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Hi Karen,

I have been so down on my luck and the depression is getting overwhelming. I have a lot going on with my family. I have been praying and asking the angels for signs.

The other day I was in my yard and saw a beautiful butterfly. It had a piece torn from its wing but it was doing ok. It landed on my hand and then went on its way.  A couple days later,  I saw what looked like the same butterfly.  When I was walking up the sidewalk to go to work in a totally different location from my house, same color, same ripped wing it was also doing just fine fluttering around the flowers.

What could this mean?

~ Kelly

Dear Kelly,

What a wonderful gift – to have a butterfly land on your hand. Often people don’t begin to notice the gentle signs. The Angels had this sign make you stop and take notice.

Butterflies have a special meaning of transformation. They have such an miraculous evolving process: egg, larva, cocoon and, finally, a butterfly. Through the process of growing and changing, the butterfly becomes a beautiful flying creature. Some of the process of the transformation is not always easy. Did you know if someone were to help the butterfly by opening the cocoon, it would die? A butterfly must do it all on its own.

It sounds like you are going through a similar transformation. Be strong, and know that you must do it for yourself. You may be in your cocoon right now, but know that you are on your way to having the flying wings of your own.

~ Karen

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Hi Karen,

    Few weeks back a butterfly got into my room and stayed one week and then it left. Is there any meaning of it?

    • Dear Ismat,

      Butterflies are a wonderful sign. They are the symbol of transformation. I love when I receive those messages … it means the caterpillar has come out of the cocoon and is ready to spread his wings and fly! This usually occurs after a long period of difficulty and learning.


    • Hi Karen,
      When I crashed a moped this girl told me a butterfly was flying around my head and once I crashed I wasn’t hurt then when I went back home there was a butterfly what do you think this means?

  2. Last weekend we went camping with several other family members and friends. We were the first to arrive and set up. A butterfly orange and brown came up to Chad and I and landed on each of us watching us for long periods of time. The whole weekend several other butterflies hung around at one time there were like 8 all flying in a cluster under and around our picnic table. Never once did one land on any of us. On the last evening of our camping we were the last to tear down and leave. We were almost done and decided to sit down and have a drink before we finished. Then a single orange and brown butterfly appeared and began landing on us again for long periods. My dear Father passed away suddenly in January and I have had a difficult time with this. Chad and I believe it was him watching us and sending a butterfly to tell us he was ok.

    • Dear Margie,
      What a beautiful story. Yes, your father is doing great. Life on the otherside is so much better than here. It is great to receive confirmation that they are still around us.
      ~ Karen

    • The father to my children died in a car accident the day after Christmas this last year. Everyday i see a yellow butterfly. on my patio at my work at my sons football games even when my daughter was going to home coming. This the crazy part — we re did my daughters room about 2 months ago (we have lived in the house for 5 years) when i was cleaning the walls i noticed that there were butterflies underneath the paint . I had never seen them until that day. then about a week later we came home and a butterfly was in our house. I believe that it is him and he is watching us from above.

  3. iv been very depressed for the past two months now.today i had written a letter to my guardian angel and then i burnt it and blew the ashes outside.i asked my angel for a sign in the form of a feather about whether i should restore ties with an old friend..when i opened the window of my room a butterfly or a moth kind of a creature flew into my room and stayed there until i drove it outside into the air because my fan was in full swing.what could it mean?is it a sign?

  4. Hi about four months ago my husband’s grandfather passed away & about 3 weeks ago there has been a butterfly that is always around him this past weekend was Father’s Day we were at the grave site & the same color of butterfly landed on him & was just flying around the grave site returning to land on him. Could this be him watching over my husband he also dreams of him often more then any of the other family members they were really really close. Could this mean something?

    • Hi Becky,
      Butterflies are a common symbol used by spirit. Yes. I would also like to say, that spirit talks to us in our sleep. The fact that your husband remembers a lot of visits would indicate that he has an increased intuition. A butterfly has another meaning as well. I means transformation is coming. Just like the butterfly, the person receiving this message will have a new beginning. It is a very exciting time. Kudos to you for recognizing the importance.
      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  5. Thank You Karen,for your reply!

  6. I woke up one morning with an old Elton John song in my head that says, “Your a butterfly, and butterflies are free to fly, fly away, high away, bye bye.” Later that day, a huge beautiful butterfly was on the sidewalk, right in my path.

    My sons and I are victims of a very serious crime, and I asked my angel everyday when justice will be served, is the butterfly a sign it will be soon?

    • Dear Joan,
      The butterfly is one of the most magical symbols in spirituality. The caterpillar goes into a cocoon and comes out a completely different being … an oh so beautiful creature. I believe you are in that process. Bad things happen to very good people, but how you choose to heal from it makes all the difference in the world. The true justice would be that you and your sons could find peace from this situation, and live happy healthy lives. Focus on the positive and have gratitude for what you do have. Ask the Angels to surround you with love, protection and peace. This is the true transformation message the Angels are bringing to you.
      ~ Karen

      • I have two black butterflies in my bedroom which have been there for the last two nights. They were at either end of the room for the first night and both were on the roof above my pillow last night. One flew around the room when I was getting changed for work. I left the windows open on both days when I left for work so they could leave but they stayed. There was also one in my spare room the first night but that has now gone. One has gone from my bedroom today. What does this mean?

  7. The other day my 7 year dog had had to be taken to u.t. animal hospital due to back problems. The vet there told me had 50/5o chance to walk again and it didn’t look good.I was best to put him down. I signed the papers and they started Iv . As I was telling my dog goodbye, something came over me I just couldn’t do it. Dr came back in and I said no I can’t do this, I want you to do surgery. When I was leaving the hospital had my two windows down in the front. Two butterflies came in my car, it was almost like a black cloud had been lifted. They stayed for a couple minutes and then both went out my window on my side. What does this mean?

    • Tina,
      Butterflies symbolize transformation. A caterpillar is a land locked creature who spends most of its time consuming and growing. It then goes into a cocoon and changes occur. When the butterfly is ready, it breaks free and is ready to fly. There is no forcing, but only allowing in this process. If someone were to attempt to help the butterfly come out of its cocoon, it would die. It needs to do it on its own. It is beautiful and magical.

      May you find the true meaning in this message. Many blessings to you and your dear friend ~ Karen

      • Karen , i found a little white butterfly in the bathroom after having a shower today sitting on the floor near the window, i chased it around the room and it sat on my finger and it didnt want to leave my finger, but i let it fly away from the window but it didnt want to fly off my finger what does it mean . ive been going through major health and legal issues for 2 years that dont want to go away can this be a good sign? ~ Mick

  8. I am so glad to have found this web site as
    I have a fear of brown butterflies.
    My husband and I have had 5 years
    Of supporting and losing ill parents. Jan 2011
    I had a big operation as did my dear friend .
    June 2011 my husband took
    Me away to recuperate before going back to work
    We travelled to london To meet my best
    friend as i hadnt seen her since our
    operations then flew out on holiday.
    On the last day of hols a butterfly
    landed on my hand a stayed there a long time
    staring into to my face. Other people’s
    Reaction to this made me worried I shook it
    Off my hand and I told my husband some
    news was coming our Way and that evening
    I was told that my best Friend had died suddenly .
    October 2011 I noticed a butterfly on the
    Floor outside my outhouse the next day another
    Joined it I tried to get them to fly away but they
    Wouldn’t by the end of the week both had died
    Soon after my father in law died.
    I have sold my business This year and this
    has brought on a lot of stress Not the happiness
    as expected . Butterflies are
    Around me yet again in my house I’m worried
    Another death is around the corner .
    Please can u make sense of all of this.

    • Dear Sandie,

      Often the spirit world communicates with us using signs. They can come in the 3D world or it can be an imagine in our mind. These are called symbols. These symbols are an easy way for spirit to communicate with us. As you build your relationship with them, the library of symbols increases. It is really fun to develop.

      You have developed one symbol that works with your Guides and Angels. For some reason, it has been necessary for you to know ahead of time that someone is going to pass over. Does it help in your grieving process? I know that when I was told I was going to loose someone I loved, I began to prepare emotionally for a loss. You can never prepare fully … but it definitely helped me. It also helped me know that it was destined. There was nothing I could do or say … and spirit was telling me they were there comforting me.

      I can understand these are not the messages you would like to hear from spirit. Learning that you were going to win the lottery would be so much nicer. The truth is, you developed this skill for a reason. Nothing is by accident. I would suggest working on a few more symbols so the messages can come on a more regular basis. Instead of fearing your gifts, learn how to use them for the benefit of yourself but also others. We often fear what we don’t understand. Learn to understand, and the fear will turn into love.

      A life with guidance from spirit is wonderful. Why they had to reach out to you to let you know of people passing? I am not sure, but they absolutely got your attention. I would think they are trying in lots of different ways, but you aren’t paying attention.

      ~ Karen

  9. hiya i wrote to u a while ago about all my feather signs that i av been having! then all of a sudden didnt recieve anything but yesterday i had a very stressful day in court and when i collected my son and come home i open the door and a very large butterfly flew out of my house towards me and my son and tried to land on me but i was gettin the pram into the house but hovered around me until i went in and closed the door x

  10. Hi, we had a red admiral butterfly on our bedroom wall. For 3 days it didn’t move, on monday it seemed like it was trying to get out the bedroom window, so we helped it on its way, last night it was back in the house at the stop of the stairs, does this have a meaning?

    Many thanks


    • Butterflies are a wonderful message of transformation.

      “This is a lovely question because the answer is quite lovely.

      According to Native Mythology, the butterfly represents the four stages of development.

      First – the egg
      Second – the larva
      Third – the chrysalis
      Forth – the butterfly.

      If you’ve got butterflies entering your life, perhaps you should look at your current situation and determine what stage you are at or what stage a particular issue is either in or moving through. That will help you decide what your next, most effective steps should be.

      The fact that the butterflies in question are black and yellow is also significant. Yellow represents wisdom and black creativity. Look to your current situation from those points of view and you should be able to determine what needs your creative, wise attention.”

      Originally posted here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060731114017AA1DqvS

  11. I had a lovely butterfly visit for 2 days. He was on my deck and it started geting chilly so I put it in a jar with a leafs and drops of water for the night inside. He was content and didnt flutter much in the jar but was nice and cosy with air holes on top.

    In the morning, I opened the jar to let it free got on my balcony and he fluttered out but stayed on my deck for another night and finally left that evening without saying goodbye. I believe it v=brought me a message as I had been down and out and as soon as I put the butterfly in a warm place for the night, a marvelous sermon was on tv which I listened to and I got a wonderful message.

  12. Hello I lost my mum to cancer in 2009 and since then have experienced a difficult time trying to cope with the loss as we were really close. I moved house in September (3rd) this year (separately from my partner).. and the first day I got the keys a butterfly flew towards me in the bedroom (a red admiral).. It is now 16th November and the little butterfly still flies around, normally to the bedroom light and back to the window ledge or skirting. Its a stunning butterfly and I cant believe it has lasted so long. Karen E.

  13. hi.. just now, a brown butterfly with d shade of ashes white and small holes came inside my house. what does it mean? i;m scared.. 🙁 i don’t know what to think about it.. is it a badluck or accident might be happen? but i want to assume that this might be a good news or something that not bad..please response. thanks..

    • Lala,

      Have NO FEAR … messages from spirit come from a place of love. Right now, in your life there are things that are going on that you are uncertain of. A butterfly means transformation … changing from a caterpillar into a beautiful winged creature. This is you … and just like the caterpillar, you don’t know what the outcome is going to be. Trust that these changes are a miracle and a gift … brown is a grounded color … when means stay breathing … relax …. step outside and sit under a tree … breathe … relax … and let love flow.

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  14. thanks to your response.. yeah. i’m a bit stressed that time so, thats why i thought of it like a negative message came from d brown butterfly.. thanks for this karen.. many blessings to you also..

  15. After a big night out, i went home and smoked a ciggarette in my balcony door as usual every ordinary night. Suddenly a black butterfly flew in moving rapidly fast, then i had to open my door completely for it to fly outside. What does it mean?? why would a butterfly fly in on such a small gap on my balcony door?

    • Both the color black and a butterfly are signs of transformation. When the spirit world reaches out to you to let you know what is coming, they want to reassure you that this is for your highest good. Relax, let them take the reins … and hold on. In the end, you life will be so much happier for it. ~ Karen

  16. I live in an apartment complex and happened to be sitting out front when I noticed something in my neighbors arcadia door. It was a butterfly trapped in between the glass door and the screen. I rushed over to let it out and opened the screen for it fly away. It wouldn’t fly away… So I stuck my hand inside hoping maybe it would get spooked and flee but instead it landed on my hand. I LOVE BUTTERFLIES but have never had one land on me. Not only did it land on me it hung out on my hand for about 5 minutes. I don’t know if this is merely my hope or what but I ended up having a miscarriage in October of 2012. It was horrible but I know there’s a reason for everything… I know I’ll have a guardian angel watching over me for the remainder of my existence. My husband and I have been trying since with no success. After the butterfly landed on me, I felt something indescribable in my heart, like all of our trial and error has finally paid off. Is it possibly a sign I have been graced with a child?

    • Butterflies are the sign of transformation. Beautiful transformations are happening for you. They are not showing me what is about to unfold, just know miracles happen all the time. Sometimes they come with a helping hand like yours. Many blessings ~ Karen



  19. Hi, for the past 3 days i have had 30-40 butterflies around me at any given moment… they wait for me, when i move they move when im at home inside they wait til i come out and swarm me like nothing ive ever seen before… what does this mean?

    • How wonderful … truly a strong, loving message. Butterflies mean transformation – the energy of the amount of butterflies feels like a celebration. Butterflies mean transformation … so you have or will be going through changes, and it is reason to celebrate! ~ Karen

  20. I feel these godly creatures, but its not just butterflies but droves of dragonflies and ladybugs as well… i have a very intense feeling, call it intuition that something huge is gona happen to.me or for me soon 🙂 im still a little freaked tho coz this is a huge first for me xx

  21. It’s strange how I came across this website. I’ve been torn between two guys lately, one who is my best friend but who I feel little attraction toward, the other a man I met in a creative writing class who I later developed strong feelings for. I’ve been seeing both of their names frequently, at least once per day (too much so for it be a coincidence), but one name more than the other. This week in particular I’ve seen one name repeatedly engraved in sidewalks (4 times total) often in conjunction with the number ’22’. Today, I saw this same name again on the sidewalk again before encountering a brown and orange butterfly resting in front of me maybe half an hour later. What do these signs mean? I’m confused.

    Oh, and just to clarify the name that keeps repeating the most is the man’s from my creative writing classes.

  22. dear karen, today i was sitting out on my portche. All of a sudden a orange and brown butterfly landed on my back!then my dad told me about these kittens we have[p.s. doyou know any one who wants them?]then i got up, and it landed on my mommow.it stayded there while she got up, and went in the house.it stayed in the house until we put it back outside,because my cat was trying to eat it.BAD POOKY!!!!!!!!!

  23. For the past two days every morning i keep seeing a lot of yellow butterflies in my drive away i know i am having some health and money troubles i pray to the father everyday for help i was wondering what sign was the butterflies

  24. I was on the way to my husbands massage clinic with the windows rolled up and the ac on. We got there we went in the clinic and maybe 10 minutes later he asked me to get something out the car for him. I went to the car unlocked the door and opened the back seat door. There I seen what appeared to be a beautiful butterfly opening and closing its wings. it was orange and black it looked like a monarch butterfly but its patterns were different more beautiful it stood there for like 10 seconds and flew out the back seat underneath the parked car next to us. I immediately looked underneath the car but it vanished out of thin air. Please what does this symbolize?

  25. I am going through a separation with my husband and having a very difficult time with it; very depressed and not knowing how to deal with it. Today, I saw a beautiful colorful butterfly fly by. Does it mean anything? I have also come across pennies these past few weeks. Any relation?

    • Butterflies are symbolic of transformation and emerging. It is a very good sign for you. Coins are the Angels letting you know they are there watching over you. Remember to call on them to help you with all of our life. Even the small things. ~ Karen

  26. A butterflies entered my house and I opened the window to let it out. The next morning it was on top of the stair with a torn wing. The cat had got it. I picked it up and placed it outside on the window seal. A day later the same butterflies was on the bathroom carpet, but the wing was repaired. I have had a terrible year, is this a sign from my angel.is this good news or bad news?

    • How could you possibly think this is bad news? If you were the butterfly, I would see that you went through a very hard time and are now healing. It is wonderful. ~ Karen

  27. i recently lost my son of 20week s,i been feeling very down at work one day when i walked into someones garden and about twenty white butterflies flew out at me,a smile came to my face ,what does this mean

  28. Yesterday a red admiral (I think!) flew into my house through the back door through the kitchen and into the living room up to the window. I let it out the window as it was flapping about. Today, same thing happened but I left it to see what it did and eventually it went up to the kitchen window where I let it out. I live in Scotland and don’t often see butterflies much so it kind of stood out!
    The strange thing was my wee dog looked at it but never attempted to chase it! (unusual)
    Does this mean anything?
    We recently went to a charity spirit evening and our son (lost through miscarriage 13 years ago) came through in a big way and he constantly gives me signs he is around.


  29. In addition to the above post, my husband just informed me that he found a feather in his minibus today (white with a little bit of black on it) while he was sweeping it out (he was 30 miles from home at this point). Is this just a coincidence? I have my dad, grandad and a couple of others in spirit as well but my boy does stuff at least twice a week to show us he’s there.


  30. Since about June, I’ve been seeing yellow/black swallowtail butterflies everywhere I go. I only see them for a second, because they quickly fly out of my view. I just find it odd that I happen to look up in time to keep seeing them. This has happened too many times to be a coincidence, and I’d like to know whether it has something to do with religious symbolism or something else. Also if it is good or bad.

  31. Hi there I was just wondering a black and red butterfly flew in my patio doors the other day and came right through my livingroom and flew out my front window is there a meaning to the butterfly doing this? Help please!!!! 🙂

  32. About three weeks ago I had a dream that a white and purple butterfly landed on me. Today as I got out of my car a HUGE brown and purple butterfly actually landed on my foot and sat there. What could this possibly mean??? Is it bad luck???

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  34. I had a butterfly land on the top of my head while I was sunbathing, I was listening to some beautiful hymns on my Ipod. Prior to that I had been praying.(Life has been difficult and my daughter is unwell) I raised my hand to feel what was there and felt it wings. It flew off straight ahead and I could only see that it seemed to be dark (brown or black) with some yellow on it. What does this mean? I do believe in Angels and often see white feathers.

  35. My niece lost twins at just six weeks into the pregnancy a few days ago and is staying with me to recover. Just after she got here a pretty. Butterfly flew into the bedroom, and each day to today I open different windows around the house in the morning and without fail in comes the butterfly. Her grandad and my dad passed some years ago who we both adored, could it be his spirit or some other sign, never had a butterfly in the house before. My niece also had a photo and video taken recently which showed a clear orb of light, moving around her in the video. Is this another sign. Thank you, sharon

  36. I had been thinking about my brother a lot lately who had passed away from cancer in 2009 and also my aunt who passed away the following year. I am starting med school and my first day is on Monday. My mom and I decided to go to the zoo today since we were both off for the holiday. We went into the Butterfly House, my favorite place by the way – and a beautiful Blue Morpho flew around me and landed right on my leg. It statyed for about 10 seconds and I was also just so lucky to get a picture of it with it’s blue wings out on me. I cannot stop looking at the picture. It was my moment of glory. The zookeeper did not beleive me at first, she said people sit in there all day with their expensive cameras and never can get a picture, and I even had it land on me as well. It was crazy to me because I have never had one land on me it was so cool. I know that there are TONS of them in there and maybe it was just luck, but it happened right when i walked in 🙂 My aunt was a phlebotomist in a hospital and that is what I am going to study. I beleive it was her or my brothers spirt wishing me good luck and telling me they are watching over me! – Also the morning my brother had passed away, which was at our home…5 minutes later I walked onto the porch for some fresh air and one of those white butterflys were sitting on my cell phone. Too weird. I always see them in my yard flying beside me. My guardian angel? Or just a butterfly?

    • You know the meaning behind these butterflies. You can feel it in your heart. Congratulations for starting school, and the spirit world is sending their love. Know you are being watched over. You have wonderful things in store for you. ~ Karen

  37. … We went into the Butterfly House on our way out and yet again another one landed on my shirt but not a Blue Morpho this time. He he! 😉 And also on my head at the same time but the one on my head flew right away.

  38. I was walking and yellow butterfly landed just in between my breast.( heart) he waited for 10 mins and i have happly taking photo of it..it was not afraid at all..and after flew away..what do you think it is..i even have a photo of that moment.thanks a lot

  39. I asked the angels for a sign to see a butterfly if something was going to happen, I keep seeing them everywhere all the time now. Is that a yes from them or is it a symbol of transformation?

  40. Hi karen..i need your thoughts on this..pleas.i was walking and yellow butterfly landed just in between my breast.( heart) he waited for 10 mins and i have happly taking photo of it..it was not afraid at all..and after flew away..what do you think it is..i even have a photo of that moment.thanks a lot

  41. a butterfly flew in my window a red and black one it flew right into my face then flew around a bit it settled on the wall, I was on the phone to my mum and was telling her about it ,I live in a flat and don’t often get butterflys in, it then flew to the window I walked over and said time to go butterfly and it flew right to my face hovered around my lips then flew out the window,I feel strongly that this means something.

  42. ok just today while I was on the bus …I looked out the window and seen a butterfly on the window seal… it came right to my window and was holding on with dear life…. it stay for a while and eventually flew away

  43. A Red Admiral butterfly was fluttering desperately on the outside of my daughters kitchen window where I was staying, I gently lifted the butterfly & brought it in, it settled on the kitchen lampshade, in the morning it was flying around at the front door, I let it out and would you believe a Red Admiral butterfly returned about 3 hrs later hovering around the back door & windows. I lost my Mum 3 months ago, what does this mean please.

    • Red is the color of family, how your were raised and of course, love. This message is of love but also support for changes that are happening within you and your beliefs instilled in you from your family. What a wonderful blessing to receive. ~ Karen

  44. hi,i recently had a butterfly enter my house in july.it stayed under my picture for 3 weeks and didnt move.one morning i awoke to find it on my bedroom door for some reason i new there was news to come.an hour later a family member contacted me to tell me news of her pregnacy,I went shopping that day and when i came home i could not see the butterfly.its now october and on the 25 i saw the butterfly again it stayed in my bathroom for two days and i said to it are you here to tell me more news.i left the window open and it was gone.the next day the same black and orange butterfly was flying past my window,is this a sign from my dear granda who i truly loved who passed away in 2009? if so is it a warning or a good sign

  45. donna-maree
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    July 20, 2013 at 3:47 am · Reply
    Last month my sister had an operation on her colon to remove an infusion.. Cancer was found in this and in some lymhnoids. At the same time our My father’s(who has passed over) sister, was sitting on her deck when a Purple butterfly was hovering around her. It eventually fluttered down landed in her cup tea fluttered up to her eye level for few seconds and then kept fluttering around her. My Aunty was not aware that my sister loves Butterflies and the colour purple, but did feel the butterfly was some how connected to my Dad her Brother. We have always been very close. My sister started her chemo treatment last week and the colour purple appeared in many places in our path. The day she started the treatment she looked up at the wall in the Hospital ward across from where she was sitting and there was a Purple butterfly (imitation) stuck on the Wall. She also received a card from our brother with purple butterflies on it….are these Purple butterflies symbolic?????

  46. the butterfly has now come back into my house im quite worried as its been here along time and doesnt seem to want to leave,is this a good sign?

  47. thank you ,im so confused as i dont no what the message could be,im praying for a new home so hopfully it could be a sign that my wish mite come true xxx

  48. i have had visits from 2 different dragonflies this October.both flew into the house at night. The first was blue and the next was reddish/brown. And today a white butterfly was in our house. I opened the window to let it fly out.. Ive read the omens for both . My fiance’ broke up with me last August and I have been praying to God and my guardian angel and spirit guide to show me signs to show me if it was the Lord’s will to bring us back together again or if I should just let go. I asked my spirit guide to speak to me in my dream the other nite to and tell me the message I needed to know. Sure enough i vivdly dreamed of my fiance and he flew back to me. I asked my spirit guide last nite to show me a sign today to assure me that my dream was a clear message from them to hold on wait for my fiance to come around. And then that white butterfly flew into my house this morning. I do believe in my heart and soul that my fiance’ and i are meant to be… but I guess maybe we needed to break up to realize and change a bad pattern we were both gettin sucked into. He is the love of my life. I really want to hope and trust that he will comeback home to me.

  49. I was in my yard this morning – I saw 2 beautiful small lavender butterflies slowly flying past me and just fluttering around together in their passage. What does this mean? I have been going on a very emotional rollercoaster with a special person in my life – he is facing a lot of issues from the past and he seems to take out his irritations on me (even though we are in different continents and other side of the world. Is this symbolic of something?

  50. Good Day.

    Spring has just sprung so the birds are here!! Lately after spiritually growing i am alert to butterflies and birds etc..
    This very moment sitting outside my window was a beautiful Cape Bunting. Singing away until i registered its here to bring me a message.. I questioned am i right and ofcourse surely there appeared a creamish/yellow butterfly dancing away. Yes the sun is bright today and all is well. I am however looking for work as is my hubby and i logged onto to google to see what the spiritual message might be ….true as daylight …they both dissapeared. So i guess the immediate feeling was….”dont worry…things are getting better. Dancing and singing is a celebration so looks like celebrations are underway.” i interpret this as the message but am open to any others u might feel. Could you please share yours with me. And suddenly …its all quiet by the time i finishes this message..

  51. Hi, last night I met with my cousin to write our family Christmas cards. We have done this for 5 years since we both lost our business/ jobs, which was a very traumatic time for us. We have both managed to work again but both of us are in a situations (work wise) that we are struggling with and could go either way for us. Whilst we were writing our cards, a red admiral butterfly, started flying around our heads, it kept landing on either side of the wall behind each of us, then flying around our heads. During this we heard banging, that lasted about 60 seconds. Once we finished writing our cards, the butterfly disappeared, then 5 mins later it came back and landed on the wall and stayed their all evening until my cousin went home and I went to bed! Do you think there is a sign here or we were just lucky to see a butterfly in the winter – confused x

    • It is absolutely a wonderful sign. I feel this is a message from the spirit world, you ancestors too. Red, is their color and they are sending love, support and guidance to you both. Butterflies represent transformation too. So changes will be coming. You will feel freedom, released. A new perspective can change your entire world. ~ Karen

  52. I was in my backyard with a friend doing yard work talking about life, when a butterfly flew in between us and landed near me. Was that a sign from my dad who has passed?

  53. Saw a red butterfly inside my house. What does this mean?

  54. Whenever my son and I go out into the yard there seems to be a sudden appearance of butterflies. White and orange and brown ones. They always fly around my son and I
    What does this mean? Please. Thank you lnl

  55. The past 10 years have just been dreadful it seems to go fro bad to worse. I have always loved angels and my home is full of them. A few weeks ago I had a butterfly land on my leg I sat and watched it’s graceful beauty it moved up onto the arm of the chair, and I just sat still and spoke to it quietly, it the proceeded to rest on my arm for around five minutes, as I talked and told it how beautiful it was and how blessed I felt it should allow me to indulge in it’s space. We were abruptly interrupted but it stayed near by for awhile. While I was admiring is grace and beauty I was wondering why it felt so heavy. But I did feel blessed for those few precious moments.

    • Life is filled with moments. How wonderful the Angels came to show you how precious each moment is when you stop to see them. Enjoy your moments and they will fill your life with happiness. ~ Karen

  56. My daughter has just had a large black & yellow butterfly fly into her room. Is this not strange for December. We have a family member who has been given 24/48 hours to live. Is there a meaning to this?

  57. we have had a red admiral butterfly in our bedroom for a few weeks and a ladybird in our car. today i found my great aunt in her bedroom passed on was this a message from those close to us and we got home a butterfly was in my sons bedroom is this a message from her or am i just hoping as she had been gone a few days? god rest her soul.

  58. Why is it for a few monthes now (althrough winter) i have had two brown/black and orange butterflies in my room. They always stay by the window and wen i leave my window open allday tonsee if they will leave they do not! It looks like they are dead.or hybernating. I have had family members that have died my mothers mom died 10 years ago and my dads mam bout 4 years and my dad 2 years ago are they a sign from them or dome thing diffrent?

  59. I dreamed of a blue butterfly landed on my leg and it was beautiful what does this means

  60. Hello Karen,
    A ladybug landed on me yesterday and i wasn’t sure what it meant,can u help me figure it out?

    • Hi Ariana,
      The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Higher goals and new heights are now possible. Worries begin to dissipate. New happiness comes about. Ladybug also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true.

      Alternatively she could be signaling that you can leave your worries behind and that new happiness is on its way. Ladybug signals you to to not be scared to live your own truth. Protect your truth and know that it is yours to honor.

      ~ Karen

      (Originally posted http://spirit-animals.com/ladybug/)

  61. Hi Karen
    Recently for the last few weeks I have been seeing the same butterfly almost everyday. It is a large black and white butterfly and I see it almost every time I go out into my back yard. It flutters around me for awhile and then leaves. I think it took me awhile to notice it, but when I did I felt strongly it was here to reassure me as I have been worried about a lot of things for quite some time. Also, my husband recently found a dead butterfly on his desk in his office at work, he was amazed. Am I right in thinking it is our Angels reassuring us everything will be alright and changes are about to happen? I hope my husband seeing a dead butterfly doesn’t mean anything negative.

    • Angels don’t bring negative messages. The Angels know how to get them seen … this is how your husband needed to receive his. Perhaps he is not in the present moment while he is at work 🙂 ~ Karen

  62. Karen, a butterfly has been watching me from the other side the window glass for almost 3 hours. I don’t know if this is a good or bad sign. It’s pretty big (4inches) and black with yellow in the center of its wings. Should I worry?

    • Claudia,
      Never worry when you receive a message from the Angels. They are letting you know everything is going to be okay, and NOT to worry. They have things under control. ~ Karen

  63. I’ve been struggling with a career path life decision and I’m not sure which one to choose. As I’m talking about it on the phone a huge yellow butterfly flies directly toward me. I’m hoping that this is a good sign that the decision I’m thinking about doing is the right one since I never see butterflies like this one.

  64. I saw a purple butterfly outside on window ledge and it sat there almost looking at me

  65. Recently I discovered some jewellery belonging to my late mum missing and I suspected a family member had stolen it. Of course, she denied. Strangely, a white butterfly then appeared on and off for a few days in and outside the house.
    What does it mean? Is it the spirit of my mum / angel that I was wrong in accusing this family member, or is there some other ‘message’?

  66. I was sitting in my dining room with the window only slightly open when i noticed something falling it was a white/cream butterfly which had died! Poor Lil thing! Was i right to take this as a bad sign? X


    • hi karen 🙂
      A black with brown line huge butterfly flew around house hall & aroung us late night and suddenly hit on fan and broke one side of wing and straight landed in prayers room… it cant fly but it crawling around faster.
      Is that showing any bad message ?

      • Butterflies are a wonderful message. Have no concerns about your messenger, he has lived to fulfill this duty. He got you to notice him, and receive the sign. He is a little blessing. ~ Karen

  68. Good day…i am a teacher…as iwas teaching….there was a mariposa butterfly below my chalk board ..i was nearly stepped on it due to its color brown….when my time finished and going out of the classroom..the butterfly flew away…..

  69. I have alot of those butterflies in a room but they are like the ones that come out from light. What does that mean? Ive been killing a few cuz they are scary and they dont leave us alone.

  70. I am not one to point out everything I see. However, Saturday I was out in my yard and a beautiful butterfly flew by me only about 4 feet away, then seconds later a second one following the same path. thought it to be strange. but then just about 10 minutes ago I saw one at my work almost in the same path 4 feet from me flying past my right side. I feel I am pretty in tune with the universe and I know I have my spirit guide/angel around me but does this mean something is coming for the better?

  71. I was sitting on my porch this morning drinking my coffee when all of a sudden a white butterfly lands on my arm and flys off but when I turn to put my cup on the window cill there lays the butterfly looking so peaceful. What could this mean? See I had a set of twins last year but one of my twins passed on Nov 3 and her 1st birthday is on July 16.

  72. My husband passed away suddenly 8 years ago. Recently, after spending the day with his family, I stopped at his grave with our two children. While I was there a butterfly kept flying around me. I didn’t think much of this until it landed on my hand..on a ring that I always wear that my husband had bought me. My friend who was also with us commented on it landing there. I immediately felt like it was a sign from my husband and broke down into tears. It kept right beside me until my children came over then it started landing on each of their hands. When we started to leave it followed us to the car. As we were driving away I noticed something out of the corner of my eye..it was the butterfly at my window flying beside us as we pulled away. Since this happened I can’t stop thinking about it and wondering if it was really a sign from him or just a friendly butterfly.

  73. Today there was a brown butterfly on my outside glass door.I took a papertowel to brush it off & it fell on the ground the flew away.That same day there were 2 brown butterflies flying around my tree in the front of my apartment & when I looked out of the window they were by my window also.

  74. Today there was a brown butterfly on my outside glass door.I took a paper towel to brush it off & it fell on the ground then flew away.That same day when I looked out my living room window there were 2 brown butterflies flying around the christmas tree in the front of my apartment & they were flying by my window also.Thank you.

  75. Today I saw a pair of white butterflies flying over our small garden. The butterflies are not pure white, they both have black trimmings. They were jumping from one plant to another. They looked so beautiful and it filled my heart with joy. I looked up the meaning of seeing a pair of butterflies flying and some say it’s a symbol of love. I have been hoping to finally settle down and I hope that this is a sign from the universe that my hope will finally come true!

  76. hi,
    last night i had a red and black butterfly fly into my room and the only window i had open was a tiny one. Me and my brother let it out and it flew away, tonight i found it between the linings of my curtain, its the exact same butterfly and its come back through the really tiny window.
    Just wondering if this means anything?

  77. A butterfly flew into the bedroom and could not get out. It seemed a bit panicky. My Husband captured and released it. He is currently out of work. Do you think this could be a sign that everything will be ok and he’ll get work soon?

  78. hi me and my mum was in the kitchen yesterday when all of a sudden a butterfly flew in as soon as i went to take a picture the butterfly flew off out of the kitchen window, and today i was sitting here in the living room when another butterfly came in flew around and when i went to take a picture again the butterfly flew off out of my living room window but i feel very blessed and happy because me and my mum was talking about my step granddad a few minutes before is this a sign? x

  79. Hi I’ve had 13 red admirals fly into my house over 2 days I’ve managed t get some out but only half I don’t understand what it means anyone got any ideas

  80. Today I woke up to my cat staring at the wall right above me as I woke up this morning. When i looked to check what she saw, i find a huge brown with black spots butterfly right above me. Should I be scared?? What does it mean.?

    • Never be afraid. Angels leave messages to make you feel comforted. The Angels are suggesting grounding, spending more time relaxing in nature. It will remove the constant thoughts and concerns that are circulating in your mind. ~ Karen

  81. Just last week I noticed a butterfly flying around my window of my truck. Now every day the same one follows me wherever I go. Today it’s two what does that mean

  82. Hi, my name is Trisha, i have had a beautiful butterfly in my garden for four days, it seems to spend most time on my pathway, close to me. There doesn’t appear to be any damage to its wings. I have been putting bits of fruit and sugary water out, also i put some on my finger and the butterfly sat there for a long time. The butterfly seems to be staying close to me and i have found myself thinking about it and constantly feel this has a meaning. Three years ago, my husband was murdered and it has been very hard as we had, had a bit of a disagreement, then he was gone. He knew i loves, butterflies and dragonflies and used to buy me ornaments, ect… I am due to have a full hysterectomy soon plus having to make a huge decision. Could my precious butterfly be a sign…

  83. hi,my mum passed away last novemeber it has be very very hard day after she passed away a butterfly was in my bedroom,and since then a butterfly lands on my car and some times in the house does this mean anything

  84. Hi, for a few weeks now a black and red butterfly keeps coming into my kitchen and landing in the same window almost every day. What does this mean please

  85. Today I was driving down the street and a brown butterfly flew in the car on my leg & it was so hard to get it out…so can you please tell me what that mean?

  86. Today I had a black butterfly with blue spots stay in my garage with me it would flutter a little bit but come right back to me feet. What does this mean… We have lost a cat and can’t find her….and today my daughter had to bring the dog to the vet and he has to stay ….we are all praying to find the cat and for the dog to get better .

  87. hi,for week have a butterfly in my house color yellow with brown spots stay always in my room ,what is the symbolized of this butterfly?

  88. few days back a huge butterfly flew into our house,sat on the curtain near window. it was a big one and thinking that it might get hit by something in the house and hence my husband made him move out. it was still trying to go here and there in the house and seem to be calm insect. few days later I saw the same butterfly on the apartment wall

    my husband is planning to take a new step in his career and we are willing to shift to our native down for some business. Is this any indication?

  89. i understand it to be transformation, however what it should be considered as, good or bad? transformation going to be good or bad, should we take the change in our career or not

    • You have seen this sign. It is wonderful to make connection, they know you are paying attention now. Now ask for another to give you clearer direction. Another sign will come. Here is a link to the most common signs http://signsofangels.net/?p=331 but they are most definitely not limited to these. ~ Karen

      P.S. If you would like more assistance in understanding your next course of action, you might want to consider a reading. Here is a link to our Readers http://bit.ly/13QptOf

  90. Dear Karen, We have lived in our house for 25 years and never have butterflies come inside from the garden. This year it is a daily occurrence: great big red admirals sometimes two inside at once. Thankfully I have managed to attract them to a window and all have escaped without harm. Even today I had to let one out of my study window. It seems very strange that this has suddenly started happening.

  91. Hello, I have a question about butterflies as well. About two months ago I found out I was pregnant and we were ecstatic! But this recent doctor’s visit crushed that happiness. I found out that my baby had stopped growing at nine weeks and they could not find a heartbeat. I have been crushed and I am going in for surgery tomorrow. I am inconsolable and always crying because this was such a shock and its killing me.

    Today I went for a walk with my husband and out of nowhere a butterfly came and landed right on my heart. After that, it flew over to a tree closeby. I got an overwhelming sense of comfort.

    I was just wondering if this has any meaning?

    • Barbara, Spirit often comes to us during our need for comfort … or is it that we call Spirit when we are in need? Either way, you have been told that they are sending you love during this transition. Good things are coming for you. Know this deep in your heart. ~ Karen

  92. For the last week, a yellow butterfly has flown next to me and my friend Heather, circles around us then flies away. This has happened everyday for about a week now. Today the butterfly came, circles us and began to fly away. My friend Heather said come back butterfly, and it came and made one more pass, it was amazing.

  93. A few nights ago a butterfly flew into my apartment and I firstly thought it was a moth but I did not have the heart or ambition to hurt it. I figured it would find its way back out. The night after, he came and sat on my arm, and I saw how beautiful he is with gold and brown circles on his wings. Then I realized that He flew in the night of my Dad’s (In Heaven) Birthday. Also my boyfriend gave me a beautiful ring (that belonged to his Mom-in Heaven) that night, that took me off guard. I think my Dad might have been sending a message, and I wish I knew more details of what he’s saying.

  94. Hi, Karen yesterday I arrived at my girlfriend’s house & a beautiful yellow & green butterfly just appeared out of the trees flying by me. I also saw the same butterfly a few days before & did the same thing. Last week for 4 days in a row I saw morning doves & on the fourth day it was like they knew I didn’t look in the backyard at my friend’s house so they followed me home & I saw them at my window. I also keep seeing feathers where ever I am. Aremy aangels just letting me know I’m not alone or what is the message?

  95. Hi is it a good omen seeing white butterfly in my kitchen, I just prayed for good luck, hope God hears to it through butterfly, thanks

  96. For the past six weeks since I have a white butterfly flying around me. On my first date with this new guy I have been seeing for six weeks it flew around him. It flys around me when I am by myself. The other night the guy I am seeing came by and when I opened the door there was the white butterfly flying around us. I was curious what the meaning of this is.

  97. Hi Karen lovely story’s I’m hearing here. I have three butterfly’s in the last three months. One landed on my son hand. And the I was sitting in park by a lake and two butterfly’s were flying around me and then would land on my back and fly off and then land on me again. And just sat gone me and my mate was chilling and having a laugh. Then I look up to see a butterfly on my lampshade In my living room. Wow three times and I have taken pics of all of them. Looking at the pics and there all the same colour brown and orange. Would love to know does this mean anything at all please thanks donna x

    • Brown is a grounding color … connection with the earth and life. Orange is the color of creation … birth, newness in relationships and/or business. Very nice. ~ Karen

  98. January,9 2014 my husband went to prison for 5 years I was pregnant and I lost my baby when I was 3 months pregnant I’ve been Suffering with my 3 kids When I go to sleep I always ask God to help me to put an angel to protect me and my kids I been taking depression pills and sleeping pills so I can Sleep last night I had a beautiful dream that I had a beautiful butterfly in my hand In My dream I open my hand and the butterfly start flying but it was just looking at me in my dream I was so happy.. can you please tell me what do that means

    • Butterflies are a message of transformation. Believe in yourself and know you are growing wings of your own. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? It is all possible. ~ Karen

  99. The day my wife died, and it was obvious she was going to, I said to her while she could still see and hear me, “Marty, I’d love a butterfly”.
    She died that night.
    The next day I had a series of four Butterfly Connected Events, which then culminated in a Red Admiral Butterfly landing EXACTLY in front of me and facing me.
    Is Marty alright?

  100. i had a dream of a beautiful black light blue and white butterfly who landed on my open hand, while the wings were so gently moving up and down
    please let me know what his means, and to also let you know that today is my birthday , I never had a dream of butterflies before. maybe there is a special meaning.
    thank you Carol

  101. one more thing I been seeing yellow butterfly when I’m going to work or picking up my kids From school. when I get out of work there is always a butterfly by my door it’s brown with black I just need to know what that means always get happy when I see them

  102. Can you please Answer me in this web side I have receive your messages about my husband and about the yellow butterfly

  103. My best friend passed away a few month ago it cut me up really bad I kept seeing white feathers falling next to me maybe once a week then the weekend before I started uni the same course she had already started a orange a black butterfly took residence in my house wouldn’t leave no matter how many doors I left opened today it kept flying towards me for half an hour. It left after this just wondering if this is her letting me know she has found peace.

  104. I see this bright neon yellow butterfly every where I go. It started two years ago when I met my girlfriend. Every where we were we saw this neon yellow butterfly, even while we were at work. It obviously couldn’t have been the same butterfly since we worked across town from each other. After a month or so of dating we stopped seeing them. Then about 6 months into our relationship we broke up and got back together a few days later, the butterfly came back too. Again it lasted about a month. Over the course of two years we have broken up about 3 or 4 times and currently not together. About 4 days ago, we decided to try to work it out one last time… since then we are again seeing the bright neon yellow butterfly but it just seems like it’s way more often now. Is this a sign that we are meant to be together or a sign or something at all? Neither of us have ever seen a butterfly like this until we met each other.

    • Butterflies are about transformation. Is also allowing enough room for each to grow – to have the freedom to fly. Perhaps many times during your relationship, one was feeling trapped or not able to reach your dreams. If this the case, see it and allow the freedom. Yellow is joy and happiness. Sounds like a great sign for the two of you. ~ Karen

  105. I was 21 weeks pregnant when I went into labour and had a baby boy called Daniel. Sadly he couldn’t survive as he was so premature. We buried him in a grave beside my sister. At the graveside while the priest was saying a few words a big orange butterfly flew around us all and over the grave. Only a few people noticed.The next day I was outside leaning against the wall crying my heart out when the same coloured butterfly flew up very close beside me…and away again. I want to find out if there is any significance or am I just grasping at straws. I’m heartbroken 🙁

  106. Hi been reading these lovely stories of butterfly’s let me share also, my name has passed a few weeks back, I was going through some hard times, usually I will dream about my relatives that have passed to day they are OK but I haven’t any way on a early Saturday morning at 6am I saw something black in my porch thinking it was a moth I flicked it out, and it just fell on the floor, there I saw it was a peacock butterfly I picked it up and put it on my lavender plant 1 hour later it was still out side, I picked it up and put it on my arms it was beautiful I gave it some sugar water and it bucked it self up, then I put it on the lavender again as I looked out it had gone I felt so good inside, what was really funny it was my nans birthday that day which I forgot about any way I got the photo of this butter fly on my phone I love it!! 2 weeks later I was thinking why haven’t I dreamed of my nan then out of the blue, whilst in work on my works window the same butter fly was just there as if waiting for to pick up I did pick it up and it flew away wow the colour was beautiful orange and purple rings with hint of white I felt so relaxed afterwards as I’ve been so stressed, thought I would share my story sorry if it was long!!!! 🙂

  107. Hi Karen
    A few days ago I noticed lots of small orange moths fluttering around outside my back door. I thought this was amazing they were just fluttering around as if trying to come inside, I opened the the door and a few did come inside and stayed for a few days. At the same time I noticed a larger brown moth suddenly appeared inside the house and just stayed near the front door for several days and didn’t move until it died. What does this mean? I having been praying lately for another baby and also for financial help.

    • Juile, The color orange represents new beginnings, most often birth of a child or business. The color brown represents grounding, spend time outside … maybe bare footed to receive the energy of the healing earth.

  108. For about 3-4 months I have been seeing yellow butterflies every I go… Every now & then I will see a black & blue one. Today I seen yellow butterflies in pairs. Today a pair of yellow butterflies were being trailed by an orange one. I just started back working but I’m an artist too. I’m in the process of making my art a great source of my income. I’m hoping the butterflies are signs or my Angels telling me everything will be okay. Oh yea… my class caught a Luna Moth & it spun a cocoon! So my class is watching the caterpillar go through it’s change.

  109. Hi I’ve been going through a break up recently, feeling very sad and lonely, I have butterfly wall paper in my bedroom, when I got home last night there was a real orange brown and black butterfly on a blue butterfly on the wall paper, my nans favourite coulor I beleive this was her way of telling me she’s still around, she has just flown out the window after really fluttering like mad, hope she heard my prayers. Zoe

  110. I was driving and saw a butterfly’ coming towards my windshield. Right when it seemed i would hit it, it flew up and away. What does this mean?

  111. Hi,
    I came back from office at around 3.30 am. I went to the washroom to freshen up. Suddenly I saw a brown butterfly which came and landed on my waist.I was surprised at the fact that how did it enter my washroom and land on my waist.I kept watching it and it did not move.I held him in my hand and put it at the side of the window. It stayed there but did not fly away.I opened the window,it was still there I took bath and came out.it was still there.is it some kind of an indication? Good or bad? Whatever it is but I would like to know..what does it mean? Or maybe it’s just natural and nothing special about it…still, I’m excited.

  112. The following has just happened. A beautiful butterfly has flown into our house and stayed for three days despite the windows and back door being constantly open so it can fly away and be free…having read most of your questions and answers, there is one fact i have missed during it’s stay….IT IS FREE…AND HAS CHOSEN TO WATCH OVER ME ABOVE THE WINDOW WHERE I WRITE SONGS…….i wonder if myself and my co-writer are now going to fly…google BREATHE by JASMINE LAMPORT….our song is all about starting over…learning to BREATHE again.

    Butterflys have to be a sign of change….i changed my direction of running a Cleaning business to writing…and it has been a hard slog….six years of change!!!!

  113. Hi, on sept 27,2014 I lost my 18yr old niece she was born with spina bifida. She wasn’t only my niece she was just like a child of my own,she was paralyzed from the waist down. Ndya started have problems with her kidneys a few yrs back and earlier this yr she went on life support but she started having seizures for the frst time in her life! She came off life support and ended up graduating in May of this yr! So the night she passed away she was at home but for the frst time in mths that day was her frst time she was feeling great! She was up singing and dancing! So later on that nite she said she was hanging trouble breathing and she wntd to go to the hospital so my sister, her daughter and my daughter got in the car to rush her to the hospital and not even 5 mins she took her last breath in my daughter arms! My family and I took good care of ndya!we all were very close with her! So everyday and night since she passed I would cry and ask her to please send me a sign please just whisper in my ear while I’m asleep to let me know u r okay! That’s what I would ask her everyday to send me a sign., so I can feel a lil better and try to accepted the fact that she’s gone and that she’s ok, cuz I wasn’t able to do my daily activities due to being depressed! Do last week I found a glitter fake butterfly by my car! I picked it up and out it up I told her thank u! So this pass sat I was at my son football game and a yello butterfly flew in front me! So thus morning I was walking to my car and as I opened my door the same color yellow butterfly flew in my face again! Me not knowing what it mean to see butterflies till I just sat dwn just now and googled what does it mean when u see butterflies. I was so amazed once I found out the meaning of butterflies and I’m so thankful! So I was thinking and I got my niece ndya name tattooed on my back like 9 yrs ago abd her name is under a butterfly on my back!! This is so inspiring to me! This site had really touched me in a lot of ways! Thanks so much!

  114. Hi…I had a weird dream….I was on the phone with my ex wife (divorced 13 yrs) and a window was wide open in the bedroom. In flew a beautiful blue/white/black butterfly. The butterfly then landed on my head and I attempted to shake it off. After doing so I felt it attached to my lower back where it proceeded to sting me….I the was able to feel the stinger and pinch in my lower back area. Any thoughts???

    • Lower back represents money issues. Do you have new things coming into your life that might make you feel financially burdened (like your ex-wife may have)? Consider your finances when making a decision. ~ Karen

  115. I have had the most emotional yr and things have fallen apart leaving me feeling lost. And not knowing which path to choose and this evening when. Choice was to be made and I was hesitant, I was in my bedroom thinking and getting dressed I felt something hit my head I freaked out a little at first. (Thinking a spider) I moved and I was surprised it was a beautiful large butterfly I didn’t see it in the room at all before landing on me? I took a picture of the amazing beauty as I was in awe x is this some kind of sign ??

  116. Wherever i go, or transferred to a new home, i noticed brown butterflies come inside the house…the last time when i got sick there are a lot of them in the house..what does it mean?

    • Brown is typically the color of grounding. You would benefit greatly by spending time in a park relaxing. Nature has a way of keeping us healthy. A lot of signs means it is an important message, and they want you to see it. I would suggest going out to get fresh air a lot more. ~ Karen

  117. Today I was in my kitchen, folding up the washing I’d brought in for my mum, when I heard a weird noise. I looked up and directly above my head was a butterfly on the side of a cupboard. It was a red admiral.

    I don’t know if any of these are relevant but:
    it’s my birthday today,
    my grandad just got back from a stay in hospital (he walked through his front door literally the moment I saw the butterfly),
    and the ‘kipepeo’ in my name is butterfly in Swahili – I use the word as a username quite regularly online (because I would love to be ‘free’ like a butterfly – I’m agoraphobic).

    Could it have been a message about any of these things?

  118. today as I was in our kitchen I spotted a red admiral butterfly flying at our glass lean to windows as if it wanted to come in but when I got there and opened the back door to let it in it was gone- it is very bad weather for butterflies too – also I have had a beautiful affectionate black cat move in with us since early June and his black and white friend spends a good time with us in the last month as well I have both my Mum and first love in Spirit as well as my mother in law (who I didn’t always see eye to eye with) it is her house we are living in, and which we’ve not been able to afford to do as much work to it, that it needs, as we would like- also is there any special meaning to having both summer chafers and sometimes bees landing on and walking on you ? it seems to happen often to me

  119. I was driving in my car and stopped at the t-junction when I passed a beautiful teenager. He had a disability. What I noticed is when he stood still he looked fine. It was only when he walked that I would noitce that he was disabled. As he moved behind my car I looked in the rearview mirror and spoke healing over him. While still praying I looked foward, still standing still at the-junction ,when I saw a white butterfly slam into my windscreen and go over my car. Had such a shock I didn’t even finish my prayer.

  120. Hello my name is Ariel, last year I moved to Vernal Utah and away from ALL my family in California, I even left behind my sick aunty who was dying from Lupus ( Drugs as well). She knew she was dying and was ok with it even with her mind slipping away and all the bad things she had done she knew God would call her home soon…I didn’t want to believe it but I made sure she knew how much she ment to me and all the love I had for her… We even stayed up all night talking about how life is so precious. That was the last time I seen her face and beautiful smile, I moved a week later with no good byes to her….a month later my nephew was born and exactly 24hrs later my beloved aunt got called home to heaven. My world was crushed, my heart broken and my eyes were filled with pain, to this day I feel as if there was so much unsaid and it was my fault…for about 4 months now we have lived on our own and EVERYDAY around 12pm a monarch butterfly flies by me outside very slowly, well I got in contact with my aunt’s daughter and she explained to me that she went and talked to a lady who communicates to people who crossed over, and she told my cousin whenever she sees a butterfly it’s her mom saying hello, well exactly 24hrs before I got this news from my cousin I went outside to smoke and there on my chair was a black and baby blue butterfly perfectly in flying position dead. I guess what I’m getting to is could all of this be a coincidence or could it REALLY be my aunty trying to communicate with me? I don’t want to say I’m a sceptic but I’ve never experienced anything like this before, I believe there is a lot in this world that can’t be proven but doesn’t mean it’s not real…I have lost my way a lot and blamed God for it all or even said he doesn’t exist, my father taught me a lot about God and I had so much Faith and one day I woke up and I didn’t feel that Faith anymore, all I could think about was Everyone lives to die and what if there isn’t anything after life…I’m not worried about me I’m worried when my loved ones pass on before me they don’t feel peace and they just feel nothing and there is nothing I can do for them….please give me some direction or peace of mind

    • Oh Dear Ariel, Yes, butterflies come as signs from our deceased loved ones. And yes, your loved ones are free and happy now. It is there desire to let you know so you can forgive … them and yourself. God loves you, and always has. Have no fear about that – just talk to him and ask your Angels for help in your healing. God bless you ~ Karen

      I would recommend this book to help you understand a little more – “Your Life After Their Death” by Karen Noe
      Click here => http://bit.ly/1FckZRg

  121. Hi,

    I have a question. For weeks, I have been seeing the same butterfly everyday as I walk to work, walk home, or just sitting outside somewhere. I know some of the symbolism of butterflies, but this one has me baffled.

    This butterfly is bright yellow and always seems to find me. What or who does this butterfly symbolize?

    Thanks for your help.

    Blessed Be

  122. Ms. Karen, I have a questions for 18 years I am still looking for answers on this situation, while I was pregnant with my son, around 3 months butterflies starts to show up on our house and they are always there everyday from 8:00 is to noon time, some will stay but some will just leave. And this situation was for the whole time until I gave birth. When I came home from giving birth, there were no butterflies anymore like it used to.

    These butterflies were no more like 50 of them or less daily I see. My family and friends wonder why and what is that all about.

  123. hi!ms.karen borga, a pleasant day to you,
    i dreamt of butterfly last night, and colorful like yellow and pink,purple, it has a big wings. im holding their big wings on my hands,.what is the meaning of it? i hope you can help me to find meaning into it.
    thank you very much.


  124. I been seeing a black and yellow butterfly for 2 weeks now, and it’s not just in one certain place.We were taking a drive to the beach and saw it on the highway and on the way back from the beach.I saw one on our way to the store and at home, same color.I thought to my self maybe it’s my dad or my imagination.

  125. Hi , last weekend when i Wake up , made my coffee and was going outside on the patio to drink it , and i realize that there was a butterfly in the screen of my patio door , i was amaze because l live butterfly , then i told my husband he told me that it was not a butterfly but a moth ( night butterfly) and wanted to remove it from the door but i told him to leave it there because even if it was a moth i dit found him beautiful, so he stay there all the morning , i had to go to the store and told my husband to don’t touch it ,when i came back , my husband told me right away that he did not do anything but the moth was gone , so i tough that because the sun was there he must fly away ,, the day passed and in the evening i notice that the same moth was Under my chair on the patio , i was happy , even the cat notice it was wanted to play with him so i just put the cat in the house …. then when i went back outside he was gone …. today approx 7 days later , i went outside to get something in my car , i use the side door , then i had to get thing back in my car and i use the front door that i never use , and who was there ? , the same moth … last week he was on the back side of the house , and today in front side …. i know that this sound weird but it surprise me , i just bend and touch it and ask him , what he wanted to told me ,,, i am kind of superstitious and curious , what do you thing it can mean ? hope that you will answer my question … thanks,, PS sorry for my English , i am a french speaker so hard time sometime with my English …

  126. I am loving reading your blog. Here lately, I feel like my grandmother may be trying to communicate with me, she passed in 2005. It started when I was listening to an Internet radio station and there was a commercial about John Edward. I haven’t heard his name in years, but we used to watch him together when he was on talk shows. Then, I opened a puzzle book and her first and middle name were back to back in there. Heard the commercial again. Went to the house that she lived in when she passed, a family friend lives there now, I smelled my grandparents immediately upon entering. Now I’m seeing beautiful huge yellow and black butterflies everywhere.

  127. Hi

    I’m going through a difficult time in my life right now it’ seems like bad thing after bad things keep happening to me. Tonight my brother came down with a white butterfly in his hand I thought this could be a loved one sending a message? Although my brother opened the door and let it fly away which I really regret telling him to do cause just the night before I was praying to a loved one who had passed away that I needed them now more than ever

  128. Two days ago a butterfly with weird spot pattern landed on my window, it stood there for hours on end then it was gone.
    Today I saw the same butterfly with the same pattern on my window!
    I want to say it has something to do with cleansing my room with Dragon’s Blood Incense, because this had never happened before.

    I would love to know what this means.

  129. HI Karen,
    Since I’ve known myself I’ve been seeing a single wing of a white butterfly everywhere. It is always on the ground and I don’t necessarily stare at ground when walking but at that specific moment I might look down and there it is, a white butterfly wing
    What could that mean?
    Thank you,

  130. About 3 weeks ago it was a beautiful weather and I spent my day outdoor. I sat outside behind my flat and read. A butterfly light brownish colour started flying around me. And suddenly landed on my knee, later on my head and my shoulder. Since I was a little girl butterfly followed me, or came close to me and I didn’t understand why and I was afraid of them. That feeling is still in me so I tried to shoo it away and moved my location as well. But that butterfly didn’t leave me alone. Came after me wherever I went. When I went into my flat I heard knocking on my window. when I checked it I saw the same butterfly flying into my window like it wanted come in or communicate me. But I didn’t listen. And I think I should have. At that time I worked in one of the biggest retail store in the UK and decided I want be transferred to a different store that’s closer to me within the same company. But it was a very bad decision because I am not happy here at all and I would do anything to go back to my old place. My old store wants me back ’cause I already talk to the manager there but the final decision will be the regional manager’s, who I can to talk to next week and I really hope he will say yes. However I think maybe that butterfly wanted to warn me not to make that decision and I didn’t listen. I don’t know. But in the past few days that butterfly came back to me and I can still see it by my window and I don’t know why. My first thought was that it’s a sign that the angels with me supporting me in this dark period of my life….

  131. On Monday August 3rd I found a dead black butterfly in my front yard. It was missing a piece of its rear wing. I felt very uneasy finding this and felt like something bad was going to happen. Later that day I was driving with my grandmother in the car and there was a major accident 2 cars in front of us. The accident appeared to have no causation and the injured were flown by helicopter to a trauma center. I can’t help but feel that there is a connection.

  132. I was outside of my office and I looked down and a caterpillar was on my pant leg, I brushed it to the ground, the about 30 sec. Later a butter fly landed on my other pant leg. I brushed it off too but then I wonder if it means anything. Maybe??

  133. I Have lost alot in the past 3 years job,health,car,friends,girl friend and my Mom died……yesterday as I was walking out my front door…..on a bueatiful sunny morning….a huge yellow butterfly down on me and around me….and then landed on a very specail sun flower that had grow up from nowhere…it satayed on that flower for ever…..my Mom loved flowers……I got up next to it and took a picture…it didn’t scare and fly away….so i took more……went ahead and started off in my car up the street and the same butterfly flew down at my car…or one that looked like it…..crazy huh?

  134. Greetings. I went for a hike to find a place to meditate and as I approached I noticed a monarch butterfly land nearby the tree. After my meditation I hiked back to my car and found a monarch butterfly by my car. I picked it up, blessed it and placed it in a wild flower patch by me. I have been praying for an understanding of my dear friend who is afraid of commitment because of religious differences.

  135. Does any one know what it means to keep seeing dead butterflies or butterflies that are injured that keep landing by me fluttering all crazy (insinuating that they are near death but still fighting)?

    • I am very superstitious. When I kept seeing the dead butterflies a couple months back, me and my husband had a falling out I made him move out and then I stopped seeing them. He’s been back at home and things have been going well and for the past two days I have been seeing the injured near death butterflies I’m just hoping it doesn’t mean anything negative about my marriage.. Please give me feedback thank you

  136. I’m a very spiritual person. I have always know of angels since I was 3 yrs old. No one had to tell me, my awareness of them started then. My parents thought I was having mental issues when I would try and tell them about the angels. Even took me to a psychiatrist. My mom, knows now, I’m not crazy and we can laugh about it.
    I have always been drawn to butterflies and have always seen them as magical creatures. At different times in my life I have had one land on my shoulder and/or my finger and stay there and hang around my place. And come to me every time I would sit outside. Nothing knew for them to land on me or follow me.
    But lately, something new I have not seen before has been happening and it’s different. I can feel the difference too. Where I live all of sudden a group of black butterflies have appeared, first time I have seen that many all in one place. And every time I go outside they start swarming almost frantically around me and follow me. None have landed on me, but they fly really fast around me almost to where I have to duck from getting hit by one.
    Then, just yesterday, I went to an auction meet I had to go to and was standing around talking to a few friends of mine and this swarm of butterflies just showed up and started swarming around me. My friends standing there watching said it looked like a circle they had formed around me. They were landing in my hair and on my shoulders and one landed on my finger. They were a type I had not every seen before. Smaller in size, really pretty autumn gold color and there wings, almost looked like they had double wings, but I couldn’t tell for sure because they were so busy fluttering around me. And I remember that tingly overwhelming feeling that happens when your spirit is soaring on high. I was totally mesmerized. They did that for a little while and then flew away.
    I’m still in total awe.

  137. We were sitting in the backyard me, my mother and father and a very big beautiful butterfly flew by my dad’s face and landed on his hand and then on his leg. Do you know what this may mean? We just purchased a new home and the offer was accepted that same day. Do you have any ideas what this beautiful butterfly could have meant?

  138. Dear Karen,
    I have carefully read the comments and your replies and I decided to ask you about my situation.
    I recently moved into a new house with my room having a garden view and a big tree. What is happening to me, is that, as soon as I open my window at night, butterflies see the light and they come in. They are color black, brown, hazel, and sometimes I see some beautiful green and shinny silver ones. the thing is that my friends who live next to my room and our windows are on the same side, they also open the window and light during the night, but they have never even seen a butterfly entering into their room. our windows are really closed to each other. I see those butterflies only during the night, as soon as i open the light and window, they come into my room. I am scared because they come only at night and they are mainly black and brown.
    I would appreciate if you can give me any explanation.
    Thank you,

    • Hello Alena,
      I love butterflies. When I see one, I stop and gaze at their beauty. I watch them flitter from flower to flower and it brings me into the present moment. During that time, I am not working about my daily life; I am appreciating the wonders of the Universe.

      I would also like to share with you that energy attracts energy. Loving people attract love, depressed people attract more reasons to be depressed. You are attracting butterflies – how absolutely wonderful. No sign from the Angels and the Universe should frighten you. Angels come from love and send only love.

      Live your life in appreciation for God’s gifts, and more gifts will come. You are a light that attract miracles of the Universe. Believe in yourself, see the light in yourself. Look in the mirror and say “I love you” every day.

      Blessings to you and all you do. ~ Karen

  139. last night I dreamed about a beautiful butterfly in my room, the door was close, but it was flying around the room and flying around me.

  140. Hello!

    For a few months now black butterflies have been following me. I ask other people in the same town if they have seen any black butterflies but they say they rarely see them or don’t at all. I see them at least every other day. They swoop at and up my car window or flutter across my car. Please tell me what this means. I heard it’s a bad sign that somethings terrible is in my future. And it’s not in just one place that I see them. This is everywhere.

    • Butterflies are a lovely sign … no omens. They are a sign of change … transformation. Black is a sign of protection. You are loved by the spirit world, and through your changes they are sending you love and guidance.

  141. I would just like to share what happen with me two weeks ago. I had to get my 8 year old male German Shepherd to sleep. I was so overwhelmed with grief and guilt for taking his life I couldn’t stop crying. I was talking to my wife what we would like to do with ashes and then this huge black and tan butterfly flew around my wife and 11 year old German Shepherd. He then flew around me then landed on my hand then leg. My wife said talk to him so I said please forgive me for taking your life and I love you. It was the most beautiful we had ever seen I really hope it was my boy saying he is free I still deal with a huge amount of grief and guilt everyday any feedback would be appreciated.

    • You both know it was him. Release your guilt, you have nothing to feel badly about. He is very grateful to be released from his ailing body and now is free. His energy will be with you all your days. You may be able to sense him in the places he used to sit near you. ~ Karen

      • Thank you Karen, eventually I would maybe like to go see a medium to see if he has any messages for me. He was a working dog and I spent more time with him than with my family it is still hard every day with out my boy I hope he is at peace now.

  142. I’m seeing brown butterfly for 9 consecutive days now and I’m seeing it every 6-7pm… what does it mean?

  143. Hye Karen.. i’ve read all the butterfly cases above and i’m still out of idea on what’s happening around me. For past few months, almost 3 months and until now, current day and time, i could see variety of butterflies around me. They appear in variety size, shape, design and i could sense the appearance of it everywhere im moving. Sometimes i see big one and sometimes tiny one but it always got caught in my sight even if im far away from it. I see it everywhere. But they are not the same one all the time. But im seeing them. I do till now. ????

  144. So my husband woke me up saying there’s was a white butterfly flying around me when I woke up n it was gone

  145. My Mother passed away almost 3 months ago. The pain is still so hard to bear, and I Miss Her So Much! At the cemetary while the pastor was giving his prayer, a black and yellow swallowtail butterfly landed on top of my mom’s casket stayed there for awhile flew away and kept coming back to her casket. It was amazing to see. They say that butterflies are a symbol of transformation, and one of the most magical symbols in spirituality…Could the butterfly have been my Mom telling me that she is watching over me??

  146. Hi Karen! a very big butterfly has landed beside my front door..having difficulty moving for about less than an hour when I saw it and was trying to crawl..then I had decided to pick it up using a small stick to put the butterfly in the garden just few steps away from the door..when I the butterfly landed on the branch it suddenly flew high and higher and went . away..The size was as big as my 2 palms together which has orange, brown and gray spots on it ..unusual for us to see that kind here in Asia. What could this mean?

  147. My parent saw a yellow color butterfly two of them on our door they said been there 3 days ago, then early morning passed away due to heart attack because of the butterfly was mother was scared of it, now I know what yellow butterfly means either someone in your family died or a bad news. A brown color means money is coming, white is a news that someone is getting married. Our Christmas so sad because she passed away because of that yellow butterfly that showed up in our house.

  148. Hi Karen I went down to the beach last full moon to do a ritual to manifest employment. I came across a dead butterfly on the beach and I scoop it up gently and release it into the water. A few days later when I was watering in the garden a similar looking butterfly fly in front of me and started flying round me for a while before flying away. It got wet from the water from the garden hose but continued to fly round me. Eventually it flew away but flew back in my direction before flying on the opposite direction. My immediate thought was of my bro-in-law who passed away a few months ago and we didn’t get to see each other before he passed.

  149. im visiting the island a loved one passed away on. The last time I was here was the funeral, during that last visit at key times of sadness a white butterful would fly around us.

    This morning I opened the door to find a beautiful black white and blue butterfly dead just outside the door. Any meaning to this?

  150. hi i just want to share my stories last december 31 2015 in the night before new year a yellow butterfly come inside to my little home and stayed til new year 3days stay in one of my window everynyt different window it stays til in the 3rd day i didnt saw anymore in my little home i just wondering what message it has bring coz my little home just a new build it done and in my altar near the window where the butterfly stay that time….what mean by that?

  151. Hi! Im from the Philippines. Just this morning i went to my daughters room to get her uniform.. I saw a big brown butterfly flying around in front of me… What does it mean?

  152. Dear Kborga,

    Please butterfly came to me and hit on my right hand and left. Please what does it mean. I’m kelvin

  153. From no where,im all of a sudden,a butterfly fly right to my face in sit there for few sec n left,i was wondering what is it…

  154. My nana passed away a month ago and the week before her death, the day of her death and the week following her passing my sister, brother and myself were all greeted by beautiful butterflies. I am not a religious person but my sister in law had a dream in which a lady’s voice told her I’m going to show them the butterflies.” a few hours before her passing. The afternoon she passed a beautiful blue and orange butterfly say on my sister’s outdoor setting for over 5 minutes, then I saw butterfly symbolism everywhere – from a button on a new pair of jeans i’d bought with my nana, to stencils on cakes in a bakery I happen to have stumbled upon a few days after her death. There were so many butterflies it was overwhelming. I was very close to my nana and not able to be present when she passed away. I have felt guilt about this and deep sadness but something is telling me she is trying to communicate with us. I have struggled in life with anxiety and depression and since the birth of my son almost 5 years ago things took a turn and I felt completely lost. Not surprisingly my relationship with my husband has suffered, I want to forge a new career but feel stuck and unsure of which path to follow. I wonder if this is a sign of change???

  155. Hi Karen, how are you? Since last 2 weeks I have been seeing black butterfly with white spots in my garden almost everyday 2-3 times a day. I know that it’s the same butterfly. What does it mean. Thank you so much for your reply.

  156. My mom told me as a little girl there has been a black butterfly over my head in the spirit…and its still there, I don’t understand.

  157. Lost my baby girl 2 years ago Katie was our beloved Cocker who we loved dearly.Every since then but most recently I notice butterfly going across our sliding glass door not always the saSSSSSSSS?me color all the time. They don’t hang around just enough for me to notice them. I keep saying to my self this is my baby girl looking in on us or a angle so she knows were ok. and doing fine. I still have a hard time talking about her and my wife understands.What do you think

  158. i dreamed about my mom that past away when i got up i went out side i found it in my canopy i picked it up it sat in my hand then it flew away it happens all the time it makes me feel better

  159. Today I saw what looked like the same butterfly (all light yellow with dark spots)four times within two hours times in literally miles from eachother!The first to second time 2miles,the second to third around another 2miles opposite direction from first,and third to fourth around 20-30miles apart!!My ex boyfriends anniversary of death was May 24th and I do think of him often anyways but could it be a sign from him or the fact I have really been thinking of moving near the ocean along with other big life changes? Mind you I’m lucky to see 1 butterfly in a summer where I live nowadays!

  160. I’ve always connected butterflies after my mother’s death as a large yellow and black one apparently in the room where we picked up her ashes. It was the end of December and snow on the ground. I’ve felt so much peace when they flutter around as I work in my garden but earlier this week I was startled when I entered my garden shed and saw a large yellow and black butterfly hanging on to a heart shaped wreath I had made and soon realized it was dead. I have left it there out of respect. Hopefully this isn’t a bad sign. Please give me your opinion. Thanks

  161. AT the end of my work day(Wednesday 6.15.2016 at 4p.m.), I was taking a few minutes to say good night to a co-worker out side my office. I noticed a beautiful butterfly sitting on the left corner of my truck. My co – worker and I noticed beautiful silver glimmering spots on the bottom of each wing of this butterfly. Then my co-worker and I started to talk again. The beautiful butterfly landed on my left shoe and stayed there until I moved my foot.
    During the time of noticing the beautiful creature and when it gracefully moved onto my shoe. I noticed a wonderful, happy sensation going through my whole body. My co-worker said that it was awesome and I should google it. My co-worker said that he also got a cool feeling from the whole experience.
    So, what is going on? Is someone trying to tell me something? I believe God works in mysterious ways.

  162. Ok after reading Alot of ur emails an watching ur video it makes alittle more sence…I have had butterfies follow me for years now and it makes sense BUT the one question is I.ve had the same color white with small brown spots little butterfly show up around me for the last like 18yrs…Is that normal? I.ve always felt that it’s an angel!! Also have different color ones show up but it’s mainly that one!! I.ve had several incounters with the other side as well …I.ve been trying so hard to get back to what I use to be able to do but my mind is on overload!!

  163. when you see black butterflies dead around your house or dead inside your environment what does it mean

  164. Hi karen, awhile ago when i was smoking some cigarette on our backyard i saw a black butterfly with a white dot and it lands on my head im a bit worried whats that mean?..

  165. in my room as I returned from vacation came a butterfly was black and black and orange wings was very large and i was scary came in the other room and when I came in the morning stood at the threshold of the door in the afternoon when we saw she was dead after a night later another as she came to the door could you please tell me what is mean I do not understand

  166. Since my father passed two months ago I have noticed a lot of connections with animals, butterflies being one, they always cross my path now (little white ones) and I have seen several monarchs as well (yellow and orange). Today I had a yellow monarch circle me several times and fly above my head as well, it came close enough I could almost touch it when I reached out to it. Just wondering your thoughts on that.

  167. Hi Karen, I recently visited a butterfly exhibit, as I entered the room, a Blue butterfly landed on my left shoulder, it just stood there, as many onlookers took pictures, I asked a lady to take a picture and it was recording and it captured when the second blue butterfly landed on the right side of my chest. They both stood on me for a pretty long time, eventually the first one flew away, the second one stood on me for a good,15 minutes as I spoke to it, it would open its wings showing me the colors. It was beautiful and peaceful, the worker was even surprised she stated that it’s rare and never have seen them land on a person especially for that length of time. I do believe it’s a message, but I don’t know what it can be. Did view your video, very informative. Thank you xx

  168. Hi Karen, I just happened to stumble on the site and I’ll like to share my story. May 2015 I lost my beautiful princess during birth, a few weeks later I went to see her grave and didn’t know exactly where it was, I started crying and noticed white butterflies flying over a particular spot and I followed them. They were flying right above her grave.
    I haven’t recovered from the loss and have lost a close friend after that.
    I have been dreaming of babies, but they weren’t mine and then I finally dreamt that I had another baby, lost it and found it.
    Last week I dreamt of this friend who passed away, he was looking for me but we didn’t talk to each other. A few days later I saw his sister at a party that day I dreamt of death. On Saturday I saw his girlfriend and her dad died on Sunday.
    Yesterday a big brown butterfly flew into my room, I chased it but it disappeared, a few hours ago it came out of under the bed and has settled in my room.
    I have a lot going on right now, a sick parent, troubled relationship; what does this butterfly mean? What message is it bringing?

  169. Thank you Karen and remain blessed

  170. I have had people in the dog park witness it and it shocked them. When ever there is Monarch Butterflies around, I just take a small breath in and hold my arms out…Palms down and the butterflies land on my hands. Some times more then one at a time. They stay there for more then 3 minutes. People shake their hands in disbelieve. It feels so wonderful in my soul when they do that. Even in my back yard… they land on me. ( At age 10, I had a near death experience and feel things and since things others do not) But I do not talk about this to people.

  171. Hi Karen, it’s me again.
    Other than the butterfly I have had a few other signs but I’ll like to now what it means. Is it just guidance or a message.
    I saw the same colored brown butterfly again last week but this time dead in my cousins house.
    On my way to her house on Saturday the sky was very bright with beatifully shaped clouds in the heart of the rainy season.
    On Friday, I dreamt of a little girl dressed in white who said to me “it’s ok” and went away in a hurry.
    Today I found a shiny silver coin in a toilet bowl in the office heads up with 2006 on it.
    The number six means a lot to me:
    1) I lost my daughter May 6th last year
    2) I met this guy i thought I would marry in 2006 and we’ve separated for 6 years now.But recently he’s been making advances again.
    3) I met my now boyfriend in 2012; 12-6=6

    I used to hear voices calling my name, especially during my pregnancy and after the baby last year. I would hear my name or mummy (I don’t have kids) when i’m falling asleep or waking up in the morning.

    please what do all these angel signs mean. Does each one ahve a special meaning?

    Thank you & blessings CAT

  172. Hi Karen, This day Night while me & my wife about to sleep, A Dark Brown Color Butterfly Entered my home, We tried to chase out, But we failed to do so, So my wife Intentionally killed the butterfly,, Now what would be the sign? will it affect us? Is it good or bad? Please do Respond Please..

  173. I’ve been going through so much and i keep praying for a change today a butterfly apear in the corner of my dining room what that mean

  174. I
    ‘ve been going through so much I’ve praying for a change today on my birthday a butterfly apear in the corner of my dining room what that mean

  175. My luck an finance been so terrible and after I’ve been praying for help a butterfly apear in the corner of my dining room what that mean

  176. Dear maam, I saw a Black and white butterfly in my office on the next monday same color butterfly visited me in my office. What is the meaning of this?

  177. Ive heard that if a butterfly visit often mean you will have visitors


  179. Hi, Karen! The other day I was walking through the grass, going to a picnic with my dad and 2 grand babies. For some reason I looked down at my foot. And out flew a little yellow butterfly from under my big toe! I was wearing my flipfops. It flew out and land in the grass for awhile then flew away. But when I looked at my toe , it had the yellow powder under my toe and on my flipflop. I thought that was odd! I wonder what that ment?

    • Hi Janice,

      Sounds like you were kissed by a butterfly, and sprinkled with their magical dust. Butterflies are transformation … big toe, yellow … I would say you are moving forward in a very happy direction … It would be helping others. Very nice.

      Blessings to you and all you do ~ Karen

  180. Linda
    12 August 2016
    ln my sleep a voice called me by 4.30am that l should pray wc i did.

    By 5.50am i also dreamt of a white butterfly flying around me inside my mosquito net where i was sleeping.

    please what does this signifies and i have been praying for a breakthrough but at a point i got weak and stopped praying. Thanks.

    • Change is coming for you.

      Prayer is you giving your desire to God and his Angels. Continuous prayer for the same thing shows you don’t believe it is possible. Allowing time to pass, while waiting in full belief … gives the Universe to bring it to you.

      Don’t judge yourself so harshly … you did the right thing.

      Now, start each day with gratitude for what is coming!

      ~ Karen

  181. Today I was at work (I work at Bunnings) and a butterfly landed near my work station, I put my finger out near it and it climbed upon my finger. It stayed there for 30mins even whilst I was doing a various amount of movement. I sat it down and then came back 20 minutes later and again it went onto my finger. It started flapping its wings and moved around my hand and eventually flew off.

    I thought it was such an interesting and amazing moment to experience this.

  182. Hey Karen,

    Recently my life has been rather stressful and things have not been the best. I have been rather depressed and lonely and lost, some of the worst months of my life. The other day I asked for a sign and a white butterfly flew past me and flew near me all day. The following day two butterflies constantly flew in my garden where I was sitting, is this a sign or simply due to hot weather?

    Thank you, Tammy

  183. Also I tried to catch one but it kept flying off, Tammy

  184. I have been being surrounded by several yellowis butterflys. On two different occasions and on a camping trip. Someone said they never see butterflysome around there and when I left she said she didn’t see them any more. What do you think all this means??

  185. Can someone help i have been maditated a lot rhis morning i was on my back porch a yelow and broqn butterfly circle me around and land on my left shoulder for a good minute what that mean

  186. And it look like the same butterfly the apear in my living room

  187. Hello Karen,

    Something happened today. I was in the garden and picked apples with my sister and mother. Suddenly came a very beatiful and big butterfly around us. Next moment butterfly landed exactly on my heart and didn’t leave even when i tried to blow him way. Later i realized it was a sign. But what does that mean??

    Thank you

  188. Hi Karen,
    I’ve been seeing butterflies everywhere for the last week. I literally see them anytime I go outside. In the evenings, there is always one in my screened porch. I had a miscarriage in June and were are trying again this month. Could this be my message? That I will be pregnant soon and everything will work out?

  189. Black and white butterfly combination sits on me while I am walking . so what does it mean

  190. Hi Karen,

    What a beautiful blog you have

    I have been Manifesting life changes and today I saw at least 50 butterflies in a matter of 10mins, when I was driving home. They were everywhere. Does this mean my Manifestation is nearly almost here?

    Thank you and Blessings!

  191. Hi Karen , my name is Dominique Dupre. Lately i have been seeing butterflies everyday that i go to school what does mean. What are my angels or the universe trying to tell me?

  192. I have been walking home from work, And every time i passed this house i saw a yellow butterfly and one fly in front of me. And then i saw an eagle flying to go back to a nest or just trying to land on three. What that this mean?


  193. hi ,

    Read about butterflies and was very happy to know good signs of them..However what does pigeon coming to the room signify? do you think tht is also trying to give me some good sign.. whts your opinion on this..please leme know

  194. i had just been through a bad bullying experience at work, left for a job in thailand and left that early due to unhealthy issues there. On top of this, i was robbed, my dad is in hospice and iʻve been without a relationship for 8 years. Christmas is looming and i dread it. Today, I was laying on the beach and this butterfly stayed in the sand. my dog was there and left it alone. I meditated and it landed on my forehead briefly and flew away. i hope this was a good sign!. it was a horrendous year!!

  195. Hi Karen,

    My father still alive he loves my mom so much. My mom passed away 9 months ago, this will be our first Christmas without her presence and we are very close family. Night before the Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) there was a brown butterfly flying around inside of our house, in the kitchen and until the butterfly landed in our father’s bed while he was sleeping.
    What is the meaning of this?
    Thank you.

  196. Hi. today, I just decided that I am going to move back to NYC . Ive fantasized about it for some time – I left 5 years ago and I made the decision today that I want to move back – that Im going to move back. Just a little while later, while I was out walking the dogs in Houston TX, I came across a dead monarch butterfly in my path. I was pretty exhilarated to be able to hold it. I picked it up and now its in my house. I wish to preserve it. I tend to be a bit paranoid about negative meanings, and especially now Im a bit paranoid about signs telling me im making the wrong choice. Do you have any suggestion about what his might mean. ? thanks

    • Angels use our life experiences to bring us signs. They knew your response to finding your butterfly. They knew you would love it. They know us better than we know ourselves.

      Don’t read more into this than your initial response. Enjoy your change. How exciting! ~ Karen

  197. Hi Karen! I live in Florida,
    I walked in my bakyard on a crisp early afternoon to pick fruits from my tree. When I finished , Im on the way back in , until I got Swarmed with huge gorgeous Tiger golden butterflies!! They made circles around me and danced around me from my head to my toes, each one I counted there were 4 around my upper torso and 2 below, they circled and circled till they all one by one landed in front of my feet and took flight again! The last one stayed slightly longer! I didnt want to move! I was so amazed, it flew shortly after, it was a cinderella experiance!! Im still shocked it happened. What do you think it meant? Would love to know!

    Thank you

  198. Hi Karen
    About three days ago a butterfly came into my new shop and began hovering around. Not thinking much about it, I carried on with tending to customers. This afternoon, I noticed the butterfly was still in the shop and had trapped itself in the shop window display. I saw that this beauty was struggling so I climb into the window display to rescue this gorgeous butterfly. It came willingly onto my hand and I took it outside to set free. The butterfly stayed on my hand for a good 10 minutes with it’s feelers on my hand, like it was giving me kisses and then finally took off before hovering above me for a minute or two then finally flying away. I felt like it was saying thank you for saving it’s life then off it went. I’d love to know now whether it was a message from my Mum who passed last year April, or it was there to tell me everything will be ok with the new shop.

  199. Hi Karen,

    My daughter (8 years old) saw a “spirit” butterfly fly from outside the window, through it and then past her head. It’s winter, so I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on this. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

  200. Good day Karen,
    you know I have a room that’s white pastel pink, and pastel mint green on my wall at the back of my head board if made the same color of butterfly art, but what its strange for me is this morning 15/03/2017 as I went to that room and I put the light on there was the most beautiful black butterfly with a golden yellow stripe and it look like if it was drawing from the one side of the wing to the other side of the wing. I was feeling sad this morning and feeling down and suddenly there is this most beautiful butterfly sit’s in the mosquito net. is that a sign because I’m going for an a operation on the 22 of March 2017 and I’m so scared.

    • A sign is a “Directive to Notice Something” … you certainly noticed your butterfly! Allow this message to raise your vibration as you prepare for your transformation. Your Angels are with you … ask them to be with all the people who are assisting in your healing too. Send love to the space … send love to yourself … I am sending love too. ~ Karen

  201. An orange comma and its mate landed on me 15 x or more, as well as a bumble bee, whilst a robin in a bush looked on; I count the experience as extremely lucky! Am I going to fly soon – we shall see, Barbados beckons
    Before the butterflies landed on me I ran round taking pictures of them alighting on the grass and nearby bench – but when I sat and read my paper they came to me, and landed on my head many times, onto my forehead many times, and onto my arm and paper a few times. A bumble bee also landed on my paper, whilst a robin watched form a nearby bush – I feel I’m very lucky to experience such a blessing. Am I going to fly soon; we shall see, Barbados beckons :))

  202. Hi Karen,

    Hope you can help me. Don’t know if I’m overthinking things but today whilst preparing my study timetable, I noticed something small like a piece of paper flew into my room (today is quite windy and I had the sliding door open). However, on closer inspection, it looked like a piece of a butterfly wing. Its the size of a south african 10cent coin (very small) and slightly round. It looks like its from a butterfly thats brown and has the orange spots on it (there is an orange spot on it). However, it also looks old and fragile. I caught it with a piece of tissue and it seems to be leaving a bit dust on the tissue.

    Is this a good sign or a bad sign? I’m worried because I am writing my Professional exam in a month.


  203. 2 days ago I had to make the terrible decision to have my lovely dog put to sleep. He was very poorly and no more could be done to help him. While he lay in the sunshine in the garden waiting for the vet to arrive, there was a dark brown and orange butterfly that danced around the garden. I felt it was a sign. Since he has gone it has not been seen. I am distraught and miss him very much. Do you think it was a sign?

  204. Hello, I’ve had on a daily basis monarch butterflies orange and some type of black butterfly follow right beside me or fly right in front of my face to the point where they almost touch it. This has been happening for a while now, I would say a little over a month. In the beginning i noticed that they were mainly orange and only came around sometimes. But now it’s the black butterflies most of the time and i see them more than 2 times a day and they follow right beside me as I’m walking. If you could explain what may be the reason that would be extremely helpful because all i do is think about it.
    – Tressa Garcia

  205. Hi hunni, when I walked home last week, I seen 3-4 white butterflies with an orange stripe on both of their wings? They followed me, dancing within the flowers up the hill! What does this mean please? Many thank yous <£ Love & light <3

  206. Hi today I was laying in my bed and blinds was closed, i saw a shadow of something on my window, i went to the window and opened the blinds it was a butterfly, i think it was yellow or brown I’m not sure, does it mean anything or was it a sign.

  207. Hi Karen,

    It was my 50th birthday last June 25, my children gave me a simple surprise party, with a cake with the number 50 on top. At around 8:00pm, a more or less 3 inches dark brown or more look like black (with beautiful wings) butterfly, some visitors said it’s a MARIPOSA, came inside our house and flew around above our dining table and later went down and made a stop on one side of my birthday cake. It stayed for awhile there that I was able to get my phone and took a picture of if before it flew up again and made a stop on a wall. A friend tried to guide the butterfly out of the door but it just went back inside and stayed up on the wall overnight. It just went out of the house the following day near noontime.

    At first I thought of negative signs it may bring, but I prefer to think that it’s a good luck sign for me. As it was my birthday, I believe the sign (whatever it is) was intended for me. What do you think is the significance of that butterfly on my birthday?

    Thank you and have a great day..


  208. I’m experiencing depression lately (financially and a job that will not push through) I cry everyday and worried how am I supposed to support my 2 kids. I’m a single mom. I was sitting outside the house, a big black and white butterfly landed in our gate coming closer to me. I am not sure if it is a sign of hope? Not to worry? Or my deceased father is trying to tell me that il be fine?

    • All of the above. My brother once told me not lose sleep over anything. It will always work out in the end. Ask your Angels for assistance, and do things that make you happy. Go for a walk in the park. Play catch with your kids. The energy you create is a magnet to the energy you attract. Release the fear … what will happen, will happen if you are happy or stressed. BE HAPPY … more happiness will come.

  209. Hi Karen, I hope you’re still around to answer this.
    Yesterday as I was walking back into my mum and dads house, just before I walked into the conservatory a butterfly flew into my lips, I quickly did the natural reaction and blew out a little bit when you feel something touch you, then I saw what it was and realized it was a butterfly. Ha, it was like it kissed me lol.
    Do you have any thoughts on this?
    I know butterflies represent transformation.

    Thank you


    • Hi Danny,
      Being “kissed” by signs is lovely. Angels try to get your attention best they can. They start with subtle signs, and when they aren’t seen … they progress to more obvious signs. Your Angels most definitely wanted to get your attention, and it worked. Keep a look out for some positive changes in your life when it comes to love.
      ~ Karen

  210. Thanks Karen, I appreciate your feed back.
    I’m not quite ready for love, I long for it but there are things that need to happen first but its good to know it has something to do with love.
    It was definitely a sign because that never happens, it actually touched my lips, good job my gob wasn’t open haha!
    Maybe it was a sign to say, I can have love as I have been single ALL of my life except for 6 months in my 18th year and I am now 38 and very soon will be 39.
    Wishing you every blessing

  211. I have this story. I have a love interest I met more than a month ago. While waiting for a shuttle to ride on, we actually saw two brown butterflies chasing each other. We’re delighted to saw that.

    What does this mean?

  212. What does it mean when you and your love interest saw a butterfly couple flying near you for around 10 minutes, and both of you are so happy seeing them? According to Asian history, a butterfly couple definitely means true love in China, and a very happy married life in Japan.

  213. My dog Megan passed away on Saturday afternoon. In the evening we walked along the beach just to try to unwind a little from our grief. The sunset was amazing and a beautiful rainbow also appeared. I took a panoramic video to capture the moment, but it wasn’t until we got home and watched the video we were absolutely overwhelmed when we noticed a orb floating out across the water in the direction of the rainbow.
    Three days later I was working around in my kitchen when a large black and orange butterfly came in to the kitchen and flew around me several times , i then ushered him or her back out to the garden
    I take great comfort in believing these were signs from Megan .

  214. Hi good day! My father just died recently and not in his 40th day yet, we found a large brown butterfly hanging on the eaves of the front door. I’m worried what does it means?

  215. Hi Karen,I am facing with lots of trials regarding my career I am unemployed for more than a year.I am really hopeless regarding the trials,disappointments that I a facing for a long time and I don’t know what to do, until this morning when I woke up ,the moment I opened my eyes I saw a big brown butterfly near the window,I was wondering what would be the possible meaning of this?Do this scenario gives hope for the problems I am facing?Hope to get some enlightenment..Thanks in advance..

  216. Hi Karen,
    Please explain to me if what is the meaning of this,the black and white butterfly visit us in a shop..and a while laying at the bag after a second pass they fly out side again…

  217. Today I saw on 4 occasions 4 butterflies cross my path throughout the day..close to the eye 4 times ..all 4 times in my van ..
    What does this mean??

    • When signs come fast and furious, it means the Angels have been trying to reach you subtly and you didn’t notice those times.

      Butterflies are a sign of transformation … changes are coming.

      You can ask your Angels for more signs. Be sure to pay attention. Here is a list of the most common signs. Click here.

      Perhaps they have been in your view already.
      Have a wonderful day. ~ Karen Borga, The Angel Lady

  218. Hello I’m Sanina and I was cleaning my back yard the other day and a butterfly landed right next to me and even let me take a picture of it but what I thought was weird it is winter and I never in my life till the other day seen a butterfly during winter time and it was a monarc butterfly I’m curious on what The butterfly means and why it landed next to me could it be a angel whatching over me I would really like to know !!..??

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