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Feathers appear when Angels are near. I am grateful every time they remind me of their presence. Frank and I are going through big changes. Our son has moved out, and we are finishing our attic for our daughter to move back home (temporarily). When I receive my feathers, I know that all is well […]

Dearest Karen, Firstly, thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I like to watch your videos, and I enjoy them. So, thank you. I always call in Archangel Michael for protection, and trust that I do have my very own Guardian Angel. My question is though I do believe Angels exist, I believe that […]

  Hi Karen, Many thanks for your wonderful work on this site. It helps keep me inspired and positive. The last few months I have been finding black and white feathers and I always take it to be a positive sign from my angels especially since I’ve been going through a topsy turvy period in […]

  Dear Karen, I keep seeing the number 8 everywhere. What does this mean according to you? Thank you, Pallavi Dear Pallavi, Eights are the symbol of infinity. It is often associated with prosperity. Of course, if someone has a birthday on the 8th it may mean something else to them. Signs come to us […]