Amazing things happen all the time. Feathers are usually the amazing thing for me. This day it was Michael… my warm, loving brother-in-law. Michael and I had just finished discussing how he has been growing. He was excited because he has changed the way he thinks, and his world has changed. The fact that Michael […]

I used to meditate in the park during lunch… it has been sometime. Today, before I closed my eyes, I remembered an instance a couple months ago when I was brought out of my meditation by a noise. I turned and looked… it was a bird hopping toward me… then it flew over my car… […]

I have been focused on Feather Blessings by Signs of Angels, inc. I eat, drink & sleep her. Yesterday was a great day. I began the website. I woke up this morning, and my energy was singing… if you have done energy work, you know what I am referring to… After I poured my tea, […]

Excerpted from “Does Grief End? Signs of Hope” By Monica Novak When our daughter Miranda was stillborn, the word “hope” took on new meaning for me.  Used often to describe the feeling that what you want in the future will happen, hope for me meant knowing that my daughter had not just disappeared into oblivion.  Hope […]