Dear Karen,I have an ongoing story to share, and I hope those that read it understand the depths of the meaning. In 2004, my 20 year old daughter was murdered. Her son was 4 months old. I adopted him – I was all that he had. For the first 8 months after her death, all of us in the house could feel Stephanie (my daughter) from time to time. Especially on Ethan’s birthday and on special occasions. My older daughter and I experienced feeling her touch us several times. In June of 2005, I moved to Arizona with Ethan. Feeling the need to “get away from the stress of the city” – we purchased a home on a mountain in a rural area. We had been there a short time, when a particular RedHawk began to visit. It would sit just off the deck in a dead tree, show up in the Pasture when we were walking there, fly over our heads in circles if we were hiking. In honor of Stephanie’s birthday, we planted a red maple tree – within minutes the Hawk was sitting in the tree. On every holiday, if family visited, Ethan’s birthday, the Hawk would appear. Sometimes sit nearby for several minutes – once it even allowed me to walk up under the tree within 3 feet and speak to her. Everyone in the family knew the hawk and would ask about it frequently when calling.In August 2010, we moved again back to Indiana. The day we pulled out with the moving truck – the hawk dived over the truck and seemed to wave goodbye as she flew in and out of our view until she disappeared into the cloudless blue sky.

We spotted a redhawk fleetingly a couple of times near Ethan’s school (once back in Indiana) – but it did not seem as persistent. One day recently, Ethan was trying out for football – something he has waited a long time to do and worked many hours in preparation. He was just beginning the first station of tryouts when a loud shreek pierced the air. At first, I was so focused on Ethan that I heard but did not look – then I looked up to see a large red hawk sitting on the lightpole directly above Ethan. It called out repeatedly and began to fly in circles over the football field. Tryouts lasted 3+ hours – the Hawk stayed the whole time moving in relationship to Ethan as he passed each station of tryout. We went back to the field a few days later to practice – within 10 minutes the Hawk returned – and sat at a vantage point above the area Ethan played. Several parents remarked that they had never seen a redhawk before in this part of the country. Native American legend views the Hawk as a messanger from the spirit world – I believe that our Hawk is not coincidence – I believe she is there to see her son.

Another Angel Story
Hands – feet and Wings …..Ethan,my adopted son, was 4 months old when his mother (my daughter) was killed. He has no memory of her and in fact will not accept the fact the he was born to anyone but me. He is seven. Although he has been told the truth – and shown pictures of his birthmother holding him as an infant – he contends that she is his big sister and is waiting in Heaven for the rest of the family. We leave it at that – because he is so young. One day in February 2011 – Ethan was in a car accident with a family friend. They were headed to the fireworks store to purchase fireworks to set off at a family celebration of Stephanie’s birthday. We still celebrate her birth – and her life – even though she has past. On the way — while sitting at a dead stop in traffic – a small pickup truck rearended the fullsize pick up they were driving. Kaleb had just taken off his seatbelt to adjust it – so he went flying into the floor of the front seat. The driver was injured – the driver’s seat broken, the truck that caused the collision was totalled and the driver badly hurt – the large truck was also totaled – ETHAN CLIMBED OUT OF THE TRUCK WITH NOT ONE INJURY OR SCRATCH. I am a nurse – so when I arrived at the scene I went over him with a fine tooth comb – sure I would find a wound, a bump, a bruise, something – He was unscathed just shaken up. I thanked God and was very puzzled as how this could happen. That night as he was climbing out of the bathtub – he looked up at me with his big sparkling brown eyes….”Mommy…she was there.”
“Who was there?” I asked. “Stephanie – my first Mom”….”Really, honey, what makes you say that?”….”cause I saw her”….”tell me what you saw, baby”….without hesitation and without blinking he replied “Hands, feet and Wings” with a big smile.
“She wrapped me in her wings – Mommy – She protected me.” I wept as I held him close and thanked God and our special angle for keeping him Safe. “Thanks for telling me Ethan.” I said. “Hey Mom – can I have a snack”….and just like that he was back to being a normal, happy boy – with an angel on his shoulder.

~ Roni :)


Dear Roni,

Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Ethan and you are truly blessed to know the truth about Stephanie – to know she is still with you. I look forward to more posts about Ethan and his Angels. 

Blessings to you and Ethan,


About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen

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  1. Wow, Ethan’s Hawk and Angel story is very heart touching and the other one too brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing these amazing stories.

    My Mom passed away in 2002, and I believe she is with me everyday, sometimes it is like looking through her eyes. I feel her presence often. The story I want to share is back in 2005. I was in an off road buggy with a friend who for 2 years tried to get me to go in with him and I had refused because I was scared it was going to flip over. Anyway, Thanksgiving weekend I agreed to get in. No seatbelts or harnesses, no helmet I should have known better. We went flying around a big open field behind his house and went around 3 times sliding around the corners. It was fun; but the last time he decided to go around we were going about 110 miles per hour, and he didn’t gear down and we flipped about 3 complete times. There were only bars to keep us in the buggy, no protection at all. I just remember us flipping and it seemed like slow motion and I kept saying, “make it stop, make it stop”! When we finally came to a stop we were upside down, still inside this open buggy and my head was down where my feet were supposed to be and my feet where planted on the gas tank which had been behind my head between the two bucket seats of the buggy. He hurt his wrist, and I had 1 cut that only needed 2 stitches, mind you for a about a week I was sore all over after being thrashed around; but I know my Mother was with us that day! because by all rights that crash should have killed us or thrown us out going 110m/hr there is no explanation as to how we stayed in, and didn’t get crushed. I know why, It was My Mom, my Angel. She saved my life!!

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