Dear Karen, I was at work this evening and stepped into the washroom to say a quick little prayer. I have been stressed financially and although I feel selfish praying about this situation, I did anyway. As I opened my eyes, a tiny little white feather was drifting over my left shoulder. Very tiny….Almost invisible. […]

  This weekend I allowed myself much needed vacation from Signs of Angels. Frank and I spent the weekend cleaning the yard and doing much needed repairs. It was wonderful to be in the yard, laughing and sweating together. Lots went on with the company that I would have normally been very concerned about, but […]

I found a feather from an Angel in my pocketbook

  Dear Karen, I just wanted to ask, I am moving and downsizing to a 2 bed victorian cottage. It has been a very big task after living here for 21 years, I have had so much sorting out to do and de-cluttering. Anyway, I asked the angels if I am doing the right thing. Last night […]

  Dear Karen, I have been seeing faces on the church walls and now see them on my bathroom floor, curtains, trees, clouds. Are these faces of angels and if so what does it all mean. I didn’t start seeing them until after my dad died in 1997. My family thought that I was losing […]