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Dear Karen,

I’m glad I found your web site. I have been through several hardships in the last three years, including my home flooding in 2008; an emergency abdominal surgery in 2009; also in 2009, my beloved kitty, Chloe, became ill and I had to help her pass on, bringing her home to die here with me in her home. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Then in 2010 the bottom feel out at my government job and I was just devastated my whole career damaged by lies, greed, deceit, and jealousy. I eventually lost my jost under the guise of a lay-off and I’m not suffering from worry about potentially losing my home and not ever being able to find a good job.

I found your web site and others and I asked for a sign from my angels. I heard noise in my bathroom late last night after I meditated on this. Tonight, I went to put on a pair of yoga pants that had been hanging on the back of the bathroom door. I went to pick a piece of lint off them and found that it was a tiny pure white feather, very small and fine and soft. No real spine on it. I don’t have feather pillows or anything that could have lost a feather and floated into the bathroom onto my yoga pants. My windows are closed as it’s December. Oh, I hope I find some more.

I need to be touched by an angel and feel them around me. I have troubled sleep. I heard noise again in the hallway tonight. I asked them to stay with me but not to startle me, help me find answers and a good paying job so I don’t have to move away and lose my house. I want more feathers. Do you think this one tiny little white feather is a sign from my angel?

~ Lisa

Dear Lisa,

Your Angels are so happy you recognize them now. Yes, the feathers are a sign for you.

Everyone has Angels. They are gift from God. If we choose to allow them to have an active part in our lives, they can be. Angels are pure radiant love energy. When you become conscious of this energy around you, your life begins to change. Not only does your intuition increase, but things begin to happen in amazing ways!

Continue to talk with your Angels. You are building a wonderful communication line with them. Expect more signs, and they will come. Please visit again with more of your feather stories.


“Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near. BE AN ANGEL, Give Feather Blessings today.”
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About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. I was driving along this morning and noticed a feather on my windscreen shaped like an angel what could this mean ? x

    • It means your Angels are there, watching over you. They wanted your attention, and wow, they sure got it. Ask them for more signs and see how they really begin to communicate! ~ Karen

  2. Hi,i was cleaning the kitchen 2 days back and found a very tiny,only about 1/2 inch white soft feather,is this also a sign from angels,this is first time i found a feather so..then yesterday again when i went out for shopping on my walk i found a black and white or black and gray combination feather on the ground,i was thinking was that also a sign or not,since it was dry i thought this kind of feathers can always be found on ways so didnt pickup,but at the end of the day when i was back home and stepped out of the car,i was about to step out from the left side,then dont know what made me get out from the right side and i again found a gray feather,kind of dried…wanted to know are all this signs from angels,can the feathers be of any type or it will only be fresh and soft kind..may be a silly question,but would like to know please…thank you…

    • There is no such things as a silly question … it is silly not to ask a question if you don’t know.

      And yes, Angels leave signs with all kinds of feathers. Big ones, teeny tiny ones … black ones, white ones, gray ones.

      How do you know it is a sign? You know it in your heart. If you are asking is that from an Angel, yes is the the answer. If you look at a feather, and your thought is just a lovely feather then you know that as well.

      The Angels are reaching out to you. Try to reach back. Spend some quiet time listening with a pen and paper. Write what you hear. It will sound like you. Keep writing. You will find it is not you at all.

      Welcome to the world of Angels,

  3. Thank you soo much for the reply karen…this is all amazing,iam really loving it…i was so hurt in my life and speaking to the angels have turned my life around…still need to learn a lot…god bles..

  4. Hello,

    In June 2007 I suffered the first of eleven miscarriages and had the eleventh one just three weeks ago. The day after the 1st miscarriage I was looking out of my daughter’s bedroom window (she was exactly a year old) and a single white weather drifted down infront of my eyes. Well, ever since then, I have had countless single white feathers do exactly that. Some appear at my feet, some might be stuck to a wall as I walk past. They are always tiny and they are always fluffy and I always see more than usual at the time I am suffering one of these losses. The other day I went to visit a Monastery and there were a lot – I know these are signs of Angels and there is no doubt about this. They are very comforting x x

    • Catherine,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. There are so many people all over the world receiving signs from Angels. I often wonder if it really is that Angels are reaching more and more people, or is it the internet that is able to confirm their messages by allowing us to share them with each other. Either way, I am so grateful for my signs. Many blessings to you.
      ~ Karen

  5. I have find four tiny white feathers in my childrens room two days ago on tuesday in the morning and than again found another one on my kitchen floor in the evening two days after. what does this all mean?

    • Dear Michelle,

      The Angels are watching over you and your children. One of them may even be communicating with them. Know this is a sign of love and comfort.

      I would a great idea to begin to contact too. Try using oracle cards or automatic writing. Spend quiet time just sitting and listening for messages.

      You are blessed to have received this communication. Know this with peace in your heart.
      ~ Karen

  6. I found another feather today. So far the total is five. I found two white small feathers and a black one in my classroom. A black, red and grey one in a puddle on the sidewalk. Today I found a gray and white feather on the street. I have been asking for signs from my angels and I believe they are it.

  7. I always feel very connected to my angel. I always ask for help and guidance and feel closer when i am praying. Today i saw a white feather on my mums cheek while she was sleeping. Should i be concerned? I’m worried they are trying to direct me towards a problem that may need attention.

    • White feathers are confirmation that Angels are with you. I am not a doctor, and if you have concerns for your Mom you can suggest a check up. But Angels generally leave white feathers for love, not messages to be concerned about. I should bring a smile to your face. They may have been trying to tickle your Mum’s face while she was sleeping. They often tickle mine.

      Ask the Angels for another sign to give you peace of mind. They will.

      ~ Karen

  8. Thank you for replying! It did make me smile to think they would be tickling my mums face!.

    My son had a white feather in his bed today,so i think maybe it was another sign to let me know that i shouldn’t worry. I ask for a lot of help and guidence,which sometimes makes me worry that any signs are a warning and not a show of love and support. Time to chill out a bit i think!

    Thank you once again.
    God bless

  9. I believe my angels leave me coins and feathers as signs. I am starting a new business venture but have doubts that it is the right thing, when I was in the post office queue waiting to post paperwork for it I looked down and there was a white feather on the ground. In general is it thought this is a sign that I am doing the right thing, or a sign that the angels are worried? Or could it be either.
    I would really appreciate any advice
    Thank you

    • Dear Suz,

      Angels are never worried, that worry would come from you. Angels only leave signs of love. Be strong and confident in what you are doing. Call the Angels to be part of your work. Understand “The Law of Attraction”, it helps to co-create with the Angels.

      May the Angels bless you with much love and success … (and lots of laughter, too!)
      ~ Karen

  10. i found a small white greyish feather today at work ,i picked it up and placed it somewhere safe then retuned to the spot to find another one what could this mean

  11. Hi, my boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago after a nearly 3 year relationship, since he turned 18 and went out things changed from there, he decided he didn’t want to be with me anymore, things literally changed overnight with me and him, iv been really depressed, on Saturday I saw him and asked him to give me another go, he said he couldn’t as he don’t want to be hurt anymore then he already has, after loads of crying while he was here, I asked him if he loved me, he wouldn’t answer, I asked him to tell me the truth and he wouldn’t answer still, in the end he told me he does love me but not as much as he used to. After trying to hurt myself I went to my mums really upset, spent the whole day crying, I went out into the garden and a little white feather came down from the sky, I don’t know if this could be an angel or if it just fell from a bird, in the end I thought I lost it as I put it in my bag, but then I found it when I was in my sisters car on her chair, could this be someone’s looking over me? If so would they be helping me in the situation that I’m in? Thanks

    • Yes … dear, this is your Angels coming to you as you cry. They don’t want you to be in pain and are there to comfort you. Angels are real, and yours are reaching out to you right now so that you can gain the strength you need to find peace and love again. It is so hard to find our grounding after losing someone. The Angels will help you … and you will find your true path. Ask them to show you more signs, they will. Close your eyes and visualize the Angels wings surrounding you. It will be them.

      Many blessings,

  12. a pile of white feathers was found this AM on the side of my house what does this mean.

    • Often the Angels need to be a bit more obvious to get our attention. A small feather may not have been enough for you right now, so a pile was necessary. When Angels reach out to us it is to let us know we are not alone, and we can have assistance if we want it. Angels can’t do work on our behalf without our permission. Give the Angels permission, and then start asking for more messages so you get a feel for the communication through signs.


  13. Hi I’m 11 and after I read an angel book called angel secret cards by jacky Newcombe It said ask a question to ur angels and pick a card that’s in ur guts that u know is right to pick so i picked one and it gave me the right answer then ever since then my mum and me shared are problems with our angels and we keep on finding feathers and I found 4 in my mums room and they were white and half an inch is that an angel sign and also I found a big pink feather who is my grandmother who passed away favourite colour is that a sign as well

    P.S my dad said that angels aren’t real so I gave it up then I said to my angels if u are real give me a feather in my room and I suddenly saw one on the floor when I was in my room and my window was shut plz help me with all my questions – from 11 year old amira

  14. Hi, My mum dies in April this year. she had been ill for 8 years. I don’t believe in an afterlife and i am not a spiritual person. My dad told me that my mum had left a white feather for my aunty (my mums sister) to show her that she was near. To be fair i dismissed the idea as silly. A few weeks on, i am finding white feathers all over my garden, at every entrance to my house. they are small fluffy feathers and are always in full view. I live by the coast, so they may well be seagull feathers, but i have not seen this many in such a short space of time. Also whilst i was asleep the other night, i felt what i thought was someone touching my upper back. at first i thought it was my son, but when i woke slightly, he was still in bed. I am sceptical, but i also want to know that my mum after 8 years of suffering is finally at peace.

    thank you for your time

    • You have been blessed with confirmation. You know in your heart. Your Mother is doing wonderful, no more suffering. She would like to thank you, and also wants you start doing for you now. ~ Karen

  15. I was talking with my bf and HE said honey you have a feather on your arm.
    I looked and I said whoa! was it there before? he said I looked before and there was nothing there,and I loked again and than it was there.
    I said whoa thats cool! you know what they say about that right?
    my bf said no what? I said they say it means your angels are here.
    But I am not sure what they are telling me. Can anyone help me? I have tried to ask them but all I am getting is “I am here”.

  16. Ever since that day, I keep having these feathers pop up out of no where. I have been getting so many that I have now been collecting them. The last one I recieved was last night. I know they are really talking to me alot! but I just keep getting the answers: I AM HERE, and I am here my dear one, and I am here I am here.
    @, kborga.. thanks! how should I ask it because I asked for more signs and either I am being closed to the answers or I am not yet getting them. Should I meditate on this more?

  17. Patience is one of the hardest things I had to learn when I first started working with Angels. Of course, when I just couldn’t wait to find out on my own I would use cards, or ask a professional … (I highly recommend Frank … http://www.FrankBorga.com) He was such a God-Send while I was beginning to awaken.

    But certainly meditate more … there is never anything wrong with that. … Karen

  18. I have been having a feeling about something since a long time and it is not leaving me and I do not have any proof for that. Also I am receiving physical signs which I keep seeing everywhere I go. I am trying to find a solution to the problem. After asking for help from God/angels/intuition, I am receiving white feathers almost everyday around my house. I checked and there are no white birds around. What could white feathers mean? How can I understand their meaning?

    • White feathers are messages from Angels. When you begin to receive them they are usually getting you to know they really exist. To learn what they want you to know, you can read an Angel 101 book … we have a few a online. http://signsofangels.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=7_8

      You can also try using Oracle Cards, they are a wonderful tool. I use them often.

      When I really want to know what the Angels are trying to say, I am not clear … I reach out to a professional. I highly recommend our readers … but if you have one of your own, give them a call.

      ~ Karen

  19. Thank you so much for your instant response and guidance. I have managed to read the book Angel 101 and it has also helped me a lot by giving me the guidance I wanted. I just do not have the proof to the feeling which I have. Whenever I am taking any help from people, all are ignoring me and no one believes in what I have to say. The feeling within me is so strong and nagging that I just cannot ignore it. I do not understand how to take action on the problem without any solid proof. I am really very scared to go ahead and just do not have the courage to take action on that.

    What can I do to solve this problem? Is there any way? Can you give me some more guidance?

  20. To day I found that I might be losing my home and everything. Maybe that is why my Angels kept telling me their messages? to tell me that they are here for all of this?

  21. Hello,
    I wonder if you could help, I to have had white feathers around me I have only seen them in my back garden so far around 4/5 times (one currently there now). I’m having a few personal problems right now could this be the reason why?
    Thank you.

    • Yes. Angels can only help us if we give them permission. As humans we have free-will, and they cannot interfere. Ask the Angels for help in your situations, and then trust they will find the solutions for your highest good. I would keep asking for signs too. (I even ask for good parking spots. Give it a try.) ~ Karen

  22. Karen, thank you for your speedy response 🙂 I have asked for help many times, maybe I’m missing some signs? My life has been on a loop for sometime now & I just can’t see a way out 🙁

  23. What do light grey colored feathers mean??

    Are they from angels too??

  24. I lost my ex-partner 6 weeks ago for whom I had continued to act as primary carer for and especially since the start of 2012.

    One of the care agency workers had brought her a book shortly before she died (and which to my knowledge she didn’t actually read) ‘The Big Book od Angels’ edited by Wendy Schumlan – I have no diea what might have prmpted her to lend her the book.

    Before she died I had picked up on the idea of white feathers and angels from somewhere and which had rather fascinated me in its own right as I’d never heard of that before. (I have always had a natural degree of ‘faith’ but not an especially strong sense or a clear idea of what it might be).

    Her favourite colours were green and yellow.

    Shortly after she died I opened the top drawer of her bedside table and it was just a single yellow feather. I have no idea where it came from or why she would have had it but I took it as some kind of sign and fixed to my office bookcase as a reminder.

    At around the same time I planted a magnolia in the garen as a reminder of her and whsilt I was planting it there was a movement around my feet and there was a large green and yellow frog that ahd appeaed from nowhere and which stayed whilst I finished planting it and then at some point after I’d gone back inside hopped off soemwhere else and I never saw it again.

    In the few days after she died I had four people independently report to me of their vivid experiences around the time we believe she died in the night. And then one of them also reported a second vivid experience that she’d had the night before her funeral.

    I’ve had several sligthly ‘odd’ / inexplicable things happen that made me go ‘hmmmm….’ in a positive / warm kind of way and not at all really distrubing and then a couple fo weeks ago I found a white feather out of nowwher on the floor and added to the yellow feather.

    Yesterday I was driving back from London in the dark after a weekend staying with her son and visting our old home where I scattered some of her ashes in the hedgerow.

    When I got home and parked the car I realised that several CDs that I’d been lsitening to and kept taking out of the car CD player and randomly putting on the seat beside beside me with one hand as I was driving – and hoping I wouldn’t scratch – by scattering them on top of each other on the seat – had somehow been slotted back into their cardboard sleeves.

    I was immeditely struck by what I attributed that to after my other recent experieces.

    I went to bed and continued reading her Angels book that I’d started reading shortly after she died.

    This morning when I went back out to the car I notced a small white feather that was stuck in the cross brace of the wooden garden gate and which was a really odd place for it have just randomly become wedged. I removed it and have just added it to the little bundle of feathers in my office.

    I have no real idea what goes on out there but I am happy to be open-minded.

    • Welcome to the World of Angels. There are no coincidences, everything happens with divine timing. Seems like it is indeed perfect timing for you. Many blessings on your wonderful journey. ~ Karen


    Meet Your Angel – Connecting with your Angels Meditation

  26. when I find a feather, do I pick it up, or just acknowledge and say hello to my angels

  27. A couple of months ago I was on my way to a meeting which took me passed a big green area nexto my home, and on the grass were about 20-30 tiny white feathers, perfectly still and really beautiful!! I first thought that the feathers may have come from a bird that had been attacked, but they were all the same size and all bright white. (it’s hard to describe it!) What does that mean? Do angels travel in clusters? It was so exciting to see, so I guess my angels were with me.

  28. I also find feathers very often and nothing that I have in my house is made of them. I found one today on my sofa and I decided to google for more information. I am happy that every feather that I been found is pure white. I love the life that I live and I have a free spirit and a soul full of love for everybody. I believe in God and I receive blessigs everyday. I am thankful for the sign of angels that sorround and protect me every day of my life in earth.

  29. Hi Karen,
    In January this year we lost my partners mum to cancer..she wasn’t just my mother in law she was a very dear friend to me and we were close. At the beginning I was having vivid dreams about her which effected my sleep. Then one day I found a tiny white feather on the floor next to a box where I keep one of her scalfs. I do want to believe it was from her showing me a sign that she was okay and she was with the angels. I kept the white feather and put it into the box, but it was so tiny i don’t know whats happened but i cant find it anymore.I never really understood about white feathers and their meanings until one of my close friends lost her mum to cancer and she told me she receives white feathers now and around the time of her anniversary when she passed. I think it’s truly amazing how this can happen and finding comfort in something so beautiful. I hope I get another white feather soon as I look for them all the time. Maybe if I stop looking It will come to me!

    Can feathers appear then disappear?

  30. Thank you Karen for your reply.. The most amazing thing happened.. The white feather returned and in the strangest of places!! Exactly like the first one..its now safely back in its rightful place! 🙂 feeling very blessed.

  31. my father passed on august 27,2012. the day before his one year anniversary at work I was putting down the date,8/26 and a white feather flew through the window. just before I was thinking of my father. what does this mean. I have the feather. thank you…tina

  32. what does it mean i found a grey feather in my back garden?

  33. This morning when I went to my 5-year old son’s room to wake him for Kindergarten and there was a large beautiful white feather on the floor near his bed. At first, I wondered how such a big feather could have come out of his feather pillow, but I soon realized that no pillow could possibly contain a feather so large – the feather is approximately 4.5 inches long! I checked the windows – weird I know, to make sure a strange bird had not entered his room. I had to admit I was a bit nervous and immediately went to the internet to search the meaning of white feathers, which ultimately led me to this blog. I showed my son the feather and told him that an Angel had come to check on him while he was sleeping. He smiled and thought it was “cool”.

    When he was 3.5 years he woke from his nap to tell me that my brother was in his bed with him (during nap time). Mind you, my brother passed away when he was just 1 years old (I was 2.5 years old). I never told my son that I had a brother, I had no reason to. Just wanted to share.

  34. What if you see a feather but it’s outside your reach? Example, you are in the train and see it outside the window where you are sitting?

  35. I saw my first one like that yesterday. What does it mean that you couldn’t reach it? I used to get lots of grey feathers before too. Now starting to get white. Do colours matter? Do they mean different things?

  36. Angels talk to you using your life experiences for the signs. One message could mean many things to different people. Orange to me means creativity because of the chakras and could mean home to someone who grew up on a orange farm. Gray feathers (to me) are a message to pay close attention today. There are details I could miss. ~ Karen

  37. Hi there, I start seen feathers for about three years now. I got divorce exactly three years ago and was living by myself. I soon start feeling very lonely and to fulfill that emptiness, I found another job as a professor in a nursing college, between my job as a manager in a doctor’s office and the teaching job I was completing a hard schedule of over 15 hours a day. I know God was helping me through his Angels when I start seeing these little tiny white feathers. I had no explanation for this finding in my house because I don’t have birds or nothing that can contain feathers like a pillow or clothing. I immediately knew this feathers was a sign for me. I did continue finding this feathers in my house but one day I saw a black tinny one in the bathroom I really got scared of this one since I do believe that black feathers comes from fallen angels and they are bad entities. I found about three black feathers but things start changing in a positive way. I had to quit my teaching job since I start feeling overwhelmed with too much of responsibilities. I met my other half and we just got married in November last year. I feel very happy with my life now. I advised my husband about the feathers and since we are together we has seen about three one white, one extremely tinny black and the last one we saw was light brown I never saw this kind before. My husband understand this signs but he is unsure about the black one. I feel so in calm when I find these feathers because I know that somehow I am protected. I am also a caulbearer (born with the veil). I appreciate your website. Thanks

  38. This has been a hard summer: my car is dead and I invested money in fixing it and now the tranny is gone so I have had to depend on rides,I had to make an unscheduled trip to my one daughter which basically wiped out my savings and last weekend my first granddaughter was born with what they believe is Hirschsprunge Disease. Well, today I went into my one vegetable garden and went to straighten up a young tomato plant: there was a circle of tiny white feathers, sort of like a little white bird had moulted but there are no white birds around here. I oray for help every night. Could this be a sign?

  39. Dear Karen,
    I was getting in my jeep when I open the door & a tiny white feather came lifting out & landed on the outside of my door. I smiled while watching this feather. I’m wondering what it means. I’m in a hardship where I need to borrow $2,000 & get a job I hoping this is a sign of guidance to help me.


    • Kate,
      Your Angels are letting you know you are not alone. They are with you and want to help. Give them permission by asking them for assistance. Then, relax and believe. ~ Karen

  40. So for the past four days when I have been at my girlfriend’s house there are two pigeon doves & today being day four I got home & all of a sudden they were in front of my house coming close to the door. I believe I’m experiencing something special. I know you work with feather’s but I found two at my friend’s house & I believe its from them. Is this another sign from my angels?

  41. I there, ive just walked into my kitchen there was a white feather lying on the floor Ive had a lot of heartache in the past 3 years with my ex boyfriend things have went out of control. I have had loads of feathers in my garden before but nothing in my house can you tell me what this means please.

    Kind Regards

  42. I found a white feather on the bathroom window sill a few days ago. For some reason i found it intriguing and didn’t move it. I have also been seeing 11:11 on the clock for weeks. I did ask for help with some emotional stuff … are the 2 events in response ?

  43. My mum died on Oct 7th, I have been devastated. I knew nothing of white feathers and angels, but on the morning of her funeral there was a white feather at my feet. When I returned to the US after the funeral (she lived in England), there was a white feather by my foot yesterday morning in the kitchen, and another this morning by my foot in the kitchen, both tiny white feathers, which I have never seen in my house before. My husband came home from work and said there was a white feather at his feet, he has worked there 20 years and has never seen a white feather there. I can’t tell you how much this comforts me, I want to believe its my mum telling me she is ok.

  44. today my son daughter-in-law and 8yr old grandaughter came for sunday lunch, after we had eaten my granddaughter sat on the floor and found a lovely white fluffy feather i was so surprised and took it of her as i felt i needed to hold it, my son has been ill for over a year and i am really worried about him i have been preying that he will get better, could this be a sign to let me know that i have been heard, also i feel a bit guilty taking it from my grandaughter as she found it and it may have been for her

    • The importance of a white feather was shown to your grand daughter through the love of your son. Angels work in wonderful ways. Feel no guilt. The message from the Angels was given exactly the way they intended. ~ Karen

  45. I’m going through a marriage breakup of 32years really hurting last night I woke to find a small white feather on my pillow I held it to my chest and fell back to sleep this morning there’s no sign of it why and what does this mean xx

  46. I’ve been going thru a tough time in my life very bad luck for the past few years. Lost my mother in 2006 and now my dad is in the nursing home been like 7 yrs…..this morning I woke up and left to town as I came no home I unlocked my house door an right in front was a white little feather…..I picked it up and it got stuck to me like an I walk with it an sat on picnic table….as I put it on table it was stuck to me so I got it off an there were 4 little white feathers all together…..I hope it brings me the best luck in my life …..cause I’ve been struggling very bad on life……what is the meaning of something like that……glad u read this an hope it is a great sign…..U have a great day….today is 04-11-2017

    • Hi Daniel,
      Angels are always around us. Because of our gift of Free-Will, we must give them permission to help us. Your Angels are making themselves known to you with these feather blessings. Ask them for help, and believe they are working for you.

      Your energy needs lifting in order to make positive changes. Ask your Angels to help you do this – it will involve releasing, dreaming, jumping … a bit of crying, healing, this will lead to a life filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS.

      Blessings to you and all you do ~ Karen

  47. The last few years have been vastly and extraordinarily difficult for me. A few months ago I had become exhausted. I began to find feathers in unlikely places. Usually White. The two most extraordinary instances just couldn’t be brushed off as “just a feather” Outside our study window is a bush about chest high. I was standing at the window looking out one day when I saw something exactly like all of the uniform leaves. Within the leaves was a small feather shaped like the leaves and which I retrieved wondering how in the world I noticed it. Most surprising of all was the other day in our restroom on the floor I found a small feather. There was just no way it could logically “be there” granted we had been outdoors but I find it unlikely that it would have fallen off of clothing.

    As well as the feathers. Two Blue Birds have begun showing up every morning at exactly or around 7am and they simply seem to visit. Butterflies and hummingbirds have also become much more noticeable. Most astonishingly was when sitting on a balcony , a hummingbird flew right up to me about a foot away and just hovered there until it finally flew away.

    Life is truly a miracle

  48. Today, I was leaving my mothers house with my dog and I saw small white fluffy feathers and two medium size . one of the feather is all gray but a hint of white and the other was a white tip but grey. There were plenty of feathers i couldnt pick up because of my dog. I prey alot before i get in my car and my friends and family. I also ask my father to send Archangel Michael and other guardian angels to protect me. All i wanted to do was cry. i know for a fact that my angels are protecting me and talking to me. I sometimes hear a voice in my head telling me what i need to do and tell me to go other directions to void danger. i am so blessed and happy to know that i am loved no matter what. In total i have 17 feathers. I find feathers when i walk to my car, when i was near the beach, taking my trash out i found a green and bluish black feather, a all white feather. So i keep them in my bible. and close to me.

    I think the tiny feathers are telling me that i will be fertile soon. I am trying to have my first child at 32 years old. the doctor told me that i would be hard because of my condition (PCOS).

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