By Susan Hart One morning while in a semi-sleep state, somewhere between dreamtime and waking consciousness, I found myself floating in a beautiful golden light. As I basked in this light, I became aware of a presence beside me. “Is someone there?” I asked. “I am,” said a deep resonating voice. Surprised to find someone […]

Christie just turned 17, and got her Driver’s License. She was driving to her boyfriend’s house for the first time, and took the NJ Parkway. Fatima, her Mom was very anxious… and was folding laundry just to calm her mind. In the laundry, Fatima found a white feather. She knew a Guardian Angel is watching […]

Generally, Angel feathers mean this: “all will be well. You are loved and protected.” They usually show up to reassure you about some longer-term worry or sorrow. But sometimes the message is in the moment, so the second you spot one, try to immediately recall what you were just thinking about. Then ask the Angels […]