Signs of Angels - Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near - Part 79

  Dear Karen, I keep seeing the number 8 everywhere. What does this mean according to you? Thank you, Pallavi Dear Pallavi, Eights are the symbol of infinity. It is often associated with prosperity. Of course, if someone has a birthday on the 8th it may mean something else to them. Signs come to us […]

  Dear Karen, Last night, 1-12-2012, I dreamt I was feeling some pain in my back and when I reached around to see why, there were feathers growing out of my back. I could actually physically feel them, the stem of the feather and the feathers. The feathers were black the stems whitish in color. […]

  A friend of mine facebooked me this morning, and mentioned she had some concerns about her finances. I pulled my cards out of my pocketbook. Doesn’t everyone keep Angel cards in a velvet bag in their pocketbook? Then I put them on my desk, and got distracted with a phone order (yay!). When I […]