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Let Things Happen

The magic of the universe knows what you desire and wants to deliver the best outcome for you. So let go, step aside and accept help from others. Sometimes, people become used to resistance and struggle. Everyone accepts this as part of how life is supposed to be. When you relax, “go with the flow” and let go of the situation, you will see how amazing the results will be . It will be more favorable than you anticipated.

Mantra: I accept help from others

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Thank you. The question I asked and the card that spoke to me was completely in sync. God’s angels are such a beautiful gift and comfort from God. I need to get out of this deep depression and how my life is playing out. Something I have not had to deal with, in a long time. Thank you

  2. I all take help from other.I’m not a shame of that at all .what I have to live off I have to get help .but wish I could do on my owe for one .and I know it going to happen one day just don’t now when .

  3. And when I want ask the Angels a question how to do that tanks

  4. Tack! Fick fantastiskt stöd i den fråga jag ställde. Svaret jag fick kommer jag att bära med mig under hela genomförandet, från början och till slut.

    Thanks! Got great support in the question I asked . The answer I got , I will carry with me throughout the implementation , from beginning to end .

  5. I’m learning to accept help and to let things happen as they should
    I’m learning to trust and believe and it’s working

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