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By Danica
Everyone is assigned their own personal angel known as their guardian angel. Guardian angels belong to the lowest ranking choir of angels and act as a chaperone through life. Your guardian angel will help to steer you in the right direction but will not interfere with your life lessons. They can be called upon for reassurance and understanding, think of them as your best friend. Your guardian angel will communicate with you if asked. However, if your energy is too negative they will have trouble getting through. Guardian Angels will speak gently but clearly passing telepathic thoughts on a daily basis, it is up to the individual to be listening The more a person talks to their guardian angel the closer the ‘friendship’ becomes.

The difference between Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
Everyone is assigned one guardian angel. Unlike Spirit Guides the angel does not change during a person’s life-time. Guardian Angels have never been incarnate in a human body, spirit guides have. Spirit Guides are sent to advise and guide similarly to guardian angels. The difference being, angels do not have the human short comings Spirit Guides have. Spirit Guides are there to guide but they still have the emotional influences humans in a physical form have, therefore they are often swayed by their own opinion and not always by a person’s highest ideal.

A Spirit Guide may try to interfere with destiny if they can see something not so pleasant coming for the person they are responsible for guiding, guardian angels will soften the blow (if asked). They will not meddle with the lesson to be learned. Both however, will intervene when asked if the occasion is not part of a person’s destiny, therefore it can be avoided.

Every day occasions angels can be used for Angels (including your guardian angel) are there waiting to be asked. They will assist with all aspects of life. One of the most useful occasions to ask for their assistance is for the location of parking spaces. Guaranteed if you ask early enough and trust the response, you will always get a parking space in the busiest of places! Angels can be asked to help other people through tough times. If a person will not ask for help, send the angels. The angels will do their best to assist the person during their experience. Ask the angels to help you understand something you are struggling with, ask them to guide your family and friends home safely, ask them for whatever you would like. They will respond to your higher will. Detecting angel presenceAngels will show their presence through several means. Although a physical presence is preferable to most people, they will often choose to show themselves through other means. White feathers in unexplained places are often a sign of an angel leaving its mark. Angels will sometimes allow their presence to be known through touch, an overwhelming feeling of warmth and love is indicative of an angelic presence.

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Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Thank You Karen for sharing my article:) Many Angel Kisses…

  2. Recently I had a serious accident in my truck… there is no reasonable explanation why I did not get hurt other than a guardian angel was with me.. I cannot explain it.. I just know that there was a protective warmth around me and I knew I would be okay. I got out of the wreck myself and did not panic.. I am still baffled but totally at peace with this experience. Thank you for posting this article..

  3. I have been very upset that my girlfreind as Gone off with someone else I’m so very hurt and canot function at all it’s the second time she has done this to me each time the pain is the same I have been praying to god and the angels for her to come back I ask for the angels to give a sign her name on the radio and it comes true yesterday I asked for a sign it never came ,this morning I ask why no sign and was reading on the web about signs from angels and was reading About white feathers I went to the garden two mins later and there was a white feather the. A other one four in total this must be a true sign that she will be back before I have phoned physic lines they all have told me she will come back one mention the 27th of this month October 2012 , today I was thinking about that day and with seconds the tv show said the 27th for some thing I mean with in seconds of my thoughts , is this a sign I love this woman so much is the angels telling me she’s coming back I hope so so very much

  4. hi marcus.. first of all i am most saddened to hear of your distress. it cant be very nice for you.. personally, i am inclined to say that what you have described are indeed signs of angels presence. i must also add that you shouldnt put your life on hold based on what a psychic has told you. i dont know if you did get back together or not but you should concentrate on yourself and ask the angels for healing until you get there. it doesnt sound to me as though your gf deserves your time or thoughts.. but sshe may be your destiny so i will end this paragraph by wishing you all the luck and blessings that you deserve.
    claire xx

  5. She never came back, the last time we spoke she told me she is getting married at the end of next year , she doesn’t care about me, maybe she never did

    • Mr. Marcus!

      Keep your faith in our lord Jesus Christ! Learn to love him first and then he shall lead you to a godly woman!! Hang in there buddy 🙂

  6. Thanks Tommy and Claire
    Got a text message from her the first in 6 months
    saying she had agreat new years and is in love with her new man, why she sent it I dont know maybe to infilt more pain, I didnt answer text, God please help me

  7. Today I found a gold charm with my initial on it and my birthday is tomorrow, I find that to be a big coincidence did an angel send this to me?

  8. today i found a white feather on the school garden where most angel statues are present(cause im from a catholic school)then when i got back home i saw another white feather on my hand………is this from my guardian angel?

  9. My son was murdered sept 8,215 I pray all the time the aim is horrific at times I miss he dearly. Is there an angel that can help me during this time of grief

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