I Believe in Angels… I think! | Signs of Angels

By Rhian Cadwaladr (January 2007, Caernarfon)

Rhian receives a sign from her very own guardian angel.

“I stopped believing in God when I was 15. It didn’t stop me from getting married in church though, or baptising the children… just in case.

I had a niggling feeling that there might be something out there, somebody looking after me. Money would turn up just when I needed it, clouds had silver linings.

My husband left me but gave me four wonderful children who were sometimes a joy… and sometimes a challenge.

One day I read in an article that if life gets hard you should pray to your guardian angel. If she hears you she’ll send a sign – a white feather. I didn’t believe it but I had a go.

Now if you’re looking for a feather you’re sure to find one and two days later I did – but not on the seagull infested streets of Caernarfon or on the bed by my feather pillow, but on the rug in the middle of my living room – and life got better… for a while.

That marriage didn’t last either and my beautiful babies grew to be beautiful, stroppy teenagers. But the angel still sends me the odd cheque, gets me work, finds me the last space in the car park, but best of all, this time… she’s sent me a real live angel of my own.”


About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. hi im just wondering about something my dad died but before he did he was going for an operation and just before we were about to go back to the hospital i passed a black feather on the footpath. when we got to the hospital we were told my dad had a panic attack and he died a few days later. was it warning me cos when i saw it i remember thinking something is wrong

  2. Black Feathers are a sign of transformational changes coming. These changes will affect you at the soul level. Yes, you can consider it a warning … but it is more than that. The Angels wanted you to know that they were there while you go through this transformation. You were not alone. You are never alone. Your Angels are ALWAYS with you.
    ~ Karen

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