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As we begin the new millennium, the energies which have affected and influenced our Earth for the past two thousand years have shifted to make way for the new energies now emerging. The Age of Pisces is over and a new cycle has begun. The long awaited New Age o Aquarius is now with us.

Through Aquarius, we will start to change the way we think and feel. The way we each perceive life is already changing and will continue to do so. There is now a giant infusion of love streaming down upon the Earth and swelling out from within its heart, just as love is streaming down upon you and swelling from within your own heart. This influx of love is changing your awareness of life and affecting humanity as a whole.

Dearest one, do not fear the changes occurring in your life right now for all is happening according to the Divine Plan. Do not resist or be afraid of the changes taking place in the world around you, for the current events are simply paving the way for the Golden Age that is about to dawn. Remember above all, that the Earth changes are occurring primarily within your heart and mind and within the hearts and minds of all humanity , and as a result, the Earth is being affected.

Allow the love in your heart to illuminate all darkness. Be positive and bright about the future in the knowing that soon all darkness will be transformed. If there is any confusion, fear, pain or suffering in your life at the moment, remember that it is all part of the transformation process. Your spirit is bringing to the surface all that no longer serves you and all that still remains buried in your heart and memory in order that you may be cleansed and healed. Know that in doing so, your life will be filled with new and beautiful energies that will enable you to fully embrace and be part of the Golden Age of Aquarius.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Oh! How Lovely! Thankyou-I feel SO blessed,and I am absorbing all of the information.

  2. Im so very thankful for this information I had so many doubts thank you

  3. Great news…thank you for this wonderful message. x

  4. Wonderful news. I will embrace these words and clear my mind of doubts and fears. Thank you Karen and my loving angels and guides.



  5. Thank you…I can’t wait for the changes to take place

  6. Beautiful…beautiful…and it’s right ON exactly what is happening in my life. I love your messages. I read them every single day. Thank you. God Bless You!!

  7. Thankful each and everyday to begin my day with a positive outlook and a calmer mind that today is the day that I make one more new change in my life, the list of life must go on positively when my angel is on my shoulder.

  8. Definitely hits home. So ready for a change

  9. SsBeautiful words,,,I will embrace them,,,thank you,,,,

  10. The words my soul so desperately needed to hear today!

  11. Beautiful reading thank you

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