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Stand Up For All Animals

You have a special relationship with animals. The world needs you to stand up and have a voice for all animals on the planet. Help protect the wildlife and rescue anima ls when you can . Give a donation or get involved online. Volunteering your spare time to animal shelters would be greatly rewarding. This may be just the time for you to save a cat or a dog from the shelter and give it a loving home.

MantraI share my love with animals and the world.

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. loved this reading x x x x x

  2. Very interesting to get this card as I am involved with animal rescue.I share my love with all the animals I have in my home, and the strays that I feed 🙂

  3. Thank you.I been looking for a small yorkie that i can hold.I been looking in the wrong places

  4. I always love all animals I try to take care of brids .and when I was given Stray Cats I would take then in at one time I had 3 and have two left but I know he will give another one when I get more room .for some reason all of then love me .that’s one thing god put me here to help when all and I do .and if I could I would give then more help .they make the world better place to live in

  5. This is totally me I am a groomer and I love animals I own 6 and a fish
    Thank you Karen and my angels

  6. I just came in from the barn bathing two horses this afternoon. Then I get this reading. Yes, I am the keeper of the animals. God choose me as a child the rescue birds, cats, dogs, horses and in my 60’s now and still do the same thing even with a broken back of three years. It is my gift !! Love the angel lady and your site. Blessings Spirit.

  7. This is so me. I am going to start to

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