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Release the Power of Fear

Everyone experiences fear in some way. To triumph over your fear you need to understand it, and only then can you release its power over you. Fear has a subtle way of shoving you the dark side of yourself, immobilizing you, stealing your freedom and courage. Fear can also show you that something is worth fighting for and is an opportunity to build courage and a brave heart. The magic of nature and your angels \vill encourage you to overcome fear of things like change, loneliness, and the unknown. You can be brave to face these challenges.

Mantra: I have courage to overcome my fears.

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Well, this is a powerful card for me today!

  2. I needed this one today, thank you!

  3. I needed this card

  4. Amazing really need this card !!

  5. Fear that is my meditation this week to face fear. Wow so exact. . X

  6. Fear to make the right decision and stand by it

  7. Very powerful card for me because I’m going through change and loneliness right now..

  8. Wow!!! This is so true for me right now…… I’m experiencing lots of changes at this time.

  9. Very powerful . I have too many changes to make just decided to face two last night.

  10. spot on a very good card for me thank you very much xx

  11. Love it,the other day you read me and I got courage……

  12. And Karen I am going to lean on that tree….

  13. I believe in destiny and the powers of the Universe. Number 3 card was spot on for where I am in my life today. #pushingthrough

  14. I really needed this message today,,,,thank you,,,

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