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Life is a journey in which nothing seems to be permanent. Friends and loved ones move through our lives, often leaving a sense of sadness when we part. Life is forever changing. We cannot physically hold onto anything or control the flow of life. We each have our own path with its own challenges and in order to cope with separation from a loved one, we must realise that in reality there is none. The physical body is but a shell that houses our spirit. On a spiritual level, we are always connected to one another. Neither distance nor time can separate that which has been united by love.

This card represents someone that you long to be with again. It is here to remind you that it is normal that you should miss someone who is dear to you, but that in love, there is no separation. While you may have been distracted psychically, know this is only an illusion, for the spirit of life is eternal. Those we love live always forever in our heart.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Very helpful and understanding Thank-you love,Marilyn S. EVERYTHING in this website is A+++++++

  2. Thank you for this message,,,

  3. Very helpful thank you. .

  4. My husband passed a year ago. Although I am dating I miss him terribly. I always try to remember I am a soul with a body instead of a body with a soul.

  5. Thank you! I know that is my mom talking to me… I miss her so much! I wish we could have a cup of coffee with her n one of her warm safe hugs!

  6. Yes I understand this message with an open heart. Thank you for reinforcing that my Mom, Dad and Grandpa are with myself and my son, sister and brother always. Kisses to heaven…All praise goes to God and His beautiful Angels <3

  7. Thank you for this message,,,,

  8. This is so apt for me right now. I miss my physical mum all the time. She passed over 8 weeks ago and not a minute goes by when I don’t think of her. I am learning about the spiritual world and awakening to the spirits around us. I am receiving messages from loved ones who have passed through the spiritual mediums which has confirmed to me that life goes on, and one day we will be re united with our loved ones. Thank you for this message. X

  9. I love that message

  10. Thank you,,this was such a beautiful message today,,,,as I am missing so many loved ones,,

  11. Good morning Karen, I’ve been longing to dream about my mum but only been able to visualize her in hospital. However last night I dreamt about her, we were chatting and she told me she couldn’t stay but that everything was going to be ok. It felt so real. Strange thing is, I never remember any dreMs but could actually feel this one. This reading was perfect! X

  12. I do so hope this is for our beloved pets also!

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