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The creative power you hold is far greater than you realize – as great as any artist that has ever walked this Earth.

Creativity is pure spiritual energy. Creativity is the essence of God- Goddess expressing itself through you. By unlocking the creative power you hold, you will create greater joy and wonder for your life. Creativity comes in endless forms; it can be expressed through your work, recreation and relationships. All these things will grow and transform in ways you never thought possible. Let go of any fear or apprehension you have regarding creativity. Set aside all critical judgment and express exactly how you feel. Do not worry about what others will think. Let go of preconceived ideas and allow your full expression to flow through. Keep a journal in which you can start to express everything that you think and feel. Write down everything that comes to mind. Include all your dreams and wishes… allow your imagination to run wild! It is important that you feel safe to write anything that you wish, without having to worry about whether anyone else will read it, so keep it private.

You may also choose to paint or draw how you feel. Once again, do not think about what you will paint or draw. Just have fun and allow your intuition and feelings to express themselves however they wish. Every mark you make, even if you think it is just a scribble, is expressing and releasing something. You may also choose to share your ideas and feelings with someone you trust. This process will also help you express yourself and overcome your fears. Try not to judge the outcomes of these creative processes. Simply allow yourself to express your inner feelings freely.

Creativity is a feeling it cannot be thought out, or be limited by trends, or made to fit whatever is currently popular. Creativity is your inner child, the spirit of who you are. It yearns freedom. It is up to you to set it free.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. WGreat message today,,,thank you

  2. just what I needed! stress IS BLOCKING MY CREATIVE SIDE.

  3. This is the perfect message for me today. I went shopping on Monday and ran into a woman looking at a quilting magazine. I struck up a conversation with her and found out about a quilt shop around the corner from me. Well today I drove past it and thought maybe I will stop in on my way home. Well I did. I had no plans on starting a project, but need to create and connect with like minded people. So I met some lovely ladies and was invited to visit during their workshops. I have no room to work at home, so I am thrilled to open myself up to new people and new projects! Great day around creative people.

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