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Pick Your Battles Wisely

It is not how many arguments you have had and won,but how many you can avoid by not getting drawn in. You don’t make friends by being aggressive and opinionated and insisting on your point of view. You will always offend someone. When you use tact and diplomacy or maybe a little humor, you can then defuse the situation and consider the feelings of the other person involved. This does not mean that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself regarding important issues. On the trivial matters , silence is the most powerful virtue. It is wiser to choose your words with care and pick your battles.

Mantra: I stand up for what I believe in and choose my battles wisely.

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. I really appreciate this as I have been having trouble with some people who are close to me

  2. Thank you, sounds just like me.

  3. Thank you! This does help me especially the standing up for myself part.

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