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Can I believe in Angels and still be a Christian? Of course! Angels are messengers, helpers and protectors. In the New Testament we find angels grouped into seven ranks: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, and thrones. And in addition, in the Old Testament there are also cherubim and seraphim, which, with the seven other ranks, comprised […]

By Doreen Virtue When angels help us through life, sometimes they do so in ways that may not be immediately recognizable to us. They often deliver answers, hints, messages, and warnings through signs–signals, or anomalies in life, which let us know that they’re with us.Signs are repetitive, out of the ordinary, personally meaningful, and timed to […]

About Angel Feathers In the summer of 1993, during a very dark period of my life, I had a visitation from an angelic being. My life was in shambles, my heart was broken and I wondered how I could go on. I had always believed in miracles and angels and each night I prayed for […]

I’m from your Guardian Angel Who’s been assigned to you. She dropped this in her struggles As she protected you. Each time you feel that you’re alone, Each time you nearly fall I’m here to remind you: You’re not alone at all. Version 2. I’m from your guardian angel That’s been assigned to you, I was dropped in her struggles While she was […]

Angel Feathers by Rose-Mary Gower An ANGEL Story: I watched an item on the TV about Angels. The guest on the show said thatyou could ask an angel to give you evidence of their existence by producing Angel feathers! At the time I thought no more about it, thinking that it was a fanciful notion. […]

by Barbara Dowse I hadn’t heard about angel feathers until one of my niece’s daughters was killed suddenly recently. Now I have been told that feathers appear when an angel has visited. Has anyone else heard or had this experience? I was phoning my niece to comfort her, when she told me about this. Apparently, the teenager that […]