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Mom Borga's Hydrangea
Mom Borga's Hydrangea

I have been told to look at nature. See what is happening around you, and know it is what is happening to you.

This morning with my morning coffee, I noticed the yard is so full of flowers … it is a blaze with beauty. It is not something that happened overnight. Frank & I have been working for this yard for many years. It began as a concrete slab we had to break up and take to the dump… fill the truck with dirt… and unload the dirt into our yard. We had a very small truck, and it took 2 years for us to remove all the cement. Once we removed the cement … we needed to plan … to design … to dream… to manifest the flowers, trees and mulch… and it all came. Now the garden is grown, and the sprinkler system waters it.

So what did I learn from looking at the garden today? I realized how much I enjoyed the process. How much I enjoyed even the friendship of the man at the dump when I hauled the cement. I loved learning gardening from my grandmother, and remembering my aunt weeding while we swam in her pool. I loved weeding while my children played. And I loved the bouquets I shared with people. I love the spring when I see it all returning like a long lost friend. I love to see the birds, rabbits, chipmunks, butterflies… enjoy the yard too…

So… each day I enjoy … because I am tending my personal yard… making a beautiful place for me… to share with others. There is was a time when I had a great deal of cement to remove… and then filling it with new topsoil… and planting … I am watching myself grow… and I know other people are sharing in my growth. This is what I saw in my beautiful garden this morning. I am truly blessed.

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Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen

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