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I receive many posts to this blog. This one was extra special to me. Here is a woman being saved by her Guardian Angel, and she was able to catch a glimpse! Last week I had a near death experience in the bath tub. Or at least I’m guessing that could have been my fate. […]

By Susan Gregg Angels are always there, just waiting for us to give them permission to enter our lives.  Angel’s voices are like the gentle whisper of our spirit. That loving guidance is always there, we are the ones who have to practice listening, we must develop discernment. Discernment is really just a fancy way […]

Ray Hemachandra interviews Doreen Virtue. Ray: Doreen, what are some signs angels give to let people know they are present? Doreen: One of the most common signs is seeing flickering or flashing lights with your physical eyes. You think you’re seeing Fourth of July sparklers or flashbulbs going off. Some people have had their eyes […]