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I just stumble across the works of Sophy Burnham. And of course, when the Angels bring me to something it happens loud enough for me to listen. My boss sent me a link to a blog months ago. I came across it today. Days ago while I was searching Angels stores for Feather Blessings, I came across Sophy's name....

by Occitania Close to Christmas 2008 I found a white feather in a place where no feather logically should have been seen! No pillow of mine has feathers besides I don’t store any pillows nearby! I was looking in my bedroom closet for some doilies my late grandmother had created years ago. Wile trying to reach the bottom of the box, a […]

By Samantha Your Guardian Angel is with you all the time; and he/she is considered to be your companion, guide, guardian and friend. If you would like to know the name of your Guardian Angel and would like to get to know him/her personally as a friend… and you have a mobile phone (with built […]