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Feathers appear when Angels are near. I am grateful every time they remind me of their presence. Frank and I are going through big changes. Our son has moved out, and we are finishing our attic for our daughter to move back home (temporarily). When I receive my feathers, I know that all is well […]

  Hi Karen, Many thanks for your wonderful work on this site. It helps keep me inspired and positive. The last few months I have been finding black and white feathers and I always take it to be a positive sign from my angels especially since I’ve been going through a topsy turvy period in […]

  Dear Karen, I have been seeing faces on the church walls and now see them on my bathroom floor, curtains, trees, clouds. Are these faces of angels and if so what does it all mean. I didn’t start seeing them until after my dad died in 1997. My family thought that I was losing […]