Dear Karen,

Last night, 1-12-2012, I dreamt I was feeling some pain in my back and when I reached around to see why, there were feathers growing out of my back. I could actually physically feel them, the stem of the feather and the feathers. The feathers were black the stems whitish in color. I called my sister Debbie to seek counsel as to what to do and told her I’d meet her at some place that started with a C, can’t remember that part. She said no, come back to where she was, which was a restaurant/bar. I went there and went to the bathroom and was looking in the mirror and she told me to come out and show the others I think. I was a bit embarrassed about it, but I think I showed them. I woke up troubled a bit about this dream, it was very vivid, so much so that I had to feel my back upon waking.

Allow me to elaborate more on the direction of the feathers. They were growing from the spine out to the sides all the way up my back. I could see them as they were forming wings. The feathers were very soft and almost furry to the touch, the kind you like to touch. I could see the quills, that’s the word I couldn’t remember when I called it a stem. The quills were like any other feather, whitish in colour. It was a bit painful to feel them growing.

~ Claudette

Dear Claudette,

Dreaming of turning into an Angel is truly an amazing message. The fact that this dream felt so real and you remembered it so clearly means this message has great significance.

In your dream, you are becoming something you felt impossible. It would be like a miracle for you to transform in such a fashion. The Angels want you to know miracles do happen. What it is you want in your life will involve personal growth. With this growth will come physical, mental and spiritual changes. In the beginning you may hope people don’t know, because you would not want them to laugh. The truth is, until we are completely secure with our desires, it is best to keep them to ourselves. I do think this is the case for you.

Call the Angels to you often. They are there to help you with your transformation. Ask them to continue to come in your dreams. Meditate to get a better connection, it will make the process easier. Call on Arch Angel Michael for protection during this time. He will give you the security you will need to spread your wings.

Blessings to you Earth Angel,

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Thank you so much Karen for that wonderfully beautiful interpretation. I am thrilled at the new awakening that I am going through and I will be calling upon AA Michael to protect me and guide me. Thank you again for your love and support and all the good you are doing here. Love & Light, Claudette

  2. I had a similar dream. I’d like to know if these are common, so please comment if you have had one. It happened shortly after I chose my present path or calling, which I considered to be heaven directed.

  3. Bill, that is what happened here I think. When I finally analyzed my life and decided which path I would finally choose, then all my dreams started becoming very real and vivid. I remember them clearly even days later. It wasn’t like that before. So I’m guessing that there may be a connection. Awesome!

  4. Ive dreamnt this before, I have felt the pain on my spine…the pain was unbareable….I had some much hate on what was happening around the world that I felt like it was my duty to help out the needy….I was also with others ive never met before and they were there helping me fight the war against heaven and hell.

  5. This is not the first time I’ve dreamt of turning into an Angel. But last night stuck with me and reading these messages are very moving. Maybe I did not take seriously the first time I had this dream. Thanks.

  6. this is my first time being on your web site, and what i have read is a blessing, i also was told that my guardian angel is archangel Gabriel i would really want to get in touch with him !

  7. I dreamed last night i had wings.
    This has never happened to me before.
    There was a group of us walking outside somewhere, we were searching for some kind of energy. There was a ball of blue light that passed thru the person to my left but i missed it. I felt disappointed.
    The person to my right reached behind my back and said “your aura goes all the way up to here (touched my back high up above my shoulders) and you have the wings of a unicorn”. In that moment I could “see” my back and saw these folded wings resting there, like you would imagine on an angel.
    I woke up shortly afterwards.

    I have been working on my spiritual path for a while, and have just returned home 2 days ago from a month away. I have been reading a lot about Chakras these last few days and correlating this with my healing path, especially after a recent painful break up.

    I think sometimes these messages are to show you that you are on the right path in life.

  8. I too often have sore upper backaches when I woke up the next morning (when I didn’t do any strenuous activity) Last night, I dreamt I was at a shop, searching for wings to wear on a computer and I finally found a pair of beautiful pinkish,blue wings radiating with lots of positive energy and was feeling very excited.

    When I woke up, my back was very painful and I was feeling extremely tired, body aching. The next thing I saw was a pencil sharpener on my table and the brand name was “angel Carl”. All this while, i never paid attention to the sharpener.

    I wonder what do all these mean. Karen, could you please advise?


  9. I have dreamt about something similar to this where I grew wings out of my back. Although, my wings were pure black and then chopped off by a huge shadow shape like a large man. What exactly does that mean?

  10. Hmm, I don’t know if I am but is that really what it means? I have never thought about it like that before. It is a dream I have had since I was a child.

  11. This happened to me yesterday it was almost the same…
    I was in my room when I felt pain shoot through my back and bones cracking and then the tip of a feather ripping through my skin as if it was a blade which it did feel like it and it also ripped my shirt and when the pain eased I was breathing heavily I felt a bit dizzy and there was blood on the sheets and I looked at my back black red blood covered wings were there. My room was dark I couldn’t tell if they were white or black but I do know I somehow got up and went past my father and to the back yard and flew away. But that’s all I woke up and checked my back a bit panicky. Has anyone had something similar?

  12. What happens when you have a dream that you have wings but you jump and flap but you cant fly? I always wanted to have wings in my heart it is a gigantic desire. What do I do?

  13. I had dreams of flying, but my bones are tickles and i have back pains, and trouble breathing.

  14. I also had similar dram u was standing in clouds.and all my clothes were ripped from my body then I felt something comming out of my shoulder blade it was a brown wing with white tip feathers the a white gown dropped over my body and a golden laso tied itself around waist. As I tried to learn to fly. I saw another man he flew into air and an army of demon’s started attack him I flew up to help him then I was being attacked. I started to fall through thorn trees but I was not being hurt but I woke up with the sensation of having the wings on my back

  15. I’ve did a Angel spell and now im worried I have back aches and head aches also I feel sick can you help me

    • Relax, call on Archangel Michael to release any energies that may be pulling at you. Ask Archangel Raphael to heal your energy. Angels are powerful beings, and are not to messed with. Thank them for assisting you. You will be fine. ~ Karen

  16. I too have had several dreams about just suddenly sprouting wings and taking flight but they always had an air of a scary dream. Now i dream that i have busted thru a hard rock shell and i have angel wings and i am dancing in flight the most heavenly lovely peaceful scenery with angels i cant see faces but can hear their giggles at my surprise and excitement. I felt wonderful when i awoke.

  17. I have dreamt of growing angel wings last night. I felt that there was some pain in my back and when I turned around, angel wings were growing. I remember people laughing at me at the background. I even woke up feeling my back. Does this have any significant message? :/

  18. Btw, sorry if my comment is very late 😛 only discovered this site today

  19. hi, I dreamt I looked over my shoulder and noticed i had grown wings, I saw my reflection and could clearly see my wings, I was amazed, I then looked down and saw that I was wearing a brilliant dazzling white suit, I strolled up the road looking at the people around, I became quite upset at the lack of love in the world.

  20. I just had the most beautiful dream last night.

    Throughout my life I have had a fair amount of flying dreams. In many I mostly just fall and can’t control where I am going, some where I try and have some success and a few very rare ones where I have full control and have much joy. This was the first dream that ever actually involved having wings.

    My friend flew past me with beautiful white wings, and then all of a sudden she is helping guide the tips of wings growing out of my own back, one by one. I can only see the tips slowly sprout as I look in the mirror. There is no pain. Then I am speaking with a young man that I do not recognise and he is celebrating my wings. He shows me some of the feathers and they are a dark grey with iridescent blue and purple patterns like oil on water. He is so joyful for me and I am ecstatic. I take off with my new wings and fly high and low. I have a slight apprehension as I get used to them, but overall I feel amazing and free. I woke up with so many beautiful feelings in my heart, and I knew that this was one of those rare dreams that I will always remember.

    Thank you for your site and thank you for this page. The responses confirm many things for me.

  21. Good day,

    I have had this dream twice now, such a fantastic dream. I dreamt that I was transformed into an angel with long white cloths and big white wings. I would fly up into the sky above the clouds. I would come down again and talk and show signs to people I know.

  22. I have a recurring dream that I have black wings an I finally saw them for the first time, before flying was a hit an miss but now I can fly high an have learned to control them.. And now each time I use them I automatically am takin to a battlefield full of big huge man like creatures with weapons an I land in the middle of the field an I see no one else with wings their with me and I’m having to fight them all. Now the first time I flew there I encountered a dark female angel an she started attacking me but something snatched me outta of their, I too feel the pain an soreness in my back and feel drained when I awake and after I use my chi.. Can you help me with my dreams an explain to why I keep going their an seeing what I’m seeing, thank you .. Erron

  23. I was on a hill station along with my best friend. I’m wearing something black and I have gigantic wings, pitch black and almost shiny. I look down hill where the civilisation is and ask my friend “what do you think they’ll say if they find out”?(about my wings) she doesn’t give an answer and I look up at the sky. Please,help me understand it.

  24. in my dream i saw i have wings and i was flying and getting down healing the persons who are deceased and telling the Gospel of Jesus to believe him to all the people in the place. They are discussing about me that one person is coming healing the persons whore sick what does it mean

  25. Just woke from a dream where there is darkness. And a group of people are trying to rip away my clothing. I suddenly become bright wht casting great white light amongst all present. And bright magnificent white wings grow out of my back lifting me over these people with my arms stetched upwards and a halo is placed on my head?

  26. I was awake and had a vision…I had back pain and , my body was split in half. I was growing large wings on my back that opened very wide. At there completion my body closed into a whole again. As this process was taking place a blue light in the form of the Holy Cross was in front of me . After my wings spreader the illuminating blue light was extending from my eyes into the blue lit cross. What does this mean?

  27. I started dreaming of wings and flying about 2 and half years ago

    The whole thing started in a very vivid dream. I was in a rural landscape in a mountainous area. There were many little towns and there was a big war in the sky but I was not sure what it was. The war was approaching the place where I was so I knelt and started praying the Lord prayer out of fear.

    At that point these guys were upon me and I could clearly distinguish that it was a war between angels and demons. A group of warrior angels surrounded me in a protective manner and the leader of the group looked up for a little while, as if getting commands. He requested a bowl from one of his soldiers and he poured a viscous liquid (I think it was either honey or oil) on my legs and upper back. My legs shrank with a bronzed tone and a big pair of wings sprouted from my back

    After that I had several dreams in which I would get my wings to either fly or to fight demons/aliens. I would appear as if someone invisible was training me.
    After a while I had a nested dream that was very vivid. I was talking to a bird-headed being. I was constantly bugging him with stupid questions and this being was very patient and showed much wisdom. I kept asking him “what am I”, “what am I” and he kept answering in a language that I could not understand. After that I “woke up” in my bedroom, in my exact sleeping position but … wait, I was laying on thick feathery wings. They were jet black and beautiful. I stood up and unfolded the wings in my bedroom; I could not see my [then] wife (we separated half a year later) but I could see my terrier/wire haired dachshund and he also had a small pair of black wings. The whole thing seemed very funny to me and I tried to talk to my dog but he only barked back, he was in a big surprised and kind of scared of the whole situation. After a while I crossed the wall to the outside and I think that I took a brief fly although I don’t remember the details. When I came back to the room there was a bald woman with a crooked nose. She was staring at my side of the bed; Initially I mocked her and she got angry and opened a big mouth and tried to bite me. I was going to finish her but then felt shame for my attitude and asked God for forgiveness. At the point I understood that she needed my help. I touched her in the forehead (limey like) and prayed an our Father prayer and that being felt backwards as if convulsing. I kept on praying and when I finished I woke up, for real this time.

    The dreams of wings and flying/fighting have been quite regular but recently I had a dream quite interesting; in the middle of the dream I was in my room and I decided to look myself in the mirror. My reflection in the mirror was very tall, warrior like, handsome but missing one eye, the arms and legs were completely full of little scars as if had fought in a thousand battles. There were 2 or 3 protruding features (horns like I would say) growing from the upper back.

    On my last dream, this weekend. I flew in a crowded location and accidentally knocked down a few people, because the wingspan was huge and I could not help it. I could fly very high and my sight was also great (I was looking for my dog that somebody had taken -> same thing: it looks as if my dog is special in some way).
    There was a scene in a dream in which I was standing on the edge of a cliff; there were some people there looking at me, I guess surprised at the way I looked. I was looking at the people with my back pointing to the cliff; I opened my arms and in the same style of a professional cliff diver I jump backward while slowly turning my body. When My body was horizontal facing down I unfolded my wings and took fly. This was beautiful. I am even planning on doing that in a bungee rope 😉

    • Dude I bin looking for some one who had the same dream exact description of every same moment I started to fly as my wings grew and people running from a army shooting at them and my wings but did not do damage to my wings only made them bigger . and as I was flying over the people that were running I was touching there heads and saying believe in Jesus and at that very moment they grew wings . whats trippy about this dream was that I don’t go to church and the day I that was like a year ago for 3 days out of 2 weeks I had that amazingly dream it was beautiful

  28. I had a dream where I looked at my back I saw I have grey wings,I freaked out I didnt want them I way trying to get them off then small grey doves came out falling on the floor they were not moving and I woke up.the reason I didnt want them I felt like they were evil.

  29. I have had a reoccurring dream that I’m standing alone outside in the night. I start to notice feathers, that are white and clear at the same time, sprouting from my fingertips and down my arms. I feel as if I am wide awake and dreaming at the same time. I feel every muscle in my body contorting, especially around my chest, back, and core, as I slowly lift my large frame off the ground. I get nervous about the distance between the ground and myself and worry about broken bones upon falling. Then I raise my winged arms above my head and bolt straight to the ground. Sure I’m going to crush every bone up to the knee caps. I’m shocked when I land both violently and gracefully at the same time. I’ll do this a few times going higher each time. Then I get high enough to see people I reconize, but don’t know in my awake life, and I fly and land in the group. No one notices me and after I decide all is well with this group I repeat it with another, and so on. Checking on peoples well being all night. I never really seem to help anyone. They don’t notice me there. It seems like I’m addicted to the flying part if the dream, especially the take off and the landing because somehow I can feel it physically. If I wake up durring the dream I try to go back into it with a sence of desperation. It is all strange and familiar at the same time. Thanks for listening.

  30. Just can across your site. And i also had an angel dream. In my dream i didn’t notice wings though. I was going about life and everwhere i traveled people/strangers kept coming up and saying they knew me or recognized me. And i was with this family where i had strong feelings of help/nurture/love then came the time i needed to get back to the airport but when i arrived my ticket didn’t seems to work but some other attendent who seemed to be expecting me, told me to jump through this window to another room. When i did i was directed on stage where all the people who recognized me were and they thanking me, filled with emotions saying i knew it, your an angel. Then the room started shaking like an earthquake, there was bright light and i dissappeared. Im not sure what to make of it. When i woke, be a good source or force , where the words i heard. What does this mean??

  31. Karen I came across your website last night. Last Wednesday night for the first time in my life I had a dream that I transformed into an Angel. This dream was the most magnificent dream of my entire life. In my dream there were hundreds possibly thousands of people and myself on some type of mission boarding some type of flight but not quite sure of what type of mission. Before boarding the flight were all given a particular type of clothing to dress into. The initial attire that I was given was a pair of pants and a shirt. Immediately after boarding the flight a lady approached me and said oh no as if she were shocked that someone had given me the wrong attire and stated that I should be wearing this. It was a straight sheath dress in which she instructed me to put the dress on over the other attire because I would be soon changing into the dress. Immediately during this flight I was told to pull the pants and top off and just keep on the sheath dress. Almost instantly after taking off the pants and shirt I started feeling strange and so happy, completely elated. I’d never felt that way before I wasn’t sure if I were to be afraid or safe. I looked around at everyone and asked ” What is happening to me there is something strange happening to me”. Immediately felt tingling on my shoulders and I looked at my shoulders and there I saw wings, white wings growing from my shoulder. I had never experienced such happiness in my entire life. I started singing to God and praising God and crying with so much joy until it awakened me. I can not forget this dream. But I would like to know if there is a meaning and if so what is it.

  32. I had this dream where my family & I saw this guy in our car but we didn’t freak out because we thought he was harmless. Soon after we started driving around we found out he was evil & started to cause accidents & bringing harm to people.
    When we realize that he’s evil my dad started to drive to this shop. I knew where we were all going because I was telling my dad where to go. When we got to the shop, the evil man ran in there & he somehow brought out more people. I, by myself walked into the store and the evil man & the people with him started to chase after me but they were all black, had wings & were flying. I started to run & then suddenly I stop & look up and a bright light started to shine on me. I started to float up and all of the dark angels started to fall to the floor staring at me. I did not see my wings but I saw my shadow on the floor & I seen the shadow of my wings.

  33. I had a dream last night that I had on a white T-shirt and in the dream I realized that angel wings were coming out of my back so I immediately tried to take off the tee shirt I had on and then I woke up.

  34. Dear Karen, My name is Danielle and today my I talked to my dad and he told me that two nights ago he had a dream that I was being attacked by a creature. He can’t really tell what it was. But it took place at a park. The creature pushed me onto a bench and at that moment my eyes turned red, I grew wings and flew off. My dad goes on to say that I am able to hide my wings because they are retractable. I’m not afraid or anything I just need to know what this could mean.

  35. I have always had dreams of flying with white wings but they were to small I couldn’t fly properly. A year ago I dreamed that my wings finally come to its final form. I dont know what does this mean and why was it important to me to get my full set of wings. I was so relieved to get them and happy.

    Why does this feel so real and important to me.


  36. Thank you so much for the reply

  37. 5/ 4 3:46pm I had a dream 4 days about having angel wings I remember the felling it was wram and then when I woke up my back starting to feel really good I don’t no way even when I meditate the same thing happened I don’t no way.

  38. I dreamt i was standing eith family members and i saw far away by the sea an angel dressed in white his hair curled and white.. His wings so big and wide get on a brown horse and the horse had huge big white wings also on its back. The angel was ridding on the horse and i could only see the angel . Its flew above and oast me bit as it flew past me on the horse the angel and we both saw each other . Angels eyes looked into my eyes. And he smiled at me so beautfully and gently and flew past me.

  39. Omg I’m a 50 years old male and I olso had the same dream as Claudette multiple time actually in the last ten days the my dream is. My back hurt then I reach around to feel what there I see bones sticking out of my spine it hurt à lot I even show my girlfriend and she sees them growing olso as the days when by my wings in my last dream last night are now olmost fully grown I’m not religious type of person but this is a bit strange I admit it that why I’m sharing that with you I’m French so please forgive my spelling have a wanderfull day

  40. I dreams that I grew grew wings today. But what was so weird about this dream was that I could physically feel them growing. My best friend was there to, she also had wings. They looked very much like the ones of a hawk. My wings were white and the top feathers had a fading effect to deep red. My best friend had them first, I said I wanted them too. She got out a spellbook and a wand and casted a spell. We were standing in front of a white castle in a big green garden field with trees. The sea was next to the castle. What does all of this mean? Could someone please explain? – Luna

  41. Bonjour,
    After many years of searching for the same key words, and not finding any one who had same dreams as me l, I finally arrive to your page and realize I am not alone.
    Apologies if my English is not perfect. I am French Canadian.
    Here is my story…since I was 2-3 years old, my parents had to watch me as I would believe so strongly I could fly, I would jump off any high structure and hurt myself….I every dream, I have alt been able to fly…technique was to jump off and just fly like ´superman’ without the horizontal stiffness. I would always be in dark situations, like if bad people wanted to influence me. I was always more powerful in my heart and fly away. Often jump out of window. Other dreams I would visit cities that were futuristic, or similar to here but architecture was different, and everyone knew me. I would always help people but at one point I would help children. Before this, I always believed I flew with my arms, but when the children dreams started, I was holding them in my arms and was flying with a group of other people with wings.. so this is when I realized that all this time I had wings.
    I also had a dream (or a trip) with 3 lights that woke me up and brought me to a place where there was a cave. I was with a group of other humans with wings going for training (I think)

    Since then, the wings got bigger and they brought me via my dreams to places where my ´job’ is to escort normal people to a portal (I have to take them and fly up over a water feature and throw them in a portal full of Colors). I was told I can’t go in the portal!

    So I fly, my wings are white, there are other angels that guide me around and protect me in these ´futuristic’ places. The people who live there can’t fly but they see us and know me. I can travel in space. Not sure what all this mean?

    I do not dream of my wings as much in the last 10 years… I was discouraged, but I restarted recently to fly. I always verify my reflection and I do have my wings. There are negative entities that try to influence the people in my dreams and my job is to influence them positively. It’s not a war between them and me (and the angel group) however, the person has to choice.
    I am not certain if I dream of my past and slowly forgetting or I am dreaming of my future job? Thank you everyone for making me not feel alone.

  42. i just have woken up and in my dream i was a angel and i was fighting a demon in the pasture behind my house and as i was fighting him i started singing and ive never been able to sing and as i was walking everything went still, and i began to sing the most beautiful song i could feel the dew on the grass and i started to float in the air and the demon burst into tiny pieces then all of a sudden i felt fear and i woke up the dream i just described felt so real i believe this was my very first lucid dream

  43. Hi I don’t know if anyone’s going to read this but I had two really crazy dreams this past week:

    1. I dreamed that I could shape shift so I was at this really big park at a dock and the black women from “suicide squad” was there, she said she was going to take me away if I didn’t stop making a ruckus so I turned into a bird to fly away but the funny thing was that I couldnt fly and it really made me frustrated in my sleep that I think I started sweating, I’m not sure.

    2. So this dream was my favorite but I was sleeping in my moms bed that night and she didn’t give me any space so I had to wake up like five times to go to another bed, I tried really hard to fall back to sleep to continue the dream but it was a bit blotched: here you go:

    So the dream strarts off with a couple of teens like in the book maximum ride but this time the kids are older like in their 13-20s not sure but anyway, so these teens had wings and I think I remember that they were looking for a member of their flock but this person didn’t have their wings yet (here comes me) so they find me and one of the girls fly me to some room and I read something, then I have a sharp pain in my back and bam I have wings but not the feathery kind like when you have wings but there’s no feathers yet so they were baby wings but still I have wings and for a second I think I was smiling in my sleep I was so happy but then my mom came into my room and all the light went on my face so the dream ended their, I wonder if today the dream is going to continue or I’m going to have another amazing dream like last night but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    Please answer back and please tell me what these mean I’m really excited to know, BYE!!!

  44. Hi there 🙂 so I had a dream last night like a child (boy) was falling from my building. I was scared and really anxious because somehow this dream was feeling really real. And when he was close to the ground , not very close, a bird came near to him and some white wings grew out of the child’s back and at that moment another child (girl) appeared with white wings too. And at my dream I went to my mother because she explains dreams and I was aware of that in my dream too. In my dream she told me that I’ve seen angels and thats a good sing . And I asked why me? Thats when I woke up.
    Most of the time my dreams are bad dreams and two of them had predicted deaths of the people in my life.when I dream about something it happens even small things.
    My mother doesn’t explains dreams anymore to me that’s why I am here. I really want to know what my dream means.

  45. Hi Karen, I posted about a year ago but got no answer.
    I am concerned about the color of my wings in my dreams. They are big/thick JET -BLACK feathery wings. Any input about this?

    PS: I notice that in most of wing dreams, the color of the wings are white but mine is the opposite.

  46. I saw in my dreams one strange person with wings and that’s coming close to me so I got too scared and I tried to cut his one wing..Could anyone can answer me what does this dream means..please

  47. Hi,there. Growing up, I’ve always had straightforward visions and dreams. But,Lately I have visions where I would bow down and grow wings.. Sometimes I would look up to the sky and would shout and grow wings. Sometimes I see myself fighting spirit and would grow wings out of anger. After these visions,I always feel refreshed. This is so confusing. Does it mean angels are with me or?

  48. Hi, I really enjoyed reading everyones descriptions of theit dreams and the interpretations… last night I dreamt that i was growing white feathers on my shoulders which the majority were small and downy. I Wasn’t alarmed during the dream and can remember showing my partner them and commenting about how unusual it was (lol)…. this is the first time I have had such a dream. However, I do practice with angel cards and have been a member of my local spiritual church and open circle for some time. Recently I have been poorly and not felt spirit for over a month, which was worrying. However, I have just started to get better

    hope you all have a lovely christmas and love, light and tranquility for the future.. Darren, (cheshire, uk)

  49. Lalah
    Hello Last Night I had a dream when i was growing wings wakeup I felt so heavy I called my mummy by my little cousin came to help me up as if she already, She even help me light the candle .I was scared but when I read this site I was amazed thank you

  50. I dreamt around a month ago that a guardian angel gave me two little pink wings on my back and I could feel them being attached. I have been through a crisis in real life – I got the feeling that I’d earnt them.

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