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Learn to Let Go

Life is constantly changing . Nothing ever stays the same. People come and then they go; some exit quietly without you realizing it and some go with a loud bang. In the constant flow and changes of life we get stuck with unhealthy habits, unhappy relationships, unrewarding jobs, unrealized dreams and the like. You may have created an unhealthy attachment or bond to something or someone that no longer serves you in a positive way. You have the innate courage to acknowledge the situation and know that change is inevitable. It also brings with it newfound freedom and spiritual growth .

Mantra: I am ready to free myself from situations that no longer serve me.

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Very good, answered my question. Excellent

  2. Just what i needed x x x

  3. Thank you, yes indeed I need a new life,mine has been coming depressed,I’m so unhappy,I miss my only child,my son Brandon, he was my world,even tho it’s been 6 yrs,it hurt’s, grieve never ends.I just wish I could find a Good man here in my town,I’ve turned to the Angel’s.

  4. Spot on, Karen!! Thank you!

  5. Exactly what I need!! Learning to let go of the past. I was stuck now I’m learning to let go and stop staying in my comfort zone of the negative unhealthy past!! Change is good positive future!

  6. Thank you I needed this today.

  7. Thank you!!! I am ready for the change in my life…. ❤️

  8. Its very hard to let go specially when your left on your own my hubby was my life dont know how to start a new life without him

  9. Yes , very much! This is r accurate Letting Go, I feel a release in doing this, all the things that were weighing me down, I am moving on, I have gone through so much the past year I say , there has to be a reason? A lesson for me? Or people around me, love and light to you Karen and Frank Love to get reading sometime in person

  10. thank you, exactly answered my situation.

  11. Yes you hit it just right and I got rid of the people who didn’t really need me.

  12. Thank you, I think this was a good message for me, reminded me to let go.

    thanks Elaine

  13. Ethanol you for that message,,,I needed that,,,,,

  14. I’m going to have to give up my job as a carer because of injuries I’ve had at work…. the stress is just to much… I live with my boyfriend (in his house) who I know doesn’t love me in the same way I love him…. I have no savings to start a fresh…. I just don’t know what to do 🙁

    • Hi Chrissie,
      It is time for healing! How absolutely wonderful.

      You have found what you no longer want in your life. It is time to focus on what you DO want in your life. Often when we are given this opportunity to have new beginnings … people freeze not knowing what they would really want. Allow yourself to dream. I suggest creating a vision board, and adding to it as you come up with more desires.
      Here is my video on Vision Boarding

      Focus on a positive change, and make the energy around positive.
      Here is my video on easy ways to increase energy.

      And … start meditating. This will help with all of this. Let me know if you need additional guidance on meditating. Here is my video on getting started with free downloadable music

      And … ask your Angels to be with you bringing you comfort, guidance through your new adventure.

      Blessings to you and all you do,
      ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

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