Signs of Angels - Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near - Part 80

Dear Karen,I have an ongoing story to share, and I hope those that read it understand the depths of the meaning. In 2004, my 20 year old daughter was murdered. Her son was 4 months old. I adopted him – I was all that he had. For the first 8 months after her death, all […]

By: Lynne Hinton I have always collected feathers. It’s just something I do. In my new book, Pie Town, feathers serve as an important symbol in the story. As I was writing Pie Town, I continued collecting feathers. I found them on paths in forests, along mountain trails, and beside lakes and streams. Each time I found one […]

  When did I start noticing the Angels’ blessings? I don’t even remember. It has been years now. Hard to remember who I was before this new life began. As I walked across the same grass I walked across for years, I noticed the small white feather. In the past, I am certain I would […]

  I’ve been struggling with life in general lately. Stressed to the hilts, worried about my disabled Mam and worried about money to the point my stomach has been “twisted”. I’ve been vomiting with stress, unable to eat, and when gets down don’t stay down. Yet last night, the first time at a friend’s house and […]