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A reader has submitted a wonderful new feather story:

My female boxer past away suddenly on June 15th. She would have turned 9 on July 23rd. I miss her more than anything and my husband and I cry almost everyday because everything we do reminds us of her. She was our baby girl.

We took her to be cremated and waited for her because we wouldn’t go home without her. When we got back home I walked in the house and it was so quite. I had to pass the place in the family room where she past away and I was afraid to look in that direction because I was so distraught. But something made me look and there on the dark wood floor where she had laid was a little white feather! I went over and picked it up and was hoping that it was my Gabi’s spirit leaving it for me. I had no idea what a white feather meant, but I felt it was just between Gabi and myself and I didn’t say anything to my husband about finding it. I put it on her box of ashes and kept it safe.

About 2 weeks later I was thinking about the white feather again and I decided to look up on the internet what the meaning of a white feather could be and that’s when I read all these stories and realized it was a sign from my guardian angel and Gabi that she was ok. I started to cry just reading the meaning and I have been comforted to know it was truly a gift. There was no other reason why a white feather would be laying on the floor in the family room on the spot where Gabi past away. I have never seen a feather in my house before.

~ Linda


Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Gabi will be with you in spirit, always. Whenever you think of her, she is there. I am sending my love to you and your husband. I know this time may be difficult. I have been through it recently myself.

The Angels sure made sure you knew right away that Gabi was fine. Their goal was to allow you to heal easier. What an amazing gift, a feather blessing – their sign of love. It is wonderful that you wrote this story down. So many people receive signs and at the moment it is strong in their minds but with time, just like dreams, they disappear. Now that you have shared your feather blessing story with us, you will be able to have the memory of the Angels’ love in your heart always. Of course, you will have the love of Gabi in your heart too!

Blessings to you and your husband,

PS… Please come back and share more feather blessing stories. I do believe this is just the beginning for you. 


About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen

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