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Begin Your New Life

New beginnings burst with assertive confidence and
excitement, marking the start of a new direction full of
adventure . You are in a good position to use your abilities
and desires to reach your full potential. You are being
guided to act now and use this creative energy and enthusiasm
to get this project success fully underway. You are
being driven by a creative force.

Mantra: I am excited and ready for a new beginning.

“My new favorite deck. You are going to love it, too.
~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady



  1. Sounds good to me

  2. I’ve just split up with my boyfriend. This is a good card for me xxx

  3. Thank u thank u thank u angels I always love and take your messages to hart. I so believe in my angels thank u Lord Amen

  4. Thank YOU!!!❤
    Its a new day an a fresh new start

  5. Bring it on! I am ready!

  6. I new a new start and this gives me something to look forward to ….thank you Angels

  7. A new day and new week I hope the bring me good week thank you

  8. Wow i am ready for new beginning lv your card deck so exact.

  9. I’m ready for a new life..

  10. I am ready for a new beginning

  11. Looking forward a new beginning. Time for a new one.

  12. Hoping to move soon, so this card gave me hope.

  13. Yes just what I needed to hear

  14. Wow Yesterday I started a new job where is full of amazing opportunities

  15. I think this card says it all, I am looking at new beginnings starting fresh, getting things out of my life that are not working for me, negativity I do not allow

  16. Thank you❤ I really need this right now. Surround me in love, light and strength.

  17. Thank you for your loving posative message love and light jxx

  18. Wow!! This was a wonderful card! I am so ready for a new beginning…. ❤️

  19. Sau thank you,,, sounds promising

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