Signs of Angels - Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near - Part 74

Angel Feathers by Rose-Mary Gower An ANGEL Story: I watched an item on the TV about Angels. The guest on the show said thatyou could ask an angel to give you evidence of their existence by producing Angel feathers! At the time I thought no more about it, thinking that it was a fanciful notion. […]

by Barbara Dowse I hadn’t heard about angel feathers until one of my niece’s daughters was killed suddenly recently. Now I have been told that feathers appear when an angel has visited. Has anyone else heard or had this experience? I was phoning my niece to comfort her, when she told me about this. Apparently, the teenager that […]

August 3, 2003 Feather represent many things including, ascension, the dove, return to consciousness, the feather quill pen as our reality was written by Thoth the scribe who stands with a feather-quill pen. We approach the final chapter and the grand finale. Many of us will discover strange patterns involving birds and feathers, which will […]

I was having a difficult time deciding whether I should take a series of classes. They wouldn’t boost my income, and I already had a degree, but these classes seemed important to me spiritually. In a fit of indecision before I had to register or let the opportunity go, I spoke aloud. “I really need […]

By Starfeather My connection with feathers began before I noticed. As a young adult, I spent many hours walking the beaches of Cape Cod picking them up, along with sticks and shells and stones. The gathering and walking were part of my emotional healing process. I had old spaghetti sauce jars full of feathers that […]

An Angel feather often appears in mysterious places where you least expect it. It will be thrown or blown into your path so you cant miss it. However you need your eyes “open” to see nad feel the angelical realms, you need to be aware of the angel symbols meaning, you need to believe that […]

By Blossom It is thought that when the angels are with you, they leave a white feather to show their presence. Some one on the Baby and Bump forum mentioned this to me a little while ago. She had started to find white feathers after losing her baby and believed that it was her angel […]