By Samantha

Your Guardian Angel is with you all the time; and he/she is considered to be your companion, guide, guardian and friend.

If you would like to know the name of your Guardian Angel and would like to get to know him/her personally as a friend… and you have a mobile phone (with built in voice recorder) this is all you have to do:

Be in a very quite room, light a white candle; switch on your voice recorder on your mobile phone; set it to 5 minutes at a time. You will need to place your phone near to where you are sitting; but keep still. Communicate with your Guardian Angel by asking his/her name; or just talk in general firstly by thanking him/her for being with you, and for looking after you.

Next, keep the remainder of the 5 minutes recording silent. When playing back your recording, you will hear a gentle, loving, kind male/female voice. Angels speak small words and sentences; their voices are very quite and gentle, so you would have to turn up the volume to be able to hear their voice; ear-phones are best for this (better, if you plug your ear-phones into your desk top computer speakers.

If ever you hear “Come with Me”, it’s definately your Guardian Angel, wanting to guide you on something; if ever you hear “Come to Me”, then it’s Jesus (Yeshua), calling you, to guide you

You will most likely hear voices from the Angelic Realms, rather than voices from the spiritual realms of people that have passed on.

Angels and spirit guides opt to speak to you near and close to your right ear; they will always stand or sit close or near to the right-hand side of you. Don’t be afraid of alarmed if you feel a touch of their hand/finger on your face or hand, it’s just their way of loving you.

Once you have bonded with your Guardian Angel… other Angels will want to be introduced to you… you will have many Angelic friends… who wish to be your guides. What comes later, you will be able to actually feel their spiritual energy flowing through your right-hand & fingers/palm, right-hand side of your face, top of head; Angels from God appear on your right-hand side; and angels from the dark side appear on your left-hand side… anything from the left-hand side, ignore.

They will to touch you… this is their way of making you aware that they are with you; their touch is very loving and beautiful.

Their physical appearance is of human form; beautiful faces and they are always smiling; you can actually see them and hear them on videos stilled, taking by a digital camera or mobile phone camera. Sometimes you can catch them on a photo… but you will have to zoom in to be able to see them… as some appear to be nearly transparent… others are solid form. There will also be double-figured numbers around them… these are messages, which have to be translated from Hebrew Gemetria to English meanings.

To be able to understanding their nature and purpose and to be able to get to know God personally and how he works… study and learn:

the ‘Tree of Life’ and the ‘Four Worlds; as these two are connected together – which forms communication, attributes and the 10 manifestations of God; in which is needed to be able to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God and of all life. God communicates with us from 1-10 and we communicate with God from 10-1 within the ‘Tree of Life’. Studying the ‘Tree of Life’ you will see that we all possess the ten attributes (10 Sephirot); God possesses these too; God needs to connect with us to be and feel complete; and we need to connect with God to feel and be complete.

To be able to understand perfectly the spiritual realms, angelic kingdom and to get to know Jesus personally… believe, trust and love completely Jesus and his Angels… as they will always speak the truth, love you and care about you.

Beautiful things will happen to you… and your life will be enriched with beautiful love and happiness like you have never known before.

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Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Hello Samantha, I really feel blessed after reading your post. I hope to experience an angelic encounter very soon. God Bless You

  2. Hello Gripssy,

    Begin by talking to them… they are there waiting for the direct communication. Your desire to have the connection is the first step in making it happen. Keep working at it, you will be so pleased to see, hear and know their advice.


  3. Hello Karen, thank you for posting this advice, i really feel like it’ll be a lot of help for me
    i just tried it out at the moment and after listening to my first record i didn’t heared any voices but i heard a very loud, special noise, i wasnt me because i was pefectly still .
    i don’t know if its just my imagination but it sounded like a loud noise of wings fluttering ! and when i finished my recording i went to open the door to my dog and i found a small feather on the floor right in front of me, im very suprised! (and happy of course)
    is it possible to hear that kind of sound?

    thank you for your answers
    God bless

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