, was killed out on the road when I was away for a few days in Italy – my friend had to leave a message for me to call home – it happened this Sunday and I was home again on Wednesday so saw her then. She looked like she was just asleep – her fur still shiny and soft to the touch. I wrapped her in her blanket and scattered rose petals around her. The very next day I heard the news I found a feather tinged with black and then later that evening at 11.30 pm in a church in Lucca there was a baby white feather on the ground – I brought them home and then the next day after seeing my little Hannah I found another baby white feather and a feather which I had found but didn’t know what it had meant the day before I flew. Today I found a really tiny white feather where I had lain her in my garden briefly so I think that one was from Hannah.

    • Blessings to you as you grieve your Hannah. Thank you for sharing your story. It is such a comfort to know our loved ones are still with us, and want to send us confirmation that they are fine.

      May your feathers bring you peace,

  12. Hi…

    Recently I’ve been finding a lot of white feathers about. In my kitchen, on the floor or table and specifically in my little boys pushchair.

    I know they’re meant to be signs of Angels, but I have no idea why Angels would be visiting me? I have never lost anyone close to me (I am lucky) so it’s nobody I know visiting.

    It sounds silly, but it is scaring me that maybe something is going to happen to my little boy. I know how silly that sounds, but it’s just scaring me a bit.

    Anybody got any insight to why I would be getting them? I think I’ve had about 6 or 7 in the past 3/4 days!


    • Have no fear. Repeat, have no fear.

      Angels are pure love. They are surrounding you, and your boys. You are blessed.

      When these things happen, it often is time for you to awaken to your purpose. No pressure, no stress… know that you are surrounded by love, which is why you have a great life.

      You can always talk out loud to them. Ask them to help you understand why they are with you. You will learn the answer.

      This is a wonderful exciting experience for you. Please feel free to contact me any time you feel you need to. I will help you any way I can.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  13. My beloved cat died 7 weeks ago aged just 6. He had been diagnosed with a heart murmur earlier this year but nothing to worry about. Early one Sat morning he died (I suspect a heart attack – but no PM so no confirmation)while I held him. I bought a rose tree and put it on my little patio in remembrance of him as he loved to sit there. Last week I went out to dead head the roses and within 6inches of the tree was a black feather. If my cat had been with us he would have played with that feather for days. Does this mean anything?

    • Ben,

      Our pets are so dear to us. As I understand, their energy remains with us always. We lost a wonderful dog, and years later we got another. The new puppy had the same mannerisms as our Matina, she loved the same treats, slept in the same place… treated the other dog the same way. She now has evolved into much more than than the dog who passed… but parts of Matina are still very clear.

      As for your feather… the truth of the feathers are found inside of you. The mire fact that you are writing, asking, means you know it is true. You are looking for confirmation from me, but none is needed. That is the special nature of a sign. You know when you received a sign.

      We are given messages every day, it is only when we slow down enough that we see them. What a wonderful gift your feather was… to have you slow down enough to connect with Spirit.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  14. I often request signs from my Angels through feathers and also songs. I asked the Angels recently if someone I care deeply about cares for me as well and if this person would reach out to me soon and all will go well between us ~ I asked for a white feather and found several ~ each day since I have asked the Angels the same question and to help me hear them loud and clear ~~ if i see signs all will be good and if i dont see any signs mabye i shouldnt count on anything. I see feathers everyday and hear the songs that make me think of this person …wednesday i heard one song “4” times and i rarely ever hear it ….and then I heard 2 other significant songs that remind me of this person ~ i never heard them all in one day nevermind 3 and 4 times each !!!!! Today is Day 5 since i first asked for the signs…. I have to believe that the phone will ring and all will be fine. I will post when I hear from this special person ~~ I know my Angels are saying stay have patience, stay positive, you are loved and all is going to be fine! I recently started keeping a journal of these events !!

    • Thank you for sharing your Angels signs… I also hear music and know that it is a sign. So many things in my life are signs… which it why it is so important to stay present. When I get all caught up in my head, I miss some.

      I look forward to hearing from you again! Blessings,

  15. what is the difference between finding a white feather and a black ? Is there a different spiritual meaning?

  16. I didnt have feathers but this morning one of the white wish things blew in through my window and later this afternoon I went to get something out of a kitchen cupboard and when I moved an item, another one flew out. My nans birthday would have been today, 6th September. She died when I was 12 and now I am 59. I have been having a few problems recently and have been asking the Angels for help. Do you think this could be sign or is it just my imagination as they are not exactly feathers.

  17. I really never spent much time contemplating the meaning of the colors of feathers. I do truly love the little tiny ones that float out of no where. But I love them all. Your question gave me something to discuss with the Angels. (And I did a little online research as well.)

    Here are a couple of theories.

    From a previous blog post written by TaylorBel:
    A glossy black feather from a raven or crow means “send a messenger to the unseen worlds for help or answers.”
    click here for the whole post. >> http://signsofangels.net/?p=329

    And I also found this on the web.

    “Black feathers relate more the to soul than other colors of feathers. When you find black feathers, it means that the guardian of your soul is near. The feathers are there to remind you that you don’t fight your battles of darkness in life alone. When you find a black feather, give thanks to your guardian for being there to protect you always.”

    This is the message from my Angels:

    Dear One, Every message we send has a deeper meaning than the superficial one. Black and white feathers are all messages, but black ones are reason for you to be aware. We use the color black for you because it is a color you relate to from your life experiences. Not everyone will relate a black feather the same way you will.

    Cultures have placed meanings on feathers and within the cultures people have different experiences when they find them. To someone finding a Raven’s feather it may seem as it was a warning. To others it may represent their Grandmother who has passed. Or it can represent achieving a new level.

    With each feather blessing you receive, look inside your heart for the message. It is unique to you.

    What I found interesting in these definitions, is that you must go within for the answers you are looking for. The Angels are answering a direct concern, and it will take more than a feather or a song lyric for you to really find the answer. This truly resonates with me, and I am grateful you had me search for my meaning. I hope this helps you.


  18. Thanks. Now I know it was an Angel. I have never had a feather appear but I found a penny once which was in between the bed and bedside cupboard on my husband side. I had moved it over to vacuum there, something I must admit, I dont do too often. So it must have been fate that I decided to clean that day.

    I am in a difficult position at the moment in life and do ask the Angels for guidance but maybe I am not receptive because nothing comes to me. Maybe I dont ask in the correct way or perhaps my timing is not right and I am not relaxed enough. Since this happened yesterday, I will certainly keep asking for help and hopefully one day, something will come through for me.

    Thank you again

  19. Sept 16, 2010

    I have spent the last few weeks worrying about various things, but have asked my angels to look after me and guide me… most of it has been worries about finances so have felt guilty about asking for guidance… my work involves helping people and i love it, but have been so worried. I have had a beautiful white feather sticking to a tree right outside my work for weeks and it has made me feel i was being looked after. Then it disappeared one morning after a very windy night, so i asked my angel cards if i was still being looked after..the card was ‘follow the signs’ and read the feathers and coins in your path are letting you know you are being watched and looked after. Since then every morning i come to work and there are feathers on my path, even on my doorstep. xxx

  20. Please keep asking, that is what the angels want x

    • Angels are wonderful. This morning I left the house feeling a little down. Went to the local gas station, and while I was filling up, a feather fell right out of the sky. Then a woman stopped rolled down her window, and said, “You have such a cute car.” Really, I have a 2004 Sebring. I do love the car, but she isn’t what she used to be. The Angels were certainly working hard to make my morning bright. I am truly blessed.

      How wonderful to have had your feather blessings. And yes, ask for money. Angels provide, the Universe provides. It is when I get all caught up in doubt when things get funky here. Then the Angels send feathers, and I am right on track.

      Write back soon! Blesssings,

  21. Well on 09/03 I posted that I asked the Angels if a special person would reach out to me soon and if so it would be because they cared deeply. I asked for signs in the form of white feathers and songs. Each day I felt a clear sign with one or the other or both. On 09/20,this person did call. We have not spoken yet but I feel the phone call was the one that I had been praying for. I stated that when this happened I would post it-It happened! I believe the Angels were answering all along I just had to Believe !!

  22. How do you know the feathers are from the Angels? I find feathers all over now. I found this site while I was looking for an answer. Can any of you give me guidance?


    • We have some great stories on this site. Please take a look around, or just read the posts above.

      Here is a link to get started. http://signsofangels.net/?p=331

    • Hi,

      I am going through a lot if stress at the moment as my mum is very ill. Today ( on the day we had to take her to a crucial bone scan) I found a large fluffy White feather in the bathroom. I have no other explanation as to how it could have got there – could it be a sign from my Angel to let me know everything will be ok or that I am not alone ? Can I ask my Angel for other signs ?

      Karen xx

      • Your Angels are definitely telling you that they are with you. Relax, and trust they are helping you. Yes, you can ask for as many signs as you would like. They don’t always come as feathers, they come as coins, song lyrics … street signs, and even words from a complete stranger. The way to make sure you receive the signs is to stay present. Don’t spend so much time in your head thinking. Look around and notice the world around you.

        I ask the Angels to be with you and your Mom now. May Archangel Raphael shine is loving, healing light upon your Mom. May he bring you both peace. ~ Karen

  23. Yesterday i decided to bring closure to a ‘yoyo’ relationship I had been in for 5 years. I had been distressed over this decision for several weeks. tonight sitting on the sofa with my son I placed me hands behind me head. When bringing them forward a small white feather was stuck in my ring (not a wedding ring). The thoughts running through my head prior to this were ones of sadness coupled with thoughts that perhaps he will return to me one day when he has had time to realise amends are necessary and that the decision i made was for the best. When i saw the feather i was amazed at its positioning (stuck in my ring). My setee is leather with no feather s inside. I dont yet know if the meaning was he will return one day or that the decision for closure was a good decision for me. Regardless I felt in awe that i had recieved a message that my angel was near.

    • I love when feathers appear in the craziest places. Stuck in your ring! Very cool. Angels are amazing.

      The Angels are ready to guide you through the rest of your life. Keep your eyes open for the signs!


  24. My mother recently passed away 4 weeks ago..i am seeing small feather/large feathers everywhere i go….seeing them on neighbours doorsteps,in my mams garden there are 2 huge feathers laying there still in the garden..im thinking these are bird feathers or is my mam trying to tell me something?

    i have been talking to her asking for a sign just to let me know she is ok!!! are these feathers the sign ive been waiting for???????

    thank you x

    • How wonderful. The truth of your feathers lies in your heart. You already know the answer to the question, you are writing to me for confirmation.

      Receiving messages from spirit is such a personal thing (unless of course, they do something so huge a group of people share in the experience). When I receive my feathers, I know in my heart this is a blessing. Some people might think it is a coincidence… I don’t believe in coincidences. Once I gave my own confirmation to the signs, they came more and more.

      Feel the love that is coming to you. Blessings!

  25. Yesterday i was feeling a little low and had thoughts of someone who had past. i tried to find time to go and visit their resting place however became too busy. I was saddened by this, coupled with wishing to speak to them again in person, however i had dialogue with them in my head several times yesterday. On arriving at home , there on the path to my door lay a very large white feather.i knew it was a message from them, telling me everything was going to be ok

    • Everything is going to be OK. It is amazing how much love is in a feather.

      Your loved ones are with you as soon as you think of them. Talk to them often and they enjoy it as much as you do!


  26. Last week I had a near death experience in the bath tub. Or at least I’m guessing that could have been my fate. I fell asleep in a bubble bath after a long day at work. I felt someone push my head back under the water, it hit the bottom of a full tub and I sucked in quite a bit of water. I was choking it out, I had some shapoo in my hair before I went under and it ran into my eyes when I came up. While I was choking and trying to find the knobs for some non-soapy water I started rubbing my eyes with my hands. I got them slightly open when I saw this white-ish/grey figure move from infront of me to my bed room. (door connects them) I though it was my boyfriend so I said “Baby” and nothing happened… I thought it was him. But once I opened my eyes no-one was there. I yelled louder and he came running in the bathroom. I asked him if he was just messing around in the closet. He said he was in the living room playing a video game. Which I completely believe since they are so addicting. I had wondered what I saw… I’m not a religious person really. I just try to do my best and be as good as I possibly can but I knew what just happened. I though it was a ghost until the next day. After work I looked down and near the tub there was this 4 inch long feather stuck in my bathroom closet door. We have the old fashioned metal sliding doors with the slats in it. It was really stuck so I knew there was no way anything like that could have possible just stuck there. That was put there. In my disbelief I put the feather under a comb in the bathroom so it wouldn’t blow off the sink. I was saving it to ask him if he had a feather pillow. I guess I already knew but I wanted some reassurance that it came from a pillow. We do not own a feather pillow. When he came home I went to look at it and examine it. It was beautiful and fluffy, curled slitghly at the tip with a skinny vein. Unlike most bird feathers. When he got home I used the toilet meanwhile staring at it… it was right infront of me. I looked down to grab some toilet paper and that thing was gone! I hadn’t stood up, no windows were open to blow it away anything. I felt this overwhelming sadness overcome me and I got tear-y eyed like a gift had been taken away. I tore my room and bathroom apart looking for it but never found it. It didn’t scare me but I guess it was a sign to make me really open my eyes. I always knew I had a guardian angel. I even know it was my grandma. I sensed her and smelled her perfume. It was really weird for me having never truely believed in angels. I am now convinced.

    • Seeing an Angel is a wonderful experience. I am so glad you are fine.

      When the first feather comes it is truly amazing… and each time they come afterward it is still truly amazing!

      Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and your Angel. May your relationship grow into a true friendship.

    • This is an amazing story!

      Whenever I try to keep a feather it too disappears – even if I keep it in a box.

      Hope you’ve had more experiences

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  28. I Just Got Home Not To Long Ago And I Came In My Room And Sat Down On My Bed. When I Sat Down On My Bed I Notice A Small White Feather Right In Front Of Me. I Tried To Figure Out Where It Came From But I Couldn’t Figure It Out…This Is The First Time I Have Ever Found A White Feather… Is This Really A Sign From An Angel?

    • Welcome to the World of Angels. The fact that you were led to this blog means the Angels are reaching out to you.

      Once you begin to notice signs around you, there will be more. Ask for more, if that is what you would like. Angels are very happy to abide. They are there to assist you, but must be asked. Ask, ask, ask.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  29. I was already prvileged to see your photo on facebook! It truly is amazing. I have seen an Angel but it was just a huge beautiful radiant light. This is incredible confirmation.

    Did you see the one I posted here? http://signsofangels.net/?p=322

    Would you mind if I posted yours?

  30. Karen,

    Recently my husband was made redundant and I am very worried about how our family will manage to cope with this. Whilst looking at photos of my nana who passed away years ago I looked down and found a little white feather. Not knowing what this meant I decided to look on-line and now believe she will help us through this period (I have since found another 4 white feathers).
    I pray that she will help my family and make things better.

    • Karen,
      What a wonderful gift the feathers are for you. You always have had guidance and love from spirit. Now you can see it.

      Remember: Positive thinking brings positive results. I totally understand your concern but keep in mind everything happens for a reason. You have found your feathers for a reason too. Continue to be aware so you can see the signs. You will be able to see signs in more than feathers. You can receive answers and synchronicity will begin to happen. Believe.

      Blessings to you and your family,

  31. hi i got up this morning to find lots and i mean lots of black feathers in my hall way and in my kitchen, i have to walk through my hall way to go to bed and it was clear last nite as was my kitchen, i went into my dining room and all i found in there was a very large black feather, i am in the process of having a bad move and separarting from my husband which is my choice,and my darling cat got killed a couple of weeks ago does this have any meaning i have had white feathers before but never black, thankyou x

    • Naomi,

      Angels’ love is with you. The lovely black feathers appearing in your hallway appear to me to be a carpet being laid to help you move forward. It seems they are helping you tread lightly so it is gentle on your feet.

      Finding the one feather in the dining room makes me think they are encouraging you to eat well … to take the time to sit and eat. Relax.

      It was confirmation you are moving in the right direction. Truly amazing … a hallway filled with feathers.

      As for the significance of black feathers, this is what the native americans say about black feathers: A glossy black feather from a raven or crow means “send a messenger to the unseen worlds for help or answers.” Which really means meditate to find the answers.

      Angels are with you, I guess they really, really needed to let you know.

      Blessings to you on your new path,

  32. I lost my dear cousin 2 days ago in a terrible road accident!! Today I went to put flowers by the roadside in which she died. On returning home, a white feather was on my drive which my mother pointed out to me. I had heard the stories of white feathers but because of my grief and wanting to get home to my partner and children didnt give it much attention! After I had thought about it and told my partner, I realised that this could have been a sign from her and rushed outside to get it, but it had gone!! Im so gutted that I dismissed it 🙁

    • You didn’t miss it. You saw the feather, experienced the moment… and can look back on it fondly… just as you can for cousin.

      This was the beginning of experiencing signs for you… and they can continue if you take time to look. People receive signs everyday, but are thinking so much about what is going on in their lives that they overlook them. Your message is to “see” the signs, and I do have the impression another feather will come for you to keep.

      Blessings to you and your family,

  33. This afternoon I visited my mother whom passed away a year ago. It was her birthday and I came to bring her a cupcake. After standing and thinking for a while I sat down and looked around, when I looked down I noticed a dirty black feather had landed in-between my legs. I can’t think of what it means?

    • Dear Hailey,

      Black feathers certainly do get people’s attention. They make us stop and really listen. This is what the native americans say about black feathers: A glossy black feather from a raven or crow means “send a messenger to the unseen worlds for help or answers.” Which really means meditate on it to find the answers or ask a professional seer for guidance.

      I know a woman who found a huge black feather in her pocketbook. Since then she is going through a major restructuring of her entire life. It has been a rather large transition, but it has also been great synchronized. When she doesn’t start to force things to happen the way she wants, things fall into place – perfectly. She is also growing spiritually through the whole process, and learning to find out who she is. If this is the case for you, call on the Angels to guide you and it will be the best experience of your life so far. Change is often feared, embrace it and you will receive the most benefits.

      Be certain that the Angels are with you, and wanted to let you know. And as for dirty, what is that exactly? Is the feather covered with the wonderful dirt of the earth actually the soul peeking through? Enough of the original beauty for you to see and recognize but different now, not dirty but in its next form – returning to from which it came. All feather blessings are miracles sent as a confirmation of the Universal Love.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  34. Shyam -Spiritual guide-Teacher - Reply

    Friends-I am a Life skills trainer and Spiritual guide to students. Among the most amazing experiences I have had recently is that during most of my lectures a white feather comes inside the class. I rush and catch it-whisper something and put it in my pocket. First students used to laugh but now they believe the existence of Angels. I connect to Saint Michael regularly–it has become a habit. Those who have sent mesages on this site please check out whether you have the qualities of an Earth Angel. Like me, Earth angels are pretty sensitive and they find it difficult to handle the negativity and violence of modern times. But you are here with a purpose-Go ahead and fulfill it-God bless
    Spiritual guide

  35. I do not know if i believe in angels but just this morning i found a white feather just beside my bed when i woke up. my grand father to whom i was really close had passed away 49 days back and as in my Tibetan custom we just had a grand ritual at home because we believe that after 49 days souls usually find a path….i have been going through very difficult times after his passing away…i do not see anything good in life and i had become very sad since i could not meet him during his last days . however after finding this feather and then googling it i found out these are believed to be signs from loved ones i felt better ….

  36. My grandmother passed away unexpectantly in April this year. I was very close to her and miss her terrribly. Every day while at work I walk outside during a break to the edge of the woods and stare down a path and can imagine her in my mind standing there waving. Recently I have even began to see my Grandfather there beside her. I don’t show my emotions much but still wrestle daily with the loss of her because I do feel like I could have maybe done more to prevent her death because I am a nurse and should have been more pushy in the hospital a few days prior to her death with the nurses on duty the day we really started realizing something wasnt right. I mentioned things to the nurse but she really did nothing and I didn’t push the issue. As a nurse I realize now there was nothing that could have done to prevent it and actually the lack of care on those nurses part gave us 2 more days with her one of which was a great day. Thankfully none of us nor her knew she would die the next day and she only had that last day to live through all the horrible decisions she had to make. Had we known the day I thought something was not right she would had been swept off to surgery that day and died either then or the next day. It has been difficult for me and I think about it everyday but I do realize things happen for a reason and thankful she didnt linger in misery. However, I still have the wonder and what ifs and during my peaceful stare in the woods I think about it. Well, while going back into my work building today and small greyish feather floated right in front of me. Tonight a christmas clock I had gotten from her house after she passed and couldnt get it to work all these weeks leading up to christmas played “Joy to the World” (it plays a different tune every hour)and that clock has worked the rest of this night. =) it seems peaceful to me! we both loved clocks.

  37. I have been thinking about angels recently as a friend of mine says that she feels them with her especially at times of stress or upset. I am quite a sceptical person but for the last three nights I have quietly asked that they be with me. No signs so forgot about it. I have just come out of my bedroom when something caught my eye. Next to my foot on the floor was a single white tiny feather! On my landing… where there are no windows and I know it was not there earlier as I had been cleaning. I smiled to myself and felt suddenly calm and happier.

  38. These last few weeks have been so stressful for me because I have been helping my daughter prepare for a study abroad semester in Paris. As exciting as that is for her I have been worried about the expenses (we have had significant money troubles)as well as missing her and whether she will flourish and be safe. This morning was her last with us at home for months. I was helping her rearrange some items in her suitcases and found a white feather in a tiny outer pocket of her baggage. that heartened me but I was still feeling so nervous as I drove her to the airport. We stopped right in front of her departure gate and were debating whether she wanted one of those rental carts when we found two pennies sitting atop the carts coin deposit arm. I picked them up and I said to her angel pennies, one for me and one for you. and then we kissed and hugged goodbye. What do you make of this?

    • Dear Annalisa,

      The Angels have left you signs that all is well. Take this time to focus on yourself. Increase your connection with the Angels, and focus on the wonderful things you can manifest with their assistance. What is it YOU want in life? The Angels want to know.


  39. Tragically my 8 year old daughter’s friend was killed a week ago along with her mum. It really was the worst day of my and my husband’s life the day we found out. The same day or day after I found out about her death, I found fluffy little white feathers wherever I went (in the house, car, on way to school, walking the dog). My daughter even commented one day when we were in the car that it was from her friend. After a day of seeing feathers everywhere I picked one up and put it in my bag. I haven’t really seen any since I did this. I didn’t really know either of them very well but my daughter was one of the little girls best friends. Is this a sign from one of them or could it be from someone else (one of my relatives for example)?

    • Dear Joanne,

      Feathers come from Angels. The Angels are known for assisting deceased loved ones in communicating. Since this death occurred only a week ago, Angels are reaching out with confirmation that they are there but they are also helping your daughter know there is life after death. The Angels are using this time to make their existence known. It is often in what we call our darkest hours that the Angels can reach us. They can not assist unless we ask, and often we ask without realizing when we are in distress.

      Your daughter is blessed with knowing she is receiving signs, and the Angels will be there for her. Let her know to continue to ask now that they have made the connection.

      Blessings to you and your daughter,

  40. Hi,My 21 yr old daughter and i were sitting watching the TV one day last week and she said look at that pure white feather floating past the window,i jumped up to look but nothink was there.I knew it must be from her Angel.She has just found out she is Pregnant with my 1st Granchild so thought its a message from Loved ones that has passed.Then a few days later i was upstairs in my bedroom doing my hair and a quick flash also saw a Almost glowing white feather reflecting in my window,but i was inside the room.I have Angel cards that i havn’t used for a few yrs.I’m going to get them out and use them.

    • Congratulations on the new grandchild. How wonderful the Angels have come to announce the coming of your baby! They are known to do that, you know.

      I am so glad you are being nudged to use your cards again. This is a wonderful time to connect more closely with the Angels. You will benefit greatly.


  41. My dog died last week on the path on the way to where she is buried I found lots of feathers on the floor.

  42. Just started a form of spirituality I have felt self-conscious about but know that it is my true path. So for once I really let go into it and when i opened my eyes, A tiny white feather hovered right in front of my heart and floated delicately and slowly away. Grateful for the sign.

  43. Thank you. It is a beautiful time in my life. And I am grateful to you for this site because it has helped me to see the confirmation clearly through all the wonderful stories I have found here. Thanks again to you Karen and everyone who contributed their stories too. Drew.

  44. My nan passed away 3 years ago and her wish was that the family stayed together and met up once a year on her birthday. We meet up every year and have a big family BBQ which I know is exactly what she would have wanted. The year she died we were all in the garden I was sitting at the table at the time and a white feather landed infront of me. My Aunty told me that it would be Nan looking down on us, I still have the feather in a box in my bedroom as I know it was her! Sadly my Uncle passed away last week and my Aunty has been staying with us tonight my Dad went into the garden and when he came back he walked in a white feather! I put this into a small box for my Aunty and told her to keep it forever as he was definitely looking down on her! I believe in angels and when something goes wrong I always ask my grandad for help and within 5 minutes I’m able to do what I couldn’t before! It reassures me that I know they’re there watching down on me and I’m never alone!

  45. Hi. I’ve been going through a really tough time for years. now struggling with depression. I’ve recently been introduced to angels and now see.white.feathers all the time. In one day last wk I.counted 23. What does this mean?

    • Dear Gaynor,
      You have incredible confirmation from your Angels. They are enjoying giving you what you are requesting. Try asking for something else, something that you believe is possible like a chocolate chip cookie, or $20, or a phone call from someone out of the blue. I say something that you believe is possible because part of the manifesting with the Angels process is belief. So start small, and work up to bigger things when your belief is stronger.
      ~ Karen

  46. I always have white feathers fall around me. Its usualy when I’m at home alone when my mum and dad go on holiday (I hate being home alone.) There were no windows open and I was sat in the living room and a white feather floated down and landed on the arm of the sofa next to me. Its my birthday today and again, a random white feather. My great grandma died while my mum was pregnant with me and so never got the chance to tell her she was pregnant with me. Could this be a sign?

    • Dear Hannah,

      The Angels are with you bringing you comfort when are fearful. They want you to know they are with you and want to bring you to a place of peace.

      Your Great Grandma knows all about you from the other side. She watches over you often, and comes to you whenever you think of her. The two are not connected, but you certainly can call on your Past Loved Ones to be with you when you are feeling alone. They would be very happy to keep you company.

      Have no fear Hannah, your Angels are very near.

      ~ Karen

  47. hi, my wife died on 9th december 2009 after fighting cancer for almost ten years. a few weeks ago i started doing a little bit of taxi driving in the afternoons. it really has had a profound afect on me and my two children. it has affected me so much that i’m so frightened about the future now, but never was all thru my wife’s illness. on saturday night i went to bed and asked her for help as everybody i know has told me to stop doing the driving and concentrate my efforts on getting a proper job that will benefit me and the kids. i woke at 5 in the morning and turned on the radio, and by the time i got up at nine, the three songs she chose to be played at the funeral were played on the radio. later on when i was washing up after dinner a white feather dropped from the sky right in front of me, and again this morning when i got home from droppaing my daughter at school another white feather was waiting for me at the back door. we believe in guardian angels and i know this is a message from my wife just want to know if she’s telling me to stop the driving as it’s making me so unhappy …

  48. I am going through a very stressful time due to my divorce and asked the angels to show me a sign that I was doing the right thing as children are involved : that week I saw at least 5 beautiful really white small feathers In really odd places – I took that as a sign that I am now on a path to true happiness for both myself and my children ; whenever I see feathers now I am always filled with a sense of love and calmness to know that our close ones are near by x

  49. Dear Karen,
    I posted a story recently and wanted to ask your opinion about another experience. While doing yardwork several years ago, I heard a thud behind me. I turned around a found a turkey vulture had fallen dead to the ground only feet away from me. I was honestly kinda freaked out because I had not see one of these birds up close before and they are sooo big. At the same time, there was an auspicious feeling connecting me to this beautiful bird. I gather a few feathers and buried its body. I have been drawn to them ever since. What do you think? Thanks.

  50. One late night me and a good friend was walking home wen we came across a tree in our distance this certain tree stood out so clear from all the others it was stripped completly of its bark every branch from top to bottom, we seen a black shadow leaning up againsed the tree we started to walk up 2 the tree we didn’t know what this black figure was it was the size of a human but wasn’t a form of anything u could reconize when we actually got to the tree my friend went straight up to the black figure in that second I looked up and seen feathers hanging of the tree there was so many of them I was astonished saying to my friend look look there’s feathers hanging of the branches he never took any notice and kept patting his arms around the tree to obviously seeking the black figure! After a few moments we both came away and was completly unaware to where we was we was lost and couldn’t understand where we was after we walked on we got our heads together and relized we was only round the courner from home we was both very stunned from what had just happened it was so strange we both spoke about this to house members when we arrived home but was really ignored! 3 weeks later my friend died, I was devasted but couldn’t help thinking of that night with the tree and the feathers thinking was something there waiting the feathers took me away from the black figure why did this happen its so strange and I have no answers for this strang happening please can anyone make any sence of this.

    • Dear Ju Ju,

      What an amazing story. Experiences like this happen to people with a purpose. Of course, we all have a purpose but you were destined to see what happened and that would be a catalyst for something in your life. Your friend’s final gift to you was to share this with you.

      I do not know what it all means for you, but I don’t think I am the one to make it clear for you. Spend quiet time, and look inside your heart. Your answers are waiting there. Have no fear, this is all divine guidance. Trust and believe in Angels. They will help you on your path.

      Many blessing to you,

  51. Is it just white feathers? i recently asked the angels for a feather and later i found a white and brown feather could it be from the angels? or just a bird?

  52. Hi,
    I have been seeing feathers for two days.Both of those were black on the top and white on the bottom in colour.1st day I saw it ,while I was in church.Is that angel sign?

    • Absolutely. And you know it is true, that is why you are reaching out for confirmation. Talk to your Angels, thank them for your feather. Ask them for more signs. It is lots of fun to begin to build a relationship with them. ~ Karen

  53. I was out walking with a friend, it was a glorious day. I was talking about my true love, who I recently told that I wanted more out of this relationship, as I deserve more, and that I wasn’t going to settle for less, as I have to be true to myself. I wanted confirmation that he will come back into my life and feel the same way. All through my path there were tiny white feathers, I know that the Angels are with me, guiding me, and confirming he will be back. This morning I woke up, and again I see another white feather, and again I was thinking of my true love. So thank you my Angels, I know I’m on the right path, and I have to be patient and believe he is coming back, because in my heart I know he will. I will come back on this site and confirm if he has. Love and light x

  54. Just literally had this moment…. I was out late last night… for a wonderful dinner with a good friend. We had a lot of wine.. walked home.. together. Anyway, I’ve just been catching up on messages and talking with friends online when I figured I need to go out grocery shopping.. I was about to shut down my computer when I saw a white feather on the back of my hand!.. WHY it was there I have NO idea.. sitting perfectly on the back of my hand… I DO believe in angels and their white feathers as a message …. so I took a photo of it and stood up… the feather vanishedI couldn’t see it anywhere. I was looking around for it and saw my car keys… and BAM! Immediately my message was there…..IN my head I just thought “you’re probably far too over the limit to drive.. you can go grocery shopping another day’… might seem trivial to some of you .. but this really DID impact me.. So, i’m not going anywhere today.. and i hope I find that feather!! ….. There are huge changes going on in my life right now.. so it’s comforting to know I’m being looked out for!.. thanks for letting me share.

  55. hi there i lost my mum nearly 2 years ago and miss her tremendously breaks my heart not having her to talk to ,but after nearly 2 years ago i went up stairs to my bedroom to put clothes away,and there layed a beautiful white feather on my side of the bed laying straight on my pillow,could you please tell me if my mum has sent a gift to me or what is the feather telling me i would love to hear from you many thanks x

    • Dear Lynn,

      You can talk to your Mum, and she is right there listening. When our loved ones leave their bodies their spirit still lives. She is around you all the time, and comes to you in your dreams too. As I tap into her energy, I have a huge smile come over my face. I feel you have done something recently that makes her proud. I don’t know if it is something she taught you, but it is surely something that took you courage. She is smiling with pride.

      Angels leave feathers, and your Angels would like you to begin to ask for their guidance. They are around you always, but cannot interfere with you life unless you give them permission. All you have to do is say “Angels I welcome your loving guidance into my life. Please continue to show me signs.”

      Many blessings,

  56. Hi I need your help! My mum is a medium and a reki master! She is really sick She doesnt have long! About a year ago she brought me a cat to remember her by.. My cat has now gone missing! Yesterday when i was driving to work I saw about 20 angel feathers! What does this mean?

    • Dear Jen,

      Cat’s often have a sixth sense about death, and run off. It is something I heard long ago and I do believe it is what is happening for you right now. Twenty Angel feathers is definitely a beautiful sign … and as I write this I am brought to tears. I can feel your sorrow and I pray you take time to grieve completely allowing yourself the opportunity to heal.

      Your Mum has been an incredible testament that there is life after death, and she is NOT dying … but moving on to a place of pure love and light. The Angels want you to know that you are not alone. They are with you, and you also have the gift to communicate with them (and her). Your Mum was your Mum for a reason, and you are truly blessed. Talk to her about the dying process, and ask her to bring you a sign. She will do this for you, and respect you for being able to discuss her transition from a spiritual and understanding perspective. Release your fears, it will ease her passing. Think only wonderful loving thoughts, and allow her teach you this wonderful part of life as well.

      Many blessings to you and your Mum,

  57. My name is lauren and I am from Manchester. Aged 24. My mum, aged 51 has been battling cancer for three years and we have been told she is in her last few weeks. She has started dreaming in the hospice and I ask her what about. She’ll say things and then say its weird. I’ll ask her what it looks like and she’ll say you’ll see. I am absolutely heartbroken. As I was leaving the hospital I got into my car and there was a white feather! It wasn’t there when I got out my car! I don’t know where it came from. It made me smile after my friend told me about white feathers. I am so scared but I hope something will give me strength. Xxxxx

    • Dear Lauren,

      My love goes out to you today. I want you to know that being with your Mum as she transitions to the other world is truly a blessing for both of you. She has taught you so much about living, and now she is sharing what she can about dying. We all go through this process, some sooner than we wish. We are not in charge of other people’s lives and what they choose. Know that your Mum will always be with you in spirit. I know that is not as comforting as a hug, but receiving signs is what I have come to be my “etheric” hugs.

      When your Mum passes, she will be on the earth plane for a little bit. Talk to her before she goes about coming and giving you confirmation that she is ok. I did this with my Mom, and it was great comfort to receive my message. You will be comforted by yours too.

      The Angels are with both of you right now. I ask Arch Angel Azrael to be with your Mum as she passes, and bring her everlasting peace. I ask that you be blessed with love and peace as well. As you go through your grieving, and please allow yourself the time to cry and let it out, call on the Angels. They will help you heal. Arch Angel Raphael is the Angel of Healing, he is a good one to ask to be with you.

      Many blessings to you,

  58. Ive been reading everyones beautiful stories and I have one to share. For the last year my husband and I having been having difficulties in our relationship, he had an affair and I felt as though my whole life was crashing around me. I have been suffering depression for some time, for the last couple of weeks I have been praying to God, and for God to send angels. I have also asked the angels to help us. Tonight my husband and I went for a walk with our dog Bella, beautiful, warm, still night, as we are walking we past a light post and floating there in mid air coming down from the sky was a white feather it looked like it was glowing…My husband saw it to…I can not tell you the wonderful feeling I had, I new it was heaven telling me we would be ok.

  59. It has been 5 ¾ years since my grandmother died and next week marks 5 years that my husband died (20 years married). I’ve since returned to my passion of theatre and music, raising our daughters, and making friends in my new exciting, busy, full life. Just after midnight, under the full moon last night, I was walking with an intriguing man that has entered my life this last month, for whom I talk with for hours, (just friends ?). Two white feathers floated down towards us, glistening in the moonlight. I froze, staring at those feathers. We were standing in a crosswalk of a very busy 6 lane street. Beautiful…

    • Kelly,
      Angel Feathers really do have magic to them, don’t they. Its incredible how we can see them amongst everything else going on in your life. Its like they are able to make us stand still. Many blessings to you.
      ~ Karen

  60. I lost my beloved westie dog George he was almost 13 years old. He died on 31st may 2012 with acute kidney failure. But I didn’t know this till after he died but my husband said he found two feathers in our house a week before. He said this meant the angels were near. I miss my George so so much I can’t stop crying, I can’t eat and full of if I done this may be he would of been alive. X

    • Here is an article I wrote after I lost my love. I hope you find comfort in knowing others have gone through this too. May the Angels be with you while you are grieving, and bring you peace. ~ Karen

      My Dog Died, How Do I Cope?
      By Karen Borga – March 18, 2011

      “Mom, Patriot is dead at the back door.” My son’s cries were mixed with mine as I held the phone to my ear. Both of us were sobbing in deep, heart-wrenching grief as Brian shared my loving friend’s last hours. My 9-year-old Australian Shepherd lay motionless, lyme disease took him from us way too soon. God, why did you have to take my dog?

      Have you had a dog of your own? I mean really yours, not the just the family pet, where his whole existence is for you? Then you know the love I was blessed to have. We brought this adorable puppy home for Brian, but my young teenager soon lost interest in his training. I took over and we became inseparable. Patriot came with me everywhere: ball fields, banks, stores, parks and parties. Our bond was tied with true love: hugs, slobber, Frisbees and fur.

      Every morning I was greeted with his song, “I wove you, I wove you”. My protector was always at my feet or strategically positioned to see whatever I was doing. At night, he slept at my bedside. When my work took me outside the home, he lived to see me walk through the door. Our playtime always seemed as he was doing it to please me. Every return of the Frisbee was done with pride as his special gift. The hours of grooming were yet another exchange of our genuine affection.

      One morning I woke, and he wasn’t at my side. He lay at the back door paralyzed. “Oh my God, oh my God”, unexpected despair and fear ran through me. After examining him, the doctor said he had Lyme disease and prescribed medication. We were optimistic; there has been a 95% success rate with these drugs. I spent much time praying over him. I even organized a remote Reiki healing for him with a dozen practitioners. The prayers and healing seemed to work for a bit, and then he would begin to relapse. After two weeks of nursing, Patriot became one of the unfortunate 5%.

      I sobbed inconsolably. I had guilt: why hadn’t I given him the tick vaccine? I had anger: why my dog? I had loneliness: the silence was deafening. I sobbed again. The pain was so great; there were times when I considered losing a human would’ve been easier.

      How did I begin to cope?
      I decided to just let myself go, and cry as much as I needed. I took out all his photos: as a puppy at the breeder through the days before he died. I combined them into a slide show with sentimental music. Every photo awakened old memories. I sobbed again. It felt good. I was finally feeling something other than sadness. Good was most certainly good.

      Allowing time to be, also helped. I placed no deadline on my grieving process. I allowed moments to think of Patriot. If you have never loved an animal you may not understand my sorrow, and consider it overindulgent. It was not. In my past, I would avoid thinking of what hurt. This time, I granted myself quiet contemplation, and it was a true gift. Time was a blessing.

      I also shared my story with many people and in doing so I learned I wasn’t the only heart-broken dog lover. I heard stories of the lives of their pets and the sorrow in their deaths. Their compassion gave me comfort. Finally I smiled.

      In sharing Patriot’s story, I wanted to let you know grieving for your pet is normal and necessary. Feel your emotions for as long as you need. Take the time to relive the shared special moments. Share your feelings with others so they can share theirs. In your compassion for you and from others, the love necessary to accept and go on originates. Patriot will always be in my heart. We have different life spans, this is the way life works. I am truly blessed to have shared his life and am comforted in remembering his love.

  61. Ah thank you Karen. I have over 80 photos of George I have them covering my spare bedroom floor space I did this yesterday. It’s a comfort to see them all there. We can’t have children so George was a present from my husband. He was such intelligent, sensitive little chap. Greeted me at the front door when I returned home, woke me in their mornings so I gave him space to get in bed. If I was asleep on the chair he would lick me to wake me up. If I was sad and tearful he use to lick me. When when we had to let George go, he had spent 3 days in the vets. The kindness thing was to let him go, as he was so so ill. We brought him home and buried him in the garden with his favourite pillow and some of his toys. I’m so distressed but I know it will take time and we are both grieving but Russ seems to be handling better then me.

  62. Because people are able to control their emotions more easily doesn’t mean they are not in pain as well. We are all different, and I am sure you are an empath … our spiritual gift is that we feel … our hearts are wide open and when things like this happen, it hurts real bad. Not every one lives as open as we do … as an empath you are also picking up on your husband’s feelings … he may not be showing them, but you can feel them and think they are yours too … so you are almost crying for the two of you, if this makes any sense at all.

    People who have never loved an animal with their whole heart can not understand the pain we have felt. They will never understand the love we have shared, either. We have been blessed.

    When I lost my dog, my son had a dog who lived with us too. I didn’t allow her to get too close to me, because I wanted her to be my son’s companion. After Patriot was gone, I still tried to hold my distance. A lot of time has passed, and I have healed. I work from home now, and my son partially moved out without Sedona. She is mine now … I never thought I could be as attached to her as my Patriot … maybe I never will … but there is a new part of my heart that she has opened, and I am grateful. I know she is grateful to have me love her so completely too. Patriot left both of us … and I know he knew we would find the love he shared for both of us in each other. I still miss him … I guess I always will.

    May the Angels be with you, my friend. It is because of your wonderful heart that you are feeling so deeply. That is truly what makes you so special. ~ Karen

  63. Hi Karen 5 days on still feel sad, still have a cry but I do feel like he is here. We have found another 3 feathers. One on the armchair, One in the conservatory and one in the garden. It is some comfort. I’ve went to sleep last night cuddling one of his soft toys. Still filling his water bowl with fresh water. Still have his photos of him on the floor of the spare bedroom. I’m dreading work tomorrow as since he passed away I haven’t been there. Still waking up early, I love George so much, when we went to say good bye he gave us a lick on our face like he knew it was time to go. I know it was the kindness thing to do, when a dog is in

  64. Pain, but I go out in the garden to spend time with him but I need him. I use to tell him I loved him and I knew he understood me.

  65. Our pets never leave our energies fields while we are still on the earth plane, actually never.

    I know when I went back to work I was able to stop focusing on Patriot. There were actually times when I didn’t think of him for a whole half hour. It was good for me. I know this will be good for you too.

    I will keep you in my prayers, and ask the Angels to send some extra love and comfort to you.

    ~ Karen

  66. Thank u Karen xxx your kind words are helping me. On top of georges grave we have some more of his toys and a cuddly doggy toy it has now got his legs crossed my husband said it wasn’t him so maybe it’s the angels? Xxx

  67. Hello. I’m a student Nurse just wanted to share a wonderful story of today out of something so terrible. On my break me and a few other Nurses were having a conversation about dreams coming true and findng feathers, etremely random conversation exchanging experiences. As I went back on the ward, a patient I grew very fond of and had a lot of great memories of passed away today and after I had became quite upset I found a feather near my foot. How lovely to think someone was giving me strength in their own way. I have kept the feather and put it in a little trinket box with a few other ones. My last feather was such a long time ago I feel extremely blessed. Love & blessingsxx

    • Dear Melissa,
      What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing. It truly is amazing how such a small feather can change so much.
      Love is truly the message from the Other Side.
      Many blessings to you and all you do,

  68. Hello, Early this morning I was having trouble sleeping and was thinking about my sister who died last week…and about a conversation we had last summer about her knowing for sure there is an afterlife.
    She shared with me a story about when she was a little girl and would stay overnight at our grandparents house that pap would take her out in the evening and they would catch lightening bugs in a jar. When she was tucked into bed at night pap would set the jar of lightening bugs on the corner of the nightstand and tell her that she was safe and that the bugs were her nite light. Years later when she was in her early thirties (after our pap had passed away) she said she was having a bad night crying about the loss of pap and she turned over and there was a lightening bug on the corner of her nightstand glowing….
    I was thinking about all this, as today later was my sister’s memorial service. So I got out of bed and went downstairs to get the morning paper from the box….it was raining very hard so I decided to use the front door, which I almost never use and I went down the front steps and there at the bottom of the steps laid a 12 inch white feather….I know it is a sign from my sister letting me know that she is ok…Many people probably were wondering what I was doing carrying around a big white feather at the service!

    • Dear Julie,
      What a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for sharing your story. May you be blessed with signs from Spirit for the rest of your life.
      Many Blessings ~ Karen

  69. please help me…i read on here that black feathers are about the soul and ive been praying for answers, i think my husband has been having an affair and i think i no with whom but i have no proof,, as i walked past the womens house who i think is the one a blck feather blew in on the ground right in front of me across the street from the womens house..is this a sign, does anyone else think this is a coincidence?

  70. There are NO coincidences in life. Ask the Angels to help you with this incredible change, and hold on to your hat! You are going to be like the butterfly coming out of its cocoon.
    Many blessings ~ Karen

  71. Just last week I wrote about finding a large white feather on the day of my sister’s memorial service…for a long time I have been spiritually searching for what I truly believe…..today I went to the library and was led to a book on the history, teachings and practice of buddhism. I went out and sat on my outdoor swing with my dog and was reading the book when I happened to look down and at my feet I found a single 4″ black with white spots feather(woodpecker feather)…It made me feel amazing….any ideas on what this means??

  72. today has been an awful day, my husband cheated on me and then he beat me up, he broke my nose and i have a black eye…today i kicked him out of my house…i cried and cried because ive been with him for so long im sared to be alone…god please help me to be strong…im at the bottom of the barrel, lonely and scared…he sais some really hurtful things to me, things i tdont even want to say out loud…im hurting, god help me please……….

  73. Dear Elizabeth …SWEET HEART BE STRONG! you may not know it ,but your life began the second you threw your abuser out! I have been there lived it and DIVORCED HIM!And i still cant believe that i put up with him for so long 37yrs..i KICK MYSELF SOMETIME’S FOR NOT DOING IT YEARS AGO.I found me again and with the help of god im strong again..AT PEACE AND HAPPY..believe me it can only get better..if you need to talk Ask the admin of this site to contsct me…dont want to put my email address public…be strong.D

  74. thank you dee, i feel likeg dying taking lorazapam and gg to sleep for ever…i hzve suffered enough im my life time,,i kind o feeling numb allover….i dont no what i am doing so bad that i deserve all this pain…life what life, i am a pathetic loser that god wonve mett even help me…good night everyone. so happy to have met you

  75. Elizabeth love ,you have done nothing wrong..like me you let a man make you feel worthless..your not a looser,no way..you just put your trust in a man who in order to make himself feel better he put you down…stand in front of the mirror..remember WHO YOU WHERE BEFORE YOU MARRIED YOUR ABUSER…remember your family and friends ,the fun you had ,the confidence you had. the dreams.REMEMBER THE YOU..surround yourself with the people that know you best…step away from the circle of friends you shared with your abuser..you need a fresh start. the true friend in that circle will seek you out because they care,thats when you will find HEY THEY ARE MY FRIENDS NOT HIS.you need to be you again…believe me your heading for a better life…

  76. One morning I was praying and asking my Angel for help,when a finished and opened my eyes I saw a feather next to me,it was not white,it is orange,green,black,,yellow and has several white dots .I thought Angels feathers were white,can someone tell me the meaning of a colored feather?Thank you.I hope I can get an answer soon.

  77. Hi I lost my mum last September and last week was upset as it was her birthday .anyway yesterday morning I was sat chatting with my husband and dad making plans for my brothers wedding.Two small white feathers floated down in front of us. I have picked them up and put them on her picture.i think my mum was happy that we are carrying on .

  78. I keep finding pennies around my house. It seems like someone is going through my house dropping them everywhere. Then last Tuesday I find a beautiful white feather on my car winshield.

  79. A white feather flew off the bed into the air and then
    as if making a u-turn it came right back across me to the side that it left from. Running my hands over the bed trying ot find the white feather but could not. Amazing!!

  80. I just lost my father on 16-6-12 He was deeply loved and will be missed on one evening in my bedroom feeling lost or grief stricken I Looked down after a while and their it was a white feather.I did not know the significance till a close friend told me its a guardian spitit or my father letting me know everything will be alright.

  81. I Just lost my father in june 2012 I Was feeling Lost I looked down after awhile and their was a white feather I did not understand the significance till a Friend said it was a guardian angel or my father saying dont worry.

  82. I lost my Nana was I was 7, I’m now 22 years old & I still feel the loss of her in my life today.
    When I was younger I found lost of white feathers in my bedroom, my Mother ( who has always been a strong believer in Angels ) told me that they were messages from Angels – I perceived them to be from my Nana. I hadn’t seen a white feather in quite some years as I stopped believing it…
    However, last weekend I had a tattoo of a white feather with 3 stars around it inked onto my right arm. Whilst waiting for the artist to call me over, I saw a white feather in the doorway of the studio – before I could get up & go to get it the artist called me over.
    I still regret not going to collect it, as I believe it was a sign from my Nana telling me it was the right decision to have it done.

    I realise this story isn’t as moving as the others above but I felt I need to tell someone.


  83. Angels do exist. It says so in the Bible, they are God’s agents, but we should not pray to them, but only to God who is Holy, above everything that has ever existed and worthy of our praise. This is one of the 10 commandments, not to make idols of anything else, including angels. If you are a believer in Christ who died for our sins to enable us to have a relationship with God, be forgiven and live for him for all eternity, you will have the Holy Spirit living in you. He is our guide, comforter, counsellor and help.

    • No one should worship Angels. To ask for their assistance is not making them an idol, just as asking for assistance from a family member or friend. Angels are an extension of God, doing his will. Thank you for you valuable input. ~ Karen

  84. Hey guys. To make my very long story short :-p… lately I’ve been reading lots on the Law of Attraction, Angels, how to train my brain to keep positive in order to feel more fulfilled in life and just live in joy and happiness. It’s hard to block negativity sometimes, especially when you’re surrounded by a lot of negativity in your workplace, for example, which is where most of us spend the majority of our time. Anyway, so I’ve read a lot about how we have angels with us always, and that they constantly send us signs such as feathers, numbers (for example same digits on the clock), songs, etc etc…
    I’m a strong believer in signs… nothing is a coincidence, right? But lately, I’ve been noticing more and more feathers. Like almost everywhere! Each time I see one, I now smile. And know that all will be okay. Not all are white. But I do see many white ones. Just this morning when I was stepping off the bus, I noticed one on the 2nd step of the bus! A cute little white one. I thought to myself, wow, on the step of the bus?? Now that *has* to be a sign of angels with me.
    What do you guys think? Could they be trying to tell me something now more than ever because I’ve been reading and believing so much lately in them?


    Carm 🙂

    • Carmen… you got it … that’s how it works. You will see the more positive you are, the more your environment will change… it might even become a new job. That’s what happen for me. I am now living the life of my dreams. Keep believing … miracles happen all the time. And now that you have Angels working for you, they can happen so much easier.
      Many blessings ~ Karen

  85. My son who is 13 has just spoke to me about a dream he had, he heard something downstairs and went down into the lounge and seen an angel floating through the ceiling and down to his level. The angel told him twice it was not a dream and then started showing him in detail things about what was going to happen to him in his life. The detail he gave me was so detailed that i am beginning to wonder if this was a vision. The angel also told him of the bad things he was going to do but showed him all parts of his life. When he is 18 22 26 and then when he is in his 60. Could anyone who has knowledge tell me what this was, he also found 2 white feathers when he woke up in the very place he had seen the angel.

    • This definitely sounds like a “true” Angel encounter. Just like in the movie “A Christmas Carole”, your son has a choice to stay on the same path … or make different choices completely affecting the outcome. What an incredible gift he was given. Many blessings to him (and you), Karen

  86. The only issue i had about his dream is that alot of the stories about angels, people say that they only come to tell you about God which did not happen, it did show him that he was going to do some minor bad things but nothing serious. If this is a vision Karen does he try and change the things he done bad or is this going to happen or is this just a vision of what could happen?????

  87. Angels come to us for our highest good. There is NO reason for concern, only joy. The Angels know what they are doing when they come to give these messages. Far be it from us to second guess God and the Angels. Trust that with this information, your son is going to be able to get through these situations and will understand the Angels are with him creating the best possible outcome.

    That being said … he can always prepare ahead of time. Kinda like knowing you are going to be locked in a room before it happens, so you can sneak in a key.

    ~ Karen

  88. Hi, our beloved dog Cobba passed away today aged 16. We knew it was just a matter of time as he had cancer. Still extemely difficult though. I had started to ask my Dad (in heaven) to come & take him as he was in a lot of pain. Then the day before he passed I found a white feather in his bedding. I left the feather in Cobbas bed & craddled him as he died. I so hope it was a sign that my dad had taken him up to heaven to be with him.

  89. I had a experience happen to me I’ve been going though so much in my life and felt like I wanted to give up I then prayed and asked for help I was crying when I opened my eyes I seen a white feather on my bed I then when to sleep when I woke my daughter that was laying next to me was covered in white feathers what does this mean thank you xoxox erica

    • Erica,
      Some people are given tiny messages, and they see them clearly. Others need obvious ones in order to notice. This is as obvious as it gets. You are blessed with the Angels love and also the love of your daughter. It was wonderful for her to experience this wonderful gift of feather blessings, too. Together, you can learn to trust the guidance of the Angels. It is going to lead you great places.

      Many blessings ~ Karen

  90. i had that me and spinder man were talking about how jesus is the true super hero and as we were talking a white feather fell in my eye not on it but inside it

  91. I hoovered my black carpet then next time I go to my room, I find a fluffy White feather just sitting there, no window open!! Then week later a small tiny grey and White one….then I really freaked out when a White grey and black feather was in a ZIPPED part of my handbag that I’d been in five mins beforehand, dropped my mobile in, zipped up, back in for mobile….a FEATHER there with it?? !!!!
    …..I know who is sending them, I hope he continues surprising me 😀

  92. I have been asking for an angel feather a lot these days. I even meditated told my problems and asked for an angel feather to make me feel blessed everyday. I am still waiting or my angel feather to appear. I doubt it will and I don’t know why The angels decided not to allow me to have one :/. I hear all these beautiful stories of Angel feathers appearing. But when I ask I don’t get a sign. I love angels so much, but it is hard to sometimes communicate with them.

    • The Angels may not be trying to connect with you with feathers… watch for other signs. Here’s an example … today I was working on designing a new Angel for a Christmas Ornament. I was inspired to turn on the TV, and I immediately saw a little girl looking at an Angel Christmas ornament. That was confirmation to me … it didn’t come as a feather. Sometimes the answers I need come in lyrics to songs, or a message from a stranger. All these signs are from the Angels, too.

      When I first started working with the Angels I put so much pressure on myself that it took me a while to get connected. I didn’t think I meditated right, and I had doubts in all of my messages. What I have learned is to relax and allow. Everything comes in perfect time, and if you put disappointment into it …it takes even longer.

      Your Angels are there with you … have patience, and continue to believe. ~ Karen

  93. My partners son took his own life on the 1st of july . Just lately she has found 2 feathers of which 1 she has kept, it was just lieing there on the kitchen table. is this typical ?. also about 10 years ago i found 27 5pence coins in 3 days of which 5 of them i found in the road in a circle. What does this mean ? thank you

    • Finding a feather in kitchen is very typical. They seem to appear in the most unlikely places. Angels are definitely with her now.

      And your coins, they very well be Angels too … we have a saying “pennies from heaven” … of course, pences work too.

      Many blessings ~ Karen

  94. It was my grandads 93rd bday Monday just gone and he has been gone 11years and I am 39weeks pregnant with 2nd child and currently 25, I went with my nan to visit his grave and have been talking about him a lot latley and helping my mum and nan as much as i can, and I kinda hoped my baby would be born on his bday as I’m very nervous about the labour and felt like I needed support, my first child( faith) was born 5 weeks early emergency wen I was 21 as she had no oesophagus and nearly didn’t make it, we spent 4months of faiths life in Bristol hospital as she had to be fed through her stomach then undergo a massive operation for a replacement oesophagus, she suffered 2 cardiac arrests and at 1 point nearly lost her. So I’m so nervous about my 2nd child I really hope everything will be ok for us this time, walking faith to school today she shouted ” mummy mummy a feather” and ran back towards a white feather we had crossed in our path she even picked it up, but without thinking I said “put it down u don’t no where it’s been ” now I feel bad as I hoped it may be a message from my grandad, but I’m so negative I worry its a bad message, also today 2 Taps had been left on at my mums house which was my grandads daughter and at my house which my partner informed me of, and my car windows were going up and down by themselves on mon, is this a sign and wat is it ? I’m approaching labour And very scared ! Hope it’s a positive sign from you grandad :-/

  95. Yesterday i recieved my first white feather! i was in the garden and it floated in front of me and then landed by my feet i got an overwhelming feeling that this feather was for me, i was so happy that i explained this to my dad and he couldn’t beleive it he had found a small white feather like mine around about the same time as me yesterday but he was at work we were stunned!!

  96. Saw a small white feather in the back yard while taking my dog out latr afternoon today. I thought this is interesting because the week prior I’d read about white feathers having some spiritual significance. I moved on a couple of steps thinking “hmmm, maybe just coincidence”. Then on the other side of the yard several steps away I saw another small feather with another next to it then an extra tiny one a small distance away. Four small white feathers – what might this mean?

  97. Hi Karen

    2 weeks ago I have had white feathers falling around me whether im in the house (seeing them from my window) or outside. I had one every day. At first I just thought it was a bird or something, but then when I was leaving work on the night one fell at my feet. Since then it has nto been every day just every other day. But i get a sense that the angels are warning me about something that me and my family are in danger.Is this possible to have such warnings or should i look at it in a more positive way.When u say the white feathers are angels can they also be telling me that they are going to take my nan. Its what she wants she is 90 odd and really has the lost the will to live she keeps telling us she is just waiting now (bless her). She has been on my mind lately all the time but I dont know if its guilt not going up to see her as often as i should or if someone is preparing me to be strong for my mom. Thanks for listening I really would like to hear your opinion on this 🙂 x

  98. Hi – can you tell me if you think this is a sign – my husband’s brother recently died. After two days of hearing the news that he had died, in the morning there was a very large feather (about six inches in length) directly in the centre of the roof of my husband’s car. The feather was a mixture of greys. I don’t think I have ever seen a feather on the car before, so it really did feel as if it was a ‘gift’.

  99. We lost our nephew in july..the 13th..we lost our mother in 2009..so happy they are togetyer

  100. I am letting people know who are intrested in white feathers this evening as I lay on the sofa unable to get up due to artheritis and mussle spasms in my back I asked my guardian angel to be near me to comfort me as I Looked down I Saw a White Feather
    on the floor near to me that certainly is a sign.I have seen about three since my father passed away in June of this year Karen do you believe my angel is telling me something
    God Bless and Praise The Lord.

  101. I lost my Father March 22,2011 and less than 6 months lost my Mother. My Father truly was my best friend and I was so close to my parents. I have been trying to cope and go on with my life. I talk to them all the time, hoping they would come to me in my dreams. White feathers have been showing up in my life everywhere! On my front porch, in my yard, on my back door in the garage, in my house on the floor.So today I thought I should look up what a white feather means….then I found your website. What a blessing, thank-you!

  102. I’ve been asking for a feather for months. one of my best friend gets them all the time and I love angels so I figured I would add it to my prayers. Early this morning I woke up at the exact time my grandma died a few years ago. Of course I didn’t remember it was the anniversary of her death until I woke up this morning and told my mom, who said it must of been grandma! On the way to school I was singing “you raise me up” which is the same song I was asked to sing to my grandma while she was dying. The thought of her must have made this song pop in my head. When I finished a small feather flew from the backseat onto my sleeve. I’m sure it was her but it is so small I was curious if the size matters for these feathers? walking up the stairs to my first class there was another white feather.. and then my teacher stamped my homework in and said “lucky you are the first one to get my angel stamp!” how ironic!

    • What a wonderful story … thank you so much for sharing it! Some of my favorite feathers are tiny… big ones are needed when you aren’t paying attention. You are doing things right to be able to see the little ones. Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  103. hello and thankyou so much for this post. I have for months now been finding white feathers. The last one only a few days ago when taking some wood in my care to a man with disabilities home (he called at my door we had not met before, he was in a wheelchair and had planks of wood piled on him) He said he got them from my neighbours yard and was friends with them and would I mind letting them know he had taken them. I insisted on taking them to his home which was not to far away he kindy then insisted i take the dozen eggs he had with him (bless him). On the way to his front door there was another white feather so i placed it on a little pot of dirt on his patio table for him to enjoy. I had been wondering why I have been finding so many so often and birds seem to flock to me, sing to me and even take food from my hand … we now have a `thing going those birds and i`. I feel i now have a knowing of why i have been finding these feathers. I do wear feathers alot, necklaces, earrings in my hair and on my hat. So thankyou for this informative post. Tho i am a bit scared to ask them to appear in my life more, i don’t know why this is… but i am.

    • Living your life in a positive loving way is exactly what the Angels pray you do. Their feathers are their love being placed before you. It is wonderful that you are able to see them. Some people don’t. Tell them you are a little afraid of asking them into your life. It is ok to have apprehension when encountering new things. Perhaps you can ask them to send you a sign that will help you understand their intentions more clearly, or show you something that will make you understand that with their help your life could be easier. Or… not, and continue to receive the love through feathers … which is wonderful too. Many blessings to you, Earth Angel ~ Karen


  105. A week ago i dreamt of my late brother-in-law. In the dream he was an angel,all in white with huge white wings. I cant remember what he was saying but he was crying. A few days later i was playing with my son in our livingroom when a tiny white feather landed on us. Im just wondering if the two things are connected and if so,why was he crying in my dream? Ive never believed in any of this stuff but it has really gotten to me.Your view on this would be most helpfull x

    • Isn’t amazing what a simple white feather can do to our whole perception? We see feathers our entire lives, and then bam! this little thing suddenly means something. We KNOW it. This is the time when you can begin to learn to use the guidance of the Angels. Ask for more signs, they will come … The Angels don’t mind giving confirmation of their existence.

      I am getting an “R” name … Ron, Robert … on the other side. I feel many men over there actually … like a clan. It is fun and happy. Like a reunion. It feels like your family would be known for large parties like this … and well, they are sending that energy to you. Actually they want you to feel that way … fun! It seems you don’t not much to make yourself happy and laughing these days, and your ancestors would like you too. They didn’t have it the greatest either … times were tough, and yet they found joy.

      As for you brother, be confident in knowing he is doing well. He comes around you often … and is happy you think of him when you see the feather. I am getting something about a key… Hope this helps ~ Karen

      • thanks for that.The “R” name could be my brother-in-laws sir name,he was a Robinson. As for the key-i was woken this morning by what sounded like someone trying to open my front door with a key even though there was no-one there so now im completely freaked out LOL

  106. Hey:) the other night i was in bed and feeling reali low and was missing my granda who passed away on 17th of march 2012 and i started praying to him and asking him to give me the strength to pick myself up and get on with my college stresses and day to day stresses as im one who can easily get overwhelmed with stress and i have anxiety attacks becuz of this. Anyways i was cleaning my room and literally had just hoovered thoroughly… When i was getting inti bed it was as clear as anything,a reali small white feather about an inch long… As soon as i saw it i just felt my heart warm and my first thot was granda…. Wud this have meant hes my guardian angel or him showing he heard me and is there for me??

  107. I am going through unbelievable stress because of a family member and I prayed last night for help to solve this problem. I sleep with heavy socks for warmth and a down-filled comforter(made of little white feathers). In the morning, I found my socks hidden under the covers and when I went to the kitchen to make tea, looking down at my feet was a small white feather stuck, like a needle, into my sock. I can understand it transferring from the comforter to my socks but it looked as if it was sewn in so that i would not miss it. I examined the comforter and there are no loose feathers.I tried to duplicate sticking the feather into the sock and it is impossible. Also, the comforter is double-covered so how this one feather got out makes me wonder if it has a special meaning.

  108. My little dog was put to sleep last Sunday after being ill for a year with epilepsy and a brain condition. He deteriorated over the last 3 weeks and although lots of tests were done, nothing helped and he was in pain and also could not really walk. The day after he died a friend gave me an orchid which was sealed in a plastic cover. Insid the orchid was a very small white feather I felt this was a message from my dog who I miss dearly. I am correct in thinking this?

  109. I recently had an experience. I was in my room and was about to walk out when something told me to look back… and when I did, I saw a white feather fall from the ceiling. I didn’t know what to make of it. Was hoping YOU could maybe tell me what it means…????

    • Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near.

      Your Angels are reaching out to you. This is exactly how it starts. Its real, its true. This blog is filled with people who experienced the same thing, and KNOW Angels are real. Time to learn a bit of Angel communication. Meditate… ask for more signs (for your own confirmation, they don’t mind) … use some Oracle cards to learn what they want you to know.

      Welcome to the World of Angels,
      ~ Karen Borga

  110. I recently lost my grandparents and my beloved dog. I have found numerous white feathers at my feet and in my clothing.

  111. I was sitting in my moms house having a glass of wine and chatting girlie talk . I looked down at my legs and there sat a white feather !! Mom I said there is a white feather on my leggings !! She replied it must be a angel feather. Me and my mom believe in the angels,y mom reads the angels cards . I was like wow!! I retraced my steps checking there was no feathers in my moms house for eg displays ornaments etc there was none! Not that I doubted it . So we agreed it was my guardian angel!! I don’t know if it brought me luck or not as my fiancé left me the next morning. Maybe that’s what the angel was protecting me against. Who knows!!

  112. hi my name is joan i was cleaning my house and on the floor was o snow white feather what boes mean

  113. Hi there, I found a white feather on the grave of my mother shortly after she died. A friend also said she saw a white butterfly flit between me, my sister and my dad during the funeral. Recently my father died and again I found a white feather lying on the grave the day after his funeral.
    Last week, our young cat was killed on the road. The cat was my friend as he has seen me through some difficult times. I am devastated to be honest. I sat on the sofa a few days after his death and lying there was a white feather.
    Could this be an angel sign?
    I often feel energy around me or I see shadows passing by. Sometimes even in very stressful situations, I feel an inner calm. I feel very blessed to be able to find strength from this.
    Ruth x x

    • Yes, Ruth. Your Angels have heard your prayers, and want you to know they are with you. Continue to call on them for strength and guidance. You can ask for signs for answers. Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  114. I was with my future daughter in law today whilst she was trying on her wedding dress, as we left the shop a white feather floated down, my daughter in laws mum died when she was 4, I know she was with us

  115. Hi. Just recently, my family and I went to the church. After the mass, we went out and then I saw this falling small white feather. But its not just white. From the root of it, it has gray color. And the half/body if it is white ’til the end. I want to know if its from an angel or from an ordinary bird? But when I got it I felt really happy. the feather is really small and I doubt it was from a bird but when i look at it, it makes me happy. Really happy. 😀

  116. About two years ago, I was going through a very tough time and it all started when I was 19 years old. I kept getting feathers one by one and i had thought at first to be from my clothing. I checked my jacket and there were no holes there. But the feathers kept coming and coming attaching themselves to my clothing.

    I was going through abuse and i had felt so alone and so I kept seeing feather after feather in my own home. This went on for a whole year or so or more, and then I got help for my situation and I am now in a better place.

    The angels really wanted me to know that they are there for me and that there will be a time in which things got better. Now at the age of 23 I have prayed to god and to the angels and I am at peace despite any drama that may be going on around me.

    I haven’t seen feathers at all though now but I did see birds come up to my windowsill in which they were all sitting there protectively. I felt as though those birds were looking after me in some way.

  117. Hi, I e-mailed a few months ago about finding a tiny white feather in my bathroom. I found it whilst getting ready for a college interview and at a time when i was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I then went on to say about how i continued to find feathers on my doorstep but not picking them up then eventually a big black feather standing upright in the stones made me pick it up even though i think it is bad luck. I think the angels were trying to get my attention. Anyway, i have been finding pure white feathers ever since,sometimes lots at a time sometimes few and far between, i never look for them.
    I havent seen one for a few months since my anxiety levels stabalised and panic attacks. Recently been going through a stressful time in college and had a dream two days ago about beingmsurrounded in white feathers. Then today (mothers day) found a pale purple feather standing upright in the grass in my garden. I find it weird how they literally stand on end (get my attention)? My daughter had done a feather picture in her class recently so guess it was from that just weird how it stands upright in the grass just like the black one as if i have been ignoring previus feathers. I dont no what to do next. Obviously want my attention but how can i do it. Also, are tey from agenls or my (deceased dad?) I ask this becasue the very first feather i felt like it was from my dad and could sense him in my house a lot during this time…

  118. Hi there,
    I have recently been asking Angels to heal my sister in law who has terminal cancer. I have always believed in Angels and have been asking them for signs. I know they are healing my sister in law, as already 5 weeks have passed and she is looking great, with a positive attitude and has changed her diet to organic foods, through intervention from an earth angel friend, who came into her life the day she was told of her bad news. I have been finding white feathers on the floor in my house. Today I asked for another sign that she will be alright, and I found a big white feather on the windscreen of my car just tonight. I knew this was from my angels, and I thanked them so much. My husband also witnessed this too. As we were in the car, and I was so amazed from this, the song Angels from Robbie Williams started to play and then another song “take a long ride” from the 80’s group Angels also played!!
    I have become so intuned with these signs, that each day I trust and love hearing from my angel guides and all the signs they are giving me is just so awesome.

  119. Hello Karen,
    Can I ask for angel feathers or should I wait for them?
    Please reply,

    • Ask for them … and ask for more. I ask for parking spots in the front row at Costco. Angels are awesome! You must give Angels permission to be an active part of the your life. I ask all day long. ~ Karen

  120. I’ve never in my life had a feather fall and land at my feet, today I had it happen and I knew without actually reading or knowing anything that connects angels and feathers that it was one of my angels letting me know that they were near. Nice little reminder that made me smile`

  121. my father died a few years ago now and it devasted me in a big way mental health etc etc
    i was going to take flowers every other week to my Dad but then thought no im not going anymore there is no such thing as life after deaf so i have not been for a while
    i look after my disabled sister full time which is what my Dad did all her life
    its been hard at times but woud not change it
    i use to ask my Dad am i doin the right thing just let me know some how but alas nothing
    but we have moved in the past 2 weeks and ive never felt so calm and at home here its strange and now i keep finding white feathers every where outside the door in the garden etc im hoping its my Dad lettin me know its ok u doing fine and i hope he is now ready and able to contact some how in some way
    i love and miss you Dad sos so much it hurts

  122. I have been suffering from alcoholism for 15 years. After many bouts of staying clean I would again relapse & it only got worse. I am now just over 7 months clean & sober & I feel I finally have my life back. I have become very spiritual, filling my life with gratitude & humility. Yesterday the weather finally got nice after a long winter. I walked in the forest & took beautiful photos of nature, birds, butterflies etc. When I was ready to leave with my bike I turned and out of “no where” came a beautiful white feather floating so beautifully down from the sky. I KNEW it was a gift from God, but I had no idea what it meant. Later that evening I was biking home from a support group meeting & I had to stop to take off my coat because I was too warm. I took it off & put it in my bike bag, looking down there was a white feather lying on the ground next to my bike, I just stared at it thinking, “wow, that is the second one today”. Today I went to the store to buy some things to make a chocolate tart, when I got home there was a feather stuck to the box of eggs! What does this all mean? Thanks

    • The Angels are letting you know they are there! Ask them for help, tell them what you would like to happen in your life. They are there to help you with your new life! ~ Karen

  123. My wife found a white feather sitting on top of our toilet cover. Not sure what it means. I was in there an hour before that happened and no feather.

  124. Thanks. It is amazing.

  125. Hi, since I have been pregnant (known for 12 weeks now) I have been coming across white feathers all over. I am currently sitting at my work desk at 11pm and a white feather has just drifted down from the ceiling??
    Could this be a sign that an angel is watching over my unborn child?

  126. hi. just wondering, my hubbie has a lot of birds and there is always feathers around, how will I know if they are ment for me,

  127. My mother sadly passed away two months ago and one night i prayed to the Angels to give me a sign that mum was alright,the following morning i opened the window and stuck my head out looking around,just being nosey.When their was an eery quietness ,no birds, there were no clouds.Suddenly out of the corner of my right eye what looked like a white feather was floating down,i rushed outside to pick it up and sure enough it was a small white feather,why did it appear at that exact moment when i looked out of the window! I truly believe it was a sign from mum telling me she’s ok.

  128. Today we found out that my aunt had kidney stones and she was in a lot of pain. Once she passed out on the way to the hospital and we couldnt find a pulse. I would stop praying until we finally got to the hospital. I went out to buy food and medicine for my aunt and found a white feather on the ground. When i got to the hospital, the doctor said my aunt would be ok.

  129. Hi,
    my mum passed away last saturday, 31st August from cancer. My first white feather appeared yesterday, I just know it’s my mum.

  130. Last week my daughter told me she was pregnant. She’s been really happy about it. 3days ago i was sorting washing when i noticed a white cloud like feather out of the window floating left to right to left very slowly. I stood transfixed staring til it was out of sight. I went outside to look and nothing was there. 10 minutes later my daughter emails to say she’s changed her mind and cant go through with the pregnancy but so far 3 days later hasnt left the house or called to do anything…. Are these events connected??

    • Often when we receive our feather blessing, and we want to know what it means … we should consider what we were thinking when it arrived. I could very well be connected. Either way, your Angels are sending you blessings of love. ~ Karen

  131. I recently lost my job a week or so ago and really was feeling awful about the whole situation. I have been praying here and there just so we would be ok. We have lawsuit that we have been going through and recently it settled in our favor a few days ago. I have seen feathers at my home lately, and never have seen them in the past years we’ve lived here. I went outside and the light bouncing off one of the white feathers was so bright. It just made me smile. Also, I noticed an abundance of butterflies that fly close. One even stopped and landed on the ground by me. Just very comforting. What’s even stranger, is a dream I had a few weeks back of my father in law. I was so excited to see him in the dream, and he simply said “Hold On”. I was in tears in the dream, and awoke from my sleep with uncontrollable crying. It was really overwhelming how strong I felt I had connected with him. This has never happened to me before, and it’s good to know that someone out there is looking out for us.

  132. I have been having a very difficult time of late. While I was driving to work this morning, exactly one month after a car accident I had, a beautiful small white feather danced in front of my eyes and settled on my steering wheel. I was a bit surprised given that it is very cold and my windows were closed. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it meant something.

  133. I found a white feather floating down to the ground when I was stood by my parents memorial stone. I believe it was an angel? I have found a few in different places in the last year or so.

  134. My husband died almost 5 months ago, I was visiting his grave to-day and found a blue and white feather lying in the centre of the grave, can you tell me the meaning of this as I have kept asking him to send me a sign that he is okay as he died suddenly without goodbye.

  135. Driving today a white feather stuck to my window driver side.having a bad time lately and asked god to show me sign to tell me all will be o.k. Was that his sign.

  136. Hi, my mum recently had a cancer scare, where she was told it had returned and not much could be done. I have been supporting my mum through this difficult time. Yesterday I was walking to my car and 2 white feathers floated to my feet. I also was cleaning out her bedroom and I found 1 photo of me as a toddler and her in a photobooth. I went round to my house today and as I walked to the door, there was a white feather on the ground. When I returned to my mothers house, there were about 20 white feathers on her front garden but none on the neighbours garden.

  137. I have found a total of 29 feathers today and yesterday while walking the dogs. Most of them are grey and shiny, but some are rough and missing pieces and 3 were white and 3 were blue/black/white. I am going though somewhat of a spiritual path and I did ask for a sign, but that many feathers was alarming. What do these mean?? I have also noticed an increase in butterflies around my house, like 20-30 at one time. Today would have been my mothers 70th birthday, but she passed away 11 years ago so today has been a hard day.

    • The Angels sometimes need to go to great lengths to make sure we receive their signs. I would say this was a very good day. They were able to send you a message of abundant love. ~ Karen

  138. i was waiting for my daughter Mya to get off of the bus at home at the end of our long drive way and i looked to the right and there was a sign of a cross of white feathers.. i took a picture of it. i just thought that was a very nice picture… what does that mean?
    Maria from Ohio

  139. Carmen I understand about negative people in the workplace, I experience it myself, they are selfish and dont listen to what you want. But there are people who are considerate so single these people out and focus on what you want out of life and what makes you happy, not what makes them happy.

  140. Hi, I have just spotted a white feather floating before me, then it landed in front of my feet. I was wondering what this means?

  141. I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago. Soon after taking my first pregnancy test, I found a white feather floating in the air just in front on me. My parents visited and found a feather at our house whilst they were sitting chatting to us. My boyfriend then found one whilst in our yard.
    Feels like positive signs from the angels x

  142. I recently last my job and am getting into debt , while walking my dog moments ago IA large pure white feather was directly in my path . I picked it up and said thank you as I looked up. what does this mean?

  143. Hi , I pray this morning to God about something that really boardering my heart,suddenly i see the beautiful white feather inside my room,no birds flying,I think the Angels are with me..so I picked n I was wondering.was confused lil bit

  144. I have just witnessed a clear orb with a white feather float across the room, it came from no where and then just vanished into thin air. Anyone ever seen anything like that? I see orbs with the naked eye always but never have I ever seen an object inside one before.

  145. I have found 2 white feathers today! Last night a prayed and prayed for signs to a couple of bumps in the road… One is a relationship struggle and the other was a sign we found the right house… Only now I’m confused as to which or both could be the answer to what I am looking for?! I have a strong feel for both …why I should leave my relationship and why I should buy this house?!

  146. I have been going through a difficult time financially lately. I have always known i have Angels because they make things happen for me. Recently i will have random little white feathers float down to me. More w/o in the last couple weeks. I have been looking for a new job and very stressed about it. They fall and catch my attention,people think im nuts but its calming to know my Angels are there. I also have hummingbirds stop right in front of me and just look at me. I love it. I am pleased to say I did find a wonderful job and my Angels were telling me “we are still here and all will be well”. I hope they stay because I have one hell of a team with my Angels.

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