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It is time for you to be more positive about yourself and release the creative power within you . You have the power to transform your life. A great artist, you are able to create through your thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Start to hold only positive thoughts about yourself and be excited about life. You have the power to create happiness, abundance and joy. Positive thoughts and positive affirmations create positive outcomes. Make your intentions clear, for the Universe is always listening and responds to all your words and thoughts. Use positive affirmations as colours to paint on the canvas of your life. Allow light and colour into each stroke, into each wold and thought. Believe in the awesome power of creation as you affirm all you wish to be and create. Give some thought to all you want for your life; include all your desired qualities. Write these down as affirmations. Affirm to yourself and to the Universe that you have and are all these things right now.

Affirm out loud at least once each day with all your heart and soul. This process has tremendous power that stems from the creative power that you hold. You can create the life of your dreams.


I am an artist.
I have infinite power to create,
I feel big.
I am worthy of happiness.
I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of abundance.
I am happy… I am love.
I am abundant on all levels.
I create love in my life.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Thank you for this card. This is the second time I’ve received this same kind of message but a different card. I know Angels. The new me of enlightenment is strong & ready to come to full bloom. Time to let go of the old me & other things in my life that has no further use for my soul’s journey of the new me. Thank you Angels. Love you & blessings with loving light to back to you & our world. Cate

  2. Quite a wonderful message! It begins within

  3. I really need that in my life!!! Thank you Jesus and my Angels!!!

  4. Thank you my Angels.

  5. Thank you for this message sometimes I forget this about myself

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