Hi Karen, so nice to meet you.

I was coming out of my hotel room and on the hallway in between my room and the elevator was a black feather. It kinda looked synthetic, but my initial reaction was, oh it looks like a crows feather. I was wondering if you knew the meaning of this, if any? Thanks.

Many blessings,


Dear Jamie,

Feathers are usually subtle messages of Angels love. Your message does not sound too subtle. Have you been paying attention to signs or asking for one? Either way, it certainly got your attention… so it worked.

Angels use your life experiences to communicate. A black feather means different things to different people. Example: I could’ve grown up in a rural area where black feathers were found all the time. If this was the case, and I found a black feather… it would bring me into fond memories. I live at the Jersey Shore and never see black feathers … I could think it was a message of looming danger, it would be that. When you think of a black feather what is your message?

This is what the native americans say about black feathers: A glossy black feather from a raven or crow means “send a messenger to the unseen worlds for help or answers.” Which really means meditate on it to find the answers.


Blessings for a wonderful day…. and many more feathers to come!

Thanks for writing this. My initial response when I saw it was that is was good luck. A blessing.


Thanks again,

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Same thing happened to me… ! I keep seeing black feathers everywhere . My grampa died 2months ago and everywhere i go , i kept seeing black feather and white ..

  2. I just recently saw in my dream a black feather falling on my eye but as I was having this situation where I couldn`t move my body but eyes only, then I couldn`t wipe it off, so I closed my eyes one more time and started trying to move my body and it worked but when I opened my eyes again- the feather was gone. So everything`s the same but feather is gone.

    Made me think – if the whole thing before opening eyes for the second time was a dream
    – the feather disappeared because if was not from this dimension.
    And came from the dimension where my soul had been travelling at night. I felt as if when my soul went back to my body compleatly I was able to move my body and the feather dissapeared.

    • Elen,

      That sounds like a perfect explanation of your experience. Black feathers often represent a soul message. The Angels are working with you on a very deep level right now.


  3. Why would a black feather come out of my body during my menstrual period? Its happened to me twice.

    • Hi Pat,

      As always, Angels work hard to get our attention. They now have yours. Have to admit, that is truly dramatic measures, but your life must be a bit chaotic right now. Angels are known for being able to do amazing things.

      The message I received for you is this: You are not seeing what is right in front of you. It is as if you looking away not to see it… pretending it is not there. The Angels are with you. They really, really want you to know they are there. Please search through the posts to learn how to begin communication with them. They can truly help, and really want to. You must give your permission first. Just say, “Angels, you have my permission to help guide me for my highest good.”

      I also see that you are in a situation that is not the best for you. At the very least you could use a vacation… more like a retreat… to get away… by yourself… to help you get focused on you, and what would make you happy.

      Blessings to you and all you do, Pat.
      ~ Karen

  4. While out hiking up our local mountain today, I came across a black feather. I walked past it…stopped…looked back and stared at it for a while, turned to keep walking but something made me turn around and go back to pick up the feather. I put it in my pocket to come across another feather in my path but this time it was a small brown feather…I didn’t hesitate and picked it up immediately.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on what this may mean?


    • Hi Jay,

      Feathers are one of the most common signs from Angels. It is often their gentle nudging to make themselves know to us.

      It is amazing how we can walk past feathers all our life, and then suddenly we see one that we are so drawn to we must stop and pick it up. It is in that moment that we begin to open to more than what we see.

      Other people may have been on that path with you and passed the same feather. It was you who was drawn to it. It was you who wanted answers. And it is you who the Angels are trying to reach.

      Why you? Truly that is between you and your Angels. I have seen many different reasons. Some are just used as comfort, others a warning and then just direction. People may have called out for help, or it may be in their divine plan to awaken.

      Angels are divine love. Be sure what ever the Angels are trying to tell you, it is for your highest good. Give the Angels permission to become a more active part of your life, and things will change.

      Welcome to the world of Angels,

  5. I found a black feather on my desk at work this morning, the weird thing is I was the last out and locked up last night and opened up this morning, what could this mean?

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Welcome to the Angel Community! To know what a black colored feather means has more to do with what you think it means. Angels know your life experiences and will use those to send the message to you. Is your favorite bird a Raven? Is your favorite color black? How did it feel when you received the feather?

    The message is not the same for everyone. It is unique to you. I have to say, most often, a black feather has a stronger message. It can mean pay attention … alerting you of something coming. And I have experienced huge changes coming after a black feather was left.

    i really do feel this is an alert for you. Be more in the present, and less in your head. You will be able to see more around you, like the feather. Whatever is coming, the Angels are with you and will guide you through it… thus the gift of the feather blessing.

    Remember to thank your Angels when you receive your signs … it helps build a wonderful relationship. it is so nice to know the Angels have your back!

    Blessings to you and all you do,

  7. I been experiencing lots of unusal things & I really haven’t been what you call so called “normal”. I keep finding white feathers in my car or in odd places. I believe it’s from people that have passed on & that they are still here for me & care. I also find black feathers in my room & around odd places where birds don’t fly around. I’m not sure what the black feathers would represent

  8. Hi everyone! I am pleased to run into this website because i today like 5 mins ago saw a half black half white feather in my job in the conference room. We did have a meeting earlier but have no idea who would have brought a feather. lol Anyhow i kinda freaked out because i am having vaser lipo this thursday and ive been freaking out, panicking if i dont wake up from this surgery. etc.. i suffer from anxiety and i am soo scared. My blood work has come back as ok so my doctor gave me the go to do surgery. i am just really scared. Anyhow so i walk up to this feather. it looks fake though.. Can anyone tell me what it can mean>? Thanks

    • Stephanie,

      When we receive feathers from Angels for the first time, something is happening in our lives that the Angels feel it is time for us to know they are there. Know that they are going to be with you through your procedure, and all is well.

      There is no need to get yourself stressed out. Thoughts create your reality. See yourself the way you want to be after the procedure, and smile. Trust in the Universe, and it will respond according to your energy.

      Welcome to the World of Angels. They will be with you, if you choose, for now on. I will ask Arch Angel Raphael to watch over you during your healing process. You will be great!

      ~ Karen

  9. Karen,

    OMG, i feel so blessed! This has made me feel at peace within. At first i was scared when i saw the feather, BUT now that you reply i feel good about it! I believe in it. I appreciate the welcome 🙂 & yes PLEASE ask Arch Angel Raphael to watch over me during my healing process. My surgery is Oct 20th in the morning. Thank you so much. Should i keep my feather in my purse or where? Thanks in advance for your comforting words! It means soo much to me.


  10. Stephanie,

    Where you keep your feather is your personal choice. I know some people keep them home in a Feather Blessing Box, and some carry them with them in a small bag in their purse. Now that you have received your first one, you will find more will come.

    I will keep you in my prayers.

    ~ Karen

  11. Karen,

    Thanks for your reply. I will keep mine in a small bag in my purse. Have a Blessed day! I am preparing for my surgery tomorrow.

  12. Karen,

    I want to Thank You for your supporting words. Everything went well in my surgery. Thank You Arch Angel Raphael!!!

  13. I am so pleased to hear this wonderful message from you. Continue to work with your Angels. This is only the beginning of wonderful things for you.

  14. I found a Black feather on my doorstep.. I was a little worried when I was it because I initially thought it meant bad luck. I just want to know what it means. Nobody that I know of has died recently. I’m worried somebody is going to die now! What does this mean? I’m a little scared now. I don’t want anyone to die.

    • Dear Karla,

      Receiving a feather from an Angel is a blessing. Smile and know this is true. We often have people asking about black feathers, and I have written a lot of responses. Here is the most recent one, but please search through the site. I believe this message is also for you.


      Blessings to you and all you do,

  15. Hey, i keep finding black feathers every where i go. i found 3 in each days. but before then my grandmother passed on a long time ago and i was praying to her. about my mum. and
    every room after that i go in. the lights flickering on and of..

  16. Last night, 1-12-2012, I dreamt I was feeling some pain in my back and when I reached around to see why, there were feathers growing out of my back. I could actually physically feel them, the stem of the feather and the feathers. The feathers were black the stems whitish in color. I called my sister Debbie to seek counsel as to what to do and told her I’d meet her at some place that started with a C, can’t remember that part. She said no, come back to where she was, which was a restaurant/bar. I went there and went to the bathroom and was looking in the mirror and she told me to come out and show the others I think. I was a bit embarrassed about it, but I think I showed them. I woke up troubled a bit about this dream, it was very vivid, so much so that I had to feel my back upon waking.

    Allow me to elaborate more on the direction of the feathers. They were growing from the spine out to the sides all the way up my back. I could see them as they were forming wings. The feathers were very soft and almost furry to the touch, the kind you like to touch. I could see the quills, that’s the word I couldn’t remember when I called it a stem. The quills were like any other feather, whitish in colour. It was a bit painful to feel them growing.

  17. I recently found out that for the past 4 years my boyfriend cheated on me with a woman I will call Debbi. He convinced me to go to couples counseling and he pursued personal counseling to try and figure out why he did it and what he needed to do to make it right again. He says he has let her go but he still continues to contact her every couple of weeks “to keep in touch as a friend”. She continues to respond even though she is supposedly dating someone else now. His personal counselor says this is perfectly acceptable behavior in this situation but our couples counselor says this is very bad, a “slippery slope” and he needs to get rid of her permanently (no contact ever again) if he wants to try to have a successful relationship with me. So far, he has refused and says he just wants us all to be friends now. When Debbi and I initially found out, she made my life a living hell – she emailed me several times telling me he continued to contact her and told her he still loved her and wanted to be with her, not me. He denied it all. He said he contacted her for closure and to apologize for how badly it ended, but that he really wants to be with me and wouldn’t be in personal counseling or in couples counseling with me to try and be a better person and a better relationship partner if he still wanted to be with her – that he chose me. I don’t want this woman in my life in any capacity. She could never be a friend to either of us – he just doesn’t understand that. Because of our two different life philosophies (me: get rid of the detrimental people vs. him: why can’t we all just be friends), I was making plans to end counseling and permanently leave him…. and that’s when I found out in December that I was pregnant with his baby. I’ve prayed for more than 13 years for a child and truly thought I couldn’t have them, so this was not only a surprise but a sort of miracle to me. I took this as a sign from God that even with all the issues we were going thru, for some reason he wanted me permanently linked with this man.

    I know that’s a lot of background and probably WAY too much information, but I’m hoping it will help to put things in perspective a little what I’ve been going thru personally and the dream I had last night.

    Last night I dreamt he told me he was going on a business trip. I didn’t believe him and so I traveled to Debbi’s relative’s house and found her arriving there with her daughter and him. When Debbi and her daughter approached me, they each had one large, black crow/raven feather covering their face from their nose to their forehead. She said to me, “I cannot believe you showed up here, what were you thinking?” She and her daughter then turned and walked into the relative’s house. When I confronted him, he brought me inside and told everyone in the house I was pregnant and he loved me and was going to be with me and not Debbi, but then he disappeared and I found him in a bedroom telling Debbi he was going to stay with me because of the baby but that he would always have feelings for her and do whatever it took to keep her in his life too. Each time he realized I was there, he would come over, lead me around the house again and tell everyone he was in love with me and that I was going to have his baby. It went on like this two or three times before I woke up.

    I understand it was just a dream, and it was probably just stress getting the better of me, but it was still confusing and upsetting. I’m not sure what the black feathers signified. Debbi is 1/2 Native American, I don’t know what tribe… Does that factor into it?

    When I tried to research this morning what the dream meant, I came across this site, and was hoping maybe readers here would be able to help me out. Good or bad news, I would truly appreciate any response and insight received.

    Thank you for reading. Blessings to all…

    • Dear MyLoralei,

      Everything happens for a reason, and the fact that you came here is not a coincidence. There is no such thing. You were directed to the Angels, and it sounds like it is perfect timing (of course)!

      Angels are not able to interfere with our lives unless we give them permission. Often in stressful times we cry out, and that is just enough to allow them to contact us.

      Angels can come to us in our dreams, or very often through signs. They use signs to give us answers or just confirmation that they are around. Signs from Angels can be anything from feathers and coins, to lyrics in music or license plates.

      Your Angels have an important message for you. A black feather means transformation at a soul level. Your life is going to change, and you are not going to be the person you are now at the end of the transition. The fact that the Angels are giving you this message means they have your back. Know that what is going to happen is in divine purpose. Watch for more signs now that you know they are there guiding you. The signs will come.

      Along with watching signs, follow your heart. If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t. Easier said than done sometimes, but that is truly how to follow your intuition. If you are not happy, changes need to be made … inside of you. If you are surrounded with unpleasant circumstances, it is the energy you have been bringing to you … but that is all changing. The Angels are there making sure this will be as easy as possible. Remember to ask them for help, and believe.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

      • Thank you for your response, wisdom and insight. It’s comforting to know that the Angels have my back. I will do my best to look for more signs and follow my heart.

        Best wishes to you and all that you do…

  18. Hello,

    Just the other day, I went for a walk to the shop and on the path i found a black feather, I noticed it was the only one there, so i decided to pick it up and put it in my pocket, today I found another black feather in front of my house, so i did the same thing, now i have two feathers in my bedroom:) I like having them there:)

  19. Hi,

    Today i found a red feather, tucked underneath a photo, it wasnt there earlier, I would have noticed. Can you please tell me what a RED feather symbolises.

    Many Thanks


    • Dear Kylie,

      Somehow your message was missed. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but everything happens for a reason. I hope you know what it is!

      Truly the interpretation of feathers has more to do with the receiver. What does the color red mean to you? I will share my opinion.

      “Red” Feathers represent your root chakra … your foundation energy field. This chakra has much to do with what you think and how you respond because of what you were taught by your family, friends and environment. When I tap into the energy of your feather I also feel the energy of speed. This feather represented changes coming in your core belief systems and they will be fast .. but I feel like it will be fast in and out. It is not like the black feather that is dramatic.

      Whenever you receive a feather from an Angel, hold it to your heart, close your eyes and feel what message comes to you. Know that Angels ALWAYS bring messages of love. They are love, and cannot bring anything else.

      Many blessings to you,

  20. This was posted a long time ago but I had the wierdest dream. What stuck out in my thought is along with the “money” I was giving this person, I also gave a black feather. Is that just something random because all dreams have random things in them, or did it mean something?
    ~ Anon

    • Dear Anon,
      Our dreams most certainly mean things. When we have a dream that feels so real, it is a message.

      Giving this person money and black feather would mean to me the increase of abundance is going to come and change their life at a very deep level. The true question is this happening to you?

      Many blessings,

  21. Hi, yesterday i was thinking about my business and kinda daydreaming, when all of a sudden a vission came into my mind of my staircase with a black feather on it. what would you think this means considering I was thinking about my business.(By the way its a new business and going well so far)

    • Dear Sarah,
      The Angels are with you on your new venture. Black feathers, as you read, typically mean huge transformation at a soul level. Meaning, things are going to happen that will change the way you view the world in a very good way. I am not certain this change is about your business, but I do feel your business is made out of love. It has lots of positive energy for you and others. I feel your black feather may have more to do with romance.

      Sending blessings of love and prosperity to you. Remember to ask the Angels for guidance, it makes things so much easier with the help!
      ~ Karen
      ~ Karen

  22. Hi Karen,
    thanks for the reply, its funny you should say this because a couple of days after that vision I had a call to say I would need to pay alot of money for the new premises i was hopeing to lease, i was so upset by the news and thought the black feather was a warning of it…however, I asked my angels & loved ones in spirit to give me some good news for once! they then showed me another vission..this time it was numbers 882, I dont have a clue what they mean and so I asked them what do they mean and again a vission of a dimond gemstone was shown next to the numbers, I still was unclear so I asked them again “What dose all this relate to?” and this time next to the numbers and the dimond was a loveheart! so maybe romance is on the way…..about time too 🙂
    ps: your right about my business being made out of love…my aim is to bring comfort to the grieving directly from their loved ones in the spirit world. this was a nice email I got today from a customer that had placed an order for a bracelet with her husbands ashes inside:

    Hi Sarah,

    My bracelet has arrived, thank you very much. It’s so beautiful it made me cry. Today is also my wedding anniversary, so it was rather fitting that it was delayed until today.

    Thank you so much, for creating a truly lovely piece of jewellery that I will be able to treasure forever.

    Your help and assistance during the whole process was very caring and thoughtful, I’m just so glad that I found your website.

    Many thanks,


  23. Hi there my name is Jo & I have been praying to the angels for a while & askin for signs to help me . I have been in a relationship & deep down not happy I’m s ared now it’s over of had made wrong mistake he will not accept & it’s prolonging me to deny my true feelings , he wants us to try again but it feels me of sadness , I’ve had days alone & feel like I’m blossoming in my career & health , I had a phone all which made me sad , I jumped in the bath to relax & a black feather was floating on top???well I’m thinking that it’s a sign of comfort & that I need to b true to myself or is it a warning sign I’m making the worst mistake , he truly loves me & I still have feelings , but mine feel more like grief of our relationship oh I dunno Uniat know I need peace of mind & at mo am getting it wen doing stuff just for me n it feels very selfish:-/ please any advice? Many thanks Jo 🙂

    • Dear Jo,

      We have been taught to give to others first. This is not right. The Angels want you to know that wonderful things are coming to you because of putting yourself first. The airlines insist we put our air mask on first before we can help anyone else. It is time to put your air mask on.

      I spent most of my life trying to please other people. That could not happen … not really, I was guessing what they wanted from me for fear that wouldn’t like me. So, ultimately I was changing myself for their approval, and lots of that time I didn’t even like who I was being. Did they like me more? I don’t know, I was so busy acting. I acted so well, that I forgot who I was.

      The true question is … would they have liked me for who I really was? I never let them know who that was. Now I know that if they didn’t, I really didn’t need them in my life. Today, I am surrounded by people who love me for who I am. I am not perfect, and that is perfect too. They aren’t perfect either, and that is what makes us special.

      Learn to follow your heart, and live YOUR life. People will love to be around you because you will be so happy. They will want to know how you have so much happiness. You will tell them because you no longer have guilt, or remorse. You make decisions out of love for you, which ultimately benefits the entire world. The joy you send forth raises the vibration of all human consciousness.

      Call on the Angels for assistance. They can make this wonderful journey called life so much more fun!
      ~ Karen

  24. Hi!!

    I normally don’t leave comments or anything but this is truly remarkable,last week I found out I was pregnantn
    On sat I started bleeding heavily doc said its a threatened miscarriage and I should have lots of bed rest,
    I constantly prayed to archangels, michael for protection, raphael for healing,gabriel for pregnancy,this
    Morning I went to put tv on after praying I found a black&white feather!!it was such a good feeling and reassurance,that
    They’re around!!!

  25. What does a black and white feather mean??

  26. When I think of black and white, I think of opposites … up and down, boy and girl, happy and sad. I do believe this message is about blessings in disguise. When things happen for us, we already have in our minds what the best outcome would be. The Angels ALWAYS have our highest good in mind. When they reach out to you, know that whatever happens is divinely planned.

    You are blessed to have the Angels working so closely with you right now. Continue to pray and ask for signs. You will find them, and know they are there.

    I will keep you in my prayers too. Extra prayers are always a good idea!
    ~ Karen

    • Hi Karen

      Thank you so much for your reply and prayers, went to gynae yesterday unfortunately
      My hcg levels are decreasing,not looking very good.

      Still have my fingers crossed anything can happen till I see him again on Friday 🙂

  27. This morning I was at work, working a shift I wasn’t even scheduled for. One of my duties at my job is to count the tips left by customers. I came across a oddly folded dollar bill, once I unfolded it, there was a black feather sitting in it. I can’t seem to understand why a customer would take the time to fold a dollar bill and place a feather in it. I initially thought it meant bad luck, but this website eased my nerves. I feel the weirdest part of this is, I lost my aunt 3 years ago this past February. Her death continues to take a toll on myself and my family. Tomorrow, my family and I are scheduled to meet with a clairvoyant tomorrow to hopefully get in touch with my aunt.Do you think there is any connection between the two? I truly appreciate your insight. Thank you!

    • Dear Allie,

      I hope the clairvoyant was able to help you understand the Angelic connection you received. I feel the difficult time has passed with your Aunt.

      As you know, black feathers are major transformations in your life at your soul level. These are not always the easiest to get through, but are the most rewarding. Good things are worth working for! Ask the Angels to continue to be with you. I suggest building a two way communication with them. Once you receive your first feather, many more can come if you invite the Angels into your life.

      Many blessings to you,

  28. OK! I am perplexed by these answers. I am from a small indian village in Northern B.C. I have had a lot of sad things happen since we arrived here last summer. Just recently my daughters friend’s mom came over to help us celebrate her daughters birthday. When she came in she handed me a ratty little black feather and told me someone has hexed us without us even knowing it. We were to wait for the feather to dry and take it outside and burn it and bad things will stop happening. Astonished I put it up where the cat couldn’t get it.
    Later the next night we had another friend visiting and I asked if they had a lighter, because I didn’t want to take any chances. We had been having too many bad luck things happen to us. That is when my husband called an elder.
    I didn’t do it because my wise husband asked this elder if this was true and they said it was not and not to worry about it. This feather is being played with by our cat and dog now. I don’t know what to think now that I have found your site. Is there any bad things done with feathers, by bad people. If so could this be one of those times? Thanks!

    • Dear Charrine,

      Truly our thoughts create our reality. If you were to fall prey to the notion that the black feather was hexed, you would certainly see evidence of it.

      I believe you are living in fear right now. You have had fear for a long time, though. Moving to a new place has really settled it in deep. Black feathers are truly amazing gifts, and it came to in disguise. This is a message for you.

      Black feathers are Angelic messages of changes at such a deep level. You will never be the same person in the end, changing at a soul level. This is an amazing thing! Because it came to you as something you thought you should fear, that means to me that you are looking at things with a negative perspective. Remember your thoughts create your reality, and if you want to find the negative in everything … you will. If you search for the good in everything, it will come too … and while you are waiting for it to come, you will be able to live in happiness and peace.

      You have Angels with you. Everyone does. The only way your Angels could reach you was through your fear. Then they sent you here to find the answer. You don’t have to believe me. Spend quiet time, maybe under a favorite tree and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly until you relax. Then when you feel peaceful and relaxed … put your imagination into your heart. How does it feel? What is its color? Hot or cold? Then put the thought of your Angels in your heart. How does that feel? This is how you learn what your heart truly has to tell you. This is how you can learn that the world is full of new amazing things. This will help you to know you are loved and protected.

      Everything happens for a reason. When we are going through chaos, we think that it is bad for us … but truly the Angels work for our highest good. After the period of transition has passed (that’s what I prefer to call it) you will be able to see the positive. It will happen for you … I know, the Angels say so.

      Many blessings to you and your family,

  29. I have been terrified of feathers since I was 4 years old, I am now 64, even to see the word feather makes me shudder, surely angels would’nt leave me a feather knowing this, is there anything else they would leave instead?

    • Dear Lynda,
      Oh yes, the Angels would never select a sign to use that would be negative. Angels often use coins, and even repeating numbers. I see messages in the clouds and on street signs. Have no fear, your Angels will reach you in a pleasant way. Maybe butterflies. Have you asked them to leave you a sign?
      ~ Karen

  30. hi, i was just cleaning out my room as i got new furniture. i found a black feather and in the sun there were green and blue shades through it. as i saw the feather it made me feel eery and un safe. i feel that it might be realated to my father as when i was younger there was physical abuse, and then i felt that maybe the dark side was the reason i had been given this feather. it makes me scared.

    • Dear Adri,
      Angels leave feathers … have no worries. They come into our lives to bring us love and comfort. Black feathers are amazing gifts … they mean we will be coming to a time in our lives were we will be making incredible transformations for our highest good. Sometimes during this time things become chaotic, but know that your Angels are with you and are taking care of you. Believe!

      Have you ever asked the Angels to be part of your life? They cannot interfere unless you ask. It sounds like you have much to benefit from asking them right now. When they came into my life, I was very depressed. They taught me how to love myself and to be happy. I had lots of forgiving to do. I had to forgive others, but mostly forgive myself for a lifetime of things.

      I pray that the Angels shine beautiful light over you and your home. I ask ArchAngel Michael to be with you and protect so you may feel peace. Please call on him when ever you are afraid, he is there in an instant. Know he is there.

      Many blessings to you,

  31. I was cleaning out my bed and I found colorful construction paper. I was surprised because I thought I had thrown away my paper. I looked at all the colors and unfolded kne of them. Inside was a black feather. I Was so shocked. I thought it meant bad luck and I was shddenly very scared. Then I looked it up on google and I am very happy to hear ithat it is a message from an angel:) I will soon be searching for what the message could have been for!!!

  32. my dad welcomed the archangels when he passed them on he found a black feather at his door, what does this mean?

    • Dear Karen,

      All Angel Feathers are sent with love. Black feathers mean a wonderful change is coming. It will change you on a soul level. The Angels are with you, and will support you through the entire process. Be filled with peace and love … trust and know it is for your highest good.

      ~ Karen

  33. A two year old child gave me a white fether what does this mean

    • Dear Liz,

      When Angels send us feathers, they may fall directly out of the sky or someone or something may be the catalyst. That darling child was working with the Angels to bring you a message … The Angels are with you. They would like to be a bigger part of your life. They can not interfere without your permission. Just ask. Then watch for more signs.

      Blessings – Karen

  34. I was walking around with my horses today when i turned around a a large black feather sat infront of me on the ground. I have been working on a rather huge life change in the last few months. I can only hope that this is not a bad omen, it would not mean anything to me except i also found a small hawk feather today and a large hawk feather the day before yesterday (hawks are one of my spirit guides) I wonder what all of this means.

    • Have no worries, that is the message of Angels. Black feathers mean big stuff coming that will change you at a soul level. Your Angels and Guides are letting you know they have your back. So, when you in the midst of what might seem chaotic, just smile and know your Angels and Guides have taken care of this situation for you.
      ~ Karen

  35. I really like the idea of a message from an angel my life. To say the least, it is in a mess. I am praying like mad for guidance and help from God or an angel. My mum and dad who I know are in heaven. I have found three black feathers in the house lately. I am afraid I am only able to think they are signs of the bad luck that is following me at the moment and have even thought of bad spirits leaving signs that for what ever reason. My card is well and truly marked at the moment.

    • Dear Eric,
      You have been praying for a help, and received several signs that the Angels are with you. Start talking to them … sit quietly and listen for their messages … they come a quiet whispers in your mind. And well, you have already begun receiving signs. Ask for more signs for confirmation. When we begin to work with Angels, there is a bit of a faith hurtle we need to cross, and the Angels know that too. Give it a try … they are so happy you are asking for help. This is what they live for!
      ~ Karen

  36. I woke up the other morning and I found a black feather on my bed. The black feather was exactly under my body when I was sleeping. As soon and I woke up I looked towards the bed and there it was a small black feather. Can somebody tell me what does that mean? I don’t have anything with feather in my room.

  37. Thanks,so much Karen.

  38. I was driving to work this morning, and after I parked my car in my work’s parking lot, I got out of the car, and found a huge black feather sitting on the ground next to my car! I’ve never found any feathers in or near my work like that before. I’ve also been going through changes spiritually and in my life recently. Can someone please tell me what this means?

  39. The day before yesterday my husband found a black feather when he opened his bay door at work(Service Tech), with the door going up it blew it in the shop. He asked me what it meant or if it was good luck. I told him it was for good luck so he kept it. I have been reading the posts on this blog and I am getting a meaning of big change!! Im not sure if My Husband believes in Angels I suspect he does, but he is not outward about it like I am. Now Im curious if this message to him is for big change to come. I hope its good change and not bad! It’s been a rough few years financially and personally. not sure how much more I can withstand.

  40. My dog was ill yesterday. She is 15. I went out for couple hours today and when I entered house a large black feather was on the floor next to her bed
    Only way it could of got there is someone posted it through mail box and dog knocked it back?!
    Any thoughts?

  41. Partner says she picked it up and brought it in 2 days ago

  42. Really appreciate response
    Dog bring euthanised monday

  43. Hi all. I literally just got off the phone. I was fighting with my son’s mother. I have not seen him for almost 3 months. I have my reasons, or in her mind, excuses. That’s not why I am posting this. When I got off the phone with her I was distraught. I walk into my house right after I hang up and I notice a feather sitting on the living room coffee table. It baffled me and I knew it had to be some sort of sign. The feather is white in the very middle but was black on the outsides, or the ends of the little hairs or whatever they are called. What does this mean?

  44. Hi a black feather fell right in front of my face right in front of me while i was walking to my car. what does this mean? i had the feeling to pick it up and save it but i was with my sister and she told me that it was dirty and would get me sick but i wish i picked it up… does it mean anything? well a lot of things have been happening in my life

  45. Almost everyday when I go for a walk this last week I am finding black feathers.. all sizes and one on my doorstep that was half white and black with black dots on the white… today feather I wasn’t going to pick it up and something said pick it up…and the last couple of days I was told to look near the curb… and last 3 were on the street… I have been asking for a sign that the Angel are around and sometimes I can see gold sparkle … and I feel so peaceful this has happen when I lost a very special friend… I have been losing so many special people in my life and been feeling so down…I know they are happy but its so hard to let go… of all that we once had together… asking the Angels to help me to move on …I am so happy to have found you…I too believe everything happen for a reason… I know the Angels led me to you… I love reading all the posting and your answers… May all our love ones fly with the Angels… and continue to be around us..<3

  46. Twice last week while leaving work, I found 2 feathers. I usually go out the back doors, but these 2 days I went out the front and there in my path was a little black feather. The First time is was right in front of me when I opened the door, and the other day while i was walking along side our building there was another one and I almost just left it there, but I stopped and turned around and stared at it for a few seconds and I had to pick it up. It is still in my car, something told me to not ignore it. I have been finding lots of feathers lately. I asked for signs and boy I have been getting them; but the reason for asking for signs has not come true yet I dont understand. The signs are there; but the wish hasn’t been answered yet!! Patience, and hope is what I am relying on!!!! Love my Angels in all that they do!! <3

  47. Coming out of church the other day I saw a black feather on the ground. I thought to pick up but didn’t. I’m not sure why. I couldn’t get it out of my mind though so I googled it and found your site. After reading your blog I decided to go back & see if it was still there. I was feeling nervous that it might be gone but no. There it was plus a second black feather! I was so pleased. I decided to bring them both home.

    I have had other signs & guidance from angels in my life. It was an angel that called me to my spiritual path in the midst of a huge personal crisis about 18 months ago. Recently I have ‘lost’ my way a bit and have become a bit directionless. I’m wondering what these black feathers might mean in this context. Thanks for your writing, advice & taking time with people.

  48. Last week at work, I was walking from my building to the admin building across the street, and while i was walking along the sidewalk, I came across two feathers one right after another! The first one was a large black and gray feather, and the second one was a small gray feather. I found a black feather a month or two ago, and I’ve never found two feathers at the same time! Does a black and gray and gray feathers have any meaning?

  49. I was driving home from work and singing a song and out of no where a black feather flew in threw my back window and was under my foot. Idk what this mean maybe someone can help?

  50. So last night I was going through old voice mails and one was from my ex-boyfriend and I got a little depressed.So this morning I went to sit on our deck and listen to sad songs on my laptop. I was sitting in the corner of our house and this tiny black feather was floating down and it landed on my knuckle. What does this mean

  51. I dreamed that someone pulled a prefect black feather out of my left ear..what does it mean

  52. I was sitting on my back porch this morning (alone) enjoying the cool morning when a black feather with a white base came floating down and lingered in the air right in front of me for about 5-10 seconds then landed on the deck. Can you tell me what you think about this?

    • Lots of love is being sent to you by your Angels. What were you contemplating? They wanted to get your attention. White base is strong in your foundation but there will be a bit of chaos around you. Have comfort in knowing this is all divinely planned. The Angels are shielding you. ~ Karen

  53. I came into work on Monday and there was a small black feather stuck under sticker (that was always there) on my computer screen. I then later noticed another one under a similar sticker on a folder we have at work. One of the stickers said my works bank account number but the other sticker was just the lable we made for the folder. What could this mean?

  54. I noticed a black feather in my yard and that’s the 1st thing I thought about was an angel came to visit me….

  55. I dreamt of finding two black feathers one was very large and glossy and the other was normal sized. I felt delight in finding them calm and safe so much so in the dream I showed them to my youngest Daughter and said wow look at these feathers this large one is a crows feather and was so pleased with my find. But reading about black feathers seem a bad omen I hope not trying so hard to be positive I have lost alot of Family in the past 6 years as well as my business. I am want to be more spiritual and in tune with my attraction to good and positive energies…

    • Black just means lots of changes… and endless possibilities… being spiritual, you know that anything is possible … all situations are opportunities. The Angels have your back … so go have fun, and know good things are ahead. The Angels wanted you to know!
      ~ Karen

  56. Thank you Karen I really needed to hear that.I don’t want anymore bumps in the roadof my life,moving forward was the hardest step but also the greatest. Much respect and deep care slainte Kat from Ireland….

  57. HI KAREN,I seen a black feather in my yard2 days ago yesterday or day before i went out back it was still there, so i picked it up i was going to throw it away but something told me to keep it so i put it on this metal stand and for got about it , so today i was reading up on crows came a cross a message reguarding finding a black crow feather and that it was a positive thing so i looked to see if it was still there and it was so i brought it in the house trying to figure out if it was for me or my mom i decided it was for me i kept reading about crows , later went to my room and i taped it to my window where i have a butterfly and and eagle made of solid metal and figured it was good luck spiritual and blessing , I am going through some spiritual changes and life going thoughts i want to be free of my dutieS as my moms care taking it has been 5 yrs plus now i dont get much help , but I have a opertunity to be with a very highly spiritual being and confussed shoUld i take this trip to Denmark and start a new spiritual bliss with him?

    • Dear Butterfly,
      You have clearly been receiving messages of change and transformation. That is very clear. When I have concerns of this magnitude, I ask Frank and his “Peeps” for guidance. It helps me see things more clearly, and understand the inner blocks that are holding me back. Ultimately, any decision you make should come from inside of you. That is what this spiritual journey is all about. Learning to trust the knowledge found inside of you.
      Many blessings to you, you have an amazing journey ahead. ~ Karen

  58. I found a black feather this morning and I thought of something bad was going to happen. I lost my husband 16 months ago, But I have had heart signs all day. What is the meaning of this please.

  59. Just allow the changes to happen without getting upset and fighting them. Often we like to be in control and make sure it is all done our way. Sometimes it is good to just let things unfold and allow what is to be. Be happy … and don’t worry, is really the message.
    ~ Karen

  60. dear karen

    pleas eplease help me. this is a very messed up situation and long winded but i will try and keep it short. For a year now i have been dating someone who i dated nine years ago, we split back then because he worked away a lot and we didnt see eachother much. I went on to have two kids with my previous partner but things went wrong about 3 yrs ago and we parted. in november last year i had a serious op after having been rushed into hospital and was lucky to survive, the only person i wanted was the guy who ive been with for the last year nearly. As soon as he knew i was not with the childrens father anymore he came back to me. We have spoken about relationships while we were apart and all he said about his was that there was someone but it didnt work out. I found out two weeks ago that not only was there someone but he married her and is still married to her but says they have been separated for a year and a half. I am a great believer in Angels and spirit and follow the native american path so always pick feathers up. There is not a huge crow population around here and i usually find white feathers which i pick up and keep. For the last two nights i have been having nightmares about us rowing and about the abuse i received as a child, i wasn’t a child in this dream though. I was collecting my children from school and on the way i spotted a black crow feather but walked by it, on the way back i decided i had to pick it up. I believe him when he says that hes separated from her and my angel cards have indicated that my feeling are correct im just so confused and wondered if this feather bares any significance to whats going on between us and what the message is behind it having had the overwhelming urge to pick it up. xx

    • Black feathers mean big changes coming. The Angels want you to be confident that they are there with you. Release your fear and your control. Understand everything happens for a reason, and do things that make you happy during this time. You will look at the world with new vision once you have gone through this process.

      Life should be easy. When it is not, we are trying to control an outcome. It is like paddling up stream… we keep fighting the current. Give the oars to the Angels and God, relax trusting that the outcome will be for your highest good. Meditate, and release some of your stress. Focus on yourself, eating right is very important to you right now. Get plenty of water.

      The Angels gave you a feather to ease your mind … allow that to happen.

      ~ Karen Borga

  61. I have been feeling depressed for the past few months.Since Oct my granddaughter (7 yrs) has been having health issues and most recently was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that is a “watch and see” progressive liver disease. Then my dog who was my buddy of 14 years had to be euthanized. I miss him terribly. Today I left work and before I stepped in my car, I found a feather on the driver’s side floor, black center with medium brown edges and a plume of off-white fluffy feathersat the top near the quill (end). The colors are very similar to the color of my dog who I just lost.It is the 1st feather I’ve found.I’m curious what this may mean. Thank you

    • Feathers mean the Angels are with you. You can ask them for guidance, assistance and more. Angels can not interfere in your life without permission. Give them permission … it seems like this would be a wonderful time for divine guidance and love. ~ Karen

  62. I just recently saw on my door step a ” Entire Wing” of a bird with black feathers ..
    So like any one with logic sense my first instinct was to clean it up & throw it away, Well when i picked it up i notice there was a birds foot under the wing. JUST THE FOOT, no flesh on it no feathers, nothing just the foot. I looked around and tried to find the source of where could this dismembered bird could have possibly came from and I found no traces.
    No, I do not own a cat. There are cats around my house but they never once been on my door step.
    So what doesn this mean ??

  63. My mother and i went to Cuba last week, and during our trip she began having trouble to breath. I was so scared she would have died in her sleep. We went for 7 days, the last 4 days she had trouble breathing. I kept asking the angels to help keep her safe till we got home. Finally on the morning of the day we were leaving, her breathing was by far the worst it had been all week. It sounded like she was breathing through a straw. As we walked downstairs to get some breakfast, i saw this black feather all by itself on the ground where we walked. I looked back at it, and felt like someone was trying to tell me everything would be ok. By the time we got home, i called an ambulance, and turned out she was lucky she made it home, because the doctor said she could have died in Cuba. She made it home just in time. I truly believe the angels kept her safe just like i asked. Now she is recovering and will be fine. I’m still thanking the angels..can’t thank them enough 🙂

  64. Hai mi friend walked into a party today and I saw what I thought was a leave on top of her head sitting on her hair it was a baby black feather with a little white strip on the side so I pulled it of emediantlly cause I no they mean something … I’m wondering if it means something to me or her and what does it mean …

  65. Hai mi friend walked into a party today and I saw what I thought was a leave on top of her head sitting on her hair it was a baby black feather with a little white strip on the side so I pulled it of emediantlly cause I no they mean something … I’m wondering if it means something to me or her and what does it mean …

  66. I was walking with my family yesterday and my 5yr son found a beautiful white feather. 2 seconds later this little boy passed us called Thomas (parents called out to him) now before I had my son I had another child whom was stillborn at full term and i called him Thomas, was it my child finding this white feather a message from his deceased brother? Especially when a little boy passed us with the same name…are Angels this obvious when sending messages?

    • You know the answer to this question already. You asking for confirmation, and I will certainly give you a big “Yes”! It is important when we work with Angels that we trust what we feel in our heart. Thank you for sharing your feather blessing story. Blessings to you and your family ~ Karen

  67. I found a 3/4 black and 1/4 white with the bottom being the white part ,just after a man asked me and my boyfriend are we a happy couple is this a good or bad sign ????

    Thank you

    • Feathers are a gift from Angels. They are always a good sign. The question would be … are you a happy couple? Black is transformation. Have you both gone through or are you going through transformations together? ~ Karen

  68. I was washing my hands in the bathroom and from no were a small black feather fell onto my arm what does this mean please? X

  69. My husband passed about a year ago.it was sudden and do unexpected. I miss him so much anf I wonder why he hasnt came to me in a dream or with a slap in the forehead. .. I really wabt that so bad. Over these last couple months ny depression seams to be getting worse. I have prayed and begged for him but nothing. I find feathers sometimes I found. Purple one once and lots of white or grey or mixed and now a few black ones but I don’t understand what he is telling me. I want it clearly. … is that yoo much to ask

    • There are many possibilities … One, you are trying too hard. Communication with spirit is not hard, you must relax and allow. Do you meditate? That would be my first suggestion. I have a video on how to start with the music. You can do this, and it will make communication easier.

      Here’s the link for meditation:

      It is also possible that his transition may not have been easy since it was so sudden. That does happen, and can explain the length of time it is taking. This doesn’t mean he isn’t doing well, it is just longer for him to be able to directly contact you. Patience.

      Try writing a letter … and asking your Angels to help. They are great on being a facilitator for deceased loved ones.

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  70. Thank you gor your responce I have a book full of letters and thoughts I belive im going insane trying and wanting yo hear from him I do pray and ask for help with this. I do thank and appreciate the feathers I know I may be bring impatient. I can’t help it a few months after he died his dad died and a few months later his grandmother. I ferl like he is slipping away . I am stuck and have to continue here. I feel completely lost and more and more in despair.

  71. He will never really be gone … and although I have only lost my parents, not a spouse or child … I have grieved too. It hurts.

    What are you doing for you?

    Well, if you are writing, then the message was they hear your letters… dance … did you dance? It is time for you to feel good, and that does not mean leave him behind … it means do something that makes you feel incredibly good … it is that place you will be able to connect to spirit … try the meditation, and go into with no expectations except a little peace … and see what happens. I can work miracles if you believe.

    ~ Karen

  72. I have recently started medatating…. I find it very hard for me to do.I get so anxious I am misserable by the end. I watched your video earlier all of them actually. I just thought I would ask you know I am only 33 and he was 33 when he passe. He went to sleep and never woke he went peaceful. But tge greedyness of his family and thr hole I find my self slipping in is just making things worse I think…. oh hell I really honestly don’t have a clue.

  73. I had a black feather grow from my back once… it creeped me out
    Anyone know exactly what that means?

  74. My girlfriend has been in a dark place mentally for some time. I found a fancy earring by my mailbox this morning…three black feathes attached to tiny chains. I need to know the signifigance

  75. Today,I was in my room drawing, when a few little black feathers fell in front of me. I was just wondering what it might mean. Thanks

  76. hi Karen
    Many thanks for your wonderful work on this site. it helps keep me inspired and positive.
    the last few months i have been finding black and white feathers and i always take it to be a positive sign from my angels especially since Ive been going through a topsy turvy period in my personal relationship. its ironic that when i first started finding these feathers – i started seeing positive signs in my relationship .. slowly but surely.
    i have this habit now – whenever i walk anywhere i always keep a look out for feathers. ive found a few little black ones and grey ones in the last week or so but today i found a huge black one in a part of the garden at my work place that generally doesnt see big birds coming through there. it seems like a stray feather from a Ha-Dee-Dah perhaps. Im not too sure. The size looks big ennough for it to be used as a quill for writing . And it was so ironic that i found it on the footpath i dont use, as the only reason i walked down that way,is to absorb some sunshine while going back to the office.
    i always link all the feathers i have found to good news from my angels with regards to this relationship that im in.But i have no clue as to how do i read this message from my angels in connection with this huge feather.

    ive been praying and meditating intensely to get proposed and married and i wonder if this is a sign that my dream is going to come true soon?

    I’d appreciate your input here.

    many thanks.. Be blessed always

    Love and light



  78. I just wanted to know what does it mean to find black feathers in your front door, because just now I opened my door to leave and there is about 30 small feathers everywhere?? what can it mean I haven’t had anyone close pass but could it mean someone will soon?? Or could it be because ive been struggling to find a job and this is a way of saying things are changing soon?? would like to now what it means thank you.


    • Black Feathers mean changes are coming. Know these changes are for your highest good. It may feel a bit bumpy, so the Angels want you to know they have your back. ~ Karen

  79. Thank you for the information video you sent out on July 26th…I just saw it today…thank you for making me aware of being more in the present and when I need to know or need something to just ask my angels…thanks so much again…God bless:)

  80. Hi Karen
    I found a tiny black feather in my lounge two days ago and now i think i found another one (not sure if its the same one i saw earlier) this morning really dont understand,but i want to be positive about it because things have been very slow and hard for my hubby and myself lately, i am looking for a job and my hubby has being the one shouldering everything. I really hope everything turns out good.


  81. Hello , I had a baby boy 11 weeks ago , I have being finding it hard and his colic as well , I came down to the kitchen and found a black feather under my table and on the same day I got into my car and there was a white feather on the drivers side , I felt so calm when I saw them because I would really believe in the angels , I hope these feathers mean that my son is turning a corner .

  82. Hi, just lately iv been finding small soft black feathers in my room and theres nothing they can come from … is there a meaning behind this??

  83. I’ve read several posts about what a black feather means and it is comforting. But does it matter it the feather is synthetic? Or if the feather is very long, flimsy and swirly like it from a feathered boa? I’ve been stressed over my financial situation and I’m hoping this “feather” was a good omen for me.

    • It makes no difference. I have received Feather Blessings as photos on the back of trucks and images in magazines. You know when it is for you. You know now too. ~ Karen

  84. My husband and I will be moving our family to a new state for a job transfer at the end of the month. This past weekend we went to look at houses to purchase and the one we fell the most in love with had 8 or more black feathers placed all around the outside of the house. I am super nervous about leaving friends and family behind and starting a new life in a new state. We are now under contract for this house and do you think it was a sign that we are on the right path and everything is going to be ok?

  85. I feel like we are going to be ok. I’m just super nervous to start a new chapter in my life even though I feel in my heart it is going to be one of the best chapters yet. Just hate to move away from loved ones and my comfortable safety net.

  86. And it was so strange to not see just one black feather but 8 or more literally placed all around the perimeter of the outside of the house. I was kind of spooked at first by it but I’m hoping it was a good sign

  87. What does it mean when a Raven himself gives you feathers? The 1st time, he gave a tattered feather, 2nd time was a perfect feather…

  88. Hi, six weeks ago my long term partner whom I loved more than anything in earth walked out on me upon finding out I was pregnant. I already have a child and begged him to try but ended up having a termination when I knew he wouldn’t be there for us. I’ve been seeing a counsellor every week and have been half hoping my partner would beg for forgiveness. Now I’m starting to feel angry with him. I’ve been having very vivid dreams. Last night I was standing in front of a mirror and thought my back may be hairy (my ex had a hairy back.) upon closer inspection however, I noticed they were long black feathers sprouting from my back and neck. I pulled them out in handfuls – it didn’t really hurt but there was a lot of pressure. What could the dream mean?

  89. Hi, I have been having very vivid dreams for the past 6 weeks since my long term partner whom I loved more than anything in earth walked out on me upon finding out I was in the early stages of pregnancy. I wanted the baby so badly and begged him to try but he shut me off. I hadn’t noticed any problems in out relationship to that point. I already have a child and ended up having a termination which I see a counsellor for every week. I have been hoping my partner would beg fr forgiveness but this hasn’t happened and now I am beginning to feel anger. Last night I had a dream he was there and I said goodbye. I was naked and outside in plain view. I went inside and was standing in front of a mirror and thought my back was grotesquely hairy (my ex had a hairy back). Upon closer inspection, my shoulders and back were full of long black feathers. I pulled them out in handfuls – it didn’t hurt badly, but there was a lot of pressure. What could this mean?

    • Black feathers are transformation. You are experiencing lots of it. Understand this is good for you, and you will be happy again. Allow the Angels to be your guiding force. They know what they are doing. ~ Karen

      Learn more about Angels and Self-Healing with Karen Borga – click here => http://www.KarenBorga.com

  90. Hi Karen,

    I have found 3 black feathers now, large, medium and tiny within 3 days. What does that mean?



  91. Hi Karen,

    Thankyou so much!!

    Angela x


    • It is time for you to do what you love. Being so close to the college seems like a wonderful opportunity to meet people and experience new things. Being creative is the best way for us to open to the possibilities the Universe has to offer. Being in nature also gives a wonderful connection. Your mountains are doing that for you. Get out … see what free events interest you at the college, and ask the Angels to help guide you to a more fulfilling life. You have helped other for a long time now, time to take care of you. ~ Karen

      Learn more about Angels and Self-Healing with Karen Borga – click here => http://www.KarenBorga.com

  93. I dreamt last night my recently deceased brother gave me black feathers ?! What does this mean ?! Also I tried to waken and I couldn’t but tried my hardest but couldn’t move or open eyes ?!

    Thanks Marriann

    • When we sleep, we leave our bodies. When you experience being trapped in your dream, you just didn’t come back fully before try to wake. I do believe this was done on purpose so you remember the dream. Black feathers are transformation, change in your life at a very deep level. They used your brother to bring it to you with love. Know you are being cared for and this change is going to be very healing … and very good for you. ~ Karen

      Learn more about Angels and Self-Healing with Karen Borga – click here => http://www.KarenBorga.com

  94. After a 15 hour day at work I got home last night and watched a candle as a way to relax and turn my mind off. When I closed my eyes I could still see the flame vividly burning. The flame was constantly changing colours in my mind from orange to pink to green. I found it a very surreal, moving and unique experience, but I am not sure why. When I walked into work this morning I found a small shiny black feather on my desk. I left very late, well after the cleaners left, and opened up the office in the morning. The building is completely closed and has no windows open. I have no idea how it got in. I am up for a big promotion and I am working really hard to impress my bosses (and to be honest it is also a way to avoid my home life). Is this feather an omen of me not getting the promotion, or that my home life will get worse than it already is? Or is it related to the surreal flame experience from last night?
    Thank you

    • The Black Feather represents change at a soul level. It will change you forever. I can mean you are getting the job just as much as not. Scrying into the candle allowed you to be in a receptive place to receive messages, and for the Angels and the Universe to speak to you. It is an excellent practice. I would suggest you continue this as you process through your transition. It is a wonderful tool to bring peace into your life. ~ Karen

      PS… big questions about your future can be asked to our Intuitive Readers. Here is a link to their page http://bit.ly/13QptOf

      Learn more about Angels and Self-Healing with Karen Borga – click here => http://www.KarenBorga.com

  95. I found a long black feather in my dining room today where an hour earlier was not there. I have 3 cairn terriers but they are only interested in squirrels and had been inside most of today due to chill and rain. I love birds and have no idea what it could mean. Appears to be maybe magpie as has an iridescence to it. Frightened me though as was in the middle of my Aubusson rug.

  96. I am going through a hard time at work just now and have been looking for guidance. I came home this morning to find a crow feather on my door step and then found another 2 while out walking my dogs tonight I get the feeling that spirit are trying to tell me that I am being looked after and my troubles are coming to an end what do you think

    • Hi, I first want to say that signs are based off our life experiences. You will know the meaning by feeling it in your heart. Here is an excerpt about crows.

      The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic. The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is provide insight and means of supporting intentions. Sign of luck, it is also associated with the archetype of the trickster; be aware of deceiving appearances. If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic. Read the rest here

      I also made a video about black feathers. You can find it here. http://karenborga.com/receiving-black-feathers-angels-karen-borga/ ~ Karen

  97. Hi Karen,
    I recently noticed a few crows hanging around on the side of my house in a tall tree. Didn’t think anything of them. Today I found a feather on the side on my porch. I was going to leave it, and something told me to pick it up. I texted a friend whom I’ve known for 25 years, she said it’s warning me to move out. That sounds freaky. Now that I think about the crows, I just moved here in May, but at the old house I seen crows everyday hanging out on the telephone lines. What do you think this means?

  98. I found 2 black feathers today and picked both up. One large one this morning and later this afternoon a small one in a different location. I have one here in the house and one is in the car. I feel good about them so I am hoping they signify positive things! I’d like to add that I have recently had a very significant spiritual experience. Is love to hear what you think. Thank you!

  99. I found a little red feather in bed with me this morning when I work up the wired thing is that I don’t have anything with feather in my house that I know of

  100. I had a dream last night there was a brownish black feather on the floor and I kept thinking I gotta get it before my pup chews it up!!! I lucid dream ALOT Gandhi astral travel a lot also. I’m in tune with my abilities usually I’m very clairvoyant, clairsentent, and an empath but lately I’ve been blocking myself

  101. I was so totally surprised today when I discovered a large black feather in my lawn chair just outside my back door. Birds seldom come near my deck or back door. There were no birds or other feathers around. My mother said it may be a sign of good luck. I immediately began reading about “what it means to find black feathers” and am so interested in the stories other people have offered. I do believe I have angels around me; and recently have had to make some major decisions requiring much thought and stress. I want to believe that my angels are here to help me and feel that it is time for me to “let go and let God.” I felt relieved almost instantly and am prepared for changes that may be coming. Thanks to all of you for helping me understand the significance of the black feather.

  102. I was driving home from work when a black feather came floating down in front of my car circling down to the ground what does this mean please??

  103. I h have come across 3 black feathers with in says apart. My mother and father and my dog passed away with in 19 days apart a couple years ago. I don’t feel that the feathers are a bad sign. I kept two of them. The very first feather I didn’t bother to pick it up. i Feed Crows All The Time And Squirrels, I Do Feel Sad Of Late Because I Will Be Losing My Job IN 2 Months Due To I Work Security And My Building Is Closing.

    • Hi Joseph, You are a perfect example of how signs mean things to different people. Since you have a love for crows, a black feather is a wonderful sign. Some people may associate it with a fairy tale, and it will feel like it is a negative sign. That being said, any sign from the Angels is positive … a sign of hope, protection and guidance. God bless you, and may your new career come quickly. ~ Karen Borga

  104. I have been witnessing paranormal activities in my bedroom and at my job location. I have knocking on my ceiling.
    My surround sound volume goes up by itself. I bought a ghost meter for fun and that will light up at the same time.
    Now at my job I recorded breathing at the front entrance.
    I have heard whistles, and kids laughing upstairs when the building is empty. Dark shadow following me down the hall and the same day that was happening. The front doors were shaking violently, . Lately only the breathing. Explain to me what you think please

  105. Hi I am currently 4months pregnant and have found a black feather with bits of grey in it out my front this morning. . Does this mean something

    • Black Feathers mean big changes (usually). I would say, having a baby is a big change. Black Feather changes are generally with a few bumps. The Angels want you to know everything is going to work out fine. Trust, and let go. They will take the wheel from here. Congratulations on the addition to your family.

  106. Today I found two black crow feathers, and I was wondering if coming across two feathers has a certain significace?
    Thank You.

    • It means they really wanted to receive this message. Sometimes just receiving the message once, we will put it out of our minds. A second time, shows the significance.

  107. Something is going on I keep finding gray feathers in my backyard one feather I found 1,5 wek ago and the next one right now.. Almost at the same place.. And the feathers are big like 5-10cm

  108. As usual, I clean out my tub before running a bath. It’s a jacuzzi tub and Im a surrogate mother that is abt 6mths pregnant so def had the jets going for the whole spa treatment like bath. However, when I got out of the tub I had seen what looked like a giant spider and that freaked me out for a sec lol, ‘ cause I was in there for an hour! As the bubbles resided, as the water drained away, I then seen it was no spider but a small misshaped black feather. I love black but was always told it was a bad omen color. Most of all I wonder how the heck did it just appear like that, I wondered. No traces of any types of birds, esp since I just cleaned it out.

    • That is how Angel Feather Blessings appear … just out of nowhere. I have them floating from the kitchen ceiling.

      Let go of fear! When you get a message, it is a message of love not fear. Angels do not bring fear only love. This is a message of protection. Changes are coming … which can be alarming if you choose to take it that way … but the Angels have your back. That’s why they gave you the message in the first place, not to scare you. Be comforted by your feather … it is protection. Ask your Angels to be with you and thank them for helping you get through this easily.

      Better yet … you love black! Love your sign. ~ Karen

  109. My son saw a reddish brown feather fall from my hair and then it disappeared does this mean somthing

  110. Hi,

    I woke this morning with a feeling of joy and lost.
    During the night, I received a bouquet of shining black feathers. In my dream, I was ultra-happy of this particular gift and I found the feathers absolutely pretty and perfect… I am 24 ans when I was 18, I dreamt that I was receiving black shining Hyacinth (flowers).

    That is good to know that I am surrounded with angels.
    I really love their gift… And I did not really want to wake up this morning…

  111. My friends & I were on a Pagan retreat a few months ago, when one of their mother’s pointed out a black feather. I scooped it up & it’s currently on my altar. I have not meditated with it yet but I wonder what kind of message it holds. I don’t normally see feathers, much less black ones. I dreamed of finding a black feather on the ground last nite. I woke up when I went to pick it up. I’m uncertain of what I need to do.

  112. Hello, Karen! First, thank you so much for your work with Angels and spreading your light! I have been receiving messages in the form of feathers for over 3 months now. Colors ranging from browns, greys, black and white, to orange and blue and any combination of these. Sometimes it feels as though I cannot get away from them (not that I want to) and the Angels have also gotten others involved in giving me feathers through human interaction. I have collected so many in the past three months that I have started to give them away as gifts. Any insight to this? Should I expect some changes?

  113. When I was putting away my laundry today. Have been cleaning out my room. I emptied out my underwear drawer to organise it and found a black feather . don’t know what type it is . but it’s odd.. I don’t ever collect feathers.. Any thoughts

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