Signs of Angels - Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near - Part 63

By Blossom It is thought that when the angels are with you, they leave a white feather to show their presence. Some one on the Baby and Bump forum mentioned this to me a little while ago. She had started to find white feathers after losing her baby and believed that it was her angel […]

Today was a perfect day to be at the Jersey Shore. I walked the ocean shore with my friend, Beth… and it was perfect. Hours slipped away while we observed the birds, fisherman, babies, sun worshippers, butterflies, boats, crabs, shells and feathers. Of course I would find so many beautiful feathers today… today I could […]

Tierney gave me this seminar as my birthday gift. If you have not heard of Esther & Jerry Hicks, they teach… your thoughts create your reality. What you think you get… so think thoughts of things you want in your life… So…when they pan the audience… there we are! We are movie stars! It’s a […]

Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder, the keepers of magic and dreams. Angels watch over you where ever you go, keeping each day perfect and promising a bright new tomorrow. Wherever there is love, an angel is flying by. Your guardian angel knows you inside and out and loves you just the way […]