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It is time for you to examine and question some of your beliefs. Look at your beliefs objectively. Try to identify those beliefs that keep you from moving forward and keep you from experiencing greater joy. We inherit many of our beliefs from our family, our friends and the society we live in. It is time for you to let go of all that no longer serves or supports you. Let go of all beliefs that stem from fear and replace them with love – for love is an endless source of creative power.

This is a good time to study other cultures and diversify your spiritual knowledge and awareness. Look at belief systems both past and present. You may choose to adopt some new beliefs if they resonate with you. Explore and observe and keep an open mind. Broaden your horizons. You will find that life is a rich and colorful-apes try made of endless truths and new points, and full of tantalizing flavors. Indulge yourself!

Aradia was a rather controversial figure who live d in Italy around the 14th Centur y. She was known as The Holy Witch because of the love and compassion she held for the Earth and all of humanity. She lived the life she believed in and was an inspiration to many even though she could have been burnt at the stake if she were caught practicing her ancient rituals which were based on love and respect for Nature, life and all of creation.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. My concern is for the Native Americans. They are currently battling our justice system for the right to keep the pipeline off their land. This fight should be ours. I am grateful for the American Indians who care so deeply about the earth and our drinking water. My prayers are with the Natives and Mother Earth. ~ Karen

  2. Very wise words…. Thank you so very much.

  3. The native americans have sacrificed alot and for them to stand against the government for their beliefs is huge! I have the most respect for them! God bless them all!

  4. It is very strange that I should select card 2 and get this message. I have been struggling for 10 years since the death of my husband to move forward and have not been able to. I’ve not been able to let go of my belief that I’m always married and therefore can’t let anyone else in. And I’m sure I’ll never be able to.

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