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You may be feeling confused at the moment; perhaps something in your life is beyond your comprehension. Do not waste valuable energy trying to work it all out. Remember that everything in life is constantly changing. Your confusion is simply a result of you not accepting life as it comes. This refusal stems from a fear of that which you cannot control or understand. Look at the history of the world, and ask yourself: “what have the countless theories, assumptions, and equations that humanity has come up with throughout the ages achieved?”

Our world is as confused as ever. Confusion, stress and anxiety have penetrated deep into the human psyche as a result of a need to work everything out. You need not figure anything out in order to make sense of life. Let go and start to live. Accept life as it is and focus on the light within you. Trust – there is always a higher purpose to everything. The only thing that will help you make sense of your life is love and acceptance. Allow love into your life. Love needs no understanding, but only to be felt.

Within you flows a stream of light – the light of creation. You are forever connected to the source from which all creation stems. Meditate and focus on the beauty inside you. Connect with your heart center and experience the overwhelming love that exists within you. Tranquility, peace and clarity will flow into your life as a result.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Perfect for me this day! Thank you!

  2. Perfect for this time in my life. Praying for Angels continue guidance and to be near. Thank you and God Bless

  3. Thank you! Wow this message was really for me!!

  4. Lovely message. Thank you my angels and guide for your words of wisdom.

  5. Nice! Thank you for this reading. Very Inlighting!

  6. Thank you. I needed to hear this message right now.

  7. Love that message☝

  8. Wow i really love angel insights thank you

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