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Believe in Your Dreams

Believe in yourself and reach for the stars! You have the courage, patience and passion within you to make a difference. When you have a dream, only you have the responsibility to make it real. Dreams are never free. It may take time, energy and sacrifice to create the reality and live your dream . It also takes preparation, determination and effort. Never compromise or surrender your dreams. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams!

Mantra: I believe in following my dreams.

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. I believe in my dream it will take time .I just hope not that much time

  2. thanks for the daily reading,I miss the link to the free reading you used to offer on your site

  3. I do you believe in my dreams!!! They will soon be reality….. thank you for this beautiful reading! ❤️

  4. Nightmare all the time what does that mean lots of stress and illness

  5. Lots of worry and seeking direction. Would like to move to another geographical area to provide my daughter a good environment to grow up in. Hard to transfer without a swap or job announcement to apply for, and not knowing what area is best for her with the options I’m given. Look for a new job or stay with current and just new place? But where? So confused.

    • Gloria, look for other jobs in, other sites and pray. Look for signs where you are to go and the Angels will give you one. You must have faith, I moved from CO. to AZ because I was told to. I am leading my family here, must have faith.

  6. I have a lot of work ahead of me for my dreams to come true. Especially since they evolve around so many people in my life. God will see it come true with the help of his angels.

  7. Ww thank you for this message

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