Signs of Angels - Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near - Part 76

  Dear Karen, I have been seeing faces on the church walls and now see them on my bathroom floor, curtains, trees, clouds. Are these faces of angels and if so what does it all mean. I didn’t start seeing them until after my dad died in 1997. My family thought that I was losing […]

  Dear Karen, I keep seeing the number 8 everywhere. What does this mean according to you? Thank you, Pallavi Dear Pallavi, Eights are the symbol of infinity. It is often associated with prosperity. Of course, if someone has a birthday on the 8th it may mean something else to them. Signs come to us […]

  Dear Karen, Last night, 1-12-2012, I dreamt I was feeling some pain in my back and when I reached around to see why, there were feathers growing out of my back. I could actually physically feel them, the stem of the feather and the feathers. The feathers were black the stems whitish in color. […]