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Did I always talk with Angels? Yes.
Did I know I was? No.

Guardian Angels always hear what you are saying, thinking and doing. They know us better than we know ourselves. They made a commitment to be with us here on earth. So yes, I was talking to Angels when I was praying or complaining out loud. My Angels were listening, and they were doing what they could to help. I just didn’t know it, and couldn’t see or hear them.

Angels cannot interfere with our lives unless we ask. And when we ask, my goodness, things happen. Through submitted letters and stories, I have learned the Angels often finally get invited into our lives when we are in our darkest hours. Why? Almost by accident, we finally ask for divine help.

So how can you begin to receive signs from your Angels? Just ask. Your Angels have been waiting to communicate with you all your life. They have been leaving you signs, but it wasn’t time for you to see them. Now is the time, or you wouldn’t be reading this message.

The easiest way for Angels to communicate with us is through signs. Feathers and coins are very common objects Angels leave for us to notice. But how do we know it is a special sign and not just a regular feather or penny? The answer is because we can feel it in our hearts. You just know.

I don’t remember my first feather. They started shortly after I realized that Angels were real, and began meditating to make a better connection. Feathers come all the time for me. I will find them outside of course, but inside as well. I have had feathers fall out of the ceiling in my kitchen. They often float down and get sucked into my laptop while I am blogging.

Say this now, “Angels, I am asking for confirmation that you are here. I understand you have the ability to bring me signs. I would love to receive a sign from you. Thank you.”

After you have said these words, or any you choose to say, it is time to stay present. When I say stay present, I mean stop constantly thinking about everyday things. Take the time to watch for your blessings. The Angels have been leaving signs your whole life; you just haven’t seen them. You are going to see them now.

Angels are my best friends. I can’t imagine life without them. You can have this kind of relationship too. Ask for a sign today, and a new world will open for you.

Karen Borga
Certified Angel Practitioner

“Feathers appear when Angels Are Near.”
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About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. My daughter is always bringing home feathers and coins and I consider her very “angelic” in her way of being generous, caring, and enthusiastic. Very interesting. I’m going to start to ask!

  2. I have been listening to my guides from a very young age Xx

  3. A young man i haven”t seen for years dropped by to visit one day. Over a cup of tea he told me the hard life he was having & how he was going from job to job & had no stability in his life, He had no contact with his son & his family basically disowned him.After pouring out his life story, he said he needed some financial help…just enough to get some minutes on his phone so he wouldn”t miss a job opportunity. I bought the minutes for him & off he went..but not before i gave him a talking to. I walked him to the door, gave him a hug & wished him well, hoping my conversation with him had an impact. When i closed the door, i spotted a pure white feather…i know it wasn”t there when i was seeing this fella out.. I opened the door and yelled at him to come back. I explained the feather to him, that it was an angel feather for him & there was some kind of meaning to it. His eyes filled with tears. He disappeared for months after that…..then my husband ran into him…and low & behold…he has changed his life for the better…..i know now that the angels were there that day at our visit….Thank you Lord for helping this young man see the light, continue to help & guide him…Amen

  4. It was not a long time i came to know about angels…
    It was 27th January my 4th wedding anniversary early in the morning i dreamt that i m in a very big garden full of beautiful flowers and greenery n one lady was telling me and my husband about angels. After a short while she showed me flowers from which a bubble appears and starts moving upwards n suddenly turn into blue and white feathers…… she also tell me that it a sign of angels n i saw lots of bubbles turning in to beautiful feather..
    I dont know wht should i interpetate from this dream but i feel it is a blessing of angels to me…

  5. My young sons were in travel football leagues.For almost 2 years since I started doing photography on the side ( my hearts desire)and would always bring my camera and get wonderful action shots.Surrounding every field or upon me walking up to the field I would find a white feather in my path.I didn’t know I should keep them but I did start to take some pictures and send them to my daughter who couldn’t believe how many I was coming across.I always felt like that meant the angels were watching keeping my boys safe from harm and also for me to strive to make this a career path.What do you think? Any impressions?

    • Absolutely Julie. You are blessed in so many ways, your family, your passion and the knowledge that the Angels are with you.

      Try developing a two way communication. It takes commitment of spending quiet time listening. You already have made the connection through your photography, so I don’t think it will be hard for you. When you are able to hear, and understand their signs more clearly, your life will change in amazing ways.

      May your days be filled with love and laughter,

  6. Hello,

    Could you please help me out in understanding what happened to me? In late fall I remember walking in the dark, not having slept for two days and weak, walking before day break… and all of a sudden a burst of feathers fell very close to me…almost as if they had been aimed for me. Almost as if someone had shaken a torn pillow over me. But i looked up in the sky and there was no where for anyone to have thrown them because there were no tall buildings in the vicinity. Out of nowhere (right?) fell a cluster of tiny, gentle and soft small feathers.

    I saved one of them. It felt important to save one, though i did not understand at ALL at the time.

    What happened to me? Why did a whole bunch fall, Karen?

    Please help and may time bring you virtue and health.


    • Hi James,

      I have heard of another first hand account of a pile of feathers falling. This woman was going through a hard time, and truly was not seeing clearly. One feather was normal for her, and well … a pile was very significant. She absolutely noticed, and felt great comfort.

      I do think that may be the case with you too. Would you have noticed one feather being so tired? The Angels know how to really make an impression if they need to. They try with one feather, then another … apparently, you needed to be on the brink of delusion in order for you to come out of your mind chatter … and then they needed a pile to get your attention.

      Talk to them … when people have profound instances, the Angels have big plans for you.

      ~ Karen

      • this happened o me too! i was walking my son home from nursery and it started to rain heavily! all of a sudden out of nowere it was like it was snowing white feathers and i mean there was thousands everywhere! i looked round for someone else to see if they were noticing them but it wa only me and my son on the road! It was a really nice warm surreal feeling which made me and my 2yr old son very happy even tho he didnt understand what was happening! x

  7. hello. I have watched many white feathers fall from the air. i have witnessed many coins.i travel deserts. um i found more than one note found a peice of cloth once. i once saw uriel playing with an astral projection of my well it was him and they were kicking around a soccer ball. i later found that soccer ball on the side of the road i took it then threw it away four days later. i spotted gabriel twice in rain boots tattued hands and sharpened nalis. a third playing basket ball with a lion rib cage. i found metatron in a local store and then on the side walk followed him till he dissapeared.

  8. Hi, today I saw a medium. My mum came through. I was dubious as names were given yet I didn’t know who they were and came home with A lot of doubt, until I opened my door and a black feather came above my head and landed on the floor in my hall. I lost my mum when I was 3. I’m 43 now and still miss her so much. I was told I would receive this feather by this lady. Is this my mum?

    I dont think I have encountered anything like this before, but was so happy with this feather. I want more.Ihave said thank you for the feather. Is this the beginning of something good for me….


  9. it has come to an ammount of one tiny white feather a day i found a dime but the feathers have been falling alot sometimes three of 4 a day but now that i mentioned them to karen they are now appearing more and more. and what is the signifigance of a feather and why does they leave feathers.

  10. Hi, I can see your website that angels talk to me.. i cant hear them talking or whisperting.. I am deaf since birth….

    I have asked them to show me signs but there are number plates.. etc… i read angels 101, there are more things i would like to ask angels about my relationship and my life..

    i dont know waht the angels is trying to tell me or whisper my ear.. ( I had an high vibration few weeks ago).

    I just had a vision of archangel michael on a laptop.. i was shocked and i said thank you….

    Do the angels know im deaf…but i dotn answer alot of things due to my hearing (deafness).

    I just learned LOA two month sago.

    Can you clarify few things and iw ould be happy to find other ways to communicate with the angels.

    Much appreicated and thank you very much.

    Love to you alll


  11. I’ve always BLEIEVED in ANGELS since i was a little girl & I still DO. I have ANGELS all around my HOUSE & IN MY BACKYARD. I always know that they are near by specially when I feel down about myself. I do believe in ANGELS.

  12. I have a boyfriend who is in another country and he was robbed of all his money and credit and license he prays everyday for god to help him and I pray for him to I would like very much to get him back to the states where he belongs his home but he has no money and he has asked me to send money but I don’t have it either so I want to meet him and wanted him to be here for my birthday in few days we have been together almost five months now. can the angels please help him find his way home please and thank you.

    • I will add him to our prayer list. We have many praying at the same time. Stay positive in this situation, your thoughts are things. Having fear, kindles fear. Send love to the situation and visualize the Angels shining light around him … and a special lighthouse shining the way home. Ask him to do the same and follow the path.

      Sending many Angels with guiding lights,

  13. Hi
    I am just wondering i have a real belief in Angels and feathers as a sign, and have recently encouraged my friends to look out for signs too!!! My friend was getting married and on the way out of the church a white feather fell down on to her aunty!!! What could this be a sign off??? Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Light and Love

  14. I’ve enjoyed reading this website and all the comments but it saddens me as well. I have been going through very hard times for several years and no matter how good we are or grateful for what we have, we still have nothing but bad things happening to us. It makes me feel sad that I pray every night, I talk to my Grandmother, who passed a few years ago, I pray for signs and I have never seen a feather. What does it mean when you don’t see any feathers????

    • Don’t worry about not seeing a feather. It will come. The Angels can talk to us and send us messages in other forms too. Not everyone receives feathers … some people see butterflies, some dragonflies. Other people hear messages in song and words. Don’t judge yourself or your Angels too harshly … they will make the communication happen.

      Angels, please make your presence clear by leaving a sign for Bubble. She has welcomed you into her life, and would like confirmation you are there. Thank you ~ Karen

  15. one day my granddaughter come upstairs from the basement with a cardnal feather and said grannie look what i found a feather, it was a feather from a cardnal, what is my angel trying to tell me?

  16. Hi my name is Arturo I dont know the reason I started searching about angels, it might be becauseonths ago I been trying to find a job but for some reason I lose it in days or weeks and 4 days ago my wife just told me to live the house and not to talk to her or anything I would like for you to pray for me or something an angel feather would mean a lot to me right now thank you God bless you

  17. My Mum made an Optician`s appt for my Dad, shortly before she died. On the day of the Appt, I was helping my Dad into the Car I noticed a white Feather stuck to the wing of the car.I knew my Mam and the Angels were there with us……. 🙂 On another occasion shortly after my Mum died my Son and his two friends were due to make a Court appearance. This was a dreaded day that had arrived and everyone was worried when i noticed 3 white Feathers stuck to the windscreen. The case was thrown out of court. 🙂 ……There are many occasions as well as these that I am truly grateful for, for the beautiful moments when you know your not alone. Thankyou Angels.

  18. Hi my name is mari, for a long time i have been thinking about my guardian angels and i asked my guardian angel for a sign so today i when to visit my friend and she was doing her hair and i grabed the hair product she was using to look at it and on it there was a logo with wings and under it it said guardian angel.

    Haaha i don’t know if this was a sign or not but i felt realy good when i saw the logo 😀

  19. Yes it kind of felt that way, but what does it mean. And what does it mean if you get goosebumps just by thinking about your angel?


  20. Goosebumps … I call it energy running through me … confirmation from your Angels! One of my favorite things in the world, or is that out of this world? ~ Karen

  21. I felt my guardian Angel!!

    Yesterday i started meditating and i felt something on the side of my head, something like a drop gleiding of my head. And i asked my guardian angel i asked was that u touching my head and if it was you would you touch me again, then i felt a tikkelich feeling on my left hand and i asked again would you touch my hand again then i felt that tikkelich feeling on my right hand

    Haha i was so happy
    This means i am getting closed to my angel right?
    (Btw sorry i ask so many questions

  22. That is absolutely right! Keep up the great work ~ Karen

  23. I’m sorry, but I am so skeptical of this. I wish I could believe an angel is here to help me. I’ve tried what you said to do a few times, but nothing.

    • Jeff, Keep asking. It will happen with Divine Timing. I have been where you are. It will all become clear. Ask your Angels for a real big sign, one you can not miss. I look forward to hearing from you real soon. ~ Karen

  24. Dead Karin i don’t know if this has anithing to do with angels but just now i was showering and my mirror got foggy and i saw a hand shape. In the fog but it was the shape of my hand so i tried to mensure it by putting my hand on it and a couple minuten kater when i turn around i saw my name mari ritten in the mirror i was freakend out and thought it would be best if i talmoed to YOU

  25. Omw i meant to say dear Karin my iPad made it into dead sorry!!!:$

  26. Mari … It is not common for this type of physical manifestation, spirit sure is reaching out to you. Call Archangel Michael to be with you if you have concerns about the energy of the writer, but I feel that is a kind and loving. Use the tools you have, oracle cards, pendulum or journaling … and see if you can get a name and what they would like you to know. ~ Karen

  27. But Karin i don’t have any tools i am just a teen that is interesten in this stuf so i just started meditating now en then but that is all

  28. Then call Archangel Michael to be with you, and ask them to talk to you in your dreams. They will come and explain it to you. Put a pen and paper next to your bed so you can write it down before you forget what your dream was.

  29. Oké thank u very much, i didnt feel scared but it was just so unexpected hihi

  30. ive been praying alot to my angels asking for a sign of a white feather and ive received a few white feathers along with a dime as a sign if my angels can help bring my ex and I back together again more in love and to give us a chance again. Does this mean by prayers are going to come true or are going to manifest some time soon? i JUST DONT KNOW :(. It seems like im getting mixed messages from number signs and though a feather would tell it all.

    • Sometimes our heart is so meshed into the question, asking a reader might help you. ~ Karen
      (Signs of Angels has great readers, if you don’t have a spiritual counselor already.)

    • I too would ask for these things and found my angels giving me messages. I interpreted them as positive signs that things would work out, but it turns out that they were telling me not to worry. It could be their way of reminding you that everything is ok and to trust them to guide you in the correct path. Sometimes we misinterpret signs because our hearts are set on only one desire. I can’t help but feel that there is something unresolved on your end. This is why you want him back. It’s already been a long road with him.

  31. how I can know dat angles are receiving my request and their support for me in regarding my request?

  32. I was never into this kinda stuff into recently when someone I was recently dating passed away tragically and unexpected. I then got my cards read the following week and bought a pendulum and started practicing using it. I always hear it’s not always good to use it.. I’ve also heard that I need t “space it out” when using it. Is it in anyway causing him not to rest in peace when I use it? How can I be so sure it’s him.. even when I ask personal questions? Is it bad to use all the time? :\

    • Hi Melanie,
      I have a friend who uses her pendulum for everything. She even used it to buy her car. I typically ask the advice of Angels, not deceased loved ones. Angels have a much higher vibration. You most certainly can continue to communicate with your friend, but remember to always say you must come through the white light. I never heard that you can use it too much. I would definitely let your friend have some time on the other side to get adjusted, maybe that’s what the medium was referring to. Try working with Angels for advice, and chatting with your friend for confirmation he/she is fine. ~ Karen

  33. Well he passed away April 19th and since then I’ve used it three times to talk to him. Is there something I must say first? I know I did it twice last week and waited another week to do it again. To buy a car?? How did she do that? Lol. Is it necessary to bless it and such?

  34. My eldest son and my mother died last year within a month of each other. A few months prior to his death, I signed a DNR/DNI for him to be admitted to hospice services at home. I had to keep the documents in a plastic bag near his bed for medical personnel. I added the silver angel coin that I carried on me to the bag. A few days later, my younger son told me he found an angel coin and I assumed it was the coin from the bag. I asked him to give it to me and it was golden in color and larger than my coin which was still in the bag. I told him he could hang onto it but I felt it was sent for his brother. After they died, I started to revitalize my mother’s garden which had fallen into disarray for several seasons with no one to tend it. All summer I worked outside with 2 white butterflies flying about me. I would talk to them as my son and mother or their representatives–I didn’t care which! A new gardening season has started this year and in cold upstate NY a white butterfly appeared in March when I started my clearing work in the garden and continues to stay with me this year. I had turned over some soil about 6 inches below ground level last week and found a black feather. I am ending grief counseling because I am doing well and received 2 job offers in a week as well as working on a book–I am truly blessed and just want to share my experiences to let people know that you can go on and even thrive despite or perhaps because of challenges!

    • What a wonderful story, Faith. I am so happy to hear you have the strength, courage and love to live again. Many blessings to you and all you bring to the world! ~ Karen

  35. I have purchased a very lovely necklace from here, the necklace from Archangel Gabriel, just beautiful. I wear it 4 to 5 days a week. Sometimes while wearing it, it falls right out to the ground, not always, just a few times.. Can someone explain to me if I am to do something about this? Today, it happened twice on the same day.
    I do not understand but feel strange about it. Thank you, blessings. Elvi.

    • Our Archangel Gabriel Jewelry is our most sacred products. Thank you for purchasing your piece. Only a few select people are drawn to its beauty, love and power.

      Two things come to mind:

      1. Have you ever cleaned the energy of your necklace? Stones absorb energy and benefit from regular cleaning. You can put your necklace out in the full moon and Ask the Angels to cleanse and recharge your necklace. We also sell a selenite charging platform. http://signsofangels.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7_10&products_id=790

      2. Angels work with signs. What better why to get your attention than to make your Angelic necklace fall? Angels start with small signs, like tiny feathers. When we don’t see those signs, they send larger ones.
      The best way to understand the signs is to pay attention to what is happening at the moment. What is the main focus of your mind? Spend some time in meditation and see if you get an answer.

      I pulled a card to help find the answer. It was body care. This can be a message to you, or to clean your necklace. Or both. Try cleaning the necklace first.

      So glad you reached out. Have a great day!

      Blessings to you and all you do,
      Karen Borga

  36. Hi I just tried talking to the angels and im not sure if it worked I felt a lot of heat in my body and a lot of tingling is that a sign?

  37. I have been out of job for more than 3 years and i have divroce for more than 11 years,.. i want to have my own bussines and i want to find love,. i just want to know if the angels have something for me!!

    • The Angels bring to you that which you desire. What do you put your attention on the most? That is what they bring. Are you thinking about your business? Doing the things you love? Filling your heart with joy? Then you will find these things around you. Ask your Angels to help you find this inspiration and love inside, then you will begin to have your happiest desires move into your life. ~ Karen

  38. If you have asked for help from angels..and you then find black feathers..does it mean that your requests will be fulfilled exactly as you asked the angels? And how long can this take?

  39. What happens when you find a dime & you know it’s an angels’
    sign & you give it to the person next to you for good luck?

  40. Can I ask You for a prayer for me and my son? We really need it. Our family needs it. I asked the Angels for help and I think that I sometimes hear them but I still can`t understand. Can They give me a clear sign? Paula

  41. Hi Karen,
    As I walk out from my office door, I notice a small white whirling in circle on the road.. I stop and I pick it up.. its a small white and grey feather. These few days my interest in anything related to an angel is increasing and I am asking for a sign and I wondered if this is my guardian angel calling card?

  42. Positive angels have many different tasks. There are chosen whom are physical and there are spiritual angels.

  43. I believe!! I was just now reading this and asked out loud for a confirmation. I have already found a 1976 penny and a pink feather flying around right in front of me. What do I do with the signs that I find? I kept the penny and placed the feather in my wallet but now I have this strange feeling saying that the feather to be free. What should I do?

  44. What about black feathers?
    do they mean anything?

  45. confessionsofacatholicgirl - Reply

    I’m a 24 year old girl who has experienced a few paranormal events throughout the years. The first experience I can still remember to this day happened when I was 3/4 years old. I was sleeping with my mother and sisters in the family bed whilst my father was away when I saw 3 angels on a white horse walking up and down the bedroom. That was the only time I ever saw anything good. As I grew older, I swayed away from God, asking too many questions, doubting too much, pointing out a lot of hypocrisy in Religion. I rebelled. At the age of 21 till before I hit 23 I would have almost daily visits from at times numerous evil beings, some of which would attack and paralyse me to the point where I refused to sleep at night because I was too scared.

    I visited a priest who explained to me that when I stopped praying, all my protection had been taken away thus being vulnerable to these attacks at night. So I started praying and it stopped not long after, I was happy again. However, these attacks have slowly started again (yes, I have stopped praying), not as severe as they once were, but non the less. The most recent was last week. I know what I have to do to stop these attacks, I believe in God, I believe in Lucifer, however, if God loved me enough to show me angels at such a young age why is he willingly allowing these attacks on me the moment I stop praying to him? That to me, is just a cry for attention on his behalf. Doesn’t he teach us not to be selfish? I don’t want to pray to a God that can inflict so much fear and pain to someone who does not obey Him.

  46. I was going through really hard times as my father physically and mentally abused me. I really wanted to die. I had read from angels before, but wasn’t sure if they really existed. So I prayed from my heart and soul for someone, angel or god to help me, before going to sleep. Next morning I went downstairs and saw one little white feather on a couch. To make sure, I asked my mum, who likes to do necklaces and stuff out of feathers and pearls, that does she have any white feathers. She said that she doesn’t have any white feathers. After that incident I’ve developed strong connection to my angels. I can physically feel their touch quite often: while sitting on bus, while driving a car or just when I ask their opinion on something. For me, angels touch is at the same time strong but gentle and it doesn’t feel the same as a touch of a human or an object. I feel really blessed for knowing that angels truly exist.

    – Tia,18-year-old girl from Finland.

    PS. thank you Karen for making this beautiful website. And I love your videos on youtube. Blesses and kisses.

  47. I have started talking to angels only past few months. And it is only in these recent times that I find feathers falling directly on me or lying just about a foot away from me – whether it is completely closed rooms like a friend’s living room – or even as soon as I step out of my own house.

    Also, while praying to know the name of my personal guardian angel the name that came to my head, really clearly was Zuri. And I had never heard or read the name before – I’m from India so it’s not a name you would hear often here. I asked for a confirmation that this really was the name I had to call upon to thank and pray half hoping to hear or read it anywhere in public. I didn’t really see the name but saw something similar “Rizu or Ruiz” it was… I have been to the market where I saw the shop a number of times but had never seen this one before. A few days later, I thought of asking for a confirmation again and right enough, soon I heard someone mention “Zurich” on TV.

    I remember, the first time a friend introduced me to guardian angels, I was text messaging him and right after he told me, I saw a big hoarding with Angel Builders written on it! I told him what a coincidence that was and he said that was a sign from angels 🙂

  48. i struggle to see signs from angels i do ask but dont get anything xx

  49. My daughter and I have seen angels before. My daughter is extremely sensitive to knowing if a stranger is good or bad. She and I have seen loved ones who have passed on. It is an amazing and wonderful experience . I wish we seen them more. We find white feathers and dimes all the time. Why do they leave dimes?? It’s very cool, but I’m curious.
    There is something I would like to tell every one. We all have angels, especially in times of trouble. I had a night where I was being tormented by bad spirits, and I mean they had me scared. I just started praying to God to have my angels that encamp around me to protect me and remove these negative spirits. I opened my eyes to see angels surrounding my bed with their backs and wings towards me, they stood in the wall like it wasn’t there, two angels were floating above me,each flying in different directions with their swords drawn, and in the corner of my room I saw two more angels fighting the negative spirits in a very heated sword fight, and with their shields and chest armor , and of course the sounds of a war in my room. I remember looking up to the angel on my right, while I was laying in my bed. I don’t know if that angel was male or female but those eyes spoke to me, “don’t be afraid. We are your guardians, and you are safe.” and then the angel looked away and back to protection action. I wasn’t scared anymore and I finally went to sleep. It was amazing!!!

  50. Why do they leave dimes? Why not quarters, nickels, pennies, etc?

  51. I want that some nice angle should be my best friend for ever Amen.

  52. Yesterday my phone “broked” and everytime when I was talking to my husband I heard not only him but one of my songs that are written on my phone. Between all the sons that I have on my phone, I heard the song called “Release” – it is guided meditation. The only meditation that I have on my phone. Althou it is on my phone, I have never listened to it.
    I called to my sister and heard this song too.
    When I opened this song for playing on my phone, I couldn’t stop it – even it showed that song is stoped, I still heard it. It ended only after I restarted phone.
    How do you think – it was just broken phone or some sign?

    • Even if the phone is broken, it was a sign for you. I would suggest taking the time to do the meditation, and asking the Angels to help you release energies that you are holding on to (known and unknown). ~ Karen

  53. Can I write letters.to my angels as well? How would I do that?

  54. Last night I had a very big pain in my stomach. It was so bad that I even couldn’t move – I asked for help of AA Raphael, but pain was still terrible, so I cried for help to AA Raphael, AA Michael, God… and when I closed my eye, I sow couple of sparkles. I opened them and pain still was there. So I closed my eyes again and sow angel wings. Pain still was there, but I felt calmer and more relax. After 15 min pain was gone… But I couldn’t sleep that night very well. Just because I felt so blessed and happy and couldn’t wait till my alarm rings. So excited I was about that night and the day that was coming. So – today I am feeling happy and excited, I don’t even know why. Still I have little pain in my stomach, but so excited. Feels like something good is coming my way. They are all around me and I am so thankfull about that 🙂
    Best wishes to you all!

  55. Am I trying too hard to get signs.im always looking and searching the clouds but I don’t seem to be getting any where.will you please say a prayer for me to understand clearly.thank you very much Kathleen.

  56. Hai Karen,

    I am feeling so down as I lost my purse along wth my angel feathers..After that I have been seeing feathers strewn for me to pick up.But I just did not pick it up . Yet ,when I asked for a confirmation in the form of purple butterfly, my angels were so loving to show me their magical presence.What happened was that I was waiting near my car and suddenly a white balloon with a purple ribbon came down from the sky-literally and landed near me. I said Ok, ‘the colour is right ,but i asked for a butterfly ‘. And as I was just looking up, imagine seeing purple and blue butterflies strewn all over a bed sheet lying on a window sill. I was so happy for this lovely gift. Thank you dear angels ,but please help me to get my purse. You know how precious its belongings are to me.Please…

  57. Hi Karen how are you. Karen I keep seeing faces in the clouds the past two days it looked like they were going to kiss you will think im silly but iv seen it twice. and gods face as clear as could be. plus a big lion some days I just see loads of them.what dose it mean thank you and for all you inspiration iv been so down in my luck and you keep me going. bless you. Kathleen.

  58. Hello Julie,

    I have always known the angels are around us, but,about 3 yrs ago at the same time I met the very spritual man I am with today, (We are still crazy in love!)I began to find dimes at an alarming amount, like 5 or 6 a day! I can’t recall ever finding one that I remembered before that. Now I find them almost on a daily basis. I even ask my angels questions that I say “if I am right about this” or ” if I am on the rght track” drop me a dime.Then if I spot one somewhere randomly on the ground in my path I know It’s a “yes” from them.Since the beginning of my finding dimes and the beginning of our relationship are the same time I’d like to think its the angels nod of approval for our love!!! What do you think?

    Gloria G.

  59. Hi Karen. I have been woken up from my sleep by my name being called. This happened last night and this morning as I was out on my balcony a single white feather fell in front of me. Do you think this is something? I just hope it isn’t a warning sign of something bad to happen as I am living away from home at the minute. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

    • This is a wonderful message Katrina! The Angels are reaching out to you and sending you love. Guess they think you need a little extra comfort away from home. ~ Karen

  60. on Sunday, 1st June I found lots of doves in my house, strangely as I would normally see birds but not so many. As I was leaving for church a dove approached me, flying straight to my face, on its claws it had something that looked like a grass in a loop shape, it dropped the grass on my face. Later the kids found a feather on the table, not understanding how it got there as the doves where outside the house.

    • Mathodi, You have experienced a very typical series of signs from Angels. The ones that come in the house are perplexing for sure. Angels are amazing. ~ Karen

  61. Hi. I believe a angel is speaking to me, I don’t recall one ever
    talking to me. The voice said she, Is very lucky to have you in her life.
    She will be needing you soon. She is very greatful that you are helping her.
    All that came from some kind distant voice.

  62. Logan – that was so beautifull…

  63. I have been experiencing a very tough time and lots of insecurity about my relationship recently and have been in turmoil regarding the fidelity of the man I love … i called for help from.my guardian angel and today whilst I was sitting in my car a pink heart shaped balloon floated into my garden. What does this mean please?

  64. I have been wronged in many ways. Will My Angels step in and be able to help me and start having good things happen in my life. I am always getting bypassed and pushed aside in jobs. I am guilty of falling into a little girl act.
    I submit to everyone as if beneath them. Can the angels give me a change in habits for confidence?

    • Karen,
      I was very much like you. I had healing time ahead of me, and then I was able to love myself. I saw that I really didn’t want that job and what I really wanted something else completely – Signs of Angels. I began working towards my real dreams, and not what life had just put in front of me. The healing part was difficult at times, because I held so much in for so long (childhood). In the end, I love myself now and am very happy for the transformation. The Angels were my guiding light through it all. ~ Karen

  65. I guess my questions have been answered as I was reading about signs and feathers, I wiped off a feather on the kitchen sink just a few minutes earlier. As I continued to read about angels, my printer started up like it was going to print. I haven’t been on the computer or printed anything all week. Is that a sign from an angel?

  66. I have been praying everyday to arch angel Michael to look over a woman I love and give her guidance and strength she needs to live a happy life with me. I am trying so hard to have my faith restored but I too don’t see any signs and don’t know where to go from here am I not praying or saying the right things?

  67. I thought I could request prays to watch over someone? I pray to him for my own strength and guidance as well but idk because I keep asking and looking for signs but haven’t seen anything, I want to talk to my angels but how do I do that?

  68. what does it mean in a dream a shower a few white feathers and a lot black feathers from the sky

  69. I recently met a guy, we fell in love instantly. He lives on the other side of the world and moved with his father as a young teenager. He went back home after his visit and wants to move back here. The distance hasn’t been easy and we have had more downs than up. When we met I kept seeing white feathers daily. And now I can strongly feel his mother with me in my heart, I don’t know much about her, I don’t know why she is with me but I’m enjoying her warmth.

  70. I have recently started reading about working with my Angels. I’m still quite new. Last month on Aug. 7th. I received a book that was a used book from online. It’s Angel Numbers 101. When I opened the book up, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Written inside the front cover said: To Char, As promised Here is The book. Happy Birthday!!!It is only the Beginning of your dreams. You can Di it!!!:) Love, D. I bought this book from a used bookstore. No one there knew me or of me. My name is Charlene, I go by Char and my Birthday was two days earlier, Aug. 5th!! I haven’t seen any feathers yet, but I know that this has to be a Wonderful sign!!! I get Goosebumps all the time thinking about it and when I tell others about it they get Goosebumps also!! This had to be the Angels, right?

  71. That is awesome! What a real treat!
    It was definitely set up just for you!

  72. Hi Karen last Tuesday night I saw a Red Angel in the Sky. I even managed to get some really lovely photos of it. What does this mean?

  73. Many thanks Karen for your reply. I must also mention that since I have became a believer in Angels I have been seeing Feathers everywhere I go, I feel truly Blessed by this. Thank you again Karen for being there for each and everyone of us you are a Wonderful Earth Angel.

  74. thank you for responding….have a very blessed day.

  75. Dear Karen hope u r doing well!!! I collected two boxes of beautiful and unique looking feathers which directly fell on me.but in 2012 while doing cleaning of the house my mother threw all of them.what should I do??God bless u

  76. My mom just found a white feather exactly 30 days after her husband died, what does it mean?

  77. what does t mean to find a white feather after someone dies??

  78. thanks be to God in the highest for answered prayers. I saw a black feather on my pouch this morning very unusual place and load of corn ears twice this week and just wondered who left them there. Sorry I swept them away now I know its a massive sign from the angels to confirm their message to me, thank you for this site am now at peace trusting that all will be well soon.

  79. Hi! Just wanted to tell my story… On friday I had big fight with my husband and felt very low. So, in evening I went for a walk wikth my 3 years old kid and asked for signs from Angels. I saw lot of birds, and lot of feathers but I said that it is not enought, because in our area there is always lot of birds and they make lot of feathers, I mean – they CAN do better. So we continued our walk and in one momentmy kid just rodewith his bike in the grass. And I saw that there is (I’m sorry) dog poo ahead of him, like for some meter or something. Usually I would tell him to be carefull to not step in that poo. But with my bad mood, I just took him away from the grass. In the moment I did that, I saw something dark flying next to us, in the same spot where my kid was standing second ago. Only after I realized that it was football ball that was flying with great speed. And if I wouldn’t took my kid away, he would be hit in the face with ball. Was it a sign? I’m just very gratefull that they helped and so my kid wasn’t hurt.

  80. Can u please help me understand what happen this morning? I came outside for my first break, I opened my car and there were two Feathers on my dash of my car. I have been praying for my niece, she is very sick in u.c.d. in sac.. I’ve been so worried about her. Do you think an angel is trying to tell me something? This has never happen to me – it scared me until I found out it was an angel. Please. Help if you can so I can understand more about how they got in my car at work. 4:30 a.m.

    • Frances, this is exactly how so many Feather Blessings appear. It is as if they were placed there by a miracle. Know the Angels are listening to your prayers. Give them permission to help your life too. Just ask out loud. Share this experience with your niece. Ask her to give permission to the Angels to assist her too. Welcome to the World with Angels. Miracles do happen. ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  81. I have been learning to read angel oracle cards. Learning to open myself up to the angelic impressions sent to me to interpret has been my biggest challenge. Could you give me some advice on ways to sharpen this skill? I would be forever grateful. Just the fact that my angels have directed me here tells me you would be a wonderful source of guidance for me. Your thoughts?
    Thanks for your time,
    Gloria G.

  82. I have been learning to read angel oracle cards. In seeking guidance on sharpening my skills my angels have directed me to you. Could you please advise me on ways to open myself up to reciwving and interpreting what the angels are telling me? All guidance will be welcomed and appreciated.
    Much love to you,
    Gloria G.

  83. Dear Karen, I called upon Archangel Chamiel today to help me find love, my soul mate. I prayed to him and then i asked him to show me a sign that the is present. I felt tired so i layed in bed for a little while and i heard something fall in my bathroom. I said “If that was you, thank you.” I got up and saw my razor on the floor of my shower and it was succion cupped to the shower wall before. I put the succion thing back up and went back in bed. I asked Chamiel “If that was really you, can you show me one more sign please?” and about ten minutes later it fell again, this time it made a bigger noise. I went back in my bathroom and felt cold shivers all over my body. I searched online if falling objects can be a sign from your angels but no luck. Is that the sign I asked him for?

  84. Hi last wk I asked for a sign then something happened with my dad and I asked my angels to look after him and keep him from harm. My dad came home safe and sound. So last night I was lying in bed recalling what all happened just 2 nights ago and all of a sudden music started which I assume came from a tablet which had not bn used in hours. It was britney speers and the words were ‘ and when I’m with you I lose my mind, give me a sign hit me baby one more time’ it stopped then 30 mins later a musical tuned play then stopped. Would you take that as a sign? I instantly thought that’s my sign I’ve asked for but not sure if angels or spirits could do that through a tablet that’s not being used.

  85. I found your page after doing a search on “white feather falling from ceiling”. I was at an indoor Christian concert last night and during one song something caught my eye above the singer— a white feather floating down from the ceiling and landing just beside him. The band and singer did not seem to notice and it didn’t seem to be part of the show. After the concert I asked a dozen people if they had noticed it falling, and one person did. He thought he was seeing things too. I like to think that angels were overhead enjoying the band and audience singing praises to God!

  86. I was wondering what message I was being given when I saw three pink balloons on the ground, two on one side of the road and one on the other, while driving to work. Thank you.

  87. Hello Karen, like many struggle and strife have brought me to prayer and subsequently to Angels. Although I pray often, sometimes multiple times throughout the day..no discernible signs like feathers or coins. 🙁
    My question is, Can angels talk to someone else’s angels..almost like a celestial bridge between myself and someone else? Can my angels convey a message of love from me to someone else’s angels..and then reply back to me?

  88. I had been explaining to my friend how wonder it is to communicate to angels and ask for their help and my personal experiences of them. The very first time she asked for their help with her life she was crossing the road and literally in the next moment she was hit by a car, luckily ok but needing plastic surgery on a bad wound on her head and minor damage to teeth and a bit sore. My understanding would be that the angels saved her from what could have been something much worse but she is quite scared about the whole angel thing now. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks. Maggie

    • I would absolutely agree with you, Maggie. Thank goodness she called on the Angels before that event. I would also like to suggest that this event will be for her highest good, although at the time it happened it would not feel that way. Have her look for the positives in this situation. The Angels are sending her in a new direction. I would also like to suggest that she allow the guidance, and stop forcing things to happen in her life. Sometimes it is okay to let go, and let God. ~ Karen

  89. Hello Karen. I have recently been finding feathers and coins, I clean caravan’s and opened a cupboard and inside was a coin, all on it’s own. It seemed as though I was guided to go back to my seasonal job with the Caravan’s, I met up with a lady who had worked there for years, she said I would soon get the phone call asking me back, which I did 4 days later. I’m wondering if you can help? last week while I had a few days off, I went out with my Sister and we took a detour on the way home, so came back on a different road, I saw a coach on the side of the road with a company logo called Richard’s, this is also coincidently the name of a guy who I work with, we get on great but I am not romantically linked to him but would like to be, was this a sign? Any confirmation would be great because at present I am feeling rather detached from my angels and a bit down in the dumps.

  90. I found angels through the numbers 11 14 41 and 44. Pretty amazing. I listen to that inner voice and they answer me. I never believed in any of this stuff before I had a profound spiritual awakening and was connected with the divine for 3 days straight…pure love times a million. That changed my life. I asked the angels if I could help them and they did…my inner voice led me to a woman that I was able to help..simply amazing experience. I am soo blessed I can talk to my angels…and other people’s angels now as well. Every day I still can’t believe this is real! Thanks for letting me share.

  91. please tell me if i was hurt by angels i went to the spiritual world to see if spirit and angel were real and something invisible there hurt me alot

  92. I write to the angels and im always thanking them for everything I have even when Im at my lowest. Everyday, I continuously see the numbers 22 and 44. Its so amazing that they send me these signs. Its such a comfort to me as I am alone.
    I havent had any feathers or coins yet. But i shall be looking out for them. Thank you for your great article Karen.

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