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This card has appeared in your reading to help ease you fears and concerns about the future of our world. Release your fear and know that all is happening in accordance with the Divine Plan. Visualize peace and love in your meditations and prayers, and have faith, for peace will prevail upon Earth. Trust – even though at times you cannot make sense of all that is happening. Trust in love, for ultimately it is through love that peace will come about. All the “doom and gloom” that exists in our world at present is part of humanity’s cleansing. As all the hatred and fear in the world surfaces and is released, it creates opportunities to heal. Fear not, for you are safe. All is held within the eternal embrace of love. We are all part of one Eternal Spirit, which can never be lost of destroyed. All is eternally held in the loving hands of God/Goddess/All That Is.

The storm will clear and reveal the light that exists within each heart. You can be of great assistance to those around you at this time by showing faith and remaining positive about the future of our planet.

Trust – for all is exactly as it should be.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Thanks for that inspirational reading, I do worry about the future of the planet and am always heartbroken by the way mankind treats animals, so cruel and barbaric….Sarah x

  2. This card came at the perfect time – have been worrying about a number of things. This was a gentle reminder that all is what it is supposed to be now.

  3. Thank You! This is Beautiful! Have an Amazing Weekend!!

  4. Beautiful reading Right on que!!! Thank you☀️

  5. What a beautiful message!!! I look forward to reading them every morning!! God Bless you

  6. Yes I worry for our children’s future but it’s all in Gods hand. Thank you for this massage. God bless.

  7. Beautiful reading , thank you for the message .

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for this wonderful message. ❤️

  9. Very inspired by these courageous words of wisdom, just what I was looking for

  10. I really love these cards! I look forward to them everyday! Today’s were my favorite so far!! Always very insightful and uplifting!! Keep them coming please!!!

  11. Amen… what a message. Thank you angels.

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