By Karen Borga

Angels leave signs to reassure, comfort and guide us. Signs can be simply to let us know they are present. They can also be answers to questions we may have asked and guidance to help us through difficult times. Often, these signs appear in unexpected places and times. Pay attention to see them.

How do you know if it’s really a sign?
Angels give you compelling directives to notice their signs. The sign will completely draw your attention. Sometimes they are big and obvious, other times they will be located in a little corner and you just happen to glance there. When you see it, you know it was meant for you. You will feel it in your heart.

10 Most Common Signs from Angels

1. Feather Blessing Signs
Feathers appear when Angels are near. Often referred to as the “calling card” of the Angels, feathers are reminders that your Angels are always near. Feather blessings can come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The most common are little fluffy white ones.

2. Coin Signs
“Pennies from Heaven” as they have been coined, appear to us to brighten our spirits. Receiving this bit of abundance from the Angels means they want you to know they are helping to support you; financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pennies are not the only denomination Angels use, they leave dimes, quarters and other currency, too. (Angels bring coins to people all over the world, of course.)

3. Butterfly Signs
These winged beauties are a special sign from the Angels. They can just flitter by or even spend longs periods of time with us. You can feel the gentle message of love they bring. Butterflies symbolize amazing change and transformation coming for you.

4. Cloud Signs
Angels create the most amazing messages in the clouds. You can see Angel shapes, wings, feathers and more. Receiving these signs is your Angels’ way of showing their physical presence in your life.

5. Dream Signs
Angels are able to easily reach us in our sleep, because we have finally slowed down enough to be receptive. You will know if your dream is a message because it will be compelling enough to remember. Create a dream journal when you find your Angels sending you dream messages.

6. Sparkles of Light
Many people can see Angels with their eyes open. They appear as sparkles of light often in their peripheral vision. If you turn to look, they disappear. They are most often golden white. When you see colored lights, they are often Archangels who are there to help you with special situations. An example would be, Archangel Michael will come as a blue light bringing protection and courage.

7. Number Signs
Angels will try to reach you using repeating numbers. You will begin to see the same numbers and patterns everywhere. 11:11 is the symbol of spiritual awakening, 4:44 means your Angels are sending you blessings. Angels will use birthdates and other numbers that have meaning to you. You will see them on clocks, license plates, signs and your computer.

8. Sensing Signs
Your Angels can come to you as a very subtle brush on your arm or cheek. You can feel goose bumps up and down your back (or entire body). You may also sense a temperature change when Angels are making their presence known.

9. Sound Signs
Angel will use a song or lyric on the radio to bring the answer you have been ask for. The person in front of you in the supermarket may say just the thing you needed to hear. As you flip through channels on the TV, the Angels can be sending you a message. You may hear your name called out loud, or a soft voice that sounds like your own giving you guidance. Chimes and bells bring messages too.

10. Printed Signs
Books can fall of shelves open to the page you are meant to read. Billboards, street signs and magazines will bring messages to you. It can be the words or the images that will attract your attention. You may ask a question while driving and be compelled to notice the stop sign. You will have your answer.

Angels are always present in your life. Ask your Angel to bring you signs for guidance, and then stay in the present moment so you can see the signs.

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen



  2. I have personally experience the two first signs, warm glow & smell of beautiful floral aroma. I know it was god sent and I feel so grateful. Thank you God so much for your love!

  3. It is wonderful to meet so many people who have noticed the signs of Angels! Thank you for sharing your experience. Blessings!

  4. Thank you for sharing the realm of angelic experience.

    God Bless

  5. ive just recently broke up with my boyfriend from a 2 year relationship, i believe im quite spiritual and i felt like i coudn’t move on without him… last night i begged for the angels help and guidence in my life and i felt someone with me, i felt someone behind me, and this morning i felt like its time to move on. angels are there.

  6. Tonight I awoke to a wonderful smell like a thousand flowers

    • We can receive messages from the Universe through all our senses. A thousand flowers must have been incredible. I do think I will ask the Angels for a floral fragranced message today!

      ~ Karen

  7. Last year I was having a particularly difficult time at work, all my energy and zest in life was being drawn out of me by several individuals. I had four months off work with stress but whilst I was off white feathers kept appearing. I had never seen so many white feathers before. I feel many angels have looked after me and guided me through this difficult time. Things are so much brighter now in my workplace and the individuals have been found out.

    • Dear Trixie,

      It is often in what we call our darkest times, that the Angels are finally able to reach us. They are not able to help unless we ask, and inadvertently we finally ask … and they can come in with assistance. It is through the feathers that we know they are working behind the scenes. The Angel Feather Blessings are such a great comfort. They did the same for me. Thank you for sharing your story.


  8. i had angel watch over in the hospital all nite i almost died she was to leave 11pm she stayed the next morning she told me i should be dead the doctors did not save life .god did she was a nurse i went back 2 days later to thank her . she was no longer there.

    • What an incredible story. You have truly been touched by an Angel. Know that you are still here for a reason, and look at life as a gift. Ask the Angels to show you direction for your purpose, and it will be shown.

      ~ Karen

  9. I was ill, and at the time no one knew what was wrong with me, and while in the hospital, one night, a nurse came over several times to check on me. Next morning, I remembered her well and asked what was her name as I described her. The day nurse told me the night nurse did not resembled what I described, that no one with that description worked in that ward.

  10. Ive had several unusual or supernatural situations, but this one I would like to get some imput.8 years ago, through a dream, my guardian angel made himself known to me.I started trying to comunicate, we did..but then I wanted more, I wanted to see him. I constantly asked for him to “show” himself. One day, while meditating, just after I asked again, I felt as if something brushed against my hair, my head. After that i developed the worst headache ever, it lasted 3 or 4 days.And as I continued investigating about him, i discovered he is considered one of the seven angels of presence… Ive been told a lot of things about this….do you have any comment???

  11. It’s a wondrous feeling when you know something like an angels existence to be true beyond all doubt. My partner and I are experiencing the worst heartache and most saddest period in our life at the moment. I lost my business and then a job I held for 3 months. Both due to the credit crunch and the recession. We are financially in our knees and certain organizations have yet to show any compassion to us as like so many ordinary people. I find it very scary that no-one is listening. I am going through mental torment. On top of all this my one and only son was taken in to remand in October 2011 and is awaiting his sentencing this month. We are not religious people but a close friend who has always been a believer in angels introduced us to this phenomenon. From what we know now we can tell you that experiences we have had recently can as far as we are concerned could only have been brought about by outside influence. We have captured things on camera and felt things and I personally regularly see blue/purple aura’s when my eyes are closed that started one particular night when my partner was reading a book on angels and what signs meant. They have got us through an still are getting through this ever present torrid times. You simply have to believe and keep asking for your guardian angels help. It will come just open your mind to the signs.

  12. my mum died last week and i miss her so much, she loved her garden and so do i ,today i found numerous white feathers and when i picked the smallest one up it flew onto my shoulder and then indoors, i know i have a guardian Angel

  13. I just want to give My Heavenly Father Alll the Glory, Honour, & Praise….And thank him for his Precious Angels that I know surround me Day & Night, For me I feel the tingling & sometimes like someone is gently rubbing my forehead. Anyways May God Bless You all to Prosper in 2013!

  14. i’ve had these signs before and there was a angel in front of me.then it wrapped it’s arm’s around me and i felt so safe.when i looked hard at it’s face it was my nana and she said so softly it is ok

  15. i believe i am very blessed. I have had massive interaction with many angels. their presence is like no other, its a feeling a love but more intense. I always feel the crown of my head opening up to receive divine guidance from my angels. I feel them walk around me, touch me. there has even been an incident when i was used as a vessel to deliver a message to someone. I cant explain it . whatever the angel was feeling i would feel it and deliver the message to the person. when i am calmed and relax they come and talk to me and have conversations with me.. and everything their saying, I hear it all in my head. i have even been woken up at night because i would hear someone call my name very loudly. When i pray i feel these intense tingling sensations in my hands. there are so many experiences that i have experienced. I don’t know what god has in store for my life with this gift but i pray that he reveals it to me because i am trying to get more understanding of this gift. If anyone has aditional information to help me discover who i am please commit. it would be greatly appreciated. thank you

    • You are very much like me. I understand everything you say, have experience most and have seen an Angel with my eyes open. I also have the intense energy come out of my hands, and when it is real strong even my feet. I call us Earth Angels, we are here to assist the Angels in their work here on Earth. Often this work happens by you just being you.

      Do what you love and the Angels will assist you. It is when you are the happiest that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose. All the service comes along the way.

      I am so grateful to have Signs of Angels to share this message and bring together all the Earth Angels. Not sure why we are all coming together, but I am enjoying the process and know I will know when it is time.

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen Borga

  16. I am quite sure that I have met one of my angels half a year ago. I was being taken to the hospital at night and I guess I woke up for bit. I was greeted by the square room and bright light of the ambulance. Though it was all blurry, I made out someone sitting opposite to me and someone to my right, really close as if I was laying in their arms, feeling safe and cozy. I perceived both to be clearly male… then I passed out again.
    Woke up in emergency to my father looking all worried. He asked me about what I remembered. I told him. I remember his frown as he shook his head. “Dear, it was only me on the passengers seat and the driver up front, and one guy in the back.” What I had assumed to be my father at first turned out to be someone not there at all.
    I’m still so thankful /he/ was there. He helped me keep calm.

  17. I have seen little white feathers on my doorsteps and I know where they come from. I have been rejected by one and all. No success in love after a failed marriage. No children either. I want to move forward in life but I feel trapped. I collect the feathers in a jar. Sometimes I leave them outside.

  18. I saw the #333 everywhere for years and couldn’t figure it out. One day I realized my birthday falls on the 333rd day of the year.November 29th. I see it all the time and know it’s my special doorway. I feel very grateful for it and blessed.

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