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Invite Magic In

Welcome to the magic of life! All good things are coming your way. You deserve your heart’s desires , so allow your-self to feel good now. When you send out positive energy and are ready to receive, providence gets into action. You don’t need to understand how this happens, just trust that the universe is at work and will rearrange itself to make the right things happen for you. After you have asked for what you desire, give thank s and trust that it will occur.

Mantra: I trust in the magic of life to fulfill my desires.

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady




  2. Thank you i could do with some luck as i have an ambition to work with children of poor resources,to change their lives and make sure they get an education,and a start in life in god i trust to help me along the way

  3. thank-you i can use a healing, i trust that the Lord and the ANGLES hear me, Thank-you

  4. Thankyou I’ beleave I’m here to help and surport people who need surport I really could do with some help along the way I really hope my wishes come true to help and provide for the unfortunate godbless you angels!!! Xx

  5. I need so good luck .I just want be able to take care of myself and not ask my ex for nothing cuz it still feel like he control me

  6. Thank you I can use some luck as I’ve been in the hospital and have a huge amount of bills and no health ins. Every door had been slammed in my face when I’ve tried to get help. Or even get ins. We either make just over the limit or just under.and the bills just keep piling up. All I’ve ever taken is vitamins now I’m on 9 different meds. Please my Angels help me get off these meds and make my heart beat where they want and my sugar normal! THANK YOU MY ANGELS FOR YOUR HELP!

  7. Thank you for the many blessings may the Angels be nearfor guidance Amen

  8. Thank you for my Reading,it warms my Heart to know a person cares about me,,Thank You!!

  9. Thank you I need it
    Good Fortune very much. I am gratitude. I ask , I believe, I giving and I receiving.

  10. Thank you,
    I need to start trusting and believing.

  11. Thank you. I want this.

  12. Thank you .. I so need this right now . Good fortune .
    Have a blessed day everyone.

  13. Praying for a financial miracle.

  14. Thank you. Needed to remember that all good things come to those who wait. Patience.

  15. In need of it, so be…
    Thank u

  16. What a great reading !! I hope it comes true!!!

  17. Hope It comes True..
    Anorange Brown Butterfly has come in my Dental office last evening ,Toady morning it was on my desk and still there in the office.. Please guide me what the message fron Angel..

  18. Thank you what a great reading I could use some good luck and wonderful blessings.

  19. Thank you angels for this wonderful reading…. ❤️

  20. Yes I am waiting for all of Gods blessings and appreciate all that he has already given me !

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