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  Hi Karen, Many thanks for your wonderful work on this site. It helps keep me inspired and positive. The last few months I have been finding black and white feathers and I always take it to be a positive sign from my angels especially since I’ve been going through a topsy turvy period in […]

Dear Karen, Not sure why feel need to write to you. Never been religious, spiritual person in any sense. Evolution, evidence is my thought perspective. Few weeks ago sat in a library and woman next to me was on a computer on a psychic web site. Exchanged a few words and she suddenly told me […]

I have been subscribing to this magazine for a couple years now. I was manifesting an advertisement for “Feather Blessings” and in the one of the issues.  I finally got my courage, and called to find out how much the advertising would cost. “Wowsers” is all I had to say. So, I put the […]