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I have been subscribing to this magazine for a couple years now. I was manifesting an advertisement for “Feather Blessings” and in the one of the issues.  I finally got my courage, and called to find out how much the advertising would cost. “Wowsers” is all I had to say. So, I put the […]

Dear Karen, I was at work this evening and stepped into the washroom to say a quick little prayer. I have been stressed financially and although I feel selfish praying about this situation, I did anyway. As I opened my eyes, a tiny little white feather was drifting over my left shoulder. Very tiny….Almost invisible. […]

  Dear Karen, I have been seeing faces on the church walls and now see them on my bathroom floor, curtains, trees, clouds. Are these faces of angels and if so what does it all mean. I didn’t start seeing them until after my dad died in 1997. My family thought that I was losing […]