I’ve been struggling with life in general lately. Stressed to the hilts, worried about my disabled Mam and worried about money to the point my stomach has been “twisted”. I’ve been vomiting with stress, unable to eat, and when gets down don’t stay down.

Yet last night, the first time at a friend’s house and I was relaxed. Then she said, “What’s that?” Just next to where I sat was a small White feather. She has nothing with feathers in in her home, let alone a 2″ pure White one.

What does this mean? Does it mean better times are to come from all the times I wished life was easier? Or just that I’m not alone like I sometimes think I am even when in fact I am surrounded by people who care.

Anyone who can share insight into this? I would be grateful.

~ Becky

Dear Becky,

The Angels are so happy to have been able to reach you. Often when we are so caught up in our day to day, we don’t see the signs that are presented to us regularly. You finally were in a place of relaxation, and they had the perfect opportunity!

If you could give yourself time to be with the Angels, it would be very beneficial. When I say “be” with them, I really mean be quiet … perhaps write your thoughts to clear your mind and then allow messages to flow to you. You have been asking for assistance and guidance, but you are not seeing the signs of direction from the Angels. When you quiet your mind, you can see them more clearly and then… synchronicity starts to occur. Things that you have asked for come to you. 

Blessings for more blessings to come,
~ Karen 

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Dear Karen,
    My Mum passed away July 19th. Two days before that, I was at work and two white feathers landed in front of me.

    ~ Kathy

  2. Dear Kathy,

    Angels are truly amazing. They come when we need them the most. Please call on them to bring you comfort.

    My deepest condolences to you. I am sending you blessings of love and peace.

    ~ Karen

  3. I was praying for easier times and then on the anniversay of my Dads death 20 June I found a white feather on my patio made me feel he was watching over me

  4. Yesterday on the 29th june 2012 I lost my dearest friend she was a beautiful chestnut Arabian horse named Crystal she was 25 yes old when she passed and she came into my life age 8 1/2 we had been together for sixteen years, anyway when she passed a small white feather landed on her beautiful face. It was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make but she was telling me it was time, so I listened to her, I now know the angels were waiting for her and showed me that they had her safe xx

  5. I came home today to find a white kitten mauled by my dogs, I cried so hard, a bad day at work, then this, I walked inside fell to my knees and sobbed, as I got up I noticed a white feather on the floor, for the last few days I have been in such heart ache over whether or not to melt down my grandmother wedding ring that she left me in her will, she passed 10 years ago, I picked up that feather next to my closed window dried my tears and knew that she was there, I know that it was all going to be alright, my gran was there and this was her way of letting me know it would be okay.(She was a fierce kitty lover)

  6. Aug 5,2012-Saturday My son, his girl friend and I were swimming out at a reservoir were they have large white and gray sea gulls. as we finished swimming we decided to walk back to the car.

    As I kept my head down I had seen a “white” thick sea gull feather laying in the sand laying face up. I had shown my son this feather without picking it up thinking it could have some sort of disease.. I’m not sure if I believe feathers are related to angels..

    I do believe that God is with us at all times, even in the good and even in the bad times, feathers or no feathers.
    I left the feather laying their not really sure what it means. But for about 2 weeks my husband has been out of town and this is the third week. He comes home to visit for about a day and a half and it’s off back to were he needs to live and work.

    This I do know that God does send angels in our lives for help. but in this case I’m confused as to why you say it’s angels and not some bird whose feather no longer could stay on their body

    So what could this mean if we are believers of Gods and not just in angels.

    I really don’t think this has anything to do with it..
    We both go to church, we believe in God and we do believe that God sends us angels in the time of our need.

    • Rosie,

      People who believe in Angels, absolutely believe in God. Angels are an extension of God. They are the closest to God, and do his work. I like to think of them as an umbilical cord to God. People’s journey to God is personal, and never the same. There is no textbook path that anyone can take … we are all different and have had different life experiences to get us to where we are today.

      God has given each one of us Angels to use in this lifetime. It is our choice to use them. They can not help us, unless we ask. We have free will. Have you prayed for assistance? Why would God not send his Angel to help you?

      It often starts with a feather … we were all you at one time … not aware that they were there. And then, one day a feather came and we knew it was so much more than just a feather laying on the ground. How do you know … you feel it in your heart. It is your intuition that tells you. To everyone else it looks like just a plain ole’ feather. But you received the sign from your Angel. You can ask for more just to be sure. I would definitely ask them for that, and see what happens.

      Continue to pray to God, I do everyday. I thank God for all the things in my life, including my Angels. I do not worship Angels, they are not God. They are a gift from God that we were all given. Their job is to bring us closer to God, and to help fulfill our dreams. God wants us to be happy and has given us tools for creating this happiness. It is up to us to use them.

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

      PS… thank you for reaching out. It was a great question.

      • Hi Karen,

        Thank you for your response to my question.. I have to share (true story)this happened on July 20,2012

        Do you believe in Angels?

        They are real and they do exist!!

        Yesterday I called my pharmacy and a woman answered by the
        name of Michelle. I told her that I need to get some insulin for my husband and he needed it now. but their was no way
        he could have gotten it without seeing the doctor first, which was not available to see Wednesday – Friday. and that we didn’t have insurance. So she told me to hold on for a moment and I waited,then she comes back on and then told me that I could get their card and it would give me a discount and the order would be ready within an hour..

        Within 5 minutes I called back and another person answered and I said I like to double the order of my husbands insulin.. she asked who I spoke too and said Michelle. Okay now she was shocked she told me their was no Michelle. I told her that she said I could buy their card, and how much everything was and I wanted to double the order for Lens insulin.

        Okay now at this time she took what she needed to take so I can pick up the order in a half hour..
        When showing up there I asked the woman who was helping me if
        she was a Michelle.. she told me NO!! the head Pharmacist told me that she didn’t have a Michelle working for them or any where in the store. she even asked if I called the right store I told her the number and she said it was right..

        But through all of this Gods Angel blessed me by allowing this insulin to go through without seeing the doctor when Len is going to be out of town.. their is no way he could have seen the doctor at any time. I believe God meant a need and he knew my husband was in desperate need of his insulin’s and how it was renewed without the physician being available to give prescription!

  7. I never knew angels existed…Once i googled if fairies are real as we have heard lots of fairy tales,from there i realized angels existed .i wanted to know the name of my guardian angel.i kept asking for signs..somehow i came of with the name michael..maybe from the internet,land my intuition…then i asked my angel if i was right..and to show me a sign..after few days my frn came and gave me a feather saying she found it..i got my answer…then again i got a msg in my cell phone from a wrong number..i asked if i knew that person and what’s his or her name…in the reply he told he was “michael”…i asked again “michael”?but didnt get any reply….it made me sure that michael was looking after me..also one day i realized that one of my frn had michael as his middle name which i’d never noticed before…so i believe angels are real..they always come when we ask for help,,i feel lucky that i came to know about their presence..whevever i have a hard time ,they send me feathers..and a day agao i found a white feather on the ground..and m going to start with a new year in my school..maybe my angel is cheering me up as i am having a brand new start again ….

  8. I have been ‘going thru it’as an unemployed mom, no benefits because last employer didn’t pay taxes and split the country. I had to have knee surgery (4 years late cuz I only have medical) then my father passed. My parents were married 53 years. I’ve recently moved back in with my mom, my son at my sisters, we were evicted on the day he graduated high school. Then yesterday there was this pretty and very white feather on my robe. Thismorning my Mom randomly told me she found this white feather on herjammies this morning…I was thinking angels. And now I’m glad I read all these posts. Bless you all, life is tough but God never gives up on us.

    • I am so happy you both found your feathers. This is a time for both of you to begin to see light again. It has just changed for you … and will continue to change. The Angels are going to work with you to change things to the positive if you are willing to give it a try too.

      Your thoughts are things … and yes, you have gone through a very difficult time. That time is over, and today is a new day. There are many authors who discuss changing your thoughts and changing your life. One of my favorite is Louise Hay. We carry my favorite DVD by her … but you can find her books in your local library. Here is the link: http://signsofangels.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7_8&products_id=285 (Highly recommended!)

      I am so happy for you both… and your Angels are delighted too. Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  9. hi i have just stumbled across this site whilst looking for an answer. a few days ago whilst i was in the kitchen a small white feather fell and stuck to my tummy, i’d love to know if this has any meaning or if it was wishful thinking on my part x

  10. Hi I was in the car today and when I pulled up a beautiful pure white feather lay my windscreen. I have recently gone through the worst trauma in life and i’m trying to cope the best way possible. is there any significance to the feather. When I saw it I also got a strange but calming feeling of mild pins & needles through my whole body and the hairs on my head and arms stood on end as if somebody was with me, it felt truly amazing.
    Dawn Hedley 06/08/2013

  11. Hi kborga, are they here to help me? is there anything i need to do?
    kind regards Dawn Hedley 06/08/2013

  12. Hi its Dawn again, i have just sat in the garden to ask for help of the angels as i am going through a really hard time with recent trauma and i have just found a further 3 white small feathers on my lawn. i just started crying as i truly believe they are trying to help me and be with me.
    Dawn Hedley 06/08/2013

  13. Hi
    I recently published my first ever book . And I’m a little nervous . I’m a Christian believe in God and Angels . I set my phone down for less than a minute face down . I go and pick it up and a small white feather is attached to my screen . What could this mean ? It wasn’t there when I placed the phone down . Thank you

  14. hi, can someone tell me if a white feather just comes on my shoulder and stays what does that means?

  15. Hi all, today I was out snorkelling in the sea , and I seen 1 white feather under the water, it was falling and spinning in front of my eyes , and on leaving the water I found another one.

    Recently my mums 13th anniversary has just passed and iv was really upset about it more than any other years, can any1 answer this?

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