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Lady Of The Rose represents purity, innocence and wisdom. She holds mystical powers that are born of these qualities and is here to mirror these qualities, which also exist within you. We are led to believe that in order to gain knowledge we must study existing formulas, doctrines, and beliefs. While study may be a rich and rewarding experience, it is also true that all you need to know is inside you.

Your purity, innocence and wisdom are clouded at the moment as a result of too much formality and theory. You do not need further formal qualifications in order to validate what you wish to do with your life. Do not search externally, for all you wish to know is already inside of you. A vast treasure of knowledge and sacred truths exists in the mystical power you hold and it is now tie to access this wisdom and claim your power. Lady Of The Rose is here to help you access the endless knowledge you hold in the light of your heart. Here is an exercise that may help you. Sit quietly and comfortably and let all your thoughts and worldly concerns just drift by. Watch them float away and let go of any expectations you have – simply relax and breathe. The more you can switch off and relax, the easier it will be to connect with your inner self. Knowledge may come through feeling or intuition, or your mind. Remember, the secret is to not make this process a struggle; use it as relaxation without attachment to the outcome. Ask the Universe to help you connect to all the knowledge that would best serve you at this time.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady


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  1. I understand this reading completely. Thank you I needed to see it though.

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