By Karen Borga

Angels leave signs to reassure, comfort and guide us. Signs can be simply to let us know they are present. They can also be answers to questions we may have asked and guidance to help us through difficult times. Often, these signs appear in unexpected places and times. Pay attention to see them.

How do you know if it’s really a sign?

Angels give you compelling directives to notice their signs. The sign will completely draw your attention. Sometimes they are big and obvious, other times they will be located in a little corner and you just happen to glance there. When you see it, you know it was meant for you. You will feel it in your heart.

10 Most Common Signs from Angels

1. Feather Blessing Signs
Feathers appear when Angels are near. Often referred to as the “calling card” of the Angels, feathers are reminders that your Angels are always near. Feather blessings can come in all colors, shapes and sizes. The most common are little fluffy white ones.

2. Coin Signs
“Pennies from Heaven” as they have been coined, appear to us to brighten our spirits. Receiving this bit of abundance from the Angels means they want you to know they are helping to support you; financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pennies are not the only denomination Angels use, they leave dimes, quarters and other currency, too. (Angels bring coins to people all over the world, of course.)

3. Butterfly Signs
These winged beauties are a special sign from the Angels. They can just flitter by or even spend longs periods of time with us. You can feel the gentle message of love they bring. Butterflies symbolize amazing change and transformation coming for you.

4. Cloud Signs
Angels create the most amazing messages in the clouds. You can see Angel shapes, wings, feathers and more. Receiving these signs is your Angels’ way of showing their physical presence in your life.

5. Dream Signs
Angels are able to easily reach us in our sleep, because we have finally slowed down enough to be receptive. You will know if your dream is a message because it will be compelling enough to remember. Create a dream journal when you find your Angels sending you dream messages.

6. Sparkles of Light
Many people can see Angels with their eyes open. They appear as sparkles of light often in their peripheral vision. If you turn to look, they disappear. They are most often golden white. When you see colored lights, they are often Archangels who are there to help you with special situations. An example would be, Archangel Michael will come as a blue light bringing protection and courage.

7. Number Signs
Angels will try to reach you using repeating numbers. You will begin to see the same numbers and patterns everywhere. 11:11 is the symbol of spiritual awakening, 4:44 means your Angels are sending you blessings. Angels will use birthdates and other numbers that have meaning to you. You will see them on clocks, license plates, signs and your computer.

8. Sensing Signs
Your Angels can come to you as a very subtle brush on your arm or cheek. You can feel goose bumps up and down your back (or entire body). You may also sense a temperature change when Angels are making their presence known.

9. Sound Signs
Angel will use a song or lyric on the radio to bring the answer you have been ask for. The person in front of you in the supermarket may say just the thing you needed to hear. As you flip through channels on the TV, the Angels can be sending you a message. You may hear your name called out loud, or a soft voice that sounds like your own giving you guidance. Chimes and bells bring messages too.

10. Printed Signs
Books can fall of shelves open to the page you are meant to read. Billboards, street signs and magazines will bring messages to you. It can be the words or the images that will attract your attention. You may ask a question while driving and be compelled to notice the stop sign. You will have your answer. Angels are always present in your life. Ask your Angel to bring you signs for guidance, and then stay in the present moment so you can see the signs.

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. I cannot believe all the feathers that have appeared to me in the last 2 months. I asked back in December 09, nothing. One day minding my own business I thought of my ex-boyfriend, the true love of my life, and there on the ground was a feather. Next afternoon it was still there, but another had joined it. I’m not sure what all of it means but I’m praying for a reconciliation w/ my true love. He is truly the love of my life and we hurt each other and NEED to work past this.

    • How wonderful all your feathers! Have you tried talking to your Angels to learn what message they are sending?

      I started with automatic writing and still do it today. Sit quietly, and start writing what you hear. Just write and don’t judge. You will be surprised how easy it is!


    • rhonda- has there been a reconciliation as of yet? Hope the best for you!

  2. Om, would lights flickering be a sign an angel is here even though there is a massive wind storm outside? Cuz I sent my guardian angel a message saying I was terrified of the dark and would like a sign it’d be here for me if the power went out and suddenly the lights flickered but worse than they had before and twice in a row…I’m just curious if its a sign!! 😐

    • ABSOLUTELY!!! How wonderful. Keep talking and asking. The signs will come more and more.

      Most often when we are scared, we ask for signs. At that time they are much more easily seen, because we are so alert. Spend more time in the present moment. You can do this easily by focusing on your breath (stops your mind from racing through all your regular thoughts). Also when you choose to change your routine… take a new route to work… change your morning program… it makes you more aware of what is around you… and you are ready to receive signs.

      Blessings that the storm subsided and the Angels love flows in more freely,

  3. I Also Feel Angels like…its about to rain. Kind of some.. freshness after a heat still day. Sensation of water, cleaneniness around me as well as..i feel light hearated

  4. I’ve been kinda lonely for quite sometime.

    Not to long ago I decided that I wanted to ask this girl out on a date.

    Ever since then, her picture is always popping up on Facebook as “People you may know”.

    She is a Zumba instructor and Im always seeing advertisments or the word “Zumba” everywhere.

    Yesterday, I could have sworn I heard a voice. I wasn’t able to understand actual words, but I thought I heard a voice that didnt belong to anyone that lives in my house.

    Im not sure if it’s a coincidence or if Angels are trying to guide me in my love life.

    • Hi John,

      Not sure what is stopping you from asking her out, but it certainly is on your mind. Your thoughts are things. When you spend a great deal of time thinking of something, you will begin to see it everywhere. That is the nature of the universe. Have you ever bought a new car, and suddenly you see the same model everywhere? Same thing.

      With that being said, it does not mean that these are not signs also. You will have to do a little bit more internal investigation. It is wonderful you are starting to hear! Congratulations! This is truly exciting. To develop this skill, put aside time to be quiet and start to listen. Meditation is great for this, but if you are not comfortable with that right now, just sit. Focus on your heart… imagine circling your heart with white … and start to feel love in your chest. When you feel you have got a swelling of love… ask your questions. Wait for an answer.

      Sometimes answers come right away… you hear something, or you maybe see something… or even just know something. If the answer does not come right away, look for a sign. You will know when it is your sign. It could be a song lyric, or a street sign. I get feathers.

      Wonderful things are ahead for you. I look forward to hearing from you again.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  5. I forgot to mention that I have not asked her out on a date yet.

  6. What does it mean when you wake up from a deep sleep at the same time every night? I will feel as if I am not even on this earth
    sleeping so good and then (boom) I sit up and I am awake and must get out of bed at 4:37am – I am not used to getting up at this time, I dont work anywhere near this time. I once heard it was a sign that angels were present. I would like to know why at 4:37 am this happens???? I am a very spiritual person, I also keep asking my angels to appear to me- I tell them I would really like it and I wont be scared but they never appear, why? It seems to happen for everybody else but me. Kristina-

    • The Angels are definitely getting your attention. Be patient with yourself and know that waking you is really a great connection. Your Angels are able to connect with you now and the connection is going to grow. Doreen Virtues’ Angels Numbers 101 says, “437 – You are following your Divine Guidance accurately, and as a result, you’re on the right path.”

      I can appreciate your frustration, but keep up the great work!

  7. Oh my god this is the strangest thing! My nana, who was like my mother, died on tuesday as a result of a very long battle with alzheimer’s, and last night I woke up and 4:37, which is her actual birthday, it’s 4-4-1937, and I was scared because, i don’t know why,it was dark and the dark scares me, and i was thinking about it all day so i decided to look on the internet and i found this on here! So she must have visited me! I have been so upset about her passing but i feel she is here taking care of me! I am sooo happy, and it feels good to know she is ok…

  8. Do you really think it was her? DO think it was crazy that the girl two posts above me also woke up @ 4:37? I mean i am beyond ecstatic, but it just seems so strange. I totally believe in Angel’s and signs it just seems so unbelievable, but we were also very very close.

    • I agree with Stephanie. Finding this posts was no coincidence. There is no such thing. I have to admit, I was even pleasantly surprised in the synchronicity for you. The previous post only happened days ago.

      I have lost people very close to me, and received wonderful confirmations, too. Know she is with you. You are very blessed.


    • I live in South America.I wake up very often at the same time 4:37am.

  9. Wow… I think the synchronicity is amazing! This is truly a sign. You know it is true.

  10. I found a small fluffy White feather this morning on my red rug, no patio door open as it has not been opened since my dog was put to sleep in there on 10/3/11, he was 16.5 years old and i am deeply distressed and can’t cope.
    I feel quilty for letting him go even though it was nessasary. I have tried to contact my dad, but nothing for 15 years, now this feather x

    • Maggie,

      Welcome. You most certainly have found the right place. Your feather was a divine gift.

      I am sending blessings of compassion to you. I understand how difficult it is to grieve. At the age of 13, my Matina was hurting and needed to be carried. My darling friend no longer was able to do the things she loved, as much as she wished she could. She began to fall regularly, and I knew it was time. It was certainly one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. There are many who know how you feel.

      Allow yourself to grieve. Don’t hold it in, and most certainly, don’t give yourself a deadline when you think you should be able to move on. Everyone grieves differently. People who have never loved a pet can not understand the unconditional love you have lost. I know.

      The Angels hear your pain. They would like to help you. Please invite them to comfort you, and give you ways to heal. Then, do whatever you feel you need to do to continue the process.

      This is what I did. I collected all the photos and made a movie: from puppy to right before the last day. It was painful, but really allowed me to cry… really cry. I cried until my tear ducts dried up. Then I wrote a letter saying thank you. I tried to remember all the memories. She helped me raise my children. We were truly blessed. We buried her in her ashes in her favorite spot in the yard. When we buried her, we had a funeral ceremony and we all cried. She was a part of our family.

      I do believe you will get through this. The Angels are at your side, and so is the spirit of your dog. They love you and are always with you. The feather you received today was Sign from Above. You do not need to heal alone. Believe and surrender, the Angels will take it from there.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

      PS. Thank you for bringing Matina back into my life. It was wonderful to think about her again. You just gave me a wonderful gift.

  11. Thank you, I have loads of pictures I will have ago, but ive not had his ashes back yet, thats another hurdle i need to deal with. I would like some help with all that, but i have not very successful contacting the past, I have been to many medium live events, came close when all the right info was mentioned, however a lady beside me insisted it was for her even though the medium said no, I knew it was for me, but did not want to burst her bubble.

    Prince was very special, was the eldest of my brood, cared for me when my hubby was serving, laid by my side whilst poorly and shadowed my every move. I have had my heart ripped from inside and I don’t know how it will ever repair itself. Silly, but it’s how I feel. Xxx

    • I totally understand how you feel. I am hearing you will heal with time.

      I am not a medium, but my husband and most of my friends are. I have learned a lot from them. One thing I do know, is spirit can piggy-back messages. That message was most certainly for you. You knew it. Two spirits can come through together, especially if they have lots of similarities.

      I also know that if they were quiet, or not wanting a lot of attention in life, they are like that on the other side. You can ask your Dad to come for you. Ask for a sign. This seems to be easier for them. It will come, just make sure you stay in the present. When you get all caught up in your head (about everyday stuff) you miss the signs. Don’t be alarmed about it… they will keep trying.

      I also know, your pets don’t go too far. I can feel my dogs at my feet sometimes. It is comforting, and still brings tears. The tears are not sadness, it is love. When I think of them, I get filled with pure love. My heart opens and tears come. This may happen for you too. It is a nice shift from grief, and you might not even realize you have made the transition.

      I would love to hear what signs you receive from your Dad, and even Prince. Keep in touch.

  12. What if you hear angels singing for about 5 seconds? I heard lovely music, but when I realized there was nothing connected to singing on the tv, the first thing that came to mind was angels. What could this mean?

  13. Hello,
    I’m just having the strangest time lately. I had a psychic stop me in the street and tell me that I should contact my angel, and that I should go to a spiritualist church, she also Said I was an angel? do you have any idea what that would mean? as a friend dragged me along to another psychic who said the exact same thing. She said I really should pray to them, and that I should become a psychic- I would have no idea how you go about that, as I thought you were born with it,

    My sign which I’m trying to interpret, is that I still have feelings for an ex who wouldn’t settle down, I don’t speak to him, have contact or anything. My friend has been feeling down so I was talking about him this morning giving him advice about no contact and saying that I’d never truly gotten over it even though not speaking has helped. Drove home, and when I got home I was in the middle of looking for a job because I’m thinking of moving (having no reason to stay here) was thinking about what I was doing and nothing else. Suddenly all I could smell was him,like I was sat in his house, it was so odd it lasted for so long I had to go have a bath.

    Because it spurred me to think about him, I thought Id be nosey and see what he was up to on facebook and he’d changed his relationship status around the same time. That really creeped me out. What message would you take from that?

    I often think about people and see them, it just was so odd that the smell was so over powering it made me feel dizzy


    • Samantha,


      Welcome to the spirit world! It seems you are more psychically open than you think. People can experience the spirit world in many ways, they are called “The Clairs”: Here is a list and explanation of them all Seems like you just experienced:

      CLAIRSCENT – Clairscent (clear smelling) – To smell a fragrance/odor of substance or food which is not in one’s surroundings. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space.

      Angels are wonderful, and I welcome you to the community. Each person has a different connection to spirit. Some are shaman, mediums, christians, buddists, etc … and it seems you can easily connect through Angels.

      There are many good books to help you connect with Angels. I list a few that were very helpful to me here Feel free to write again with questions. I would love to share what I have learned.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  14. hi ,On many a time i am thinking of my mum an dad a white feather has appeared just

    when i am feeling low or need to make decision, i went to put flowers on the grave on

    dads birthday an at the side was a shiney black feather ? i was quite worried , now

    just a few days later i found another Black feather on my path ? is there a meaning ?


    • Pat,

      Do not be fearful. Angels come to us with love. As I think of your feather now, I think of strength and courage. I feel Arch Angel Michael with you giving you additional strength.

      Often when Angels try to reach us, and we are not paying attention, they need to step it up a notch. This message came to you loud! They wanted to make sure you know they are with you. Call on their assistance, and they can help more.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Many people write about receiving black feathers and question message of them. Love is always the message from the Angels.


    • I once saw an angel at a Catholic Church. It was very bright white. It was coming down slowly. It’s strange because I didn’t get scared or made a big deal about neither. I just felt safe. There were many people but I didn’t see anyone else looking at it.

  15. Hello,
    I have been having some strange happenings lately, I have been asking my angels for help regarding my boyfriend and I. We are hoping he gets this particular job in a particular city so that we can finally be together. The other day as I was driving I asked my angels to please help us and I felt this definite flick on my forehead, not hard, just playful and attention grabbing. I look around startled and realized nothing was there. I laughed out loud for some reason and felt very warm and reassured. Then the other day I was driving yet again and asked again and I felt something cold on my arm. I looked down and there was a tiny piece of ice on my forearm. It melted quickly and I looked around to see what it could have been from. The temp gage in my van said it was 30 degrees outside and there were no cars around? I am hoping these are good signs and not negative ones. I find them both a bit humorous and I tend to be a bit of a silly person myself. I suppose that my angels could be a bit silly as well. My daughter is 7 and she says she sees angels in the clouds all the time and whenever she thinks of her great Grandmother who passed two years ago is when she sees them. I really hope these are all as wonderful signs as I believe them to be. My daughter is my angel.

    • Hello Kelli,

      I often feel the brush of spirit too. It is a sensitive person who can feel the gentle touches. Are you an empath?
      Spirit is certainly try to get your attention! How wonderful. Angels are happy, playful and fun.
      Your daughter is certainly fortunate to see Angels already. Her life will have so much more guidance if she chooses to pay attention.
      Please write back with additional Angel adventures. I do believe this is just the beginning for both of you!


  16. Hi Karen,

    Reading about the feathers is quite intriguing and educational.

    I gave my notice at my place of employment to start my own business full-time. This past weekend, while riding my horse on gamelands, which we often do, I came upon a beautiful flawless large turkey feather right in the middle of the path. In all my time riding on random trails I have never seen one like this. Well, as I admired it my horse and I kept walking past. About 30 feet away, I felt this strong internal pull to go back to the feather. At about 50 feet, I had to stop and turn around to get the feather – I just couldn’t keep going. When I approached it, I dismounted, and asked permission to pick it up. I then felt like it was suppose to be for me. I made an offering, and said thank you as I gentle picked it up.

    I have been continuously drawn to it since. Would you let me know if you think this was some sort of sign, and what it might possibly mean?

    Thank you, and many blessings!!

    • Dear Michelle,

      Congratulations on your new adventure. Signs come to us in so many ways. How wonderful when we notice them!

      Yes, this feather was most certainly a sign for you. How do I know? Because you know. Others on the journey with you might not recognize the magic in your feather. It was not meant for them.

      My suggestion to finding the meaning in your feather, would be to sit with it regularly. The true meaning will come to you. For now it has filled you with the excitement of the mysteries of the Universe. It would be advantageous for you to stay connected to the Angels and their signs. You will find many synchronicities begin.

      The message I am feeling from the feather… and the truth is this feather is magical… is this: As you move forward in your journey, stay aware. Don’t become so focused that you don’t see the signs. You may also find that you feel like you are going backwards, but what you receive from your stopping and going back will be immeasurable. Life is not a straight line. It is an every twining journey, and sometimes it is wonderful to just take a moment to twirl around and see what you have passed. Gather up your riches and continue on this wonderful road.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  17. 3weeks ago today our lovely 2yr old yorkie was hit by a car & died =( I am having a very hard time accepting that she is no longer here. Ever since the tragic, sudden accident I have been wanting/asking for a sign that she is ok & still around us. Is it possible that she can be an angel and send me that sign?

    • Dear Lopez,

      My sympathies. I just buried my dog in the garden this past weekend. I can appreciate your loss.

      Your dog’s energy will remain with you, but she will not be an Angel. Angels are Angels. They are completely different beings.

      It is very possible that your next dog will have the energy of this dog. And then, of course she will grow into her new self. That exact thing happened to us. We got Patriot as a puppy, and Matina, our older dog was not pleased. After years of torment by a young puppy, she passed away. A few years later we brought home Sedona. She has all the same mannerisms as Matina – even sleeps in the same places in the house. This time Sedona was able to give Patriot a hard time. Karma.

      I can feel Patriot’s energy with me. Sometimes I can feel him at my feet. Be still, this can happen for you. If it is difficult for you, ask the Angels to send you a sign that your dog is with you. A feather is my favorite sign, but you can choose your own. It could be a lyric to a song, or a sign on the street.

      Thank you for your post. Great question!

      Blessings to you and all you do,

      • Dear kborga I am young and I truly care about my childhood bestfriend, I’ve known him now for years aND I was thinking about him one night and started to cry, I was laying on my bed, as I looked at my pillow I saw that my tear drops were in the shape of a heart. Do you think this is the angels telling me something??

  18. Hi Karen.
    Thank you for your input, as it means a lot. I will sit with my feather and be still knowing that it’s meaning will come to me and propel me to move towards my purpose. I love getting signs, although I don’t always know what they mean until I’m suppose to at just the right moment.
    Again, I thank you and appreciate your sharing your knowledge.
    May your life be filled with many blessings!

  19. It has been 6 years since my dad passed away but yet I’m constantly talking to him and he is always in my thoughts. I dont know why everytime I see a butterfly flying around me I think of my dad. Two days ago , while I was putting my 2 daughters to sleep, I started looking at the butterfly mobile they have in their bedroom hunging from the ceiling. The A/C was off so the butterflies were not moving AT ALL. All of a sudden I satarted talking to dad, telling him how much I missed him, that I knew he was always around us, and with excitement, nervousness, and sadness I asked him to give me a sign that he was there with me at that very moment… in less than 10 seconds (WITH NO AIR CONDITIONING ON) the butterflies on the mobile started moving around like if someone was blowing them from below. I want to belive it was a sign from him….. just wanted to share my story as I feel so blessed this had happend to me. 🙂

    • Dear Marcela,

      Thank you for sharing your story. Messages from our deceased loved ones are certainly a divine blessing. Butterflies are a wonderful message too. They also mean transformation, changing into a new you. Your father has transformed, and I also feel that you are in a process of changing. Know your father and your Angels are with you and deeply love you.

      Blessings to you,

  20. I’ve been wondering on where I want to move out of the USA, and I have been asking people where to move. All of a sudden, I keep seeing one country name all over the place and it feels like I’m going crazy. I have also been hearing whispers in my head that I cannot understand.

    • Seems like spirit is trying to answer your question! Tuning into hearing spirit is like tuning a radio station… tell them that you aren’t getting good reception. You can actually visualize a dial, and in your mind try turning it until the clear reception comes in.
      ~ Karen

  21. Hi Karen!

    This “angel world” that is so new to me has been making so much sense and has given me so much strength and a feeling of comfort with me and the world.
    2 weeks ago, I decided to swich my daughters’ room and the playroom. When my husband and I lifted the first mattress to disassemble the bed everything was normal, we did not see anything unsusual. But when we lifted my other daughter’s mattress we found at least 100 small feathers on the bedskirt fabric over the wooden slats. I was SO HAPPY to find them and it gave me such a nice feeling!! I do not know what could this mean but it made my day!! 🙂
    I find feathers constantly around me but I do not know what can they mean, how can I have that sensibility to understand their meaning?

    You are my everyday insipration!!!

    Blessings your way!!


  22. Hi,
    there are a few things that seem to be abit of a coindicence.
    For instance I always look at the time at a 17:03 unintentionally, which is also my birthday 17th march. Not only that but my mother had repetitive dreams years before I was born about my birth. Also, on my day of birth my grandma (mothers mum) was up all night worring about my mum and me but at exactly 5 in the morning my grandad said you suddenly stopped and declared we were ok and went to bed. I was born at 5:01am. What does this all mean?

    • Hi JoJo,

      Oh my goodness, yes. So many things were mentioned in your message. Angels and past loved ones come in our dreams. I often have dreams that come true, or wake with a sense of knowing.

      Numbers are another way of Angels to contact us. Birthdays are very typical, because it is a pattern we recognize those easily. When you these numbers on a clock or sign, take a moment to notice what you are doing or thinking. You should feel comfort in it.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  23. The white feathers!! I have been asking my psychic friend for guidance and she felt a strong pull towards a guy I work with (she is in USA, I’m in UK) and she pictured this guy and had a dream of his name on a baby blue cake, a week prior to the reading. When I did show her a photo of him, she said she couldn’t stop smiling and she saw us together holding hands, etc…..everytme I think of him as i walk along the path to work (he doesn’t work there every day) but when I am working withhim I see a row of whit feathers going up to the main door. I also asked my grandparents to give me a sign when at their grave, I stood and saw 2 graves virtually opposite theirs, one with his first name on and the one next to it had his middle name on. I’ve never ever noticed these graves even though they have been their the whole time. They were also there, the same year he moved to the UK. Is that a sign too?? I smelt his aftershave the other day when he wasn’t even there, would that be a sign too??
    I have also noticed when he’s not there, one song comes on the radio – La Isla Bonita (the song has a line in it – Spanish lullaby)….this guy is Spanish too – I hadn’t heard the song for years until I started having feelings for him.

    • Annie,

      You are certainly seeing signs. Angels can give us signs using all our senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and our intuition. You are receiving your signs using most of these! Congratulations on being so aware.

      Blessings to you and your wonderful future!

  24. Thanks Karen, does that mean he is meant to be the one?? Today I saw about 20 feathers after I asked the angels to show me a sign he is falling for me too. Today I smelt him again and he wasn’t there, quick wafts but then one long smell of him and a few seconds later he called on the work phone!! I had a dream last night too where a voice told me “you are spritually connected to him” what does that mean??

  25. Annie,

    The Angels will bring to you what you ask for… What I see, you are manifesting with great power in this relationship, and it will happen if all things remain the same. But I see that you don’t know who he really is, and there will come a time when you will want your freedom. I can’t say if this separation is in months or years.

    My advice is to go into this relationship with magnifying lens instead of rose colored glasses. I have manifested relationships only to find out I spent so much time trying to get someone, and really didn’t know who they were when I got them. And then, the fit wasn’t right. It is no coincidence that you are asking me for advice … and I have experienced this exact thing.

    Just take your time … you are a powerful manifester. I know you are choosing to go forward with him … so take it slow. The Angels always give advice with your well-being in mind. And anything can change … so take your time and remain who you are. You have free will to make anything come true.

    Blessings to you,

    PS… do you work on your manifesting? It is quite impressive.

  26. No I don’t work on the manifesting, how do I go about it?
    I found out today he loves working with me as he told another colleague and everyone at work has noticed that he is always in a very bad mood when I’m not at work or not working with him!!

  27. Manifesting is the Law of Attraction… or the Secret, both of which are titles of books.

    To begin to manifest… you desire something very strongly. You desire it with your heart… you believe it can be yours … and then you let go, and let it come. That is it in a nut shell, but it takes some practice. This time you were able to do with ease.

    I highly recommend learning more about Manifesting. Esther and Jerry Hicks have a great book called the Law of Attraction … you can borrow the movie the Secret from library… there is a book with the title too… I actually got the audio from my library.

    I use manifestation all them time! We all do, as you will learn. It is something everyone should try to master. It certainly makes life fun. There is an other movie that might interest you… it is called What the Bleep?

    Blessings to you and your budding romance. New love is so much fun!
    ~ Karen

  28. I have seen angels my whole life. One time in human form as a beautiful woman in a blue dress and wings -she was floating in the air and told me not to be afraid. I see angels as misty colors in my bedroom when I go to sleep. There is a huge angel that stands by my front door. Angels are everywhere and if you want to connect to them all you have to do is have loving thoughts in your heart and they will be there. All you have to do is ask for their help and they will be there. Never doubt they are sent to protect you and know that we are surrounded by angels all of the time. That is a universal truth.

  29. Well, I did ask for a sign he liked me and with the feathers. Yesterday, I was told by a colleague that he was talking about me and said he loved working with me and I was his favourite. Everyone at work has noticed that when I don’t work with him orI’m off on holiday, he is always in a bad mood, snapping at everyone.

  30. Morning Annie,

    So happy about your new romance. Keep an open eye along with your heart. I would much prefer my would-be love to be happily dreaming of me, filled with love in heart when we were apart. Bad moods and snapping are not always the best qualities in a person when they are not getting what they want. Enjoy the feeling and every moment of your romance. Please remember he would be fortunate to be dating you… you are the catch!

    ~ Karen

    • I thought the same way Karen, when I read Annie’s story. It seems to me the more Annie thinks and obsesses about this man, the more she draws him toward her. She is making this all happen herself and if he’s “snapping” at people (ala,not being respectful),then Annie may be pulling in. Maybe a lesson learned, or will learn things out of this relationship, that may happen, probably:( But then again, this is our school and we are here to learn, and maybe that’s why she is so attracted to him, he will be a learning tool for her;) x

  31. Thank you Karen, he is nice as a whole but when he clearly doesn’t like me not being around though. He is usually laid back and carefree but I must trigger something off. I looked into auras too and I see yellow. I have had the same smell of him again yesterday, I saw his first name stand out in a rack of cd’s in a shop, the same song playing in the shop and I smelt his scent again. We shall see but I take your advice well, thank you xx

  32. OMG! I am trying to figure out where to start! Yesterday I was googling about the fact that I had seen a black shadow go by my face and the meaning when I found this website. I was reading the fantastic stories as I have been calling for signs from my angels. I am going through a very terrible time in my life, the big D word. When I went home yesterday after reading these stories, I found a black feather on my doorstep. I picked it up and smiled. “ok” I thought to myself “I guess ya’ll are around. I went to my son’s ballgame and was walking on the sidewalk when out of the sky a gray feather floated in front of my face. Then when I was handing out snacks after the game, one of the boys on my son’s team walked up with a white feather. Today my heart is filled with so much joy! I know my angels are here guiding me and protecting me and I have so much peace! The Lord is so amazing!

  33. Can you tell me the difference between angels and ghosts? My son passed away two years ago and all these signs I always believe to be him.

    • Dear Anne,

      Many people claim that their loved ones use feathers as signs like the Angels. You know deep in your heart who is sending you these messages. Find comfort in them and know you are blessed.

      ~ Karen

  34. Hiya!

    I just started to reach out to angels for signs and confirmation. I don’t know if i am asking the right way or if there is a right way. I ask if I am onthe right path with my ex…now I have been receiving. I see his birthday pop up all the time. I wake up to it…last night i just happen to glance over at my phone to check the time and there it was. He is the lil dilema. His birhtday is September 11. So it comes up as 9:11 or 911. Is this a confirmation tha I am on the right path…oooorrr…are they telling to to run..get out…haha…emergency. I believe I am over thinking this way too much.


    Thank you!!!

    • Angels use numbers to communicate with us. Doreen Virtue has a great book that gives the numbers and what the Angels are telling us.

      911: It’s very important that you keep a positive mind-set concerning your spiritually based career ideas. Positive thoughts are your most important asset right now.

      So, be positive in what you are working towards. Remember the Angels are with you, and ask them to make the signs clearer for you. They can do that. The signs they use are based off our life experiences. So, when you receive a sign as yourself what does it mean to me. 911 could mean different things to different people. The message came to you. What does your heart tell you?

      ~ Karen
      P.S. If you are interested, sells Doreen’s “Angel Numbers 101” book here

  35. Hi Karen,

    Ocassionally I smell my exs colone whenever I think about him. But it’s not like everyday. I dream about him alot but not everyday. And also I recieve black and gray feathers (sometimes). What do you think those things mean? I hope the feathers are good signs.

    • Hi Gabby,
      You have clairalience (smelling). I experience this occasionally, but it is not my strongest gift. Definitely work with your Angels to develop your talents. You will be able to smell what is going on (nice). Working with Angels at this level will require you to get some symbols to work with. Example, when I smell roses it reminds me of my Great Grandmother, so I would know that someone’s grandmother was around them. You can tell your Angels what smells you would like to mean what … say, cookies means that someone should become more child-like, they take things too seriously.

      As for your feathers, of course they are a good sign. Angels presence is always a good sign. They want you to know they are there supporting you, and want you to ask for their assistance. Its nice to have a divine army at your side.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  36. Sometimes you just know when someone spiritual is around you. I started sensing things in 2004 when triple numbers appeared constantly and everywhere.

    I have hands that appeared on my wall next to a crucifix on August 26, 2010. Yes, this sounds crazy but it is true and a very long story. I would say they are about 1/3 bigger than normal hands and appear shadowy. During the day they almost disappear but at night they are very apparent.

    I tried contacting a Catholic University because I am a sceptic and wanted someone elses opinion. I was told to paint over the hands – and if they were put there by someone special they would come back.

    The hands have remained on the wall. I am not painting over them. They sent a chill up my spine when I first saw them but now they are just a great comfort.

  37. I am a true beleaver in angels and the afterlife. I often ask deceased relatives that have passed to give me a sign they are around, particularly one of my grandparents.

    I gave birth to twins a year ago and ever since they came into our life I believe I have an angel, in particular one of my grandparents that have passed, that pays a visit. One night (in the middle of the night) I was awaken by music playing, it took me a while to figure out where it was coming from when I finally figured it out, it was coming from our living room and it was coming from one of our childrens toys that had been shut off. It just randomly started playing on it’s own. About two hours later I was awakened again by a noice of somthing falling in our bedroom, when I investigated what it was it was two DVD cases that fell off a shelf to the floor.

    Last night when I was putting the children to bed I could faintly smell cigarette smoke in my children’s room. My grandmother whom I think is visiting use to smoke.

    Could this perhaps be her paying us a visit?

    • Dear Adele,

      Yes, this indeed could be your Grandmother. How wonderful that she is able to through with physical manifestations such as these.

      I would also like to say, because you are so receptive to these signs I would consider developing your skills. Being able to smell spirit messages is a gift.


  38. Hi,

    I wonder if someone can tell me what this means: The last year I have seen a lot of signs, especially numbers on car plates. Some days it is quite overwhelming. They are especially about a certain woman that I fancy, but she is so nervous around me it is impossible to communicate. I have tried to invite her out, but she seems uttainable. But the signs go on. I get reminded of her all the time. She is 13 years younger than me, but it seem like we are meant to meet, and that seems important somehow. It started a year ago as I prayed:if she is meant to be in my life, then give me a sign. The car right in front of me had the number AS26391. AS is my initials, 26 her age, 39 my age and 1 is – well one. Since that, I have seen signs all the time, more and more, and now it is like raining down. As she turned 27 and I 40 I saw 2740 all the time, just an example – one day as I went out of my house, I prayed, well if this is no coincidence, give me that 2740 sign, and the first car I saw had 2740 on it. This is just an example, its happening daily.

    I see feathers everywhere, and other signs, like butterflies and rainbow occurs out of nowhere, but this number thing is especially overwhelming. Cars parked outside my job with 27, yes27 and 2728 (she soon turns 28). Just an example – as I went for lunch two days ago I was counting exact years and months and days the difference our age, and the first car had exact that number on it (in my country we have two letters and five numbers on lisence plates). Its just miraculous and I wonder, what is the message here?

    I kind of have a crush on her, that might explain some, but not this amount. I would be happy if someone told me I am not crazy, I have wondered about that. Maybe this is not about her after all, and I am not getting the message?

    • Dear Allan,

      I do believe the Law of Attraction has a lot to do with the quantity of numbers appearing for you. The Angels and the Universe want to bring everything you ask. It seems as though you are asking for combinations of numbers to make you think of this woman.

      Truly if want to manifest more of this woman in your life, release the desire. I know it sounds simpler than it really is, but this is the way manifesting happens. You must release what you desire and know that it will come with the assistance of the Angels.

      The Angels have suggested that you spend sometime focusing on yourself. They are showing me healthy eating and exercise. If this is something you do already or not, it will benefit you but also has great potential to increase your manifesting of your relationship. They are also suggesting meditation or at least sitting quietly to clear your mind and be in the present. Our cluttered mind is manifesting on default, and not what we really want it to. These things will help you see how amazing you are, and when you can see the greatness in yourself, so can others.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

  39. Hi Everyone,
    I am new to this site, but I have had a few different things happen to me when it comes to Angels.
    Lately I have seen so many white Feathers come across my face, so many have been little and some big. I ignored it at the time, but when I look back I seemed to have been seeing them a lot this week. I thought maybe the feathers were from our Down Comforter, but they always fly right by my face when I am not in bed. Anybody else have this expierence?
    Also when I am watching Teachings on Gods Word on T.V I tend to notice a lot of white sparks of light in the corners that come and go. I figure this could be some angels that are hearing Gods Word and responding to it. It would make sense since they hark to Gods word and would be around. Anybody else see these white sparks of light? Would love to hear others stories and comments.
    Have a Great Day!
    God Bless you all! 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,

      I receive feathers everywhere… big ones, little ones, all colors … often. I try to catch the little teeny ones that float down in front of my while I am working, because they get sucked into the laptop. And the white sparks in corners of your eyes is definitely Angels!

      Try asking them for some confirmation. They love to communicate with you knowing that you know they are there.


      • Hi Karen,
        Thanks for your reply!
        Wow how neat about the sparks of light that I see in the corners of my house. I thought it was just my eyes, Is this there way of showing me they are around? Are they trying to tell me somthing? I have lots of faith in the unseen and in God, so could it be because of this that I am able to see them more? When I ask others if they are able to see this they say no. I am just curious if the stronger your faith is and belief in the unseen are, does it make you more likely to see into the Spritual realm where Angels are?
        Have a Great Day!
        Lisa Ghiglieri 🙂

        • Lisa,

          Being able to see and connect with Angels have everything to do with you and who you are. Angels are the loving energy of God. To be able to connect with them, in most cases, your vibration needs to match theirs. You vibrate at a higher frequency than most people around you, and it is time for you to KNOW that there is more than what we see around us. Your faith has everything to do with this also. Call the Angels to be with you. Ask for signs. The Angels are waiting to make a better connection.

          Blessings, Karen

  40. Hi, I just wanted to share with you how I met my boyfriend. I was in a restaurant and at the time I was going through a divorce. I walked by a table with two gentlemen sitting there eating dinner after their golf outting and I heard my name whispered into my ear 2 times as I walked by the table. I stopped immediately in my tracks, turned to the table and asked if they had just called my name. They both looked at me, chuckled and said “no” (nobody else was around and I thought I was perhaps going crazy…lol ) I apologized and explained that I heard my name being called and then I proceeded to walk away. The one guy asked me to come back, he asked me what my name was and I told him, he then said my name 2 times and we lauphed. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now and I’ve never been happier. We both say that angels guided me to him. I’m very spiritual and believe in signs and I truly believe an angel whispered in my ear so that I would stop. Oddly enough it was a woman’s voice and I believe it was my mother guiding me to him. He believes that as well. Listen to the signs…they are all around!

  41. Haven’t seen any feathers for a while but I did, the guy I have fallen for had a red puffy coat on and the feather was on his jacket, sticking out (from the padding but it was small white and fluffy, today I went to work again and 2 were on the doormat. Both the nights before I have asked for a sign from my angels/guides that he did love me and we’d been together then they appeared. Is this a sign they know he loves me too? I haven’t heard the “La Isla Bonita” song on the radio until yesterday either!! (He is Spanish and the line Spanish lullaby is in it) There are so many signs, including the two graves opposite my grandparents grave both have his first and middle names on, everything is Spanish orientated, etc….. he holds back behind everyone when we all leave work together and he smiles with a huge grin, even my mum has noticed he holds back from others and turns away from them to smile. Any insight into this??

  42. Good Day
    \my dad passed away 11.11.11 , and ever since I have been interested in Angels , Im a very scared person of being by myself , but I know im not alone , one day at work, there was a white butterfly that stayed on the glass door the whole day, and \I found a white feather in the cloakroom, I was very unhappy at work , and recently I had an oportunity to change to a better paying work ,Im still very scared as I am dealing with my dads estate, and my daughter got ill she suppressed her ilness and as a result she is very ill and developed an enlarged liver , I have been praying and asking the angels to protect and heal her , she went for test and they came back normal, but in the blood test it shows that she has had hepatitis , the recent test im still waiting for the results but i know that there will be nothing wrong, , \i am sure God has healed her , I thank God every morning for keeping us safe , and please to heal her , and thank him for sending his angels to protect us .

    • Gale,
      You have Angels working with you. Finding a white feather in a cloakroom has symbolism. When I think of the cloakroom, it is quiet and safe. In many aspects, you have found comfort in living in a closet-like setting. The Angels know. They know everything you think, they know who you are better than you do… and completely love you. The door is open to your closet, and it is important to know that your Angels are with you as you move forward. Take a few steps at a time. Keep yourself grounded by breathing steady.

      Meditation has incredible benefits. It removes the clutter in your brain that runs like a hamster on a wheel. This is also the place where we listen for the answers to our prayers. So many people pray, but listen for the answers. Have you tried to meditate? Sit quietly and just pay attention to the flow of your breath. When your mind is side tracked, bring it back to your breath. There are also some wonderful guided meditations available, maybe even at your library.

      Many blessings to you,

  43. Good afternoon , i lost my dad on the 11.11.11 and its been hard , it my daughter and myself alone in the house , i was not coping well financially ,my daughter has been very ill an she suppressed a very bad illness , now all the side effects are coming to afore , she is getting better day by day, but i too have asked for a sign , and yes i have found feathers under her car, when i told someone they say its because i got an african grey parrot, but i know for a fact the angels have been , i pray every night for God to send his angels to protect us , and in the morning , \i pray and thank him for sending his angels , and to keep my daughter and \i safe on the road .

  44. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for sharing such a comforting message.
    ~ Karen

  45. I had things happen throughout my life that I may have blocked out because I felt I was crazy and there are few people I shared it with throughout my life. Most were as a child, feeling something there, sometimes good and safe sometimes it filled me with fear. I heard my name called out of thin air before this happened. As I got older it came more in dreams like One was being asleep and a phone ringing (toy phone) I knew it was a dream and I knew a toy phone doesn’t ring (1986)even telling myself this is a dream I answered the phone and clear as can be heard my grandpa’s voice, he said ” Honey, just wanted to let you know I am ok, Aunt Betty (hs widow) is coming and Im in heaven” I woke up passing it off as a dream. I did ask my mom if she had spoken to Aunt Betty but never about the dream. That evening, mom’s step brother called and told her Aunt B had passed away. I knew then my granpa had been watching over me, because I was devestated for over a year over his battle with cancer and death.
    Again, in 1997 I had a vivid dream of my chldhood friend(VickiAustn) who bullied me and had a troubled childhood, I hadn’t thought about or seen her since we had our children and moved away from our chldhood homes. She appeared in a dream and was beautiful in white glowing and she was distraught and crying, she said “I am so sorry for all the mean things I did to you when we were kids, please forgive me and she and I cried. We talked and hugged. I got up and thought tht the only reason I had the dream was because I had brought up the memories with a friend days before Easter Weekend ( I had become a born again christian and we were talking about scriptures and our lives & my visiting the church and them that weekend.) I returned Monday AM and then home from work and recieved a phone call from my Aunt with a message from my mother that my friend Vicki or Valerie and her daughter (didnt have details was murdered by her boyfriend and was 9 mos pregnant)and they had just found her over the weekend.
    Throughout my life and more prodiminately after my son was born while living on the Caloosahatchee River in Ft Myers, I rented an older home. I would feel something sit at the foot of my bed most evenings being spiritual I felt it was Jesus looking after me. My son, who was 5 at the time would play in the yard and he would come inside often days and ask if I was calling him, I would ask what he was doing when he heard (because I did not call him) and he said he had snuckout to play and when he went by the dock and river I called him. I would come home from work and the radio would be blarring when it had been off. My light would turn on and once it happened when my son fell out of bed another when I left the oven on. I’d had met a man (I am now married to) and he was there for both incidents the lights came on and also felt th presence sitting down at my feet.
    This is where it gets crazier – I did not tell anyone about this stuff in detail again felt crazy … A friend of my husbands died (he often spoke of suicide) suddenly he was young. Fully alert and awake(but distraught with heartache over his passing) I heard his voice, felt his presence had conversations with him. One night I had feeling of heat rush up my legs (as if I had been sittng by fire coals) he asked me to help him get to the heavens before hell took him. I agreed because I felt I FAILED HIM. That night, there was a flash of light I had so many visions of things I understood as they happened that I was shown these things. Then we were in the heavens everyone I ever knew was there, I had to sneak him thru heavens back gate it was a ridiculous illusion/dream. But it showed me eternity and how long it is, the heavens, the spirits (pulsating stars) He disappeared and whatever continued was an evaluation and all these preminations that have come true, everybody was there and there were no human forms but I knew these ppl, it was an intense experience, even my bio dad whom I hadn’t seen since childhood was there under the stairway waiting for me. It left me paralized with fear (even as beautiful as it was)and when I awoke I was sure that I was coming unwillingly back to earth and no one would be there. . I don’t know if these are dreams or if I am being watched over, haunted or what it means. Everyone, who came to our home would also say they felt a presence in our home . Guests would ask if it was haunted,other guests would say they saw someone. I know someone prayed with me and over the home months afterwards and told me I can block these things so I guess I did because none of it has happened in five years now after exp them my whole life. What does it all mean?

    • Dear Kathryn,

      You are what people would call a medium. You hear and receive messages from dead people. There are so many mediums coming out of the proverbial closet these days. Yes, you can shut it off out of fear. It seems to me, that you have an amazing gift and would benefit yourself and many by developing it.

      It may be a bit of conflict with your religious practice, but you know these people came to you through love. Angels are Gods love too. Ask the Angels to help you learn to communicate with the spirit world more easily. Also ask them to cloak you in the white light of God’s Love. This will ensure you have wonderful, positive energies coming to you while you learn.

      What a fun journey you are beginning! Many blessings to you. This is a true talent that you have. Know this to be true.
      ~ Karen

  46. Clarification* it was in fact Vicki who was murdered along with her daughter and unborn child.

  47. Hi,

    Lately I’m in the midst of trying to end a friendship with my soulmate which he refuses to let go. Before he text me, I felt a sudden cold rush of air next to me and somehow I knew it was an entity standing next to me to tell me he/she is there for me. My gut feeling tells me it was an angel but when I was reading the article “Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You”, it says that you will feel sudden rush of warm air. So was it an angel or my spirit guide came to me earlier? Would you be able to share how can one feel the difference between angel and spirit guide trying to communicate with oneself?

    P.S By the way, the last two weeks an angel(s) has been trying to let me know his presence. I started to see coins at bus stop, or on the bus and one day a small little white feather with black colour at the tail end was found on my container of holy water. I silently asked for another sign to confirm that the feather was indeed from an angel. The next day I returned to work, I found my paper angel had fallen off the ledge of my desk to a pile of books (which has been sitting there all this while). That’s a confirmation!

    • Dear Jade,

      Congratulations on making the connection with your Angels. This article is actually by another author, but has such valuable information I wanted to include it in our blog.

      Very often a cold temperature change is associated with a deceased person. I would say that you have a loved one working closely with you too. Now that you have opened up to the spirit world, you can experience so many things you never dreamed possible.

      Angels are my favorite realm to work with … I have guides and loved ones (my parents) around me all the time, but I choose to work directly with the Angels. It is their energy that I choose to share and learn from.

      Consider trying to build another two way communication … meditating clears the mind for you to be able to hear, see, feel or know. This guidance, along with signs really makes miracles happen.

      Many Blessings,

  48. hi there everytime im sitting down or just watching tv or im on the computer i see a light spark of light sometimes just for a few seconds i see it often what does that really mean

    • These light sparks from the corners of your eyes are the beginning of seeing spirit. Your Angels work hard to get you to notice with signs, sparks, hearing. When you do receive communication make sure to acknowledge it. The Angels can do that again but more next time. I am grateful for all the signs I receive. Sparks are exciting … I remember when I first started seeing mine. Have fun with the Angels. They love being with you.
      ~ Karen

  49. Today I dont know but when im down , and feel depressed and cry we lost my mom in 2006 and my dad in november last year, , Everything seems to be going wrong the cars broke, the taps are leaking , the loo broke , I have got so much rubble in the back yard which my dad got someone to cut down trees and garden refuse , I dont know what or where to start, I have got another much more paying job, get home later , leave earlier , Im tired and I go home cook, clean then make food , lunches for the next day , \Im exhaused , then I have now got my mom in law starying there as well, she is now getting sickly , her children dont want her she is 80, and I feel its too soon if there is something very bad with her , i cant go through another death so soon, Please I need some sign that its going to be ok

    • Dear Gale,

      Use the Angels for assistance, they can make your life easier. Once you begin to rely on them you can relax a bit more yourself. You seem to be doing for everyone, and not doing for yourself. Life should not be all work and no play. I don’t care how much there is to do. The airlines tell you it is important to put the air mask on yourself first, and then on the passengers next to you. It is time to put on your air mask.

      The same time I received your email, I received one with this video. It is no coincidence (especially since there is no such thing).

      I want to share with you a period in my life … we were low on finances, and a contractor walked off the job leaving our roof exposed to the world for 8 days. It rained and destroyed our home. It was condemned. We tried living in hotel, but it was so far for my daughter’s school, and her friends. We parked my parent’s motorhome in the driveway, and lived in there. Then my father died unexpectly, and I could no longer live in the motorhome. I would look at the steerwheel, and miss him too much. Then my best friend, my Grandmother died. Seriously, losing so much was very hard for me to handle. It was in that chaos that I told God “I give up” … I can’t control what is going on anymore, and I don’t want to. I give it to you, and let go.

      My house was repaired, and I did enjoy having a new kitchen when it was finally done. I still miss my deceased loved ones, but that is part of life. What I am grateful for … is that it happened all at once. I know it sounds crazy, but if all this was meant to happen and of course that is the case … then let it all happen and get it over with. Why have it drag on for years and years. It was 1994 and I will always remember it as a year of loss. I am so happy it is only one year of loss, instead of three.

      I hope these messages inspire you. Ask the Angels for support, they are there waiting for permission. They have made such a difference in my life. I know they can do the same for you.

      ~ Karen

  50. Hi there yesterday my mom got a call from the doctors asking her to come in next week for some test results last night I found it hard to get to sleep with stressing about it just before I eventually dropped off I smelled a beautiful smell like flowers (can’t pinpoint what ones.) then I felt relaxed and fell straight to sleep does that mean I had an angel visit me and what was it trying to tell me

  51. I was on a railway walk at the weekend and a frend has emailed me some photos. In one photo there appears to be what looks like a very large white feather on my right shoulder. I know I didn’t have a feather there that it’s just in the photo. I have an old injury on that shoulder that bothers me but I can’t seem to find a cure for it. Would love to know the meaning of this.

    • Deidre, White Feathers are Angels calling cards. Believe is the message I am receiving for you.

      Today’s inspirational video was this. Believe in Angels, and believe in yourself.

      Louise Hay says the things in our life affect our body. This is what she says about shoulder pain.

      Shoulder Problems: Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Feeling like life is a burden.

      Ask the Angels to help you relieve your burdens, and live a life of peace. They are waiting to assist. Just ask.

      ~ Karen

  52. HI Karen,
    How do I find out who my spirit guides are? I’ve been told by a medium that I have 3. I think of at least 4 times in the last 4 years where I’ve been in near fatal accidents and walked away.
    One incident was while visiting my mother’s grave on Mother’s day. I had decided to leave my kids with their father and visit her alone. I had brought my dog and she started whimpering at the grave and pulling me away. I got into my car and exited the grave and stopped 4 feet before I was actually suppose to stop. A car came smashing into me at 80kmph and totalled my car but only left me with burns and scratches from the airbag deploying. The fire chief told me if I would have stopped where I was suppose too then I would have been T-boned and probably not have survived. I can’t help but always wonder why was my dog pulling me away and whimpering at the grave and what made me stop before the actual stop sign. Am I over thinking this?? Just not sure as my dog never whimpers and hasn’t since. Could dogs perhaps sense more at a grave?? Any answer would help right now. Thank you!

  53. I am so glad that I’ve stumbled onto the site, because I feel that there is an angel guiding my ten year old daughter. It is hard to explain — there have been so many synchronicities that has ruled out my skeptism. She is my third child whom I named after my deceased mother — I named her before she was born. She has so much in common with my mother as in hair and eye color and being left handed, being an natural born nature and animal lover. She isn’t that materialistic in relation to my other two children — it could also be that she was born and raised during an economic recessions and the other two during a huge financial boom.
    Other times I rationalize that my other children are indigo and she’s a crystal child to explain to myself the difference.

    P S I also had thought butterflies had some spiritual/angelic significance. I didn’t know about feathers.

  54. my husband passed away 11/11/11. since he passed away i hear a noise every morn. at exactly 6:27 comeing from the bed room like steps, i always got up early 4am.& around 6:15 to 6:30 i would turn the computer off & the radio on, to wake him up because his sister would call him between 6:30&7.& i want to think it is joe getting up but i have not been up the last 3 morn.& havent heard it.also i have a ten yr. oldgreat grand son that saw his papaw the first time he spent the night up here.which was 3 mo. ago,–he has saw people after they have passed away it started when he was about 3 yrs old. so i dont dought him seeing him. i am wondering if joe is still here,with me&why i havent heard the sound the last 3 morn.

  55. Hi.just wanted to say that when i was 16 i saw 4 devine figures in the clouds…they were wearing long robes and i remember one of them was in purple…I was afraid to tell anyone for fear that they would think i was crazy lol…I became a nurse and have also been told by spiritualists that i was psychic, but have never thought that i was, though i am very intuitive..Tonight my daughter took a picture of me in a restraunt and i am only slightly visible through the misty image and 3 small lights at the top left hand corner…can you explain what this could mean please…thankyou

    • Tiny lights are Angels … we can often see them in the corners of our eyes. This may very well be your sign to begin to develop your talents. 2012 is a time of awakening. Ask for another sign, you can be specific … a feather, a purple butterfly… whatever you decide, then be present so you can see the sign. It will appear. Then, a basic development book and/or class would be great for you. ~ Karen

      • thankyou so much for your reply….today i saw two beautiful white feathers about ten mins apart floating gently down very near me..i found it very comforting and really did take it as a sure sign…..i will take your advice and see what transpires,,,thankyou once more…i hope you are blessed in your life’s journey..anne

  56. I could generally do with some advice,
    I’m not having problems with angels or anything, but I could do with help on the meaning of my dream…
    It started off with me showing my mother a new high school, and it was snowing white feathers, then when we get home there’s a little kitten in the house, and all our cats are hunting it, so I’m in this snow storm of white feathers trying to save a kitten from cats… mind explaining?.

  57. Hell all! I didn’t stumble across this website by accident. I keep feeling a very warm (not bad) energy around next to the right side of my face near my ear. It’s so strange because I thought I was bugging out! But I still feel it!! Then I was just in the kitchen making something to eat everything was still and then something moved!!! Please help me before I get scared!!
    Thanx Britt

  58. Hi! Wow this is such an incredible site. I truly believe that I was meant to come here.
    Recently, I’ve been showing interest in angels,guardian angels to be exact, which is weird because I’ve never really showed much interest in angels, though I acknowledged their existance. Its almost like it just popped out of the blue.
    As I go about by day, I’ve been getting the sweet scent of vanilla, along with a feeling of a presence beside me. The presence usually feels like its on my right but sometimes they change places. This smell and presence usually lasts a long time around me, 30 minutes, sometimes even to an hour before they disappear.
    When I’m relaxing, like watching television,or reading, the presence appears again, sometimes its feels like they sitting beside me. I also get the feeling of a cold, fresh clean breeze brush past my face and arms, the presence at times feels like a chilling cold fresh wind. Sometimes, unexpectedly, the cold breeze would brush against my head, almost like someone is kissing my forehead tenderly. When I go to sleep at night, while I’m in bed, it feels like I’m not alone at times and then suddenly, a overwhelmingly warm breeze would brush against my cheek, like someone is caressing my cheek and again I sense that presence. Usually after I feel this presence, I fall asleep soon after. I’ve been sleeping peacefully since this presence has made an appearance in my life (which is odd because I suffer from bad sleep patterns and insomnia. I also suffer from fibromalgia). The vanilla scent is at times, overwhelming and other times, very subtle and light but it always seems to appear with this presence. I always appear to sense sincere love coming from this person and whenever they appear to me, I get this overwhelming feeling of warmth and love. The feeling gets stronger before I fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning but when I open my eyes, I see nobody. I also one night, half asleep, thought I heard the flapping of wings behind me but when I turned to see, I saw nothing.
    I decided to contact my guardian angel, who I call “Ralph” because after I asked my angel for their name, I’ve had strange conicedences with that name for a week. I’m still not to certain that that is my angels true name but when I ask them, I don’t get a response. I also asked my angel to send me feathers as a sign of their presence but they never did and I don’t understand why. I thought maybe they would send me another sign of their existance but they didnt.
    The only signs that I think I’ve gotten was one night I went into my bathroom and the light flicked. It never happened again. I was also listening to music one evening when I heard a voice in my head suddenly say “I’m here”. I immediately dismissed it as a random thought but when I did, minutes later, that vanilla scent appeared along with the “presence”.
    For a while, I couldn’t stop thinking about the lapis lazuli stone and I had no idea why. The stone was completely foreign to me as I felt no use for it. So, I decided to look it up on the internet and discovered that it was used to help connect with your guardian angels
    I tried to write letters and do meditation on connecting with my angel but I’m so awkward and bad at it that I just gave up. One day, I tried meditating and in the middle of it, I gave up saying that this was ridiculous and no use, and that I can’t do this. To my surprise, I thought I heard a voice in my head- laughing at me. Not laughing cruelly at me but instead, laughing almost affectionately at me, almost like I was funny and cute. The voice then said that I shouldn’t try to do things that other people do to connect to their angels. I should just be myself. Be me. The whole thing was very weird.
    What does all this mean? Am I imagining all this? Is this my guardian angel or something else? Why do they appear to me at random times without me calling them and stay for so long with me when they do? Why don’t they give me feathers or physical signs of their presence when I ask them? I’m so confused.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  59. Ok this is so weird! Im 10Weeks pregnant and i always have crazy dreams!! But lastnight was the worse i woke up to loud flapping sounds right in front of me!! It was so scary i literally jump up with a shocking feeling like omg did this really just happen to me? Did i really just hear that it sound like a huge bird flapping its wings right next to me i even felt the wind but no sign of any bird or anyone.. Its freaking me out can someone help me out on what this means? Thank you

  60. please answer my post. i dont hear the sound any more

  61. Hi
    I firmly believe in angels and talk to and ask for help of mine every day. Today something new happened to me, though. I was cutting my mom’s hair. Before I did that, I was cutting Dad’s hair in the exact place. However – when I was cutting Mom’s hair, I felt a drop of water fall on my shoulder. I thought it strange, and checked the ceiling – which was cork dry. (It’s summer in South Africa now.) I carried on, and then another one fell on my lower arm. I moved around Mom’s chair to carry on cutting, and another one fell on my upper arm. I showed Mom this every time. She said it was really odd. I then told her I was sure it was my gran – happy because I was cutting mom’s hair for her. My mom then told me perhaps, as she used to cut my gran’s hair like me. I believe it was my gran. :)I wonder though – why water, cause she has done similar things before – with the smell of roses (which she loved) and birds? Why water, today? <3

    • Hi Retha,
      Water is emotion. This emotion I really feel is like tears … tears of love. When that message came to me, I was covered with wonderful shivers of confirmation. Many blessings to you and your family ~ Karen

  62. hell0 i was reading your articles about the signs that angels give to people to let them know that they are around you. i had many things happen to me some times i could just be standing up in i would feel like somebody just touch me but” when i look nobody is around. in then at times i smell strange frangances, in it would feel like somebody is touching my hair but” again nobody is around me. and then one time i heard a real loud ringing in my ear. and then i remember looking at something saying angels would also give u signs by seeing white feathers…. and then 2 days later i was outside walking in then i happen to look down i spotted a black feather instead of a white feather. i get all of these signs but” it hard for me to really know that they are really around me or trying to tell me something. i wish i could get a really good sign to really let me know that they are around me. and i am afraid to see them so that why i think that why they having appear for me to see them with my own eyes. i think they know i am afraid of seeing them in i know they dont go against people free will unless the angels know that the person is really ready too see them with out being afraid. i want to know that they are really around me cause”it hard for me to believe it…. i want to know how can i be able to contact them with out being afraid of seeing or hearing them.

    • I have seen an Angel with my eyes open, and there is nothing … nothing to be afraid of. You are right in understanding they will not come to you unless you are ready. Keep asking for signs. Signs are amazing, and an incredible skill to master. Your Angels are always with you. Feel the truth in your heart, that is where the true knowing is.

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  63. I have been trying to contact my angels for more than six months. There is nothing more important for me at the moment. I have made some progress, but sometimes I feel like I’m stuck, or I might be doing something wrong, because for other people it seems so easy. Why is it do hard for me?

    • I went through the same thing… I don’t have to tell you how frustrating that was. The thing I had to learn was to stop trying so hard. I really didn’t understand that… and then that frustrated me. Just being is the way to go … I have a hard time doing that. Do you? You already receive messages and signs … this I hear. What do you want specifically? Ask the Angels to bring that tool to you … pick one .. focus on it. ~ Karen

  64. I really want to hear their guidance. What to do? I’ve been through a lot of traumatic events and I think I just closed up. I’ve asked them to peel me like an onion, or whatever they might think will work!
    Do you have any ideas? Can you see my angels? Sometimes when I pray I ask you in my prayer circle, with the idea that maybe you can give me some answers.

  65. I had to learn to love myself … and in doing so, I was able to have the confidence to know what I am hearing and knowing is true.

    I wanted and wanted to hear … Frank hears, and you can observe him say to his peeps … no make that clearer … it was up until we both went to a class and they taught hearing one day … Frank rocked it … and the next day, they taught images … I rocked that.

    You see, I am an artist and so I see. Frank hears. I always thought I wanted his gift … but now I know I love my gifts. Ask the Angels to show you the easiest way for you to communicate.

    I will try to do a video on this topic real soon. A lot of people have been asking. Make it fun … not stress. Stress and negative energy block your progress. Just be creative and see if you can channel some messages. That’s fun.

    Blessings ~ Karen

  66. Dear Karen,
    I have no money to travel and get classes to learn to hear my angels. What I have learned has been through books. Sometimes I find feathers but that is not very usual. I can see the different colors of some of the archangels. That is where I’m stuck!, I’m in so much need of your guidance! Could you help through telepathy? Please help me.
    Thanking you in advance,

  67. one i was on my early days of being homeless and i was getting ill. i was coughing so much i knew i was getting the flu and i looked up and this person was glowing in his eyes and around his head.. he offered me his new jacket to stay warm.. a day ill never forget.

  68. Ple=e=ease can I comment too?!

    the experiences I have had with angels. There are so many I doubt I will have time to find a place to submit them, but anyway here goes a try:

    I was in the room with my mother when before she died and she spoke to me about things i feel i’ll never remember, but a feather floated down to me -from nowhere. i began to grimace, she neither noticed me or the feather. I played around a little bit; following the feather before catching it, and it disappeared. I don’t remember (or know) if I was more enthralled by her not entreating me or by its disappearance. it was a very unusual experience even though i have had every open communication with my mom, more than anyone may imagine, as i am the youngest of a very old family.

  69. Daren, I also like what you wrote to Allan:), but i too see numbers in liscense plates. Once I thought a coincedence, but with a trained eye, I began to ask. I receive answers now with numbers and letters that are not expected but recieived.

  70. I felt my guardian Angel!!

    Yesterday i started meditating and i felt something on the side of my head, something like a drop gleiding of my head. And i asked my guardian angel i asked was that u touching my head and if it was you would you touch me again, then i felt a tikkelich feeling on my left hand and i asked again would you touch my hand again then i felt that tikkelich feeling on my right hand

    Haha i was so happy

  71. I work in a Long-term care facility as a therapist, and yesterday a patient with Alzheimer’s that I visit often, called me into her room. There she said “You have lights and angels all around you. I want you to have the life you are supposed to have, honey, and I would give it to you if I could. I love you so much” then she started talking nonsense again, which is her usual. I started crying and had to compose myself in the bathroom. Are these angels or God trying to send me a message through her?

    • Oh my gosh … Yes! What an incredible gift that woman was able to share with you. Now, ask the Angels to be part of your life. They need your permission. What a blessing ~ Karen

  72. SJ, Welcome to the World with Angels ~ Karen

  73. hi im new to this iwant to stsrt with that i do in angles and i have a strong faith . when me and my husband bought are second house . my kids when they were little saw thinds . i stsared to see tings too . it went on for years even hrard my hsomething crash when i was geeting dress i went to kitchen i was hearing metal falling but i look ever were no one was there . ilook out side and no one was there my husband and son were at work . any way alot of creepy stuff happen in that house . we moved to a new house 1n 205 we lived in this house for 8years . and nothing had happen for a year . one night i noticed in my bedroom a white light on my wall i was seeing from time to time . one night i was praying and it berst like a fire work and it was blue . then i was seeing more white lights in the house .resentley the whites have been coming in my kitchen me and my husband sitting in dark talking and they come but he always has his eyes close he rests with me in moring on the couch my eyes are always open . one moring we were in the kitchen and family room i had my rosary in my pocket and a big flash of light lit up my family room . and everytime i pray my rosery it lights up . are tose my signs from my angles
    april 9th213

  74. What is the correct way to ask for a sign?

    • Just ask. There is nothing special, except remember to say “Thank You.” I say thank you as soon as I ask, so I know it is done. Remember to believe it is possible. ~ Karen

  75. kind of strange a few days later i meet a man from the military online and his name is michael. strange right.

  76. i went though a horriffic attack and my attackers where not jailed and still continue to trouble me for the last 7yrs they wanted me dead long story i never did anythg to my attackers and last night about 7am in the morg an angel appeared in my dream and this warm feelin was aoround me and told me everythg will be okay also i was on the wrg train but this angel walked though the door of a movin train i said ur an angel arnt u and this warm presence was so comforting what would this mean

  77. Thank You Karen, I was needing that message you sent. Very, very grateful!

  78. dear karin,
    this month i had a fiew dreams that i realy remember wel

    mij first dream was about me talking to a litle girl and siting somewhere and at the same time there were withe feathers and pink petals falling from the sky

    the second dream was about me just coming out of the shower and standing in my room with a robe on but i noticed someone invisible was pulling it but i stayed calm and then when i wanted to change, my clothes were in front of me but when i turned they were gone and the clothes in my closet were moved

    the third dream was about me coming out of the shower and standing in my bathroom and at that time i heard a scary laugh at least i thought it was scary so i ran out

    what i am tring to ask is this my fantasy, an angel or maby a spirit or a gohst thats trying to contact me or a demon?

    because the last time i told you the story about me showering and seeing something in the mirror maby these are all conected with eachother?

  79. My mum died just under 6 weeks ago after a long fight against cancer.Today me and my cousin were up at her grave and a white feather appeared suddenly just next to her car. Is this a sign? Also there are times when there is a sudden temperature drop rather than a warm gust of air? Also sometimes there is this fragrance of the perfume my mum wore in a room and then it disappears again, Does this mean something?

    • All of these are signs! They are a message of love. You are very sensitive and are able to receive them. I would suggest you continue to work with your gifts. ~ Karen

  80. hya im chris. i lost my dad when was 18. was suspected suicide but never found the body. he suffered with huntintons decease. then 2 years later i was diagnosed with it to. then 3 years later my younger sister was diagnosed. now my younger brother is showing signs of illness to. i had the illness , for 12 years.. but hardly progressed for me as it should of.
    do many other human angels, so suffer from the same type of loss and suffering with in there family’s?

    • Yes, we are human. The amazing part of being a human Angel is the ability to heal. You have experienced that in your own life. Continue to work with the Angels for healing and perhaps you can heal many more too. I suffered with depression, that was the disease of my family. I was told if I healed myself, I could heal my daughter and the the ancestors who came before me. I did it for my daughter. I know she will not suffer the way the rest of us have because I learned about my emotions, what they mean, and how to react. I learned to love myself and she does too. ~ Karen

  81. glad to here your daughter is better now. yeh just need to stay on the same path. then one will day cure them. and others to. thanks for your comments. take care.
    chris x

  82. Hi,
    Just wondering about the smelling of certain scents/aromas. Ever since I can remember I will very rarely smell the scent of pipe tobacco. I think my great grandfather would smoke that but I never really met him (except when I was a baby), would this be him visiting me or my angels. The smell only lingers for a moment or two and then disappears. its a calming and comforting smell, but I will smell it in the weirdest places like walking down a driveway, in my house that we built, etc. places he never was and where no one smokes. Any help would be great!
    Thank you,

    • Ahhh… how wonderful. Your gift is that of smell.

      Clairalience means clear smelling.
      This is being able to smell odors that don’t have any kind of physical source. Instances of this could include smelling the perfume or the cigarette smoke of a deceased relative, used as a sign of their presence around us. When our sense of smell is strong and distinct, we may find that certain smells connect us to past memories or we may be drawn to working as a florist, a wine taster or a perfume fragrance creator.

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  83. I don’t know where to start, honestly I have never been a believe but I just don’t know what to think anymore. So I guess here goes; My mother passed away on April 30, 2013 in her sleep from a heart attack. She was visiting a friend of her in another state and had no family around her. It has been very hard on my sister brother. We are all grown with spouses and children of our own but she was all we really had as of family. On the 10th of this month she would have turned 50 and I have been having a very hard time with this and I can not accept the fact she is gone. A few nights ago i had a dream she was standing there in front of me looking so beautiful and big and dressed in all white. I am not saying she had wings but it was like there was this white glow or something like that. She made me feel like I was a child again by holding me in her arms tightly. I was crying and asking her why she left me and asking her to please visit me more in my dreams cause that is the only way I can see her. The only thing she said to me was she was ok and she loved me and everything will be alright. I woke up feeling like I just actually seen and talked to her it was so real. I guess I was wondering was that just my way of making myself feel better or was that really her?

  84. Hello
    Today whilst i was out shopping with my mum a small white feather floated past my face and landed on my shoulder, without thinking i brushed it away but it became tangled in my hair, my mum and me laughed and both agreed it was an angel visiting me.
    Life has not been great over the last 15 years and i had been thinking about all i had been through yesterday, and generally feeling a bit sorry for myself. I was quite low and felt lonely and wished that i could meet someone. Seeing the feather and laughing with my mum about it really lifted me. Is it a sign of anything.

    Thank you.

  85. Hi Angels, Thankyou for your beautiful gifts where I always found is 5 cent and white feathers sometimes colour feathers where Always go for a walk. I pick up things from An angels 🙂 I wondering what is that mean feathers and coins ?
    I am deaf but sometimes My ear feels and hear the words I received but what was it saying? I am trying really struggle to try to listen what the words was ?
    I often praying and talking to angels.
    And there is something I want to tell you last year Dec 23rd, 2012 at 11.15 pm I was lying down in my bed and wide awake lookout the wooden ceiling and I sudden and I smile at so beautiful tiny sparkle moving stars so slow and then it saw me and went gone so fast. What was ? I think is it my guardian archangel angel. I still can’t believe what I I saw and I still so happy and change life by the beautiful angel aura crystal sparkling star so beautiful.
    Can you specific what the message means please. Thankyou Angel .
    Raelyn Watson.

    • Raelyn,

      Feathers and coins are “hellos” from our Angels. They want you to know they are there. They can also be a sign as an answer to a question. Ask the Angels to make their messages clearer. They will do it.

      I have also experienced seeing an Angelic Presence, it is something I will remember forever too.

      ~ Karen

  86. Dear Angel Karen borga , Thankyou for sending me your message from the Angels message to me . I have gave my question to my angels already and I talk to angels every day everywhere When I need to talk to beautiful Angels.
    Thankyou for read my message 🙂
    God bless you and Angel proud of you forever.
    Love Angel Raelyn ♡

  87. yes ibeen seeing my angles and reciveing white feathers from time to time I can see them they been coming to my house since last year now this month they been leaving me letter messages on the wall in living room and they came from augest 13 to the 20 of this month I don’t know what they are trying to tell me . and this happens in the moring at it is always seven 7.oo or 7. 15 I love you angel website Karen keep up the good work you do god bless I have many angels that come from two to 8 or more . god bless Christine

  88. Hi Karen, Thank you for your knowledge regarding angels and their signs. I started receiving angel numbers a few months back, not realizing what they were until I decided to just google one of the numbers to see what it meant.

    That’s when I started coming across these sites dealing with angel numbers. Now I see them on a daily basis, but that’s about it. I’m not getting anything other than the numbers.

    I have had a gift of dreams since I was a child, telepathy is starting to play a major role and now the numbers. But for the last two years, my daughter and I have been struggling significantly. The numbers seem to say that things are changing (555), you’re on the right path (222), the archangels are with you (333). But nothing has changed, financially its a basket case and I’m trying to keep my spirits up.

    My questions is when you see these signs, doesn’t it usually mean something good is about to happen? or is it just messages? I’ve asked the angels for help and to show me clearly.

    I’m still waiting. Most graciously

  89. I broke up with my boyfriend with whom I started for 3.5 years on July 31st. Then at first I found a black feather in my house then 2 weeks later I was walking back from school and 3 lingered kind of in front of me and landed in a row. I also have been seeing same numbers like 4444 with times and plate numbers. At one point I asked if we were to get back together let me see a yellow color car, now I started to see 5 to 6 yellow cars almost everyday where I go. Any ideas about what is going on with me or have I officially lost my mind!

  90. Hi! I wrote down a letter to my gurdian angel a while ago saying to give me a sign that he/she is with me, and I went with my mom to fetch my sister, and I saw a store named “Angel’s store”. Does that mean anything?

  91. hi Karen what does it mean when angles leave messages on wall letters and they leave a number 11. 11 or 11 .1 on my wall are they trying to tell me something .

    • Chris, 11:11 and the like is a sign of awakening. The Angels are getting your attention, and want you to know it is a good time to start working together. I received my awakening message the same way. ~ Karen

  92. Hi Karen, once you receive your signs of awakening, I have every day for several months now. Where do you go from here?

  93. good morning, it has been difficult the last couple of years see plates always with 3 digits the same -ect 888 0r 444 ect and see feathers-mu husband is going throw adrinking problem, I had a family member try to comminit suiced, ihad a new babygrandson born,and do not get to see,,i am trying to learn more about this are- have always believe that there is more after here, been afraid I haven’t achieved or done anything with this life-now older-but other night when I was sleeping I felt something pull the blsnkets uo more-as some was tucking me in,i have had a couple break done monents but had overwhelming feelong that god heard me, or someone listen- something I never before or since ,frrling confused and very alone in this and like to learn and do more-and I connecting? if not how can I do that- thank you leona

    • It is very common for us Lightworkers to awaken to our true purpose late in life. Meditation is my first suggestion. It will remove the clutter in your head, leaving the space for you to hear more clearly. I also suggest raising your vibration. Sing and dance in your kitchen … be creative … garden … do what you can to be happy. This also helps with your connection. Drink lots of water. Congratulations on your adventure. Working with spirit is wonderful. ~ Karen

  94. Forgot to say that i have been seeing the number 10 everywhere lately on the tv, then i forget about it, then all of a sudden i would see it in a book i read, or verses from the bible like 10:10, Its so hard to explain, I don’t know if it has something to do with my birth day tomorrow, i was born on 10/10 and just after 10 at night. quite freaky its all over.

  95. Today I crossed paths a LOT of times, driving in the city, with two men in a small car. They always stayed behind me, made room for me to get ahead of them and at least one time, when I was stopped on the first lane, they signaled me and waved with their hands to get ahead of them, on the second lane.
    I have never seen them before, they were an older gentleman and a younger one, dressed casually. Though I am somewhat pessimistic and a little paranoid, these guys and their strange behavior had not made me feel unsafe. I started thinking that maybe the were my guardian angels, protecting me of something? Is it even possible, do they just “stalk” you into safety into plain sight?

  96. I keep seeing signs related to a specific ex in which our relationship ended with no contact. Signs include his name and number on license plates, seeing car license plates from the state he is from everywhere, sport teams symbols from the state he is from everywhere, and seeing the make/model of his car everywhere. Once I had a huge craving of Mexican food and followed the craving to a nearby restaurant I ended up seeing a person that looked just like him with an identical outfit he has in a photo I have. Also, during a separate incident, I had huge craving for ice cream I followed the craving to nearby ice cream shop and see a car in the parking lot with his name on the license plate in plain sight. Recently, I even had a dream of us on the phone talking and reconnecting with each other. I am not sure what the Angels are telling me. I know my angels are with me. I see 11:11 often, angel references everywhere and rainbows or hearing rainbow references in odd places. I also have been finding heart shape rocks in my garage or driveway. I am not sure what my angels are trying to tell me. I even told them to stop sending me signs of him if there is no chance of us reconnecting, but they keep coming and it seems the signs of him are increasing.

  97. sometimes i saw some feathers while cleaning in my house,so i keep it until now…it happened twice

  98. Today I had a woman come up to me at the gas station of all places and tell me she sees many angels surrounding me. She offered me her card and said she’s a psychic and asked if I wanted a reading. I have been really sick the past week with a cold and found out today that I have a bad sinus infection. Not sure if the two are connected. But, I haven’t felt a presence around me and not sure if she was sincere or not.
    A couple times in my life I have had things happen that I couldn’t explain, like hearing a person yell stop at a green light then a car goes speeding through the red light which had I kept going through my green light I would have been killed in a very bad car accident.
    I’m not especially spiritual or religious but felt compelled to share what happened today with someone. It’s hard for me to think of angels helping me when there are so many people out there who suffer and no one is helping them. Thank you.

    • We all have Angels. A professional can see Angels around anyone. Give your Angels permission to give your guidance, and then wait to see signs. They will come is you pay attention. ~ Karen

  99. I know angels are around me, as on many occasions I was “guided” to places/things which lead me to angels.

    One time I was guided to a shop which I never usually go into – only to see a figurine of three angels just to find out it was last one in stock – I know I was mean’t to get it thanks to the angels and again on a shopping channel which I just happened to “find” by chance selling three angel statues – they where just what I was looking for and got them .

    I just have started to collect angels statues/figurines and know that I was guided by the angels to find these pieces…

    Thank you.

  100. Talking about number plates, outside my house two cars stopped on the road (this does not usually happen). I noticed that the numbers on both the number plates shared the same numbers – 2333 and 3222. I looked it up in my angel numbers book and know it was a sign from the angels.

  101. Well, I have potiental that I had a guardian angel witness.
    One day, I prayed to my guardian angel (and god) for help with a personal problem such a thinking negatively often. After the prayer, I went outside for a peaceful breathe. I then looked down into the lake in my backyard and saw a feather, it wasn’t white though, it was a feather with white on the top and grayish on the bottom. I am not sure if this is a sign, but I am worried.. What if this is not a good sign!

    Please answer quickly!

  102. i saw the feather after i was talking to my ex boyfriend. he hung himself last week and i was crying , then i closed my eyes for a few seconds and when i opened my eyes i saw the dark shadow feather with a bright light falling. i just would like to know what it means? could you please let me know!

    • Sending much love to you, Tonya. Black feathers are transitions – big changes coming to you at a soul level. Sometimes it is hard to process, always worth it. The sparkle was love from the spirit world. Know you are loved and watched over by the Angels and many more. ~ Karen

  103. will i get more signs from the angels?

  104. I have seen a angle its my aunt who die before I have seen a lot of people who die

  105. Hi, i am 17 years old and I am joining the canadian military as a infantry foot soldier. I was told about St Michael the arch angel of war by my aunt so i started praying to him To protect me while i was in combat. I just want to know that i wont hurt my loved ones once i am in combat and i always ask for a sign to let me know if he can hear me and if i will be o.k as a foot soldier and that i will be protected. About 2-3 weeks ago i was looking really closely to my eye in the mirror (dont ask why) and i sa, kind of like a golden colored piece of dust just hovering over my shoulder. It was just slowly falling, like a normal piece of dust but it just stopped and once i looked at it, it went a completly different direction. I went looking for this golden piece of dust and the first place i looked for it, i found a neckals and on it it is written; “SAINT MICHAEL PRAY FOR US“ with a carving of a angel slaying a demon. I wear this neckals every day and idk why im posting this here but i guess im asking what kind of sign is this? Cause theirs no doubt this is a sign. I asked my family and no one has ever seen this neckals.

    • Hi Ryan, You have definitely had an Angel encounter. It is wonderful to experience something that seems so unbelievable and yet is so real.

      Archangel Michael is strong and just. Feel confident knowing what you do is guided by Angels. Michael is the Protector of the Protectors.

      God bless you and may Michael continue to guide you throughout your life. ~ Karen

  106. I was sat on the bed getting ready to go to bed when a white feather came from behind and over my right shoulder and disappeard,the wife was on the bedroom and didn’t see it,if hadn,t disappeard I would have taken it for a feather from the pillows.

  107. For about a year and 1/2 I have believed that when you find a white feather it means an angel is near to you. I have wanted to explore deeper into angels and spirit guides and yesterday I felt like I should try and reach my angel seeing as my great uncle died a few nights ago, this event spurred me on I guess. However I got myself into a state about his death and I felt I wasn’t in the right mood to reach anyone of spiritual origin, I also found myself slightly intimidated by the idea of talking to someone I couldn’t see. So I went to bed without reaching anyone and I had a dream about signs – clapping and numbers mainly – I can’t remember very clearly, but there was a man I believe, an ordinary modern day looking man, dark, dark/navy blue coat on (Superdry or Helly Hanson type?) and all I’ve been thinking since is John. Could the man go by the name of John? This stuck in my mind all day and I had got to school and i found myself in the middle of another strange happening. I was walking into the changing rooms after my PE lesson, I walk round the benches and I normally look at the floor when I walk, and I did as I normally do and I saw nothing on the floor, I then sat down on one of the benches and turned to see a shiny little penny on the floor I had just walked across. My first thought was angels. Could this just have been one massive coincidence or is it an angel? My dream,was that an angel connecting with me? Also I’ve heard that cats, dogs and young children can connect with angels and spirits but can other animals like horses or hamsters even?
    Thank you.

  108. Another sign is that you may hear voices in your head. I hear a voice in my head every once and a while too.

  109. what does it mean when you see a white light then it turn to light blue . I often see theses lights white but it turns blue when its near me . ive, see a blue ball once it that archangel Michel . and what does it mean when you see lights like little stars in front of you . thanks Karen

  110. Hi i woke up the other morning at 04.10am & for some reason looked straight over at my bedroom door which was slightly open.There i saw a white light which turned blue,it flashed & then it was gone.I wasnt scared but its been on my mind ever since.Was this Archangel Michael?Thanking you in advance Beverly.x

  111. I have been seeing my Soulmate’s name increasingly in my environment on a daily basis whether it’s a client I’m calling, a person speaks his name, written somewhere you name it. Recently right after seeing 11:11 i will hear or read his name. In the beginning and in my gut I felt these were signs from my angels.. Now I’m doubting thinking I’m just manifesting this which is fine.. I’m powerful to manifest all this.. However I really love him and would for us to be reunited. I’ve asked my angels if we are not headed towards reunion then stop sending me signs with his name.. The next day I was prompted to look at the clock of course it was 11:11 and I tried to take a picture of it only to find a photo of an inscription that I had written to him.. Clearly that was a strong specific message.
    I welcome your insight Karen

    • Melissa,
      I completely understand about the power of your thought creating the signs you want to see. It is just like buying a new car that is very different, and then everywhere you look you see the same car.

      Discernment of your signs comes from you heart. Spend the quiet time with your Angels, and put the question in your heart. Feel what your heart is telling you. This is the true test. What does it feel like? Does it have a color? Does it have a temperature?

      The best way to manifest is to release it. Holding on to the desire is not giving it to the Angels. It is also not allowing them to bring your TRUE soul mate to you. Allow the Angels to work for you and you live your life to its fullest. If it is not the person you think it is, be the most amazing person you can be so you can dazzle him the moment he sees you.

      When I was young, I wanted to have a man with me always. I would settle so I wasn’t alone. Don’t you know, the moment I was happy with just being me … the Universe brought Frank. I didn’t even see him, because I was so happy being me. That is how the Universe works. Stop looking … release it.

      ASK, RELEASE, BELIEVE, RECEIVE. I made a video about this

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  112. So like a week or two ago I asked my guardian angel for signs and a couple of days after asking I keep noticing people all around me suddenly talking about angels, posters about archangels that I never noticed, sudden presentations at school about angels and spiritual stuff people shouting at some person called Angel which was right next to me and and it got my attention instantly. This kind of stuff keeps happening like a couple of times per day. I’ve been asking myself if this is a coincidence or not. If it were, it would have happened at least one or two times at max, but do you think those are signs or not?

  113. I have been seeing number 22, 222 , 12 everywhere for a month now..whenever I look at a time in my computer it is x.22 or 12.12 or everywhere I checked in some books about the meaning, it means that Angels are helping me with manifestation of my dreams..I could not see my daughter for 2 years , she is 17 now and moved to USA from another country just to see her and be with her, her siblings are staying with me or visiting me but because of my ex husband ‘s brainwashing techniques…i am hopeful and visioning that one day soon i will be reuniting with my daughter against all odds, and I believe that my angels and Archangels are helping me..

  114. I have just lost my mum 1 week ago and I just feel I really need guidance and strength to get over this. Mum was my world and I need to no if she is ok. How do I connect with the angels.

    • Maree, I am so sorry for your loss. Your Mum may try to reach out to you through electrical devices. Your lights may flicker, or the phone rings and no one is on the other end. Your street light might go out or on. Watch for her signs.

      Just sit quietly with your eyes closed, and ask them to be with you and bring you comfort. God has provided you with this special loving companion. Know your Angel is there the moment you ask. Then believe and you will begin to feel.

      Sending much love to you ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  115. I sometimes feel a shiver that shakes my entire body. is this angel trying to communicate with me. There has been visions for me the little ones that this is going to take place and mostly it happens.sometimes i have a feeling that someone is watching me . can you explain what indicates and how to be connected to angels

  116. Hi, These past few nights I haven’t been able to sleep very well just because I could feel down deep in my core that the presence of something was in my room and it was following me for that matter. I was scared at first like most humans my mind raced to the worst case scenarios. I would wake up from a dream and my bed would be slightly shaking, I heard some sort of wisper. Now I do believe in Jesus and I and a follower of Jesus so I do know that their are spiritual entities in an other dimension. I remember 2 days ago I was at work where I work in a church and a custodian for now and I felt like I was being watched when i was by myself and I could feel the presence of something there with me so I confronted it telling it that I know you’re their I can feel your presence and I asked it to reveal itself to me. I got this feeling inside me saying not here but later. That night I could feel its presence and was about to go to bed when I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t sleep I got up and went out to my couch and sat with my bible and my laptop when I felt chills and tingling sensations all up and down my body, my state of mind became a little woosey and it felt like something was compressing around my head. Then out of nowhere on 3 occasions I began to cry when I had literally no reason to be crying. I don’t know why and I didn’t see it physically but it definitely made its presence known to me!

    • I get chills when I am in the presence of spirit, too. I also understand the feeling of the compressing around your head. When I am channeling the energy of a deceased loved one I could cry from their energy. It is exciting to make your first physical encounter. Always insist the energy come from the light, and then … well, ask questions and see what you can learn. ~ Karen

  117. Is this a major coincidence or am I going crazy. A few years ago one of my close friends passed away. He was depressed and on drugs and overdosed. He had reached out to me a few days before this happened and I have been hard on myself for not being there for him. Today I randomly came across some pictures of him and started thinking about him A LOT!! I asked for him to come to me and give me a sign that he is around because I felt like I could feel him. An hour later me and my daughter are getting ready for bed (she is 5) and we are in the bathroom brushing out teeth. I was looking in the mirror checking out my teeth and I look over and she was like frozen staring into the hall way. So I nudged her and was like what are you doing?!?! And she freaks out and says she seen a man peak his head in the bathroom and he was looking at me. I mean this is a little too coincidental and I am freaking out now.

    • Sounds like he was reaching out to you. If you feel his presence is strong, you may want to tell him to go to the light. Some spirits are afraid to go because of the life they were leading. He may be crossed over and just saying “Hello”. Ask for another sign, so you know. If he is so active, he will be glad to comply. ~ Karen

  118. Hello,
    I am grateful to have come across your site while doing research. I tend to get my signs while awake, but I also get visions, if you will, from my dreams. A few days ago I had a dream that was so crystal clear, it was unreal. Very different from a “regular” dream. I saw what appeared to be an angel. I asked their name and received a response, but the angel also asked what my name is. The angel also said, “your friend likes you but also looks at other women” and my response was, “we all look, as long as we don’t act.”

    Is it wrong to think that angels already know our names?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Rican, Your Angels know your name. Your dream could have been a being of light that has never met you before. ~ Karen

      • Hello,

        Thanks for your response! 🙂
        The name that I was told, when I saw the angel, was Ezekiel. When researching this is the angel of death and transformation. ..Does death always mean no longer living or can it mean something else? Perhaps something more figurative?
        Thanks again 🙂

  119. Dear Karen,
    I am grateful that I came across your site, from reading your post I am able to identify so e of these signs. I have always believed in Angels and I often invoke them in my prayers, meditations and for my personal Reiki healing session. However, lately I have been feeling very strong presence each time I invoke them. I felt goose bumps and a the presence of a huge being behind me. Then the other night I had a dream of a beautiful, tall, white long haired being in white robes standing in my bedroom door beckoning me to go with him/her. Later I received a name and had a vision of a beautiful white bird spreading its wings. I often see sparkles of coloured lights (everyday) and rainbow, even more so when my eyes are closed.
    I am very grateful that they are beside me and my wish is to be in constant contact with these beautiful beings. Any feedback or suggestions is always very welcome.

    • Anna,
      Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with Angels. Congratulations.

      A suggestion would be to visit my video site and ask the Angels to show you videos that would help you even more. Our lives are a never-ending journey, you are going to progress so much more.

      ~ Karen

      Visit to see my videos.

  120. Two days ago we needed to euthanize our dog. I stayed with him untill the last moment. He was very ill. My heart is broken, I feel guilty and miss him so much. We were very close. I’m not really superstitious but I prayed for forgiveness and a sign that he is OK and happy now. Today I sat in the grass thinking about him in our garden when suddenly 3 white butterflies flew close together as if they were dancing. The weird thing is that they danced around my head and stayed close together (I could almost touch them with my hand), they flew a few meters away and then did the same thing again. They stayed around me for a few minutes and then flew separately away in the sky. Maybe it is my imagination and I need to stop thinking about it but it felt so special. Do you think it was a sign from my dog?

    • Yes, it was a sign from the Spirit World. You know it in your heart. That is how you can tell. He is no longer suffering. You did the right thing. ~ Karen

      • Thank you for your reply. Crazy thing is that I feel totally at peace since this happened. I still feel sadness but suddenly the guilt and pain is gone as if a weight lifted of my shoulders. I even feel a sense of happiness.

  121. a jade crystal pendant with red thread – I’ve been talking to archangel Raphael and just recently i noticed this pendant. Neither myself nor anyone in my house know where it came from – could it be from my angels?

  122. Well I’m hoping someone can let me know what they think of my story. Last week I noticed when I got into the office and turned the light on in the morning my solar powered calculator was showing numbers. This week I have monitored this. I have made sure the calculator is off before I leave work and close up my office. Morning before last I came in and the numbers 7 0 were on the screen . Yesterday morning 7 7 7 7 0 . Last night I decided to leave the calculator on a colleagues desk next to mine. This morning it was off as I left it the night before. Tonight I have put it back on my desk. It’s really odd , does this sound like something an angel would do? I’m going through a seperation at the moment and wondering if an angel is trying to tell me something .

  123. I was wondering what the meaning is that I have been seeing Feathers and butterflies almost everywhere lately?
    I usually see them on my path when I walk my dog, sometimes I’ll see a random green butterfly but usually just the feathers…. last night I opened my door to sit with my boyfriend as he smoked a cigarette and he noticed first but there were 2 large brown or black feathers (a little dark out to make out the color) sitting right in front of my door! He said they were from a dove but all I cared about was the fact they were right in front of MY door of all places! (I live in an apartment complex so of all the places they’d be, I was surprised!)

  124. I just looked at the feathers I found last night and they are not black, they ate a dark Grey/brown color with dark silver tips!

  125. My mom passed a year ago and she passed from a heart attack I talked to her the night before she was planning my baby shower which was a week later.My mom and I were best friends I was devastated it’s still unbelievable, but my mom kept my niece from birth and she had braided her hair with beads. So right before her funeral we took my niece hair down and straighten it. We all went to sleep I was awaken by hair beads being thrown at me I look to see if my nieces were playing with me but nope everyone was sleep. Then my mom birthday is 8/31 the month at the time was april 11 that was when she passed the calendar was on april but when we look it was turned to august so we turned it back then it would get switched back to august. and no matter where I go lights would flicker especially in the bathroom. Im a Christian and I know what the bible says as far as when you leave this earth you go to heaven or hell until judgment day, but a part of me wonders if that coild really be my mom sending signs or some other type of spirit messing with me?…

  126. hi for the past two days i have been experiencing some things as never before. yesterday i spotted a white soft feather on kitchen. i saw a butterfly outside when i thought if my angel is near me. even today when i thought are you near me in the sky clouds were there in the shape of heart/ love sign. sometimes i do experience slight heat and tingling sensations. they are definitely with me aren’t they.

    i want them to be near me all the time guiding me. how will you tell that

  127. I know something is going to happen, if it is good I feel overly happy,have a feeling that my heart is going to sing out. I also get feelings that something is about to happen and its not good, that feeling like your “waiting for the other shoes to fall”, jumpy, nervous. In both cases something happens, if not to me, than someone around me, or in my surrounding area.

  128. I have a friend of mine that woke up just this morning and heard “angels from above, angels sent” in a soft song sang right in her ear. everywhere she went during the morning time she heard it. You people are more spiritually connected than I most likely and have greater knowledge on the subject. Could someone help me out in understanding this and being able to tell her what could be the possibilities. She hasn’t had a recent death in the family that i’m aware of. Thanks for all the help everyone!

  129. I have been seeing the number 1221 very often. Also numbers that are similar to this ie 1110, 1111, 1212. What are the meaning of these numbers?
    Recently, a guy that I’m interested in has been turning up with the exact same colour cloths as mind. Does this mean that the interest is mutual and can we develop the relationship further?
    I do feel that my angels (3 of them) are with me and I always feel a cool/cold sensation on my palms. When things are not right, I feel warm. Is this normal?

  130. Hi there,
    I have a question I was wondering if you can help me?
    I was married for only 5 months as things didn’t work out. My wedding video song was called Marry Me. I have never heard this beautiful song before and my videographer recommended it. It has been 2 years since my divorce an in the last few days I heard this song 4 times in the mall, grocery store and other places. It brought back many mixed emotions and I don’t understand why I keep hearing it. It’s not even a popular song. I know I am protected because I see many signs from the above that you mentioned very often. But this sign I don’t understand. Please help me!
    Thank you 🙂

    • Rania, A reading would be best for the answer to this question. You still hold onto energy with this relationship. Ask Archangel Michael to assist you in healing and releasing this energy. ~ Karen

  131. What does the combination of 8’s mean? I have a spiritually gifted friend, and she told me I am a light giver. I regularly find feathers in my path. One of my close friends, now is bringing me feathers that she finds. Just recently she brought me feathers from Grand Cayman. What does all this mean?

  132. i’am seeing flashes of light appearing in my room mostly at night. sometimes they suddenly disappear when my turn head around. sometimes when i look at them they keep flashing can’t see fully. what does this mean?

  133. Hi,
    My brother just called me and said he woke up this morning to find a coin under his bed, I told him the coin could have been there for a while, he insisted it was not there that he always lift his mattress every morning when he wakes up. Could this be a sign?

  134. Hi this is the 3rd time i have put my question on here and it keeps elderly father is bedriiden and has dementia although he still reconise us.he told my mother the other day an angel came to see him and she asked if he was ok he said yes then it was gone, he then said the next day archangel came,what does this mean please?

    • Lynn,
      This is very common for people who are experiencing what people call dementia. Many nurses and hospice nurses know that this means the patients are truly experiencing the spirit world. ~ Karen

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  136. Hi, not sure if this conversation is still open. fir the past year, every time I looked at my phone the time would be symmetrical. 11:11, 21:21, 14:14 etc. I knew it was a sign but didn’t know what. For the past few days I have been seeing feathers everywhere, even one in my bathroom sink with no window open. I saw 14 today. Any ideas what this means?

    • Your Angels are coaxing you to awaken. Numbers and feathers are their most common signs. Spend quiet time and invite your Angels. That’s a perfect way to begin. Welcome to the world with Angels. ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  137. My sister & I have some kind of connection that goes beyond this world & we have always wanted to know sister and I are 10 years apart but identical even though we live in different states & it goes beyond talking, thinking, & dressing alike without conferring with each other or even making the same dinners on the same night …Every Night…Everyday…All Week…to marrying men who have the same uncommon profession in two different states…only difference is she is Always looking for signs & angels & spirits but rarely sees em. but I have tried to block out my sensitivity my whole life out of fear & still I am confronted with it daily…Lately, from triple numbers I’ve been seeing since my mother passed in November & unusual dreams & a mysterious cat with no known owner, which came in our doggie door when my mom passed & adopted us & never left & she wakes me up in the night when my diabetic blood sugar is too high or too low… feeling things about strangers I pass in Wal-Mart & no matter how much I try to convince myself that I’m just silly…It doesn’t keep it front happening….now having aged into my forties & also since my mom passed I feel a rush of wisdom & peace coming over me & a happiness I’ve never felt before & I like it! I want now to embrace it & go with it, becoming who I’m being shown that I should be & do what feels right with me & those around me!..I hope sharing my feelings & thoughts is helpful to someone out there! Many blessings to you all

  138. Im not sure what this means but I have had several things happening . first I was sound asleep and a presence was behind me that woke me from a dream. It whispered hes here or someones here not sure . It was so powerful it was pulling me . I turned in my bed still asleep and said what? it was so odd I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. since then I see feathers, odd lights and and butterflies land on me . Do you think an angle is trying to tell me something?

  139. In Dec 2013 l lost my dad, he was a good friend as well as the best dad you could ever imagine.I have been constantly seeing white feathers since. Three weeks ago l got onto the bus to go into town and l looked down and there was a huge black feather. To be honest it worried me a little as it was black, l thought in the back of my head that it may have been a bad sign. Four days later me and my husband split up and ever since then l have been seeing lots of black feathers. I looked online about it and it said seeing black feathers were signs that it usually means a transition is coming. This major change is often at your soul level. I want to believe that my dad had warned me about a major change in my life.l feel that seeing lots of black feathers is comforting. He must be watching over me, l really feel he is. We had such a strong connection when he was alive, l would love to believe he is watching out for me. Any thoughts on this forum are very welcome.

    • Elaine,
      Signs from Above come from love. The signs you are seeing are signs of protection. Your Angels and father want you to know as you go through this transition they are with you. God bless you and all you do. ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  140. Thankyou for your reply, It is really comforting to know my angels and father are with me.

  141. Yesterday I was laying in a bed with my old cousin mary and she started to talk about her son that had died a couple years back, and I was just laying there with my eyes closed listening to her. Then all of a sudden I see the young looking man, and I saying in my head “who are you?” and he said my name is David. And that was Mary’s son’s name, and then I started telling mary what I was seeing and she started to ask me questions that only him and her would know, so I ask the questions I get the answers and, the all were correct what this man that I was seeing was telling me. I started to cry because I feel like I have been drained of almost all the power I had in me and mary said your very sensitive, and im only 13 and I didn’t really know what that had men so I asked her and she said that I have the third eye or the 6th sense. I don’t know a lot about what is going on with me but I am still really freaked out and I don’t know what to do.

    • God blessed you with a gift. It will take a little time for you to learn how to control it, but in time you will be able to help so many. The world is awakening now – it is a time of transformation for the entire world. Awakening now means you will be someone people go to when they begin to have questions. I know this seems like a lot right now. Sending you blessings of clear understanding. I am also asking Archangel Michael to be with you as you develop your skills. ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  142. Hi, just last Thursday i was watching the TV series Dominion when during a commerical I had to go get something from my room and when I had turned picking up what I had came to get off a shelf I felt like someone was watching me and then I turned looking at my portable dry erase board and it said Michael. I almost freaked out but since then I have been seriously into angels, what does this all mean?

  143. A few minutes ago I was outside crying, my son has autism and ADHD and he’s been having an extremely hard time lately. Anyways I was praying and begging for a sign and looked up and a feather came out of nowhere and landing on my shoulder. To feel such despair, helplessness and loneliness and in the middle of the night this beautiful fluffy feather just falls and I just stared at it as it landed on me. Just wanted to share this experience. Thank you!

  144. I have noticed hearts popping up everywhere I go I pay attention to them and count my blessings all the time but I curious about the message

  145. Thank you so much for your wonderful site and support, Karen. My question is about types of feathers — can feathers from our angels look like feathers from birds?

    Once I became aware of feathers as signs, I see them everywhere. Sometimes I have asked to see a feather, and I always receive one that day — always on my path. Sometimes they are the small white ones, and often they are gray (look like bird feathers) or even white and black (perhaps like a woodpecker feather). Even though they look like they are from birds, are those signs — or are those birds?

    I am blessed by many angels around me, which my daughter also senses. A dear friend of mine has a strong connection, and told me that it was many spirits including my grandparents and also a baby that we lost last year. I am not able to tell who is leaving me feathers, and have not asked — I suppose I am trying not to ask too much. I’m realizing as I am typing that when I asked for a feather just last week, I asked specifically of our baby girl and that was the day I saw several feathers on my path (in downtown Detroit, where there are no birds) including one small white one and several gray feathers.

    • Hi Debra,

      You know in your heart when you receive a sign. And to me, all feathers are a sign now. I believe everything truly is a sign if you take the time to notice.

      God bless you and your Angels.

      ~ Karen

  146. Hi, I was having a cigarette near my bedroom window as I do everyday, a little small fluffy white feather hit my arm (made me jump) and I saw it float of out the corner of my eye and then it came straight back and landed on my mobile while I was on it, is this a good sign as I have been feeling sick lately and been asking for help with a very dear dream of mine?! Much love gemma xx


    • Hello Karla,
      Your energy is depleted. It is time to do some self-healing. When you change the way you feel inside and out, the world around you will change. It will take work on your part.

      When you are not at work, spend as much time as you can doing things you love. Go outside, walk in a park. Draw Angels or write a children’s story.

      Louise Hay has wonderful books on self-healing. Her teachings helped me get out of a miserable job, and into a happier life.

      You can always add your prayers to our Angel Prayer Request, we will pray with you.

      Blessings to you. ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  148. Hello, So lately I have had so much anxiety and restless leg syndrome at night and dreams with my ex girlfriend involved, She is very deep into reading angel books and has seen some healers! The biggest thing I notice is that I seem to spot pennies on the ground and pick them up! I am unable to contact her and yet I can’t seem to stop thinking about her!! so is it her angels trying to get in touch with me??Or do I have angels of my own trying to contact me?? Thank you

    • You have Angels of your own. Spiritually speaking, women typically open the doors for men to walk through. She played a very important role in your spiritual evolution.

      Spend some quiet time reaching out to yours. They are ready to answer, you have been receiving their signs. ~ Karen

  149. Hello,
    We lost our pet a week ago… i miss her so terribly…it seems like everytime i think about her, or talk to her, it happens to be 11:11… every single time…we took family photos today…and i really wanted her to be with us, so i prayed..and asked her to be with us in spirit…it was 11:11. I also came across a white feather in my kitchen a few days after she had passed…which was odd cuz the doors were closed, and there was no way a feather would get in my house…i can feel her sometimes, and i dream about her…and i know im sensitive to this stuff, but i guess im just looking for some confirmation…i want to know that when we tell her we miss her and love her, that she hears me…


    • Bela, Our beloved pets stay with us in spirit. The white feather was a message of love sent to you. That is exactly how they come. She is with you every time you think of her, that is how the spirit world works. I ask Archangel Azrael to bring you comfort during this time. I know how hard this time is. God bless you and your family. ~ Karen

  150. I think I had a sign from my angel it was like I was sitting in my living room and I saw somethings come through my bedroom window like smoke and sparkled do you think it is my angel

  151. Hi,

    So this happened today. I should start saying im not the most religious man but lately some odd obstacles have happened that i really cant explain. It began a year ago when i got that single feather from the sky, landing before me which i joked off as “angels”. Lately i have seen many flashes of light in the right-eye corner and i thought it was me going crazy,

    Just the other night i swallowed a too big and hard chunk of portion which leading me to getting no air. I felt it was stuck in my throat and i couldnt breathe. As the seconds passed i started to think that this is how it would end and that i will die. I live alone so no there to the rescue. However, that piece of chunk simply broke down to pieces in a way i find hard to explain. I felt in that moment i was rescued by something and i said thanks out in thin air. Once i explained the happening they thought it was my Guardian angel. And i may have been saved more then once without realising it.

    As i checked on the matter i wanted to contacting him/her about the procedures and was open to its existence. If i could (or so i thought) i wanted to show my gratitude for helping me and also ask if he had any name. I started to meditating and follow the instructions i’ve got over these matters. It didnt take that long before it worked by itself and for my inner vision i saw the silhuette barely visible (but yet beautitul face) and when i could hear my inner voice asking what his name was. He didnt answer but instead it started to glow a deep purple light before me and him. I regret i didnt thanked but was overwhelmed by this.

    The moments after i was in a state i really cant explain. The burdens of lately was lifted away and the breathing calm as ever and body in a totally relaxed state. Yet i had the strange extatic feeling and my face felt hot and arms like itching. I thought it smell like a burned out fire too. My head is now cleansed, focused and sharp. It was the most awesome thing ever.

    I dont really know a lot about angels or other beings to make any of this. But it definitively was a powerful out of this world experience which surprisingly didnt make me any weaker given the amount of energy i thought i burned but instead stronger and more relaxed.

    Whatever it was i am a lot more humble in my opinion of these questions. Today felt like a turning point in my life.

  152. Ever since I was little I have had been able to see and sense evil presences. My family has never been able to sense them like I have. I also get deja vu all the time and sometimes it happens all of a sudden and I get a weird feeling like an out of body experience. I know both my brothers have guardian angels because when I was little and these presences would always come towards my room and I always made sure I asked God or their angels to help them and to keep them safe. Their rooms would always glow brighter like a bright orange. I have some questions about this subject, why have I been able to sense evil all the time but I can’t sense my guardian angel? I also think she my angel is trying to reach out to me. There have been times were I have been extremely sad and I would pray or as i like to say talking to God about my feelings and I would suddenly feel calm and at peace so would that be God or my guardian angel? Also I sometimes get a sense to leave certain rooms and places would that be my guardian angel? I also used to be terrorized by these spirits and feel like they follow are drawn to me what should I do about it ? Is there something wrong with me. I feel like there trying to reach me but either i m not paying enough attention or I am receiving things. I mean I know I must have an angel because I have never been hurt by these presences but I don’t know what to do. I know my grandpa has some type of connection with angels same with my dad. My dad has seen an angel and my grandpa is lead by them he can sense when anyone in my family is in trouble so why am I seeing evil presences and not so much the good. I would like to believe I have a good relationship with God. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I have been told I have things planned for me by a priest before that God has something in stored for me but I don’t know what to do.

  153. Please forgive me. But what I am about to say may be crazy. I woke up this morning like every other morning as usual. I have a dresser and above it is a mirror. The dresser is located at the foot of the bed, so it is not impossible to see from where I stood, what I saw was water dripping down from somewhere. I looked up at the ceiling and no water was sipping down. I checked through the vents of the rental home I live in and everything including the roof in the home was dry completely. I removed the mirror from the wall. And my God there were two wings, they looked like if an angel wore them but no form of a body in the middle of both wings.Please don’t tell me I am losing it. Because my neighbor also saw it as well. Is this a message in real life. Is it some type of blessing for good, or is it something negative. Please inform me on the matter. Bless You So Much For Enlightening Me On The Matter !

  154. Hello,

    Yesterday my brother told me about Archangel Michael. He explained how Michael had helped him during a vehicle checking instance. I believe in angels from childhood. Yesterday night soon after he told me about the incident i called Archangel Michael to help me out. While i went to bed, suddenly i saw a spark light on wall may be a golden white or something. But when i looked back again it was dark.In the night i woke up many a times also, don’t know the reason.

    Morning when i woke up and got out of my bed a coin fell off my bed on ground. And i clearly remember that there was no coin on my bed when i went to sleep. But i didn’t think anything supernatural that time. Somehow i wanted to know more about angels so i started googling about it, as i am a strong believer of fairies. After doing a lot of research on net i found angels communicate through coins also. That moment i remembered of the morning incident which didn’t strike my mind that time. Is it true?

    I am calling again and again to see or feel any presence but not able to do so. I am an Indian(Hindu) not christian by birth. Will angels wont contact me as m not a christian. Though in our culture too we have stories of fairies.

    Please advice and help.


  155. My Mother and I share similar experiences. 20 years ago, she saw “floating glitter”. I had recently moved far away and she missed me terribly. After one of my visits, she went into my old bedroom and saw fine silver glitter all over the bed. She reached out to touch it, and the glitter began to rise and slowly swirled in the air before her. It floated, wrapped around and traveled slowly up one arm, crossed over her chest and traveled down her other arm, and then it vanished. 2 years later, following another visit, she went to my old bedroom and silver glitter appeared again, floating inside a large mirror over my dresser.

    A few years ago, she had health issues & after awhile, finally recovered. We had a wonderful phone conversation one day, and I hung up the phone feeling happy and relieved, because my “old Mom” was back. I then stepped outside onto my covered patio. A small cloud of silver glitter began swirling around in front of me. It looked like a little tornado of fine sparkles and I reached out to touch it. It then moved slowly to my right hand, began wrapping around and traveled up and down my arm and then it vanished. I was so excited and felt blessed, as if an Angel had just reached out to comfort me. I smiled and spoke out loud to “It”, and said, “Cool! Do it again!” and I waited for it to reappear. I feel this was a spiritual awakening, and hope to see it again someday. It was truly an amazing experience!

  156. Another angel encounter… It happened when my beloved cat of 18 years was dying of cancer. She could no longer eat solid food due to a tumor on her jaw. I was very depressed and shopping in the pet food aisle at a grocery store. I was shaking cans of wet cat food and listening for liquid (or gravy) in them. It was a long aisle and I was the only one there. Suddenly, an elderly woman appeared next to me with an empty cart, and was staring straight ahead at the rows of cat food. Without looking at me, she asked, “What are you doing?” I was annoyed that she asked a “nosey” question and replied, “If you MUST know, my cat is dying and I’m trying to find some food with gravy in it.” Still not looking at me and starring straight ahead, she asked, “Do you talk to her?” Now I was REALLY becoming annoyed with her, and replied, “Of course I talk to her!” She then said, “She is waiting for you to tell her it’s OK to go. She needs to know you are going to be OK without her.”

    I could hardly believe what I was hearing! When I turned to respond – she was gone! There was no way, this woman could have pushed her cart down that long aisle and vanished so quickly! I ran down & around the aisles looking for her and she was no where to be found. I went home and found my cat hiding under the bed, and told her I would be OK and it was “OK for her to go”. Unfortunately, she did not pass on her own, and a week later I took her to my Vet, where I held her and looked into her eyes while she took her final breath.

  157. Hi ,
    My white feathers have been replaced by hearts , as I see heart shapes everywhere , they could be made out of anything and be anywhere ,.
    But as you say , you just know when you see them , they will catch your attention and heart ;o)

    Are they anymore special than hearts , any other hidden meaning ?



  158. When I was about 10 years old I remember every night there would be the two white things flying over my head on the ceiling in my bedroom. I was young so I didn’t think too much of it. However, I’m 22 years old now and last week, I was laying in my moms bed in the dark taking a nap and I saw them on her ceiling, I haven’t seen them since I was young. I got up and ran so fast loll Do you know what those two white things could be? And what do they want?

  159. Hi my names Yessenia and I’m 18. So I have a connection with my Angels with the sign of the number 21 since the summer of senior year in high school and I know it’s a for sure sign of my angels. My dad currently passed on December 31st 2015 because of his pancreatic cancer and he passed at 6:21. I now know he is my Angel looking over me I recently asked for a sign to make sure he is okay and with them and asked if he is watching over me. I told my Angels to make me have reassurance with the biggest 21 they can show me from now till the funeral in two days. Just wanted to share my story (:

  160. My dad had cancer. He had been very sick and could not interact with the family very much. On Christmas day he was so good. Sitting up in his chair, talking a little and smiling. I told him that was the best gift he could have given me. When I was walking to my car to leave I happened to look up at the stars and full moon, which I love, to say a silent thank you. I turned to look back at the house and there was a perfect cloud rainbow over the house. There was not any other clouds in the sky. I went back to the house and told my mom to put her coat on and come look at something. Her and my sister came out and I showed them the perfect cloud rainbow. We were amazed. Myom said it was dad’s stairway to heaven. It lasted about 15 minutes then was completely gone. Two days later, dad passed. What was the meaning of the cloud rainbow over their house?

  161. Hello

    Just wanted to say how wonderful you all are just for believing.
    That’s the key to receiving, opening your mind and heart to it.
    I have been talking to my Angels for years and enjoyed the many rainbow of colored feathers and butterflies I have encountered.
    I even started to collect some of the most colorful and significant ones 🙂
    They have guided me when I needed but more importantly just been there to listen .
    Keep believing keep loving


  162. What is the meaning of a white beautiful angels letting me know that that I deserve and she wants me to be with “them” and offering me not “hers” but new wings, as she smiles and holds my hand.

  163. Glad to know everyone is still posting. Just though id share my story although there are many. I was at work one day and a truck driver past me by, atleast i think he was a trucker. Walked by me and said to me out of no where ( its really good that you can see and talk to Angels huh). I looked at him and followed him as he was headed to the rest room. Stood waiting for him. He approached me and i asked him how did you know, he said you think you are going crazy sometimes but your not… So to all of you who may feel weird, your not going crazy… My signs are Dreams, visions-( they occure just before im fully awake). Songs ( they allow me to tap into heavenly host when singing to God) for only 5 sec.. They touch my Heart. It feels as tho they lift it, its called a (Nock). They say its a message from God and or Christ. And one time a ArchAngel Appeared to me while i was in the bathroom getting ready for work. She song this song we alway sing during church. ( Thr clearest ive ever hear any of the angels voices). She told me she was the ArchAngel (name ) (name ) of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It beats me tile this day that i cant seem to remember it. But that was about 3months ago… The other angels come all the time, anytime of the day. They just appeared and said they have a charge to keep. Ive had dreams where (exp) church, and my mom or someone would say it happen, thats true, how do you know. So its not by chance that you all have these guardians. Be bless and follow instructions. The Lord loves Obedience! They are sent for a purpose.

  164. Hi! Few days back I was praying to God for wish fulfillment. When I finished my prayer suddenly my phone rang.. Is it a sign that my prayer reached to God?

    Sorry God for lack of faith..

    Plz reply….

  165. This article was interesting. I once woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and felt a touch on my right cheek and at the same time I heard wings fluttering as if something flew away. It didn’t make me feel scared so I thought maybe it was an angle 🙂

  166. I’ve been having some strange signs for past 6 month. I started having very vivid dreams sometimes more than 2 a night and can recall everything.

    I stopped talking to an ex and moved house last year january then in the May exactly a year after not talking he moved into a house up the top end of my street. He didn’t realise I moved so was a shock and we started talking again.

    Lights then started turning on and off and my daughters musical toys started going off. I changed batteries and everything. I was in my next door neighbors talking about my ex and not knowing what to do. then we here this loud bang and thought it was a ball hitting the window but it was her box of angel cards falling off the shelf.

    the past few weeks I keep sseeing double and triple digits everywhere. 222,333 & 555 being the most commen. The other night I didn’t feel well and went to bed early. I then was woken up by the alarm going off somehow and the time was 21:21.

    Today I was talking to my neighbor in her house about the numbers and I look at my phone and the time was 3:33. Later on at home there was someone lost in the street and asking for a door number. My neighbors 15 year old daughter wad in the front garden so we get talking. I then check the time and it was 5:55pm. I laughed at it then looked down on my foot and see a white fluffy feather.

    Then I find ur page and as I scroll through the many messages to get to the comment box I notice that the last post was posted at 5.55am yesterday morning.


  167. Dear Karen, my husband and I have had a very rocky relationship. He lost his wife of 13 users. We met and fell in love a year later. We’ve been trying to work things out for 3 years now. Anyway last night I was transferrin her ashes into a urn. A sudden small dust cloud formed in front of my face and without thinking or realizing it I had inhaled her dust. Do you have any explanations for me??? I look forward to hopefully hearing from you. Thank you

    • Hi Amy, Release any fear attached to your dream. Instead, consider she is giving you love to help in your relationship. It is possible that a part of her is still in your home creating a tension. Breathing her in allowed the two of you to bond into one energy of love for your man.

      I suggest you take a private moment and now release her energy back to the earth … with pure love. Write your gratitude for her assistance on piece of paper. Thank her for her help, and now release her from your marriage. Light the paper on fire, and collect the ashes lovingly. Take the ashes to a beautiful place … ocean, lake, park and release them or plant them … you choose. Not in your yard.

      What a lovely gift for both of you. You can let her go now too.

      ~ Karen

  168. ever since i was 3 i’ve been finding pennies everywhere.Is an angel putting them wherever for me to find

  169. Hi sometimes not all the time but I can see angel wings spreading open when i walk into a room or i could be just sitting there watching tv and out of no where i would picture big white wings spreadimg open…. now i want ye to no im not seeing this in front of me but it happens in my head as if im picturing it. It does not happen.all the time but this is for the past 2 years.. Does anyone no anything about this or have gone tru this? Also 1111 has been part of my life for a long time nd i no all bout tat bit its just the wings id like to no about THANKING U

  170. I never find white feathers other than those from pillows but there are other things that have happened.
    My childhood was literally dark, never any light upstairs and no matter how afraid I would be there was always maybe half a dozen butterflies in my bedroom making me feel a little calmer. They stopped visiting me when I left that house but recently they seem to turn up in groups of three. Always red admirals.
    A Victorian woman dressed in black woke me up one night to tell me that it was snowing outside. The room went very warm and I honestly felt the most at ease I have ever felt. I don’t know who she was but I rather think she might have been a young version of my great gran, who brought me up.
    There was another time when I felt a wonderful warmth and calmness after that. My mum had died and a few days later I was feeding my baby when the room went warm and I felt a kind of serenity then a group of tiny clustered lights appeared. They were quite faint and no shape around two feet in height. They did not disappear when I looked at them and I found myself testing my theory that it was my mum/angel, and not my eyes playing tricks, by looking away but the lights followed my gaze. They stayed until I left the room.
    I do worry about the snow thing though, I believe it was a warning, not sure what kind though.

  171. My husband said something pulled t pillow and he has cold chills and could not sleep…what’ does this mean…..

  172. I believe I was touched by an Angel on New Years eve 2014. I was out all night drinking in uptown Charlotte( open bar). And around 4 in the morning my buddy was taking me home for the night! I asked him to let me out of the car before i even got home, he was confused by this!( I was too.) I had two bottles of champaign with me as I stumbled drukedly down the street! I had spotted a Mainger scene down a side rhode, for some reason I went up and nelt down in front of someone’s yard maiinger scene at 4 in the morning. I closed my eyes to pray and all emotion overtook my body. The plastic Virgin Mary was crying and I felt emotional pain like no other! I sat there crying uncontrollably and the plastic Mary seemed to be melting tears from her eyes! I cried until I entered another higher reality! I felt as if my body floated away and my soul was present! All I can remember was fire all around me and I felt no pain, the emotion was overwhelming. I imagined I was a growing tree( like a tree of life or something.) the tree grew very tall, maybe 80ft and I felt weightless! I now was a floating leaf that rose higher and higher, taken by the wind! It almost felt as pure extasy. I then woke up to two cops standing over me as I awoke in front of the maiinger scene! Don’t think anyone wants some drunk crying in front of a maiinger scene at 5 in the morning on New Years eave! The cops drove me two blocks to my house and dropped me off! It took me a while to grasp reality and what I had experienced. I woke my parents and explained to them what I had encountered! I was crying histarically and feeling greatful to be alive. Whatever I encountered that night was another dimension of this world and I had experienced it firsthand!

  173. Please help, I can’t find anything on this. I keep seeing or finding things in 3’s. First, 3 feathers were by my fence, almost like they were placed there all lined perfectly in a row. Next, I found 3 pennies lined up in a row at a store I used to work at. (All heads up btw). Then a white butterfly has flown around me while I’m sitting on my deck on 3 occasions. I would love to solve this puzzle. Can you help? Thanks. Deb

  174. Hi a few strange things have happened to me. I’ve been saying something for a but a week. If (myex’s name) truly loves me then please bring him back to me. Thank you heavenly creator for hearing me. Last night I could smell daffodils and lilies and there were none. Today I have found 3 white feathers and in the shop I saw a penny on the floor and put it in the charity box. Are these signs?

  175. Most people think that I’m crazy and they ten to laugh at me when I tell them a true story that changed my life.
    When I was six years old, I lossed a tooth. I was kind of expecting the tooth fairy. But instead. I seen something else. I’m not crazy because my mom experienced it to .
    One day I was in my room with my dog in my arms. I was asleep and all of a sudden I heard my name being called. That automatically woke me up. My dog “lady” heard it to. She started barking. The voice kept calling my name as it was coming up the stairs. I was scared, but I was also having a safe feeling. I closed my eyes as tight as I could and when I opened them I seen it at the top of the stairs. I kept whispering my sisters name but she wouldn’t wake up. It was a loud whisper. All of a sudden my mom came out of her room and she froze. The beautiful fog went up to my mom and just staired. As it staired it started to smile. When it did, my mom looked relieved in a way. The beautiful foggy figure came to me slowly and smiled and me and my dog. My dog had finally stopped barking, but i felt safe. I felt like I knew her. I was sure that it was a female because it had a white flowing dress but I couldn’t see her hair. Her wings were huge and drooped down I way. When she left I fell asleep, and I still think about that night till this day.
    When I started to tell my family, they seemed to be encounterd by deceased family member as well.

    I just want to know what it was that I saw? Please help because I’m very curious to know if it was a angel or was it something else?

  176. i hear a soft distant voice calling my name often, i hear the voice randomly during the day sometimes. it’s as if the voice calling me is seeking my attention or trying to tell me something. so i just wanna know, do you think its my thoughts or its angels or God, speaking to me?

  177. I wonder if what I experienced are angel connection too. I kept feeling chills and tingling whenever I tried to talk to heaven or god about some yes or no questions. I ask the question like is it possible for me to have this or that in life then my hand and finger kept tingling. I also feel chills too and sometime feel intense chills through my body. Also, whenever I feel down or upset and lonely there is always someone that I don’t know appear to comfort me or to said good words to me in my dreams that I never get to hear in reality. I feel like maybe I’m crazy or something. Is this angel connection? I’m confuse.

  178. I keep having instances of glass breaking near me. I was folding clothes in another room and my kids were upstairs, out of nowhere the glass panel in the middle fell and broke a bunch of my glasses. Then a few days later at a restaurant a waiter put a bin of dishes on a table and walked away and those fell and broke. I feel like this would be harsh to be an angel but I do feel like it is someone or something trying to tell me something. Does anyone have any insight to this?

  179. About two years ago I remember going to a Presbyterian church in town I lived in. I was an active member of the church, and I was participating in the in the oil blessing. One Sunday morning I went up for a blessing, and I remember about four or five people around me and some of them were speaking in tongues, especially the pastor. I went home and the rest of 2014 was pretty uneventful. I moved to another town Spring of next year where I stayed for a few months. In March I remember seeing sticks aligned in the shape of a perfect cross. The next week I went out back to smoke when I noticed a small light floating around me. The light looked like a dandelion seed minus the seed. It touched me twice on my right index finger then either flew away or disappeared. I took a slight gasp of air when it touched me. The light was blue and seemed to glow without giving off any light. Nothing eventful happened for the rest of that year. This year I started going to a different church and started praying much more. I noticed that all of my prayers were coming true very fast. Sometimes I would pray about something, and it would come true the very next day. I prayed about my love life and I had this feeling of complete joy, comfort, and happiness.


  180. Good afternoon
    I spilled a drop of coffee on my saucer and it took on the shape of a heart and dried like that. What does this mean? I lost my Mom 20 months ago to cancer.

  181. Good day.
    When I was a small child about 4 , I saw an angel figure (statue like) image from the window of our neighbor. The same image statue from our church with holy water. Our neighbor is not catholic and was puzzled when I asked them when they became my friends. This experience is still very much vivid in my memory.
    Up to now, every now and then, I can still feel a presence of my guardian angel guiding me, in times of troubles and even when I was lost in a foreign city. Some one came up to guide me. I believe this person was sent by my angel. These past few months, I keep seeing the numbers 816, in my phone, as plate number or any other form. 816 also happens to be my birthday. Upon doing research regarding these numbers, I brought in this website. Maybe someone can share the same experience as I had. Thank you and God bless

  182. OMG. in the last week I have experienced seeing “bright” lights. It has been full on. Have never experienced this before. I was very scared when it first happened but I have been doing research and have discovered it is “Angels”. What now Should I be doing. I do not want to lose this ability.
    Thank You
    Barbara Arthy.

  183. I was told by a man who belive in Angels to invite my angels from my mom & set sight for asistance.
    Iam inlove with this man who divided to be quite on me without a say.I love him so much & wil like to be helped to be together.please conect me with my angels for further asistance

  184. Hello I have been asking my angel to show his or her self to me or give my a sign anything and last night i was watching supernatural on my phone in the darkness of my room I am married and my 18 month old sleeps in the same room with usb. and I was praying to God and telling him to please show my angel or to get me prepared so that I don’t get scared if I see him. And then my heart had this sansetion like tingling it felt cooler and almost like excitement. Then I felt it in my feet not in my whole body just in my feet then a minutes passed by and I was still watching my phone and a little spark of blue light was next to me it was very small like about the size of a seed and when o turned to look at it disappeared this happend twice then I was almost falling asleep. I heard a very loud sound like a door shutting or drum getting hit. But I was the only one i heard it my husband nor my baby heard it can someone help out please and thank you by the way it was 1 or 2 am.. God bless everyone.

  185. My grandson who is 10 years old was sitting near the window , he heard something and looked at the window . He saw a flash white go by. He called me and I told him ill be there in a minute. Then again he called me …please come here. I went to see what he wanted. He said the white Angel with big feather wings was looking at me . The Angel had his hand on the window and when I called you the second time he flew away so fast. what does this mean? The Angel had his hand out on the window.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      It means your grandson has gifts. He is able to see his Angel, even if it happened only once … he knows for sure that it is real. Many people wish for this to happen, and it never does.

      The world is awakening at a very excellerated rate. Your grandson is evidence of this.

      Working with Angelic Guidance is a choice. On Earth, we have God’s gift of “Free Will”. He can tell him to go away, and the Angel will not interfere. He can also ask for his help, and they can become companions. Angels are not to be worshipped. Their purpose is to help us in this 3D world. Humans are the players. I am being given the reference of a video game. He would understand this.

      There is no wrong decision. There are no accidents.

      God bless this young gifted man. He is special.

      ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  186. Usually, I can remember my dreams. I rarely ever experience nightmares or fearful dreams, and when I do they are not about ghosts or demons or anything of that sort. However, last night I experienced quite a vivid dream based on ghosts. I was extremely fearful the entire time, even though the ghosts never did any real harm and I was surrounded by my family and friends. I woke up very suddenly and saw a white light, almost like slimy texture, zooming out of my vision. My immediate thought was “he watched me while I slept”, in those exact words without any reason. I felt so sure when it happened and then I almost “snapped out of it” and lay there, confused, for a second before falling back asleep into a continuation the same dream. When I woke up it all came back to me and I’ve been thinking about this all day. Usually if something like this occurred I would be terrified, but for no logical reason I am not afraid. I am not a religious person, but I am very open minded and willing to believe what I feel is true. I believe there is some sort of higher power, or energy or something we cannot experience. For the past 2 years I have been feeling very depressed and lonely and I am wondering if that could be related. What I am really wondering is was this an angel? If so, why would I be visited? How is this significant? Thank you for any input!

  187. Hello, I have just lost my mother very recently. It was very sudden and my world has been turned upside down. I am not a religious person but my mother always spoke about her guardian angels. She once told me she was visited by her angel at her bedside! My mother was ill in hospital for 10 days, however after being in intensive care for pneumonia, she suddenly took 3 strokes. The doctors told us that she was unlikely to recover from this. I struggled with this and couldn’t comprehend losing my mother, she was, is my life. I asked my mother for a sign to help guide me and give me strength. whilst I was sitting myself in the relatives room, I was suddenly drawn to a faint vision out of the corner of my eye. It seemed to be a bust like vision. I couldn’t make out facial features and it appeared to float out of direct vision. It brought a calm feeling over me. I knew my mum was moving on and was in no pain. I then went to my mothers bed and she has passed away! Since leaving the hospital I have had 2 white feathers and a strange smell of food! I don’t understand this smell, it’s waking me up in the middle of the night and I’m having to check the kitchen. I don’t know what this means, but I feel it’s of significance. Can you explain?

    • I am so sorry for your loss. Apparitions usually appear out of the corner of your eye, and disappear when you try to see them head on. How wonderful she was able to come to you.

      Feathers are a very common sign of love from the other side.

      Smelling messages from spirit is called “Clairalience”. Like your Mother, you are very gifted. Not everyone has such developed senses to receive these messages.

      You can learn more about the “Clairs” here

      ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  188. Hello, well i have a question about some signs that I’ve seen. My wife and i were separated for 2 1/2 years. This past July 2016 we started talking again and ended up trying to work things out. Well a week or so later we were at my sisters house sitting outside enjoying the night. The wind was blowing at a steady pace so the clouds were low and moving pretty fast. As i looked at the clouds an angel wearing a long gown appeared out of nowhere as i turned to tell me wife there was a second one. My sisters boyfriend also saw them. Wait it gets better….. then a big heart with an arrow through it appeared and vanished as it was moving along. Now all 4 of saw it. We were in awe and excited as we were talking about it i looked up and my heart fell to my stomach. I yelled in amazement and shock ” omg it jesus christ” keep in mind this formed in front of my eyes. Jesus christ face was formed and we couldn’t believe our eyes… well my wife and i separated again 3 wks ago jan 2017. I was sure that these are signs for us. I thought that it was meant to be. Could we have seen someone else’s signs? Just curious because i love my wife with all my heart and have never loved any other women the way i love her. Thank you for your time.

    • The signs made your time with your wife magical. What a blessing that was indeed. Not all of your time together has been this way, just as the clouds come and go … so does the magic in your relationship.

      We are all energy, and our vibrations attract like energy. Example would be, someone with victim energy would attract someone who takes advantage of people. When the victim shifts their energy, they are no longer attracting that energy. I am using this solely as an example.

      It seems your wife has shifted her energy in some way (or you have) and you are no longer in alignment with each other. Consider how you can be more of a vibrational match for her.

      If you are in a sad, despaired place … not many people would like to be with you. If you are living a wonderful happy life … filled with joy, creativity and adventure … you will attract a wonderful person to you. It may just be your wife.

      It is time for you to find happiness inside of you. When you do, you will find what you are searching for.

      Blessings to you and all you do. ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  189. So I recently lost my soul mate 2 months ago , the absolute love of my life , I am a lost soul without my partner next to me , I found out he was purposing to me at the end of this month – my answer a million times yes – with what being said my boyfriend has a child , no mom in the picture and all my boyfriend wanted was a great mom for his son – we had moved in together had a beautiful home raised my beautiful family and since his passing, lost my home , and my little man stays with his grandfather ( lived in the same house as us ) I do remain with honor my boyfriends request and I continue to stay in my little mans life , I get tons and tons of signs , all different and if I share them all people might think I’m nuts , but this one was different – I had taken his son to the park , were playing – and I had run into a mutual friend of his and I – talked a little bit , told him he was gonna be purposing n just small talk about my boyfriend – then he left and it was me and my baby – I was sitting on the ground – watching my baby ride his bike and I was just staring at him when all of a sudden a bubble ( like the bubbles kids have and play with ) just one big bubble came outta nowhere , and came from behind to the side of me and just popped – I repeat NOONE WAS NEAR OR AROUND ME – after the park I went back to my old house where the baby still lives and we were playing. Baseball in the backyard ( we had did this the prior day for hours ) but yesterday we played in the same spot but only a huge feather was sticking out of the ground – it wasn’t there the day before – I don’t know what the bubble is or means – I do know the feather – I know my baby is always around me I have pennies on my floor I don’t touch , music plays our songs everyday , he’s in my dreams , sent a medium to me in my dreams and met her it was he exact same women , I get chills and soft kisses on my face , angel wings and hearts in the sky , he knows I love roses and I haven’t stopped getting roses sent to me from people ( some I barley know ) and his new thing is sunflowers – whenever I’m nervous or feeling guilty ( if I laugh at times ) I see a sunflower , but sad or a holiday I’ve gotten roses ( on his one month passing ) I asked for strength from him – , he usually gets me roses for Valentine’s Day and this year was a year we would be together ) he was so excited we made it a year , so I would of gotten 2 dozen roses and on his one month I got 2 dozen roses delivered anonymous saying , hope you had a great vday , sorry I can’t be there like I used too , hope these put a smile on your face , less carbs then chocolate , ( I knew this was all him ) a month after day and his passing on his passing day ( I love him for that even more he knew I loved getting my roses from him at work ) apparently my baby is a a fast learner and thinks he can give me lots of signs , wish he would just talk to me in my dreams but anyways what does the random one bubble mean ???? It made me feel happy

  190. Very interesting article. I was awoken from a dream at 5am this morning which is bizare because I never wake up during the night, not even for the bathroom or water, until my alarm goes off at 6:30. I woke myself up with my own laughter, then saw a white figure with a golden tinge standing at my feet. This figure resembled the shape of an angel and was very tall, about 6″5. I blinked my eyes a few times so that I could see the figure more clearly. It was still there after my eyes had adjusted a little more. The angel was not looking at me. It was still blurry in my vision. I told myself not to be afraid even though I was slightly. I think my small amount of fear is what drove the angel away. In hindsight, I wish I had the courage to speak to the angel. After finding this website I asked the angel that had visited me to show me another sign. The next song that came on my playlist sang the lyrics.. “when I opened my eyes, I was already there. The vision I had could not compare, so maybe I’ll stay for a while, I don’t know. The dream, she keeps calling so I’ve got to go.” I also remembered that I saw a very strange feather on the roof of my car a few days ago. It was black at the stem and white at the tip. If you are reading this, please help me to understand what it means for this to have happened to me. I am not a religious person but very spiritual and open minded. Thanks.

  191. I have found this very interesting also. I found a large black feather in the garden about a year and a half ago, which I thought was quite strange at the time, as it was in an unusual place, and in honesty, I rarely find feathers in my garden anyway. I knew there was an association between angels and feathers, so I googled it, and found that indeed it was a sign of an angel, and the message was that they were there for me in forthcoming difficult times, and would help me through. Fast forward a couple of months, and things started going really badly in my life, and a particular situation was becoming very difficult. I have forgotten to add that I assumed my angel must be my departed grandmother, whom I was very close to. This made sense to me, and felt right. I still think that it was her, and I did get through the difficult time, although it got much worse before it got better. I managed to get through it though, and things worked out. I am sure it was with her help.

    Fast forward another year, and I suddenly started thinking about a guy I had known when I was a bit younger… He had passed away in very sad circumstances. We had known each other quite well you could say, but we had fallen out, and we never really got around to seeing each other again, with one thing or another. I found out a couple of years later that he had passed away, and I was very shocked, but kind of got on with things… I had a lot going on in my life… I suppose it was a distraction away from how sad I was really feeling about his death. Anyway, so now, a good few years (almost 15 years to be precise), I start thinking about him constantly, seemingly out of the blue. This was odd in itself, but then I was sat on my sofa early one morning, drinking coffee, and happened to look up at the sky outside and as clear as anything I saw his name in the clouds. Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but it was there, so clear to see. I managed to get a picture of it with my phone (moving fast), and I even put a negative filter onto the picture, to see if it was still clearly his name, and sure enough it was still really clear to see. I have no doubt in my mind about what I saw (and caught on camera), but I know that clouds can be interpreted in so many ways. My sister said that we can see all kinds of things in clouds because of the shapes, suggesting that I only saw what I perhaps wanted to see. I am still certain that I saw his name though, and it wasn’t like I was even looking for it. I just looked up and it was there! I can’t explain it, but I did see it.

    Just as I am typing this now, my television just switched off by itself, which is a bit odd!! It is late and I kind of get the feeling someone is reminding me that I should go to bed… not sure who, but someone is, I think! On that note, I am off to bed now, but I would be really interested to hear your views on my experiences. Thanks x

    • You are connected, and thus, able to receive Divine Signs. People who are not will not be able to understanding your clear knowing of “Signs”.

      One of my teachers explained, “signs are a compelling directive to notice something” and you surely did.

      Ask your Angels to bring more signs, and they will come. I live my life using signs as a compass. I am grateful for their love and guidance.

      ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  192. Two nights ago i dreamed about an angle i was walking with a freind and a wight figure illuminated out of my body and grue 2 times my hight and body size and held out its hand and touched my freind with a closed hand only 2 fingers and than i woke up…. what do you think this could mead

  193. Is this also angel connection I heard about archangel Gabriel, and searched about him/her online then I started to talk to him quietly. I was so doubtful and asked him that if he really does exist then do something for me to feel certainly sure that he is with me then after that I started to feel calm and heard some ringing sound in my ears. I even asked him that if you are really exist or nearby then make the sound louder or very loud then after that it got very loud and I told him to make it lower then he made it lower too. I couldn’t see him but feel like an invisible present nearby to support me. I don’t see him but I do have weird dreams that he support and help me in dreams or protected me. Sometime I heard a voice talked to me too but don’t see anything. Also I have always felt like something guided and helped me invisibly through life. I felt like I’m kind of different from other people its kind of weird and wanted to be alone more. I felt like heaven watched over me or something. Is this really angel connection?

    • I don’t find that experience strange at all. I too have had the same experience. It is like a knowing that I have had guidance from the Lord by way of his angels sometimes throughout my life. Also, I have experienced feeling their presence and seeing supernatural beings. I have heard bells and ringing that I knew were not of this world but I hadn’t asked for any sign of existence because I already have faith they exist. Awesome story you shared 🙂

      • I’m just confuse because whenever I tried to tell someone about god or angels existence they said I’m crazy or must be mentally ill or something. Also they said that it’s not god or angels it’s just your past ancestors or something, but I do see your ancestors in dreams if they are your ancestors they told you who they are. The angels or god appear in dreams in many form, and your ancestors only appear in human form and will tell you who they are. Also god or angels when they come to your dreams they are very friendly. It’s like they will do anything to make you happy. I never see them in my waking life but I often seen god or angels in dreams. It’s like they intervene whenever someone make me upset or depress or feeling bad about myself something like that.

        • Not everyone is an Earth Angel. We were selected. I suggest you start saying … everyone I talk to is open to the message I have to share … that changed so much in my life.

          I have seen an Angel with my eyes wide open. It was incredible. ~ Karen

        • Well, God loves you dearly and wants us to know he is there for us no matter our mistakes. This is why you see them during times of distress to give you comfort and peace. During these times be sure to journal your experiences with as much detail as possible because as you move through life you will see a correlation and/or communication happening between you and your creator. Additionally, do not listen to those people who say angels or Father God does not exist because they do and you know it because you have experienced it. Stand for what you believe! On the topic of ancestors visiting us in our sleep is a whole other thing that I personally have experienced with an Indian woman in my sleep but not sure if that was a demonic entity in disguise to bring confusion or not but this is just my opinion. I say this, because I do not believe in ghosts and know they are demonic beings showing up as deceased loved ones to pull people away from seeking God for answers/guidance so maybe this is true with ancestors. However, you can never go wrong seeking after God which in the end will eliminate any confusion. I hope this helps. Much love 🙂

          • Thanks I feel much more better instead of feeling like crazy or something. If I don’t ask for people who have experienced it before, then I’m going to keep thinking like I’m crazy as always. Thanks a lot for the help.

          • No, you are definitely not crazy. Glad I could help. God Bless 🙂 <3

  194. Hi Karen.
    Wow so these posts are super old and so is the actual blog so I’m hoping you are still able to receive this…
    I am super aware of the beautiful spirit world and I am the ultimate believer of signs from The Universe.. however it’s been so crazy lately, I am seeing more and more pennies and feathers and do know why… but today the strangest thing happened… I had an almost full day deja vu…which I have alot not a full day one but this one was weird and I could swear I was in another demention…i cannot remember certain things…it made me think was I asleep but no I was not. I have a almost 3 year old daughter so I am always on the go all over the house.. and it was just so strange today… I cannot completely explain my experience …. and I came across this… reading about different meanings of feathers. So in all honesty I don’t know what my question is…or why I’m writing this….but it felt as I should.
    Thank you ☺for your beautiful time.

    • Hi Valery,

      I am still here. Deju va, as I understand it from Sharon Taylor, author & teacher … was explained like this.

      We are living in multiple dimensions and multiple possibilities at one time. Deja vu is when two intersect for a split moment. Before we are born, we design our life with many events and people in place before we come. When the intersection happens, it is one of those times.

      I love when it happens for me. It feels like a time stamp, confirmation that I have passed or something like that.

      ~ Karen

  195. This is weird I never really experience all those angel signs except sometime I see flashing light in my eyes. Then I started to see 10:10, 11:11, 12:12 and 1:11 on the clock and looked online they said its angel number. I was curious to see more angel numbers. I thought to myself that angel numbers are cool to see and wished to see more numbers like 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55 too. Later after that I had a dream that all those clock numbers moved very fast in my eyes it started from 1:11 to the other clock numbers but very fast I couldn’t see clear. After that dream I started to see all the clock numbers start from 1:11 to 12:12. It felt weid I thought its impossible but seem like every now and then when I start to look at the clock I often get to see those clock numbers. I still not sure if angel show me these numbers or just by any chance I see them by accident. I’m not sure so need someone to make that clear for me.

  196. Hello Karen! I never thanked you for a post I did on this same thread 10 years ago. My Nana whom I’d caregiven for passed of ALZ and she loved angels. She was wearing a gold cherub around her neck when she passed which I have. I told you that I was woken out of a deep sleep, I have to taken sedatives during that time and not even an earthquake could have woke me but I opened my eyes and when I woke I was afraid and it 437. After sharing this experience and your kind words I never worried about her again. Last thanksgiving at my Papa’s house I went to curio cabinet which no joke has 50 angel figurines. Ones I had bought for her and others were gifts. I opened it to look for some reason. Folding neatly into the crook of an angel wing was a neatly folded piece of magazine. She would do this all of over the house, the nature of her disease caused her to do things like that But it was on a day when my entire family was there. My Papa even has a house cleaner. In six years after her death no one opened it. There was a piece of her that was literally in a wing of an angel. I miss her sometimes to the point I can’t stand it. But since then I see 1234. Everywhere. All the time. I thought maybe you could give me insight to that number. And share a story of the true power of angels. 6 years and there is a piece of her. Hidden away in an angel wing. Also a book came to my sister that works at a school that was donated. It was a book my Nana has bought us. Written in her hand writing with my sister and I’s names in it. We live twenty miles away from where she lived. It was one of the most beautiful things I could have received. I know she is with me. And thank you for acknowledging the visits we get. I am truly thankful for those I have received. Thank you for your work here

  197. Hi
    I woke up this morning to a feeling as if wings were flapping in my face. When I opened my eyes I saw a blue light flashing above my wardrobe. I checked my phone for the time and it said 5.55am. I typed this into Google and ended up on this site. Can u tell me what this means x
    Thank you x

  198. My family and I have been working for months now to get a loan for a house that we have been wanting and praying for. Finally we got the financial part worked out and we are now waiting for our current house to sell. Every showing we have, we always get the feedback saying that our house is too small for them. Yet, the price is just right and it shows beautifully. I have been feeling so discouraged and frustrated. Our house maybe small but it’s so cute and low maintenance. I keep wondering why has everything else fallen into place for us. Yet, we just can’t seem to get this house sold. We really wanted to get settled into our new home for the Holidays. Especially Christmas! I have been praying and talking to my angels for guidance and peace. I keep receiving the numbers 1111, 222, 444, and sometimes 333 or 555. Plus the other day I was cleaning before a showing and under my couch was one penny and stuck to the foot of the couch was one ten dollar bill. I think those are all good signs from my beautiful winged friends,but what does it all mean? We have been so blessed and I don’t to want seen impatient. Just so ready to be in our new home and began a new chapter of our lives.

    • Congratulations on your new home! Release the anxiety of it … give to God and the Angels and allow it to happen with Divine Timing. Sometimes our urgency for something to happen slows the process. See it done … feel it done … know it is done. Archangel Gabriel, please help release any blocks in the sale of their lovely home, allowing Cassandra and her family to move. So be it and so it is. Thank you. ~ Karen

  199. Thank you so much for your prayer. I have felt at peace all day and have a feeling we are going to get an offer soon. I absolutely love this website,
    Thanks again, Casssandra

  200. My Siberian Husky was recently diagnosed with cancer. Every day and night I sing to her and then say a prayer. When I pray I close my eyes and put my forehead against hers. As I do this, I always see a flash of white light. Could this be a type of sign?
    Also, the other day my dog was trying to show me something on the table, when I looked a small white feather was there. I don’t have anything in my place with feathers in it, so I was very surprised to see it there.

  201. I took a picture of myself in the mirror to check my hair. When I looked at the pic on my phone , grey feathered wings were present in the photo, I was a little spooked,and couldn’t explain how it manifested on pic.

  202. I was driving home tonight and must of dozed off behind the wheel. I woke up hearing a voice saying “brick wall look out”. I was startled and woke up looking for the brick wall in front of me but then quickly realized I was on the road. driving. I had my 36 son with an intellectual disability with me in the passenger side. Was someone looking over us? I have often found small white feather or seen white butterflies around my garden. Both of parents have passed as well as my older sister, all with cancer. I nursed them all to the end.
    When my sister was being buried a double rainbow appeared. I have seen a double rainbow appear about 4 times, always when I am feeling emotional and overwhelmed. I often ask my parents and sister to guide me or help me through difficult times and this seems to answer my prayers.

  203. I was awakened from a deep sleep and at the foot of my bed I saw sparkling silver that turned into a ball of sparkles and just went up towards the ceiling and was gone would that be an angel?

  204. I’ve been going through some personal problems. Feeling very down and haven’t slept good. I’ve been prying to God and trying to pray to the Archangel to help me. Today as I went outside, I happen to look up at the sky bc the corner of my left eye caught my attention of where a plane had flown and left behind the long white clouds it went through. Right then, I saw a big irredencent bubble just floating going slow and to the left……then it disappeared. Could this had been an Archangel?

  205. Hello Karen,
    It is such a relief to find someone that can possibly explain something that happened to me two years ago, or maybe just confirm what I feel that happened…
    In January 2016 I moved to England after many years living and travelling the world, as a “run away and breathe” ultimate option.
    I rented a temporary flat -ground floor, with a little patio/neglected garden- and it was my 4th or 5th night there when I decided to go outside and sit at the garden’s cold concrete bench.
    I still don’t know why that idea came across.
    I sat down, overwhelmed with all going on with my new life, and, suddenly, I saw a flashing light coming out of the mud -it was raining, of course! London!-!
    I leaned to touch it and, when I realised that it was “something” buried, I just dogged it up. To my astonishment, I found a perfect quartz crafted angel.
    A beautiful, perfect and transparent angel.
    What came after that are just “details”.

    My question is… do you really think what I think? It can not be a coincide, I am pretty sure! Or, was it?

    My fiancé passed away 10 years ago, but I still think that he is always around, protecting and guiding me…

    Do you think that this has any short of connection?

    • Hi Gigi,
      I don’t believe in coincidences … everything is Divinely Timed. Watch for more signs, they will come.

      I am certain your fiancé is watching over you. I can feel him … as a very strong energy … like Archangel Michael standing so large behind you that he actually hovers over you.

      ~ Karen

  206. Hi, my name is Pamela, Over the last 8 years I have learned to be in tune with myself, I have be able to connect with dead people I know and don’t know, how can I stabilized myself from harm.

  207. I had an unusual thing happen to me. Someone loved started behaving and acting just like my father who passed in 97. I’m mean for about 2-3 days he watched some of the same things, responded in the same way and behavior with many of the same mannerisms. In my inner gut, I kept saying… why is this person acting just like my father. They didn’t spend a lot of time together and they couldn’t have known many of the mannerisms or shows. So I got on my knees and prayed asking God to show me what was going on. Not even 1 hour after I prayed, this person wanted to watch a movie. They turned to a movie I hadn’t seen in decades called “Heaven Can’t Wait.” What’s strange about it, is this person doesn’t normally watch these kinds of movies. It startled me. After the movie was over, this individual resumed their normal behavior. What would you call it when I person takes on the personality or nature of someone you’ve loved? Do you call it demon possession?

    • I would not call it demonic possession … I would be more inclined to suggest that your friend is an empath … very susceptible to energies. Very well can develop his/her gifts to become a medium. So … I would call it more like channeling …. and what a wonderful gift that was for him/her facilitate for you.

      In the future, I would suggest he/she learn how to protect his/her energy so she can be the one to decide when to channel. I also suspect he/she has emotional ups and downs not realizing how sensitive they are.

      Many blessings to you both ~ Karen

  208. A few nights ago I had a bad dream well when I woke up just laying there someone or something whispered the name ” Gabriel” in my ear. It was soft and gentle like. I quickly rolled over to see if my fiancee whispered it but she was sound asleep. Now I know that Gabriel is an archangel, but what could this mean? I’m not making this up, I have seen and heard things from the spiritual world but nothing like this. I’ve been studying and researching the spiritual world since I was 15 and I’m 36 now. I’m interested in finding out what this means.

  209. I feel like i am trapped in my life right now and have called upon the angels a few times. Each time i speak to the angels about my worries and frustration I receive beautiful signs. A few days ago i was sitting in my car parked up. I began to think about my current situation and got myself worked up (finances/unloved and trapped in my marriage/worried about making a move with my child and the fear of not having another). I got so upset i started to talk to my angels about how i felt, as soon as i finished i saw a car pull up with the no. plate beginning with K444. I immediately took note of the and felt calm and relieved. However. although i receive signs all the time i feel like my situation is not changing. Don’t get me wrong without my belief in the universe/angels i don’t know how i would have coped. Am i doing something wrong. I talk to archangel Michael alot, and i do see purple colours everywhere i go.

    • Your Angels are here to help you manifest what you want in your life. They work with the energy of the “Law of Attraction”. The LOA teaches us that our thoughts create the world around us. Spending a lot of time focusing on lack will bring more lack … spending time focusing on things that make you happy will bring more happiness in your life.

      I would suggest making a vision board so you have a clear intentional focus … and doing everything you can to increase your vibration.

      Here are some recommended videos.

      How to Vision Board =>

      How to Raise Your Vibration =>
      Another one for Vibration =>

      Blessings to you and all you ~ Karen

    • Angels are awesome! They are present to assist us, but the one with the power is whom you should be praying to not the angels. Try speaking directly to your creator Father God and asking him to help you. He loves you unconditionally. Start there and see if you experience something different where you eventually see real change in your life. Be sincere about seeking him and He will answer you. Love you and God loves you more!

  210. I have had a few problems with my life over past few years, unexplained problems with my main passion/hobby in life – restoring vintage/collectable clocks – these issues were mainly clocks failing (stop working or malfunction) where there was nothing mechanically wrong with them, and also my mother’s health issues. I started to become more spiritual recently and acquired objects like gemstones, religious artefacts (Christian) and angelic objects as well as listening to spiritual music. Only last week I am now seeing white feathers in my path – never seen anything like that before at any time of year – now I have four of them, and also I am seeing number sequences appearing on digital clocks and our energy monitor (smart meter) – 111 & 333 are most common especially on monitor always when I am in the room where it is, last night I happened to awaken in early hours for no real reason, glanced at alarm clock turned over to go back to sleep then woke again, got up and saw on my clock 4:44 , then after when it changed I got up to use bathroom which is next to kitchen, glanced at oven clock illuminated and it also said 4:44. I feel that it is angels trying to communicate with me with these coded messages as I always feel a loving energy or presence when these happen – and also when I meditate with my gemstones – clear quartz especially. I am at a crossroad in my life and I feel that it will all work out well, taking the correct path, seem to already know what that is.

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