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Everything happens for a reason; even though the reason may often seem unclear to us. Trust in the Universe and accept all in your life as it unfolds. Live fully within each moment in the knowing that all is love. Open your heart and accept God’s love – you are loved more than you will ever consciously know. If you are feeling vulnerable at this time, share your insecurities and concerns with someone you love. Once you accept the current situation you will find that all in your life transforms and you will feel a greater sense of peace, harmony and well being.

Acceptance is love and love is the greatest healer.

This acceptance card also relates to a gift that you will receive in the not too distant future. Accept this gift, when it comes with an open heart. Know it is a gift from the Universe.

“These cards are a perfect way to start each day.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. thank you, just what was needed for the day. so many changes, so many worries….. thank you

  2. This totally made my day and was on point! Thank you for this; I really needed to hear it today! <3

  3. Wow. I am grateful for this message and the gift tbat is on the way. Thank you angels. AMEN.

  4. Thanks for this it really spoke to how I have been feeling lately. It made me smile and ready to start my day.

  5. Thank you I am going through so much. This Acceptance Card relieved alot of stress on me. Thank you God Bless. I Luv Angels.

  6. Thank you I needed this today!!!

  7. Thankyou my Angels,,,,!!!! I needed this up lift today,,, feeling very unappreciated with my grandchildren, at this time,,,, never a thankyou,!!! Seems the more I do.. No one cares,,,,, I make meals for them.. Buy what is needed… So I’ve tried to step back.. But they were really never shown how to appreciate what you have,, or given…,,, I pray they learn about what’s important in life… Thank you my angels…!!! My angels just saved my life,,, I was slightly just electrocuted.. Vacuuming,, a cord went into the roller,,, I’m glad it was off, but obviously live.. I almost put on a different pr of slippers,,, somehow,,, kept bring pulling towards a different pair,, now I know why… .. I let vacuum go.. The lights went out… But I was OK…. Just a slight jolt. Thankyou my Angels for guiding me…. ❤

  8. Thank you, I truly needed this card as so much is going on.

  9. I really needed to clarify for me something so I am very grateful to my angels for this reading. Thank you Angels.

  10. Thank you, Karen for sharing your knowledge of spiritual, Angelic messages for us all to learn from. Always on time ! Perfect ♡♡♡

  11. This is such a WONDERFUL site ,when I feel low I see my readings and it helps me SO Much!!! I wish I could afford some of your Books but only GOD will let me know when it is Time….LOVE this site Thank-you So Much,Karen and helpers Love ,Marilyn

  12. Thank you for this beautiful reading… Just what I needed to hear today. I am ready for my new changes. ❤️

  13. My Angel bring me here..Im so grateful and amaze today beacause as I enter in my work room I seen one beautiful
    spoted light green and black butterfly which make me wonder how it happen theres a butterfly here .. It make me think for a while and then I start to search the meaning of butterfly in my work room and my Angel bring me here..Thank you my Angel for the Love that I feel at this moment and its on the right time bec. I feel so down at this moment but as u enter in my heart now i feel secure and I feel that theres hope and love coming my way ..thank you for guiding me and please protect me everyday.. I love you.

  14. Thank you for a beautiful reading this morning!1

  15. AI enjoyed this message. Thank you

  16. Wow, what a message. Thank u angels and Lord for all the unconditional love , protectection and blessing.

  17. Thank you for this message,,,will be looking forward to that gift,,, the

  18. Thank you with all that has happen in my life lately this message is clear

  19. Love today’s message,,,thank you

  20. Thanks for today’s message helped alot

  21. Thank you for all the love. Grateful for the gift that is on the way.

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