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What if you hear angels singing for about 5 seconds? I heard lovely music, but when I realized there was nothing connected to singing on the tv, the first thing that came to mind was angels. What could this mean?

~ Lena

Yes, Lena! Angels definitely come singing.


The highest order of the highest hierarchy are the seraphim, the celestial beings said to surround the throne of God, singing the music of the spheres, and regulating the movement of the heavens as it emanates from God.

You are blessed to be connected to these beautiful beings. Spending quiet time, meditating perhaps, can increase your connection. Blessings to you!

~ Karen

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Everyday now for about 6 months I have heard the most amazing angelic music that could ever pierce the ear. The sounds are unlike anything a person could ever experience on Earth. They mostly come at nigh right before bed. I generally read in my bed before going to sleep and they will come to me. There are female voices and male voices, and the words themselves create the instruaments. I have heard a trumpet, and a harp. They will usually repeat the same line over and over again, but the same words still sound like new music because of the glorious voice that accompanies it. Sometimes the music fades in and it sounds like the words that are being said through the back of a fan. they voices come through conduits of energy. They will come out of my aircondition vents, or out of my fan. However, when you walk over to where you believe the source is located the voices do not sound like they are coming from there. The music is here, there, and everywhere. I am the only one in my home to hear them. My husband will watch our fan when I tell him they are here and he will note how the fan will bog way down and then speed up again. Once, when the whole choir came to a stop my fan completely shut off. My husband asked me if I saw that and I told him that the choir just quit the same time the fan shut off. I have kept a journal of their music. Sometimes the words are more difficult to hear. The other night they were singing: “Come to Bethleham, He will need your help.” “Come to Bethleham you will see Him there.” I know I am being sent a message and this message means something very important. Maybe the song didn’t mean for me to go to Bethleham right now; but to share it to others the significant importance of Bethlahem at this point in time. I truly feel blessed and I give thanks everyday to God for this precious gift. I know that it is only through HIM that such great experiences will occur. I don’t care who thinks I am crazy or what others say about me. I know what I am hearing, I know I am sane, and I know that Christ is our Lord and Savior.

    • Tammy,

      What an incredible gift you are given. You are truly blessed to have your husband support you. Often when the special gifts begin, it is just a process of fine tuning before the real purpose is unfolded. I do believe you are in sharing the messages you hear as far and wide as you can. You may want to consider creating a blog of your own documenting your experiences.

      Thank you for sharing “Come to Bethlehem, you will see him there.” I will meditate on this and see what I learn from my Angels.

      Blessings to you and all you do,

    • I came to this sight , because my husband and I too have experienced this many times, i’m very intrigued by the lady above tammy , when she mentions she hears them mostly when her fan is on or a running motor of some sort, that produces some sort of wind, I think of whats happening today many Christians are referring to it as the mighty wind of God. we too have had this happen the very same way. At first I wasn’t sure what it was when I heard it I got up to see where the beautiful choir/music was coming from, but it didn’t seem to be coming from any one particular area, It was all around us. I heard specifically on one occasion a beautiful male angelic voice singing the words hallelujah, accompanied by many female and male vocals. It is a wonderful thing to experience, of course nothing compares to the presence of our beautiful heavenly father. But his word says he will sing over you. There are many things that are supernatural happening today, I also had many other spiritual experiences, very tangible. Of course I wouldn’t be honest if I said when many of these things occur I don’t get excited , because I do, but my greatest excitement is waiting for our saviors return, I believe we are in an hour where the lord is pouring himself out onto his church and preparing her for the days quickly ahead, his grace abounds like never before, and he is definitely making himself known to his bride. These things that occur supernaturally are amazing, but there are bigger things to come, he is cleaning up his bride without spot or wrinkle, and getting her ready for the great harvest, and his return. We are very blessed as Christians to live in these times, God has placed us here for such a time as this, we have the spirit of God all around us wooing us to his heart, and preparing us. Thankyou all for sharing your testimonies, yes while the world may not understand these things and even many Christian scholars or people will throw their own thoughts on these events saying that we are not suppose to follow after signs and wonders and make it out to be something else, and of course we are not to follow after signs and wonders, but Christ said they would happen, is true we are to keep our eyes on the lord only, this is just his heart being displayed in ways that only he can do.
      blessings to all in Jesus precious name

    • Tammy I am having the same exact experience that you are. But truthfully I want it to stop it’s constantly around the clock and I need some peace in my head. I love the Angels. I love God and Love heaven but I just need some peace now in my head. But the angels singing is exactly like you described. Day and night around the clock for me.

  2. i have heard the most beautiful sounds lately. I don’t know if they are angels though they sound like chiors of angels singing, ” Molly Grace go to Hampton Beach right now!” I’ve heard it 10 times a day everyday for the past year!!!

  3. Two years ago, I woke to angels singing in my head. It was beautiful. I must of been semi-sleeping. A few weeks later Mother had a fall and became ill. She has recovered. I wonder if angels singing to give me was a sign? I have always believed in them. They surround us.
    They are a gift from God, to guide us.
    ~ Pat

  4. Hi Karen;Iam,not sure If,I just woke up&Dream was,so apparent.All;I know is a Beautiful choir of angels,were singing in my ear. Thanks for responding&May your angels surround you always. Pat

  5. The Seraphim angels sing Gods praise continuously around his throne and honor God within all things. I think we can help the planet at this time through hearing the song throughout all nature and all living things imbued with the creator. We have lost our way and celebrate non-living things and manmade constructs, trinkets, money and technology which does not honor or respect life and can even through its creation destroy it. The message I always get from the Seraphim is to start listening to song everywhere, throughout every living plant, creature, stream and mountain and to become part of singing a song of praise with them. Honor and praise all life and seek to revere and protect it. Withdraw energies and purchasing from companies, products, forms of energy and pollution that destroy this vital life force. I think this is why Seraphim are so present within the book of revelations. Its time to not just worship god outside of life as if it is outside all, but to celebrate life within all living things, seeing everything that is living as holy.

    • I have been hearing many things lately. Throughout Oct to Dec 24, I heard louder than bulls like trumpets and hyenas, thousands of them, every night, all night. I prayed and sought out God nonstop. I have not been able to stop. I cannot stop believing that I have to do something. I keep praying for living on earth and for all souls. I ask for forgiveness for all of us. I have recently been asking to be restored. This morning I heard the dogs, the people, all the animals and sounds of nature, they all became caught up together into the most beautiful song of praise, as if every person is a piece of sand in that song. Some of the words were “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!” It was almost as if an old praise song from my Baptist church thirty years ago, but so very much richer. It caught my very soul, I felt caught up into it and never wanted it to end. I wonder if it was the Holy Ghost? I was awake at the time, was early in the morning as I was getting ready to wake youngest daughter for school. Does anyone know more?

  6. Hi today in a meeting with my father who is unwell I asked my angels to surround the room with positive energy and to be with my father and it was a quiet room no speakers etc and then I heard music from the corner of the room but the women who was holding the meeting looked up as well to the same place and then we looked at each other like where was that coming from I knew it was angels singing went for about 4-5 seconds. Can anyone explain why they would be singing, I have never heard singing before?

  7. I also have heard the angels sing to me…….

    I had been going thru stress of a difficult relationship which my mother had interfered with and caused chaos.
    A short time prior to that I had renewed my faith deeply, taking walks to talk to HIM and keep praising HIM for giving me another chance.
    Then I was forced to end the relationship due to something my mother instigated and exploded on my mother for how she had a hand in it for her insinuating thoughts.
    I left for the night to calm down….came back home the next day and apologized to her and explained why I got so mad….and I forgave her.
    I went to my room to read in bed.
    I just finished reading the book……Heaven is for Real….and at the end, it showed a picture of Jesus painted by a little girl and confirmed by the little boy that died and went to Heaven and came back.
    Jesus is the most beautiful man I’ve seen!
    I prayed and wanted Jesus in my heart stronger than I knew possible and felt overjoyed with the facts of Heaven and Jesus and God……..I cried and kept praying at the same time….Come into my heart and stay cuz that’s where I want you to live!
    Then out of nowhere, I heard the music. I lifted my head with tears in my eyes and felt the most joy I’ve known. The angels were singing to me! The most Crystal clear voices I’ve ever heard! Not of here on earth voices by far.
    I was stunned and amazed listening to the words of the song.

    Lift up your Hope, and Lift up your Spirit….Lift up your Hope, and take it to a Higher Ground!
    Lift up your Hope, and Lift up your Spirit….Lift up your Hope, and take it to a Higher Ground!

    That was the chorus..repeating over and over…I grabbed the only piece of paper I could find (an envelope) and wrote what I was hearing! It played for a long time it seems, but perhaps only 1 minute-ish.
    There is more to the song but I keep that tucked away in my bible.

    I felt renewed.
    I felt so blessed to have heard such a beautiful gift from God’s Angels.

    I will never be the same.
    And I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy for telling my story….because I know the truth and the blessing I was given that day.

  8. I have been hearing angels singing to me for about six months now. My name is often in the song and it makes my heart sing with love. My first experience was when I had people around me trying to get me to worship Satin or Lord of Darkness. These people seemed like regular people claiming to be Christians until later the behaviors didn’t match up.
    I hear angels sing day and night to me and wonder if there is another purpose I have that I am now just learning. My feelings tell me I will serve some important purpose in this life to others who need guidance away from evil or accepting Satin out of fear or manipulation.
    I pray, father in heaven, that anyone reading this blog, will be guided to your loving arms and may hear these angels as I do. That it will bring them closer to you Lord, and these songs of love spread.
    Maria Nicolay

    • Dear Maria,

      Hearing the Angels sing is such an amazing experience. I have heard it as well … not constantly, but often. I am more clairvoyant than clairaudient. I see … and have seen an Angel. It is wonderful how each of us are different and experience the love of Angels in our own way.

      The realm of the Angels that sing are the Seraphim. They are the highest realm and sit next to God. You are truly blessed, and I agree that you have a calling to work with the Angels. I suggest you continue to build your communication with them, so you can share their message to the world.

      ~ Karen

  9. Brother Korsa.Ramesh Donald - Reply

    Wow thats amazing i also really wish to hear that great Music,wow what a great experience thats amazing.All glory to Jesus Forever and ever Amen Amen and Amen.Praise the Lord everybody.

  10. I have heard a ‘choir’ singing at least 3 times over the past few months, at Christmas it was a lovely Christmas song. It always happens just as im waking up and seems near but far if that makes sense. I have been talking to my Angels a lot lately so i think they are letting me know they hear me. I feel so honoured it’s Wonderful! 🙂

  11. I heard the angels singing 3 1/2 months after the death of my sister. I had to goggle to see if anyone else had ever heard them. I couldn’t believe how beautiful! My little sister could make you cry listening to her sing and this didn’t even compare. Instrumentals I’ve never heard on earth and 10s of thousands or hundred thousands voices in perfect harmony. I felt so close to Lisa during those 15 seconds. I’ve not heard them since but am grateful for the time I did. Thanks for sending them to me God.

  12. OH my gosh. Last night i couldnt sleep and we (me and my bf) had the window open and blinds open , it got to about 2 am and something started kind of like carols not loud not quiet just very soft i lifted my head up in shock , its 2 am who could be singing with a lot of ppl so loud at this time?? i could hear more people singing in the background like a church, but a loud distinct man voice sounded like he was singing oh come all ye faithful or something like that with more then 100 people singing in the background, i kind of somewhat felt scared as ive been watching the stars a lot lately and i feel like something bad it going to happen. I started to think to myself am i going nuts but i have never experienced anything like this , i was going to wake my partner up but as he doesnt believe in christianity like i do i was afraid he would think im nuts,then i heard another tune different to the first with a lady singing i also heard something like a trumpet or maybe something a bit higher pitched. i still have chills up my spine thinking about it. I thought maybe it was coming from the heavens as i was right next to the window that was fully open and was watching the stars.. but i am still in shock and really believe that god is giving me a sign as i have been asking for him to come back into my life for a very long time now. Im glad im not the only one that this has happened to so i can come to some sort of understanding.
    thankyou god bless

    • Talitha, my Angels singing seemed to be coming from the Window area too, it seems far away but close and is like a church choir, I also hear sounds like chimes, it’s amazing and always happens as I’m waking in the morning, I haven’t heard them for a while but I hope I do again it’s amazing 🙂

  13. I’ve been hearing what sound like hundreds (sometimes many more) people singing a complex, multi-layered melody, for nearly four years now. When this began I initially heard just sirens that weren’t there, then wind blowing, then just a few notes, a and f, which then opened up to an entire octave, which soon became whole melodies of songs both familiar and unfamiliar. Now, I hear primarily two perpetual melodies, but sometimes other variations. The sounds are outside my physical body, usually about 10 to 15 feet away. But when I’m outside a building, the sounds can be many blocks away, in a distinct area usually above the landscape. This music sounds just like a choir of angles singing inside a large church or a cavernous place, like a cave. It is amazing, both comforting and sometimes disturbing. I’ve been through some emotionally difficult times, and this has brought me a deep sense that there is a great mystery behind all visible things and that underneath and behind what is apparent is something vast, loving and perpetually supporting of all that is. So, I guess everything is okay… probably more than okay .. I’m just still learning to surrender to this Mystery. I’m glad to find this place to share my experience.

  14. I love to sing, dance and work on music too. Sometimes I also get to hear such great music. It truly is a great grace from God. The music of heaven is so incredible, I wish it wasn’t muffled or just an impression sometimes…especially when I try to ignore it or take it for granted or get a bigger idea if myself ego-wise than I really should be…it disappears. Honestly it scares me sometimes to be so privy. Im also a bit afraid my mind and spirit might nit be able to handle the magnitude if change if i listened all day < i have things to do!) although it is fun. Im currently a composition major and want to work in music therapy, for Christ. Do not know how these things pan out but im hopeful its for the understanding and salvation of the people! I walk this path but its hard. Thank you for this article which gives me hope, knowing im not alone in hearing this nusic and helping me yo understand to look up passages about seraphim to help me on my journey! And the people who have this gift, treasure and bless it! To hear as clearly as some say you do- wow! I wish lol!!! God is good and has blessed.

  15. I went on a camping trip with a bunch of lovely people to a deserted island ( a reserve) without any electricity or phone signal. Lots of things happened… one day I heard the angels sing. I heard it like a choir, high notes “Aaaahhhh” in complete harmony. It was perfectly beautiful and amazing.

  16. two months ago, I started hearing singing, like nothing I ever heard before. didn’t pay much attention to it at first cause I thought it was all the ceiling fans, two floor fans and the air conditioner. so one day I had to dust off the ceiling and the walls, and turned everything off. it was quite except for the singing, I stood in the middle of the room and listened, the most beautiful voice’s, yes two, sounds like a woman’s, high vocals, long verse, same tune over and over. heard musical instruments. thought I was loosing my mind. ask my husband can you hear the singing, he said no. I heard it everywhere I went, the store, doctor like I was being followed by the sound. still didn’t know what it was, until my sister came over, she said I was starring at the wall, she finally got my attention and ask was I alright. told her I was listening to the singing, well she ask questions and I explained, then what she told me I was in shock, but not scared. she said I was blessed to here the angles singing. I started crying. this is the second time I encountered an angle, the first was when my dad died years ago, two weeks before Christmas, and I had questions. only one person could answer them. so I ask God for a sign, I was doing Christmas shopping, I got one in the form of an angle, a man, two weeks before Christmas, didn’t know at first, just thought he was kind of weird, we were talking and he kept saying ” everything is going to be alright ” so I started to walk off, then turned around real fast so I could say thank you, and he was gone, I looked around and he was no where in sight, I got in my car, started it, turned on the heat, and all of a sudden it hit me, who he was, I started crying, called my sister and told her. the singing is still here, don’t use the radio anymore, got my personal singers, angles have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. AMEN

  17. I was in a prayer group meeting and saw a ring of small angels above our heads. They were all singing but I couldn’t make out the words. At that time, the group was praying for me.

  18. I have been struggling with deliverance for almost two years. Its been a difficult Journey. But I have renewed my relationship with Christ, he is so awesome!! He is Gentle, Pure, Full of Blessings,Mercy and favor, I love him so much. I pray every morning and after I pray , I wait upon him, sometimes Christ talks to me or visits me in a vision and sometimes I get a clear revelation of his word. But a few days ago. I was waiting upon the Lord, waiting on him. The next thing I new : I could hear singing, like a choir in a very low tone but it sounded like thousands of voices, singing in high pitches. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I asked myself “am I really hearing this”? and for certain I was. I was blessed by Christ ,to hear the angels signing” its so surreal. I do have to mention though, I had played “Blue letter Bible” all night long. That’s where the bible is in audio all night long. So I was thinking, maybe that’s why the angels showed up singing, because they were attracted to Gods “word”. Whatever, the reason. I feel blessed and loved by God for allowing me to hear these angelic voices singing. I decree and declare that there is only one God, and he is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and there is no other God before me, by the blood of the lamb and by the testimony of the word I belong to Christ Jesus. May his Blood cover me, for ever and ever.Alleluia ,Amen!

  19. I am not a religious person. I do not go to church but I do believe in God. I never heard something so beautiful in my life. I was in a trance for about 5 to 10 seconds. When I can out of the this trance. I was scared because my sight was gone when the choir was singing and also when came out of the trance my head was up and my arms out, palms up. I was in my basement and quickly moved to the stairs. I tried not to scare myself and told myself it was the TV upstairs. When I went upstairs the TV was off. This happened to me a couple of days ago. I was thinking about how I was feeling a couple hours prior to this event. Hopeless, lost, depressed, angry, hateful, and I was thinking about death in terms of suicide. Today I realized it was angels and broke down crying. I want to hear it again. It was amazing. I googled my experience and I came across this site. I am glad I’m not alone. My soul was filled with the love of God.( their voices and the music were one in the same. )

  20. Not nut after all I looked up this site yesterday after I was hearing angels singing. And its not the first time it been a few other time. I told a few people in my family no one out side of that. The first time was I was laying in bed with my fan on. And 3 other time when it was raining out side and I was out side under my patio.
    Took me a long time to make out some of the word. Now this is what I think I was hearing. WE ARE ONE IN THE SAME!

  21. I had been ill and prayed for strength..I had thousands of angels singing to me..the most beautiful music I have ever heard and could differentiate that there were female and male angels singing.They sang almost constantly for a few days and I could tell there were thousands if not more..slowly as I recovered the singing subsides but still lasted ten days and went away. Then again they came to help me when I was ill again andthought I was going to pass out and was terrified because I have a six year old and I asked them to help me and it felt like they built a protective wall around the front of me like they were protecting me and they didn’t sing but I could feel they were there . I am glad to find I am not the only one

  22. I woke up this morning with angels singing hallelujah , blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord….
    I cried..

  23. I’ve have had angels singing how great thou art to me many times. I just pray if I can hear the angels again and then I hear them.

  24. Hello. When I was a teenager, after praying in fear of something scary happening during the night, I prayed to Jesus. After I finished praying, I heard a choir of angels singing. It was nothing earthly and I was at so much peace and was joyful. I still remember the sounds. It was amazing. I told some of my classmates about this experience, but most did not believe. The teacher suggested that it was just a dream. I was awake when I had the angelic experience. I didn’t care what the teacher thought.

  25. It is so truly blessed to know that other people have heard angels singing. A few years ago I heard angels singing of course the first thing I did was to make sure that it was real. I remember that I had been praying several times a day and then I heard this beautiful choir saying hallelujah over and over again, then king of kings, and I praise his glorious name. and yes it does not sound like an earthly choir. As I got closer to God in prayer it happened. and then the pinnacle of it all was when I heard the voice of God. I was showering one morning and i started to praise God with all of my heart, I sang for about 30 minutes nonstop. When i was done I heard a Thank you for praising me! I was so touched I started to cry. God is so amazing. His angels too.

  26. I was 23 years old when I had my first awakend dream. I was engulfed with the music this whole world sings in tune with. It lifted me out of my body and I spun in a circle then gently laid on my living room floor. I had an incredible since of pushing outward and pulling inward at the same time. I felt myself growing as a seed, pushing myself upwards. The motivation was the warmth of the sun and its music. I myself began to sing immense praises of love to God as I became part of the music. Suddenly I bloomed like a flower. At the same time a vine began growing downward from my ceiling and met me 1/2 way. It blossomed as I did two flowers meeting each other in mid air. A little girl came out of the flower and fell upon me. She had skates on her feet. We played for a second then she asked me. What did I want to know.

  27. About 4am I was awoken from sleep to the humming of a young voice- religious song sounding. It didn’t last for long- a few seconds maybe, but long enough for me to know it was a humming of a song. It wasn’t loud but I heard it clearly.
    I had recently returned heavily to my faith due to going through a difficult time. The shootings in Colorad Springs and San Bernardino, California pushed me to feel dispair. I had begun reading my fathers bible which I kept for many years after his passing. My father was a devout Christian.
    I believe that an angel was singing to me and it was a sign to keep my faith that God will Deliver us from evil.

  28. When I was younger, we had moved into an older house because our home had burned down..The house was actually a church parsonage..Our old home was close by to this house and a church was on the property as well as a graveyard..one day I was taking some things to the house, I was alone.I remember standing at the top of the stairs where a big window was..I opened up the window and was just staring out the window and then I heard singing, very soft. and it was more than one voice.There was no radio on and nobody else around..I’ve never forgot that…Then today, 40 years later, I was walking, and this young man said to me, “your wise”, a total stranger..We exchanged a few words, and I told him to have a blessed day…I do believe God will send angels to us..I am a Christian, not part time, but full time..I’ve never had so much peace in my life..I still go through struggles but with faith and strength from God, I know I will be alright..I’m curious..what are your thoughts..

  29. I dreamt of hearing angels sing at night while I sleep and my mother who is beside my bed asked me if I want to join/be one of them and then a guy with a powerful light hold my arms and it felt so warm and I woke up still feeling the warmth of his hands in my arms. I remember that I used to tell my friends that if I go to heaven I want to be one of the choir of God but I don’t have such an amazing voice. Please enlighten me with this.

  30. I hear angels singing, late at night or in the early hours of the morning. It’s so loving and peaceful; indescribably beautiful. At times the singing sounds dramatic like the opening lines of an opera; other times the voices are gentle, and feel more personal. People often describe hearing a choir, but usually I hear one or two female voices, often with a male voice singing in harmony. I can never make out the words, but last night was an exception. Life’s problems had been coming thick and fast, and I said to myself ‘I feel unsupported; if only someone would help me carry the load’. Then I heard male and female voices singing my name over and over again. They sang in harmony, and I heard the words ‘come to me, give your cares to me’. There was so much love and tenderness, and my heart lifted. I would love to know if they were my guardian angels singing. Any ideas? … anyone?

  31. OMG I just heard this choir-like sound go “Aaaaaahhhhhh” for about 3 seconds, behind me, out of nowhere!!! It is definitely not the TV and the window is way too far away for it to be an noise from outside. It was just directly behind be, and my back is facing the wall… Are these angels!!!!?? OMGawd!!!

  32. So glad to have found this website!! Sometimes I think I was going crazy other times I know we have a special calling on earth to love Jesus and be His hands and feet on earth. I can’t have children which has been a very painful process over the last ten years so last May my husband and I bought a baby chihuahua called Rupert. He was the most adorable little creature who loved us as much as we loved him. In September I was walking with him on a local footpath and out of nowhere a cyclist came at full speed and ran over him in front of me breaking his back. Hi let out a scream I will never forget and died a few hours later. The grief has been unimaginable. Having been a Christian for over 20 years I shouted out to God ‘Why????’ Since then I have heard choirs of Angels every day and evening singing Holy, Holy, Holy or Jesus or Yarweh. I also have an abundance of white feathers everywhere I go! He is using these things to heal my shattered heart xx

  33. Moyra, my heart went out to you when I read about Rupert and I just wanted to give you a hug. He sounded such a treasure and so very special. The grief we feel over the loss of our beloved ‘babies’ is overwhelming, isn’t it? Even worse when the circumstances are tragic and they are gone too soon. Several years ago I, too, lost the dog of my heart, but when I think of her and send her my love I still feel her close to me. How beautiful and healing that you hear Angels singing and keep finding feathers. I don’t find feathers, but I do hear Angels singing, especially when times are tough. It’s an unforgettable experience. We are truly blessed. Love Geri xxx

  34. I am also one of the blesses. I have been hearing angels singing and music for about a year now. One of the first songs had a particular line in it, the angels sang “what have you learned?” They sounded so eager to hear what I am learning in this world. I realize no one else in the room can hear it, I have read all the medical information. There is a reason those of us hear it. It comforts, guides and helps us to grow as a person. Don’t be afraid, don’t doubt God’s love for us. He is sending us a special love letter.

  35. We was blessed with the entity of a little girl whom in all the time she is with us I have only seen once after my twins were born. She has moved with us on the many occasions we have had to move and many children visiting us have seen her regularly. My kids are growing up the twins are 8 10 and 13. For the past year or two I would hear something like choirs of angels for about 4 seconds then deathly quiet in the early morning after our ghost had noisily kept me awake most of the night with her playing. I woke up fully the it abruptly ended then I heard light footsteps come around my bed past my radiator which groaned a bit, choir sang then she was gone…..poof. Thing is I thought it was a hallucination and went to the doctor to say not only was my ears ringing now I was hearing very brief moments of singing. She shrugged her shoulders and thought I was suffering sleep deprivation. Lots of tests later and now i’m medicated with vitamin D. Well as I heard it again this morning I searched it and thank goodness I ain’t the only one that feels shes going mad. Oh and I don’t feel blessed.

  36. One day I dozed off at work for like 5 seconds or less I heard angels singing I need Jesus Jesus Jesus it’s been stuck in my head every since … I’m guessing it was angels it sounded so pretty could it been Angels ?

  37. Heard angels singing on and off all day, and for once could clearly hear the words. Beautiful, pure voices – one male and several females. In their song, they pronounced ‘Angel’ very differently from the way we say it. The emphasis was on the second syllable: An-gel (as in hair gel). Fascinating!

  38. A few years ago, when I was about seven, I heard the angels singing to me and my older sister. But before we heard these angels, we heard this really creepy and evil sounding music. Like when someone holds down the keys of a piano. My sister woke me up because she heard this creepy music first and was terrified. The minute I woke up, the air felt heavy and I also heard this really scary and evil sounding music. My first thought was to pray, so me and my sister prayed and prayed and then we heard the angels singing to us. The evil music stopped at once and all we heard was this angelic music. Everything felt so peaceful. We were no longer scared. I never heard anything as beautiful. I will remember this night for the rest of my life.

  39. A few years ago I felt as if another side of me was activated like a spiritual awakening. I felt a pull as if I was being pulled to church and the service of others. I went through a series following bread crumbs if you will. Dreaming constantly. I felt high vibrations everyday and begin to read the bible and search the web for information on the spiritual realm. One night I was reading, I believe it was gotquestions.com about angels, as I began to read the last bit about the angels singing HOLY, HOLY, HOLY! They sang! It sound like men in a choir! It lasted for about 5 seconds, it crescendo in my ear, loudly! It was amazing,beautiful and a bit frighting at the same time. I got scared and dropped the phone. It was so loud!

    Another time I was praying in the dark, for some reason I began to feel frightened like there was something ominous in the room, all of sudden I heard WHOOSH like wings thrusting to slow down for a landing. This was amazing, of course I got scared and wrapped it up quickly. But how cool.

    I wish it could happen more often and more frequently. I wish I hadn’t have gotten scared. But I’m very happy to share this story, and know that I’m not the only one! Now when I see feathers or loose change I know whatever happens they’re near and I’m safe.

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